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Updated: Penn St. BOT reportedly meeting on school’s decision to accept sanctions

Penn State University President Rodney Erickson speaks as chair of the school's Investigation committee Kenneth C. Frazier listen during a news conference following a meeting on the school's Worthington Scranton campus in Dunmore AP

Penn State’s Board of Trustees is apparently quite dissatisfied with interim president Rodney Erickson over his decision to accept the NCAA’s severe sanctions against the football program in the wake of the Freeh report.

So much so that the trustees have reportedly called a meeting with Erickson to discuss whether or not he actually had the authority to accept the terms of the consent decree, which was administered by NCAA president Mark Emmert without normal investigative protocol.

From the Express-Times of Eastonwhich was first to report the story:

Some board members say Erickson broke Standing Order IV under “Matters Requiring the approval of the Board of Trustees.”

Provision 2-e of Standing Order IV states the following actions must be approved by the board: Authorization to borrow money; authorization of persons to sign checks, contracts, legal documents, and other obligations, and to endorse, sell or assign securities.

The Associated Press reportedly similarly, though the school has not released a response.

The board’s displeasure with the sanctions have been well documented. One trustee, Anthony Lubrano, told the USA Today earlier this week he was “outraged” the board was not consulted on the situation:

“It’s really simple: I am frankly outraged as a member of the board of trustees that the university entered into a consent agreement without discussing it with the Board in advance of signing. 

“If I’m going to be held accountable, I feel like I should’ve been part of that process. I think it’s fair to say that a number of board members are upset.”

Erickson told ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” on Wednesday that if Penn State did not accept the penalties proposed by Emmert, the program likely would have faced the Death penalty for four years.

Erickson should have been more open with the board — heck, “should have” is the reason Penn State is in this situation to begin with —  but I still believe that athletic sanctions are going to be the least of Penn State’s worries going forward.

Updated 8:48 p.m. ET: The board released this statement after its meeting with Erickson. It says nothing that Erickson didn’t already say about the NCAA’s “ultimatum” so feel free to join in me in popping a couple Alka Seltzers:

The Penn State Board of Trustees met for a discussion tonight. A vote was not required and none was taken. The Board finds the punitive sanctions difficult and the process with the NCAA unfortunate. But as we understand it, the alternatives were worse as confirmed by NCAA President Mark Emmert’s recent statement that Penn State was likely facing a multi-year death sentence.

“The University and Board resolve to move forward together to recognize the historical excellence in Penn State’s academic and athletic programs. We anticipate and look forward to demonstrating our outstanding performance in complying with the sanctions. We continue to recognize the important role that intercollegiate athletics provides for our student athletes and the wider University community as we strive to appropriately balance academic and athletic accomplishments.

“Penn State will remain a world-class educational institution of which our students, faculty, staff and alumni can be justifiably proud. The commitment demonstrated by our student athletes in recent days embodies all that is good about Penn State and we look forward to unprecedented support by the Nittany nation when we take the field this fall.”

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59 Responses to “Updated: Penn St. BOT reportedly meeting on school’s decision to accept sanctions”
  1. deadeye says: Jul 25, 2012 5:41 PM

    The PSU BoT:

    – commission the Freeh report to hide their role in the Sandusky cover up.

    – declare that they stand by the conclusions of the report.

    – see the NCAA impose severe sanctions based on the report.

    – decide to fight the NCAA sanctions.

    What a bunch of corrupt clowns.

  2. thekatman says: Jul 25, 2012 5:42 PM

    The PSU BOT should forget Mark Emmertt’s NCAA sanctions and jsut shut the program down for 2 years. So many people have been hurt by the sanctions that have nothing to do with the travesty tht occured. The players and their coaches are stuck between a rock and a hard place, so to speak, and therfore, PSU should do thei right thing and shut down the program. Otherwise, all they’re doing is trying to save any loss of money in spite of the affect on the kids.

    PSU! Step up to the plat and do the right thing this time, instead of not doing it for the sake of money; otherwise, you haven’t learned your lesson.

  3. charlescub80 says: Jul 25, 2012 5:49 PM

    In other news Brent musberger, thinks this isn’t a football story an JoPa shouldn’t have wins taken away. You sir are a jag bag.

  4. papichulo55 says: Jul 25, 2012 5:53 PM

    Unbelievable! Talk about being dysfunctional. Seeing that institutional controls, or lack of them, was identified as a key problem area, you would think that the President and BOT would have confered on this.

    How could the President, unilaterally, decide on such an important issue? Or could this be the BOT throwing the President under the bus, trying to avoid any responsibility of an unpopular decision? Unbelievable!

  5. malkinrulez says: Jul 25, 2012 5:57 PM

    Well said dead eye! Signs that BOT has not taken responsibility, Scumbag U

  6. ebrownwareagle says: Jul 25, 2012 6:04 PM

    PSU BOT! Keep it up and all you really will have is Intramural football!! Great Job. To all the real Sandusky victims, the War Eagle family hearts go out to you. We hope you find peace and comfort going forward in life!

  7. distinguisheddago says: Jul 25, 2012 6:06 PM

    I’d also be mad if I was a Trustee. The NCAA should have let the Criminal Justice System deal with the ONLY individuals who were engaged in criminal conduct, and assisted in getting jail time for every single one of them. The University should only have been penalized if it did not provide complete cooperation with the DA after the basic facts were known. That said, innocent third parties should be left the hell alone by the NCAA. The PSU fans were not guilty of anything; the members of the football team were not guilty of anything; and the PSU student body was not guilty of anything. So why punish them? Frankly, I don’t think the NCAA Rules apply to this situation. Those rules are limited to apply to Football Regulations, recruiting, paying players, etc. NOWHERE is the NCAA allowed to take the place of the DA and/or State Prosecution of felons.

  8. eyeh8goodell says: Jul 25, 2012 6:08 PM

    Deadeye obviously has not read the report, which leveled considerable criticism at the BOT.

  9. jdh1016j says: Jul 25, 2012 6:14 PM

    PSU students are not being punished! They still get to go to class and earn a degree. The football program and all the innocent football players are being punished because the cover up was for the football program. Hence, the football program should be hit hard. Stop saying innocent victims when refering to the PSU student body. The victims are the kids who the football program let be victimized.

  10. deadeye says: Jul 25, 2012 6:26 PM

    “Deadeye obviously has not read the report, which leveled considerable criticism at the BOT.”


    Criticism won’t land them in prison. PSU officials are going to trial for knowing about Sandusky and not acting. As long as the BoT doesn’t face criminal charges, the Freeh report achieved the desired result.

  11. stairwayto7 says: Jul 25, 2012 6:30 PM

    One again, the trolls do not GET IT! Saying to “shut the program down” clearly are causual fans. If you shut down a program you are shutting down a whole city! 90% of college teams play in a small-mid average size city and without this sport, everyone losses, goes out of business. The winners in this are other college coaches who swoop in like vultures to ake the player away, who are first STUDENTS then ATHLETES! Funny how it took over 5 years fron NCAA to finish investigation on USC, but less than 8 months for Penn State.

  12. spreadthecheese says: Jul 25, 2012 6:31 PM

    So Penn Staters weren’t outraged when it was shown their university had covered up sexual abuse for over a decade, but NOW they’re outraged when they get sanctions? I think this is the “culture” that the NCAA was out to correct.

    Go ahead and fight it, lose, and make yourselves look worse, if that’s even possible.

  13. pens5829 says: Jul 25, 2012 6:44 PM

    The same arrogance that got them in this position continues. Take your punishment and STFU. Otherwise you’re headed down an even darker road than you’re already on.

  14. thekatman says: Jul 25, 2012 6:47 PM

    stairwayto7 , as you may know the reson it took the NCAA about 5 years to finish the USC investigation is because no matter how deep they looked, who they interviewed, what they tried to uncover, the NCAA COI investigators could not come up with a single piece of evidence that pointed to any wrongdoing by USC, its admninistrators or anyone in the athletic program. Nada. So what they ended up doing was making up evidence by stating “USC should have known” about what a player’s family was doing 130 miles away from campus, and the other piece of evidence that was made up was he 2 minute phone call that Todd McNair took from one othe sports marketeers trying to sign Reggie Bush in the Spring of 2006, after Reggie left the program and was training for the NFL Draft. THE NCAA asserted that McNair “had to have discussed Reggie’s dealings with Lloyd Lake” during that 2 minute call. This is all they had to sanction USC with all of the penalties.

    With PSU, the evidence was very apparant, reviewed and responsibility was beholden from the lowliest janitor, throughout the athletic department, Joe Paterno, the AD, the university president and the members of the BOT… but let’s not forget the universty PD and the local Happy Valley PD. They all turned the other way. Yes, innocents get hurt by the penalties, but the community will survive, the football will survive, but the program needs to be shut down so that everyone has time to heal, make ammends to those who have been hurt by the corrupt culture that permiated the university.

    It’s a terrible thing th think about, but remember, th ekids who were raped didn’t ask for it and had place their trust in PSU and it’s athletci dept and personnel. That trust was violated. Done. Shut Down. Revisit in 2 years. Hey, the NCAA was planning to shut the program down for 4 years, per latest rports, but the BOT begged and pleaded to not go that route.

    See! PSU is only concerned about money and not sacrifice, penance and donig their mea culpas, no matter how hard it is. They are not forgiven.

    As for individuals who are responsible, the civil lawsuits will soon be filed if they haven’t done so already.

  15. malkinrulez says: Jul 25, 2012 6:48 PM

    Trust me stairwayto7 I get it ur beloved university elected to protect the football program instead of young boys whose lives are now ruined! They got what they deserved and so did PSU

  16. ebrownwareagle says: Jul 25, 2012 6:52 PM

    Stairwayto 7. Kids were being RAPED by The Man who was in line to be the Head Coach. He just couldn’t out wait Joe! With that being said SHUT EM DOWN! Joe Pa covered it up and Sandusky was his ace in the hole for 40 yrs or better. He knew about what was going on before it grew legs and went public. And yet this man still was on campus. Joe Pa did build that school and football program Damn near single handedly; and he also helped in the tearing of it down. He built it; he broke it. It is what it is PSU. Live with it. Those kids have too.

  17. brewcrewfan54 says: Jul 25, 2012 6:56 PM

    Is everyone involved with PSU a moron? What don’t these people get? Children were raped and it was covered up all in the name of the football programs reputation and winning games.

  18. mjl279 says: Jul 25, 2012 6:57 PM

    “How could the President, unilaterally, decide on such an important issue?”

    Isn’t that what Emmert did too?

  19. mrpowers88 says: Jul 25, 2012 6:58 PM

    First, I’m pretty skeptical about the NCAA telling Erickson that the alternative punishment was 4 years of the death penalty. Has the NCAA ever worsened sanctions after a school has appealed to the Committee of Infractions?

    Second, the fact that the Board of Trustees thinks they can get through this unscathed is very disturbing, and the fact that only one person on the BOT has changed through all this is dumbfounding.

    My issue with the NCAA on this is that they jumped in, trying to look “good” for punishing Penn State. They have their own means of investigating, but are trying to gain some quick public favor by punishing PSU for what was found in the Freeh Report?

  20. dannythebisforbeast says: Jul 25, 2012 7:19 PM

    Erickson worked and learned from Spanier. What do you expect. He knows something and doesn’t want more coming out. Freeh report gave the BOT a wrist slap if you ask me. I’ve been saying Erickson is unfit and corrupt since day one. Need ALL new blood on the board. Only the newly elected trustees are complaining at this point the rest are hoping it blows over before their skeletons are released

    In another note he freeh report was amended to show Schulz didn’t say something in an email that the report previously stated. What else could be incorrect?


    I love Penn State but I hate who’s running it into he ground.

  21. dannythebisforbeast says: Jul 25, 2012 7:22 PM

    Hey Ben
    Are the amendments to the freeh report not newsworthy?

  22. dkhhuey says: Jul 25, 2012 7:23 PM

    I grow tired of the delusional fans, students, and the administration of this university! This ridiculous ‘we are – the victims’ argument is getting amazingly stale. As mentioned before – the students aren’t harmed because they can still go to class and get their degrees. The city and businesses are not harmed because they will still sell it out and support their team, perhaps even stronger. The football players aren’t still get to play football for PSU OR transfer to another school.

    The university gets fined and penalized justly for their complete lack of oversight, and that includes their ‘spotless’ reputation of never being on the wrong side of the NCAA violation fence. The three administrators get what criminal and civil penalties they deserve along with a destroyed reputation.
    Joe Paterno’s legacy gets exactly what it deserves as well.

    Let’s face it, the only thing that really is at the base of this ‘we are – the victims’ claim is in the fact that for the next 6 – 8 years, their football team’s record will probably be impacted.

  23. seanemac75 says: Jul 25, 2012 7:27 PM

    Funny, Baylor was never in danger of being shut down after their basketball coach help cover up one player mudering another player. Then trying indicate the slain player was a drug dealer, but was proved he lied. What about in Colorado where at least 6 women claim to had claim to have been raped by football players in 2004. I believe the president of the school called the females making the allegations the “c” word, it rhymes with punt. But the NCAA turned away and they were sports related. Now the NCAA has found religion. By the way, when Mark Emmert was Chancellor of LSU, they had a graduation rate of 60%, while Penn State had 85%. LSU won more games then Penn State and graduated less. I guess he would know what a football culture. o
    One last thing, because of the sanctions, people are still only talking about Penn State and not victims.

  24. dkhhuey says: Jul 25, 2012 7:31 PM

    @danny – I think you are correct about Erickson knowing something. Here is my initial thought about it. Vicki Triponey was mentioned in the Freeh report and there is some pretty damning evidence that she can provide testimony, along with digital email records of Joe Paterno stopping her from allowing criminal investigation of his players in several incidents, one of the biggest was the off campus brawl his players initiated. My theory is that perhaps Emmert suggest that if he didn’t sign, they would open up their own investigation to see how far and deep the rabbit hole went and that indeed, the death penalty would be applied for multiple years.

    That is just my opinion but I still can’t believe the NCAA hasn’t made a statement about it.

  25. Ben Kercheval says: Jul 25, 2012 7:48 PM

    “Hey Ben
    Are the amendments to the freeh report not newsworthy?”

    Hang tight, post coming.

  26. brewcrewfan54 says: Jul 25, 2012 7:55 PM

    SEanemac, So Since those schools punishments probably should have been more PSU should also get off light, is that what you’re saying? Sounds ridiculous to me.

  27. raysfan1 says: Jul 25, 2012 8:14 PM

    The one universal constant when a school gets sanctioned is that a certain segment of the fan base will very vocally decry said sanctions as unfair. Get over it PSU, your leadership got it’s priorities very wrong and your school is thus paying the price.

    Smear campaigns against your acting university president won’t change anything. Bringing up other school’s cases is an exercise in irrelevance. Regardless of whether any of it has any merit, it’s still whining. Please stop.

    To date nothing in the Freeh report has been shown to be fundamentally incorrect. I have rooted for the Nittanies for many years and made a number of posts that everyone needed to withhold judgment until Sandusky’s trial and the Freeh group’s investigation was done. The evidence is now in. Unless some real exculpatory evidence comes to light, it is now time to man up. The university leadership not only did not due its moral duty to protect children from a monster, they hid his crimes. As a result, the punishment for the university is just.

  28. thefiesty1 says: Jul 25, 2012 8:36 PM

    As I’ve said before the entire BOT should be gone along with everyone else associated with PSU during the fourteen years of this cover up.

  29. dannythebisforbeast says: Jul 25, 2012 8:41 PM

    @raysfan1. You do know Erickson has been executive VP since early 1999 has worked under ad with Spanier on a daily basis. Do you not think its reasonable that the sandusky issue was ever talked about between them ?? The answer is yes

    If everyone can conclude that all coaches admin must have known about Sandusky Erickson is one of those. So not exactly a smear campaign. Based on facts and actions. All the people on the outside who read headlines and bullet points are the ones that should refrain from comment.

    Also see below I think addresses point about freeh report being factual incorrect.
    To be honest there are some facts and a lot of conclusions based on what mr freeh though. See below I think it’s important considering Curley was supposedly the conduit to paterno. Sure it will be dismissed as much as PSU people dismiss what doesn’t support their case


    The original Freeh report states that Curley met with Sandusky in 1998, after campus police and state child welfare authorities launched an investigation that resulted in no criminal charges. Today’s correction notes that that meeting actually took place in 2001.

  30. mungman69 says: Jul 25, 2012 8:49 PM

    The way that Penn St people act is sickening. Young boys were raped and many people in power allowed it to continue. RAPED, RAPED, RAPED. Deal with the punishment.

  31. dannythebisforbeast says: Jul 25, 2012 9:07 PM

    Mungman add something or refrain

    Do you even read what is being discussed?

  32. dannythebisforbeast says: Jul 25, 2012 9:12 PM

    Raysfan see above comment. At this point this is just one thing that was found
    “fundamentally incorrect”.

    Not a game changer but important. More important shows the report is not beyond reproach. May be flawed, inaccurate etc

    Most of the conclusion are based on what Mr Freeh thought was the reasonable conclusion you have 1,2,3,4 freeh added must be 5678910 comes after. Slippery slope.

  33. drarb says: Jul 25, 2012 9:31 PM

    It is virtually impossible to do a credible job investigating a crime as large as what the PSU administrators and Paterno did. Eight months and not interviewing all involved means that there will be problems. SOme may be small typographical, others may be larger dates wrong by 3 years, wrong people cited as saying things and others may be even larger. I look for the proverbial crap to hit spinning blades as the report is reviewed and reviewed. If it is found as flawed in who did what – how does the ncaa remove its collective feet from its ass? That is why I said several times the ncaa should have waited and all I heard is you are a pervert, a PSU apologist. Not neither, I just believe in having all ducks in a row before making decisions.

  34. raysfan1 says: Jul 25, 2012 9:39 PM

    As I stated, I’ve rooted for the Nittanies for many years and would be happy to see Joe Paterno exonerated. However, I do not think it is going to happen. No, the amendments to the Freeh report, to me, do not indicate the overall report or it’s conclusions to be fundamentally incorrect.

    Yes, I do see room to think both Erickson and the BoT could be involved in covering up crimes. I’ve posted that before about theBoT. What I’m referring to is a lot of vitriol and finger-pointing that started in some circles after he accepted the sanctions.

  35. dannythebisforbeast says: Jul 25, 2012 9:43 PM

    @drarb. Exactly correct
    I mean Sandusky got due process a fair trial and a chance to defend himself. That’s what anyone should get.
    People treat Louis freeh like he was joe paterno pre 2011. The guy has controversy and accusations everywhere he goes. As the lunch mob says where there’s smoke there’s fire.

  36. seanemac75 says: Jul 25, 2012 9:57 PM

    Brew, did you even read what I wrote? Young women were raped. A student athlete was murder and was covered up by a coach. What pinishments did those school get? Those incidents involved students athletes and coaches. This was issues with administration and a coach. All of those involved in the issue have been relieved of their repect positions are awaiting trial by jury. What statement did the NCAA make for the women that were raped? Has Colorado’s football team been fined, banned from bowl games, and lost scholarships? Where was everyone screaming from the rooftops? I ask for consistency. NCAA has not given that.
    By the, if anyone should know about the “Athletic culture [is allowed] to take precedence over the academic culture,” it should be Emmert, who was chancellor of LSU and their 60% graduation rate.

  37. dthomas74 says: Jul 25, 2012 10:07 PM

    I am disturbed that people are still defending the BOT and PSU. The facts are that the cover up extended way further than anyone wanted to believe. It is a moot point to dicker over dates in the ammendment. The fact is that the most important people involved did not do the correct thing, the football program has been mired down in unethical behavior. Joe Paterno made the decisions he did with the knowledge that if any of these things came to light the football program would be the largest entity to take the fall. He obviously didn’t care about the victims, players and future players because he conscientiously decided to cover up the issue.

    Also, even though it is unethical behavior to play payers, sell memorabilia, etc, those things do not even compare to the fact that young boys were assaulted on PSU grounds, the higher ups knew about it and did nothing. It is beyond comprehension how anyone could try to justify this behavior.

    PSU BOT needs to deal with the consequences handed to them and excuse the trite phrase, but make lemonade out of lemons, change their culture and be respectful. Making excuses and protesting what really is a fair punishment just fuels the fire for digust and indignation.

  38. brewcrewfan54 says: Jul 25, 2012 10:09 PM

    Seanmec, I agree those schools got off light and I said that. That doesn’t mean PSU also should. And while I no longer rember the specifics about those schools situations I know Baylors issues weren’t a full blown coverup from the top of the school down, it was only the basketball team.

  39. namriverrat69 says: Jul 25, 2012 10:49 PM

    If the Penn State BOT are going to cry foul and bitch and moan about the legalities of interim President Rodney Erickson over accepting the NCAA sanctions, the NCAA should pull the sanctions should be pulled and just replaced by a 4 year death penalty. Let the arrogant BOT deal with that with out interim President Rodney Erickson. It is obvious Rodney will not become permanent President how. Screw the arrogance of Penn State. All those years of letting Sanduscky have an office on campus and rape children in on campus showers all the while JoePA and everyone else looked the other way since the 1998 incident. Joe must have had an inkling before then though.

  40. muhangis says: Jul 25, 2012 10:57 PM

    I agree with you Seanemac. People no longer are able to think for themselves these days, they have somebody else think for them!

    I wish the common person would grow a backbone.

  41. sabatimus says: Jul 25, 2012 11:02 PM

    Cry me a river, BOT.

  42. dirtyharry1971 says: Jul 25, 2012 11:26 PM

    if the NCAA had a pair they would have handed down a 4 year death penalty, that would have been the right punishment if they really wanted to make a statement, instead they handed down a slap on the wrist

  43. bigbamboom1 says: Jul 25, 2012 11:54 PM

    This kind of institutional incompetence just bends my brain sideways. Do you mean to tell me that the PSU BOT, new President and their attorneys weren’t communicating with one another about contingency plans from the Freeh report they commissioned, and possible NCAA ramifications?! Once again, the left foot doesn’t know what the right one is doing in Happy Valley.

    Unbelievable! Maybe there is something much worse than any of us imagined happening at PSU. Important for us all to remember, that the Federal investigation of the Second Mile Charity is still going on. And last November the FBI said they would investigate that foundation all the way back to its founding. Maybe that’s why people like Gov. Corbett, former Gov. Ed Rendell, former Senator, Rick Santorum, former Senator, Arlen Specter and other prominents have been strangely silent.

  44. hopalongcrc1 says: Jul 26, 2012 12:01 AM

    Thank you, BOT for this clarity for interim Pres. Erickson, PA St students, State College community, PA residents, and all CFL fans.

    Blame Erickson, Emmert, JoePA, the football program, the victims themselves for the fact that minors were not safe on the campus of Penn St. because the trustees could not be trusted.

    The BOT (not to be trusted) for decades could and continue to not get priorities proper.

    Thank you Mr. Emmert (not a fan prior to this decision), Mr. Erickson for getting a compromise and moving forward quickly, the players, and supporters staying the course with a temporarily marginalized football program at an outstanding institution on a awesome campus despite a clearly ethically challenged and unreasonable BOT.

    JoePa knew or as we now know had every reason to have not placed any faith or confidence in the BOT for dealing with the victims and the atrocities of Sandusky. JoePa fired the guy, tried to solve the problem himself, without what we and Freeh has exposed as a totally inept and capricious BOT.

    Please citizens of PA give the individuals on your BOT at PA St. the death penalty – no more responsibility for as long as any Sandusky victim is alive or until each and every victim gives the BOT forgiveness.

    Penn St., JoePa, and mostly the Sandusky victims did not deserve the NCAA penalties or the Sandusky acts, but the irresponsibility of those trusted to protect individuals on the campus did.

    The sheer arrogance of the BOT under the protection of all that is Penn St. to continue to question and fight penalties is unbelievable.

  45. gooboy6 says: Jul 26, 2012 12:18 AM

    More evidence that BOT cares more about Football than human decency. Their final point of their press release talks about how “we look forward to unprecedented support on the field this fall”, BOT CAN YOU NOW SEE CLEARLY WHY NCAA CAME DOWN SO HARD ON YOU. Not one mention of trying to get better or no mention of victims, your football -logged brains don’t get it

  46. hopalongcrc1 says: Jul 26, 2012 2:23 AM


    Excellent post – PA St. BOT still does not get it. CFL and society in general needs to distance itself from unprecedented support on and off field for misplaced priorities and BOT support for child rape on PA st. campus for a few more football program.

    Please, please fine citizens of Penn State and Pennsylvania get trusted individuals in responsibilty on the Board. The sanctions were a compromise much less than what should have happened to those ultimately responsible.

  47. powercorrupts2 says: Jul 26, 2012 3:48 AM

    The politician and CEO laden BOT commissioned an ex parte, prosecutorial report and they and their recent appointee (who was chosen to be a “yes man” and not disagree with them as Spanier dared to do) accepted it. It supported their actions (and innocence) which is what they hired Freeh to do, so why wouldn’t they support it? It is not an independent report. An independent report is one where the investigator is selected by an independent 3rd party such as a Court of Law or possibly where two parties who have a dispute agree to accept the findings of a 3rd party investigator that they choose by mutual agreement and both pay for. It is not known yet what connections Freeh may have to members of the BOT except for (follow the money) the millions they paid him.
    The University President agreed to the NCAA sanctions because he was threatened with the Death Penalty. Any contractual agreement made with coercion or under duress is at risk of revocation. In addition the NCAA was using the Freeh Report’s conclusions as the basis for their sanctions and these conclusions are suspect.
    It only requires an average intelligence and a mind that is free of preconceptions and media created biases to fairly examine the information in the Freeh Report. You just have to remember that none of the accusers had come forth in 1998 or 2001 and were completely unknown to the involved parties. The 1998 incident was thoroughly investigated and concluded: Sandusky showered with a boy in an open shower facility after they engaged in athletic activity together and “no sexual assault occurred”. No charges were filed. There was nothing to conceal or cover up. The 2001 incident hinges on McQueary’s story. Unfortunately, he changed it several times. If you want to believe that there was a cover up at this point, then you have to believe at least McQueary’s altered 2011 story that he heard/saw something that could have been sexual and extrapolate it to “a boy was raped”. You can then generalize your assumptions to “Paterno, Schultz, Curley, etc. were lax in their treatment of McQueary’s story because they were covering up and protecting a pedophile”. Unfortunately, there are several problems with these extrapolations and assumptions. McQueary told his story to Dr. Dranov on the night the incident occurred. Dr. Dranov is a highly trained and very reputable observer who knows the rules for reporting child molestation. He has testified under oath that McQueary said he only heard something suspicious. He says he asked McQueary 3 times if he had seen “any sexual activity” and each time McQueary answered “no”. He recommended to McQueary that he tell his superiors but not to tell the Police because he didn’t think the story met the threshold for reporting. This is the story that Paterno and then Schultz and Curley heard. They had to decide what to do with it knowing that Sandusky was an individual who had founded a charity for disadvantaged children (the 2nd Mile), had been investigated and approved for foster care and adoption and perhaps they remembered that an investigation of his showering with a boy in 1998 concluded “no sexual assault occurred”. No accusers had come forward. The boy McQueary saw in the shower did not appear to him to be “startled or frightened” and did not come forward to complain. There was no obvious victim. This is all they knew. You can of course take this information as proof that they somehow knew Sandusky was a pedophile and they protected him, but I don’t think that any reasonable person would agree.
    What happens to the NCAA sanctions when the Freeh Report conclusions are shown to be unfounded and biased?

  48. ebrownwareagle says: Jul 26, 2012 7:26 AM

    Dude who made last post: Kill Ya Damn! Boys got Raped and y’all still justifying it so y’all can have a Damn team. Great to be and American!

  49. critter69 says: Jul 26, 2012 7:32 AM

    The NCAA should do the following:

    1. Tell the BOT to hire a permanent President, preferably Erickson. Term to be a minimum of one year to a maximum of whatever the BOT determines is appropriate.

    2. Tell the BOT to resign as soon as step 1. is accomplished.

    If steps 1. and 2. are not accomplished within 2 business days, then:

    3. Tell the PSU BOT the NCAA will withdraw the scanctions agreed to by Erickson, and in place of them a multi-year death penalty will be assessed by the NCAA (length to be determined by the NCAA of from 1 to indefinite years).

    Disclosure – I’m a fan of the Indiana University Hoosiers. I was upset when Knight was fired as the basketball coach, but I got over it, and his ‘crimes’ were not near as severe as what happened at PSU. Even so, it would really surprise me if the PSU BOT could not also get over it.

    And I was even more upset when IU was placed on 3 years probation after Sampson’s transgressions, but again, I got over it.

    Question – can a person be on the PSU BOT if they have a criminal judgement against them? It would appear to me that someone (county, state or Feds) will eventually indict some or all the board, and at least some will not be able to avoid criminal convictions.

  50. haterhurter937 says: Jul 26, 2012 8:07 AM

    penn state football is forever

  51. packerbadger says: Jul 26, 2012 8:53 AM

    To all you PSU appologists….just STFU!!! Please, just STFU! Go lay down by your dish’s and STFU!!

  52. bubba703 says: Jul 26, 2012 9:03 AM

    Ah, so after the BOT commisioned then acceptd the Freeh report, they publicly announced they shared some blame. Then the new President makes the correct choice of sanctions instead of the death penalty, so the beloved footballl program could continue uninterrupted, saving the local economy that depends on that football program . And now that same BOT is complaining they weren’t consulted on this decision? It’s clear the BOT still doesn’t get it. Replace the entire BOT with people that can see the big picture. This group is clueless.

  53. thetooloftools says: Jul 26, 2012 9:27 AM

    This is EXACTLY what the problem is at Penn State. Instead of taking “what punishment comes” with allowing children to be RAPED in the showers of their football practice facility with the head football coach’s knowledge, they negotiate? And it worked? Are you kidding me! Where is the outrage. What is this world coming to?
    They should have been shut down for at LEAST 4 years.
    My disgust is beyond the word I type.

  54. omniusprime says: Jul 26, 2012 9:48 AM

    A real shame that Pedophile State wasn’t given the 4 year death penalty. It’s very obvious these pervert protectors at PSU just don’t get it, from the BoT to the ignorant students. PSU is no world class institution, just a world class criminal institution. A $60 million bribe to avoid the appropriate death penalty just won’t teach these dirtbags to clean up their act or scare other colleges into protecting children.

    You are Pedophile State!

  55. jp4120 says: Jul 26, 2012 10:44 AM

    We Are!!!!! – proud to hide pedophiles when it might embarrass the football program.

    We Are!!!! – a big state school run by small town hillbilly types like Anthony Lubrano

    We Are!!!! – a collection of pompous a-holes

    We Are!!!! – never gonna bash Jay Paterno no matter how stupid he is.

    We Are!!!! – gonna show our pedophile pride each saturday this fall.

  56. hopalongcrc1 says: Jul 26, 2012 12:21 PM


    Good post to provide additional explanation for the coverup. All of this possibly explains the failure to respond and some minimal due diligence.

    We now know (not guess, not theorize on basis of how one professional evaluated one victim) that child rape was recurring on the Penn State campus by a Penn State employee under the supervision of the football program. There are convictions on 45 counts. There are additional victims coming forward.


    Changes to the Freeh report to establish responsibility and accountabliity to provide a solution to eliminating the cancerous behavior of one man and others that should have known will not change the fact that:


    The only issue is who knew, who should have known and what can be done to take care of the victims and correct for the future. Denial that in 45 known convicted instances –


    Why not acknowledge a great state, a great university, an outstanding football tradition, an awesome community, eliminate the individuals that knew, should have known, and took no action and move on.

    Have you no respect or compassion if not for the victims for the future of Penn State, coolege football, and all supporters of the program to take off the Emporer’s new clothes and start a new tradition for Penn State that does not involve criminally convicted child rape?

  57. says: Jul 26, 2012 12:23 PM

    There are a lot of layers to this PSU thing, and in the end all I want to hear is:

    “OK, we screwed up, and we’ll do everything in our power to make sure it doesn’t happen again. We’re going to use our football teams interest and recources to help not just our victims, but others, and we’re going to turn this dark episode into some thing as exceptionally positive as we beleive Joe Paterno and his Era to be.”

    BUT, All I’ve heard are excuses, and crying about sanctions, and all these technicalities. I understand the media sometimes gets an acts to grind. But even the interviews I’ve heard from the PSU alums themselves I don’t get a sense that this community is anywhere close to contrition about this situtation.

    Like Lot pleading for Sodom & Gomorrah please tell me there are people (more than 5) in State College, PA that are honestly disgusted by this whole situation and beleive that it’s time to take their medicine and move forward. I really hope so. Please tell me that an entire community doesn’t think it was OK to harbor and enable a child molestor and not expect severe backlash from the rest of society when it’s discovered.

  58. nightman13 says: Jul 26, 2012 1:50 PM

    If I hear one more jackass say, “The students and fans shouldn’t be punished, they didn’t do anything wrong” I’m going to snap.

    If I go out and rob a bank or something like that and get sent to jail, would there be a reasonable argument that I shouldn’t go because it affects my family negatively?

    Sure my family didn’t rob the bank, but they were associated with somebody that did something wrong and unfortunately that affects them. THAT’S LIFE.

  59. hopalongcrc1 says: Jul 26, 2012 2:19 PM

    Great post and analogy, nightman13

    Look at sports Illustrated cover, all continuing BOT apologists – the PA St. BOT has got to go.

    The entire process that allowed this systemic failure should be reexamined. But for the grace and forgiveness of the victims themselves, college football in general, NCAA, and the wisdom and direction of Emmert, all teams should rightfully refuse to compete and interact with a program that continues to condone child molestation.

    Please, please get serious.
    Penn State football = child rape

    Dismiss the BOT. Examine how they got the authority to cover up the rapes and mover forward.

    The problem lies here in:
    Penn State’s 32-member Board of Trustees is composed of the following: Five trustees serve in an ex officio capacity by virtue of their position within the University or the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. They are the President of the University; the Governor of the Commonwealth; and the state secretaries of the departments of Agriculture; Education; and Conservation and Natural Resources. Six trustees are appointed by the Governor; nine trustees are elected by the alumni; six are elected by organized agricultural societies within the Commonwealth; and six are elected by the Board of Trustees representing business and industry endeavors.

    There needs to be greater independence, less political influence, and whatever will prevent future child molestation and cover ups of wrongful criminal behavior on the Penn State campus.

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