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Troubled Oklahoma State D-lineman returns to practice

Christian Littlehead AP

Last week, Oklahoma State defensive lineman Christian Littlehead was charged with misdemeanor assault and battery stemming from a beer pong incident in March. Though the very details of what allegedly happened ooze classy, it is Littlehead’s third run-in with the law in the past year.

Based on that, one would think his days with the Cowboys are numbered.

Perhaps they are, but for now, the backup D-lineman is practicing with the team (the warrant issued for his arrest was recalled Friday).

“I’ve always followed the policy that guys are relatively innocent until proven guilty,” Mike Gundy said Saturday. “And that’s the only way that we can do things. Oklahoma State people have to trust that once I get the information, I’m going to do what’s best for this school.”

Littlehead is due to appear in court on September 24.

Littlehead was arrested in May for being drunk in public. He was also arrested in early December on one count of possession of drug paraphernalia which resulted in his suspension from the Fiesta Bowl.

(Hat tip: the Oklahoman) 

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9 Responses to “Troubled Oklahoma State D-lineman returns to practice”
  1. usmcbronzestar says: Aug 14, 2012 11:28 AM

    He’ll play!

  2. fhvn1944 says: Aug 14, 2012 3:28 PM

    Of Course He’ll play! Mike Gundy ‘s idea of doing what’s best for the school really means doing what’s best for the football team. (Didn’t we just go through thgis with him a few months ago?)

    I wonder what part of “Have you heard what happened at Penn State” didn’t he comprehend?

    If the man had a moniker of class and morality, he’d clean this team up get rid of the delinquents before they cause serious trouble. Bu he has neither, so he won’t.

  3. goodfieldnohit says: Aug 14, 2012 5:22 PM

    Fucking disgraceful. We now know that if you play football at okie state and hit a woman in the face, it’s ok, as long as you are a good football player.

    Fuck you Gundy, you 40 year old amoral prick.

  4. medtxpack says: Aug 14, 2012 5:28 PM

    It clear as day that people on this blog have absolutely no clue who and what kind of guy Mike Gundy is as a coach and a person. Hate from a distance ya suckas.

  5. fhvn1944 says: Aug 14, 2012 5:47 PM

    Let me guess….. You play football for Oklahoma. Circle the wagons. Defend, deny, distract. Protect the program no matter how many people get hurt. No wait…. that’s Penn State all over again. Hell of an education you’re getting there….sucka

  6. gopokes0714 says: Aug 14, 2012 5:54 PM

    Wow, people are seriously misinformed about Mike Gundy & the Littlehead situation.

    It is no surprise that Littlehead is still on the team OSU has known about this since March. They dealt with it and Littlehead then.

    There a lot of story left out of this report. First his family situation is a little messed up to say the least. The don’t exactly encourage good behavior. Truth be told he hasn’t had any moral or ethical leadership until he got to OSU, and its when he goes home that he gets into trouble.

    Honestly it feels like he is being raked over the coals because he is a football player at OSU. Not by the Police but by the family. now, ITS NEVER OK TO HIT SOMEONE IN THE FACE, ESPECIALLY A GIRL. But its also not a capitol offense. Its 5 months after the fact. It involves family members that are pretty sketchy themselves. and its brought back up just before the season starts.

    But regardless of anything Mike Gundy’s track record speaks for itself. I have NEVER seen him keep someone for the sake of a better chance to win. Even when sometimes I have wished he would sometimes.

    Here is the rule, if you have a warrent out for your arrest then you are suspended until you are no longer wanted. If the offense is a felony, then you cannot come back until its completely resolved or if its plead down to a misdemeanor. Then OSU & Gundy will look at the situation to determine weather or not the players career can/should be salvaged.

    Gundy takes it seriously when he promises a players family to make their son a better man & person. So he will try to fight for a player if he feels that player is trying to be a better person. But if Gundy believes the player isn’t making an effort that player will be gone regardless of his position with the team.

  7. gopokes0714 says: Aug 14, 2012 6:09 PM

    So because of the Penn St fiasco, anyone that does anything wrong and gets the benefit of the doubt is treated like a child sex offender?

    Some of people commenting are showing their own character flaws. If you didn’t have the moniker to hide behind would you use the same language? Would you speak like that in front of friends of family? Would you want your name and reputation attached to those comments?

    You can speak your opinion and use rational thought and mature language all at the same time.

  8. soonerbassist says: Aug 14, 2012 10:13 PM

    All I and other Sooners know is that we wouldn’t want any of this on our team. Seriously, more discipline should have been taken instead of a slap on the wrist.

  9. gopokes0714 says: Aug 14, 2012 10:25 PM

    Because OU is the epitome of ethics and morality? :rollseyes:

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