Greg Reid

Greg Reid denied pot possession in police report


File this under the “duh” category.

At the time that the arrest of Florida State cornerback Greg Reid began making headlines yesterday morning, there were (not surprisingly) scarce details.

But, according to a police report obtained by the Orlando Sentinel, among others, Reid denied marijuana possession when asked about an alleged joint in his car by a Georgia officer, J.W. Kinsey. Reid was pulled over Tuesday night for a possible window tint violation. He was initially charged with driving with a suspended license, possession of marijuana and a seatbelt violation.

From the Sentinel:

As is procedure following arrests in which a driver is alone in his or her vehicle, Reid’s 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis was impounded before being released to a family acquaintance of Reid’s. During an inventory of the vehicle, Kinsey said he noticed the “strong odor of air freshener mixed with a burnt Marijuana smell.”

Inside a brown paper bag on the front passenger seat was “unrolled, loose cigar tobacco still holding the round shape of a cigar,” Kinsey said in the report.

Kinsey also said he noticed a clear zip-lock bag containing a green, leafy substance that he suspected was marijuana. Upon later testing of the bag’s contents, the substance tested positive for marijuana, Kinsey said in the report.

Any punishment Reid may face has not been announced publicly yet.

Mark Dantonio quickly tosses aside South Carolina discussion

Mark Dantonio

Michigan State has become a national power under the coaching of Mark Dantonio. The grizzled and confident coach has put together a master plan in East Lansing and has taken the Spartans to the top of the Big Ten along the way, capturing a Big Ten title and victories in the Cotton Bowl and Rose Bowl as well as in-state dominance over the Michigan Wolverines. Danotnio is preparing his Spartans to take on the Wolverines this week, but with the new vacancy opening up at South Carolina following the sudden retirement of Steve Spurrier, Dantonio has already been presented with the question about his thoughts on coaching at South Carolina.

He did not seem all that interested in discussing the vacancy when meeting with Michigan State media this morning.

“Coach Spurrier’s had an outstanding career there, it’s alma mater, and we’re here to talk about Michigan,” Dantonio said when asked about it today. Video below from the Big Ten Network

Dantonio played defensive back for the Gamecocks in the mid 1970s, which helps make Dantonio an interesting name to mention in any coaching future discussion out of Columbia. While Dantonio may have played at South Carolina for Jim Carlen, Dantonio grew up in Ohio and has coached the bulk of his career within Ohio and the Big Ten. He is also one win away from picking up his 100th career coaching victory, 81 of which have come at Michigan State.

Dan Patrick: Spurrier brought personality to the SEC

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South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier is stepping down as head coach of the Gamecocks, and that has the college football world reflecting on the impact he has had on the game of college football. Spurrier’s quips at rivals and revolutionary thoughts on where the sport has been heading were always on the mark, even when his team’s performance on the field was not.

Dan Patrick shared his reaction to the news of Spurrier retiring today on The Dan Patrick Show (simulcast on NBC Sports Network). As many have already suggested, Spurrier’s wit and charm brought a refreshing personality to the SEC.