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UCLA knocks off Nebraska on an upset-themed Week 2

Nebraska v UCLA Getty Images

Saturday wasn’t a good day for fans of ranked and/or favored teams.

Joining the likes of No. 8 Arkansas and No. 13 Wisconsin, 16th-ranked Nebraska fell on the road to UCLA, 36-30. Bruins quarterback Brett Hundley continued to impress by throwing for 305 yards and four touchdowns in the victory. Running back Johnathan Franklin added 217 yards on the ground in a game that featured roughly 1,000 yards of offense (653 of which came from UCLA).

Whip out those black shirts!

While the lack of defense by Nebraska was very… not Nebraska-like, it’s also worth pointing  out that UCLA is 2-0 and what the what?  Suddenly, there’s some excitement around UCLA football again. Hundley and Franklin look like the real deal and the Bruins offense has now averaged 42.5 points in the first two games of the season.

Who knows how long Jim Mora can keep this weird thing called winning going, but it’s fun watching UCLA actually, you know, have some success.

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7 Responses to “UCLA knocks off Nebraska on an upset-themed Week 2”
  1. omniusprime says: Sep 9, 2012 9:06 AM

    How do you like Pac-12 football now? UCLA had a great upset over Nebraska, husked their corn real good. Great to see UCL-Yay start off 2-0. Not going to beat USC but nice to see some Pac-12 teams score upset losses so the dimwitted pundits stop dissing them in the polls.

  2. manchestermiracle says: Sep 9, 2012 9:22 AM

    Where are all the pundits who ranked the Big 10 so highly before the season started? Just more proof that any poll done before the season is a month old is a fantasy.

  3. polegojim says: Sep 9, 2012 10:35 AM

    @Manchester… and TWO games into the season isn’t the time to beat your chest!

    But… color me officially unimpressed with Pelini and Co! They’re all his recruits. All his responsibility.

    Nothing appears to be better and especially from a Defensive minded coach… the D looked HORRIBLE most of the night… no PATHETIC.

    Evidently, Bo’s early success = SUH

  4. roundup5 says: Sep 9, 2012 11:49 AM

    This coming from an NU alum: Pelini is no Head Football coach.
    He has surrounded himself with people who would not be a
    threat to him and his job, but not coaches that are good. The
    OC, Beck cannot think quick enough to call plays. The Defensive
    Coord couldn’t coordinate a gathering of 5 year olds.
    It’s time for MY Athletic Director, Tom Osborne, to intervene to
    get this “trainwreck” back on track.
    An Nebraska defense giving up 600 plus yards, says it all!

  5. jhorton83 says: Sep 9, 2012 12:14 PM

    I think UCLA has found their coach. Mike Vick’s immaturity at the time torpedoed his stint as Atlanta’s coach and then Jim didn’t get a fair shake in Seattle, but UCLA fans should be glad that it’s all led to him being their head coach.

  6. bender4700 says: Sep 9, 2012 12:20 PM

    Calm down Roundup

    WAY too early for that. I have thought that too, but if he wins the conference (which really isn’t looking that tough to do), and goes to the Rose Bowl then he’s not going anywhere.

    (Husker fan here), we lost a 6 point game on the road to a team that was in the conference title game. They had a lot of talent, Neuheisel SUCKED as a coach, and Mora is far better in college. He had those kids so fired up, they could have beat anyone it seemed like.

    Week 2 isn’t the time to panic.

    Iowa lost to Iowa State
    Wisconsin lost to Oregon State
    Michigan barely beat Air Force
    Ohio State did what they do, pulled away later but looked good still.
    Penn State…. uuhhhh
    Michigan State cruised but Central Michigan…
    Illinois got creamed
    Purdue lost close game to Notre Dame

    The Big Ten overall is bad. I still think Nebraska and Ohio State are the best two teams in their divisions.

    I expect to see Nebraska versus Wisconsin for the Big Ten title with Ohio State only with 1 or 2 loses.

    I would like to see a change at head coach, but Osborne hasn’t shown the ability to go grab a hidden gem. I still like Bo, but his defense is crap, and nobody is giving him credit for the improvements at offense. Barney Cotton I would fully be in favor of firing now. His offensive lines have stunk terribly.

    If the team implodes, I could see Osborne making a change, but it’d have to be 2007 bad. And I certainly would rather not go through that.

    Ultimately, you need to have a list of guys who you could hire to replace him before you dump him. He has some great talent coming and already playing, so who knows what they will do. He needs to get the defense fixed. It is easy to say that, because they just weren’t tackling well and that IS something the coaches can do.

    But a bit early to dump him. Especially if he rolls the Big Ten.

    BCS bowl game would be a nice step forward.

    tough losses happen. 6 point losses, in a game that was back and forth and really pretty exciting, it’s tough to suddenly turn on him.

    Good win UCLA, impressed. Was worried about it this year.

  7. fightingwombat says: Sep 10, 2012 12:05 AM

    Seem to remember another UCLA team in the 70’s that upset a Cornhusker team… the quarterback was a guy named Mark Harmon… wonder what happened to that guy?

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