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DeLoss Dodds on A&M SEC opener: ‘I didn’t see it… haven’t read about it’

DeLoss Dodds AP

You would think that if anyone relished in Texas A&M’s first SEC loss — a 20-17 game against Florida —  it would be Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds.

Maybe Dodds did enjoy it at least a little, but he’s certainly not letting on that way. During a Monday press conference, Dodds was asked if he watched A&M’s game on Saturday, to which he replied “I didn’t see it. I haven’t read about it… I’m a Texas guy.

Texas’ attitude toward A&M since the Aggies departed for the SEC last year has been deliberately indifferent. Despite requests by A&M to keep the once-annual Thanksgiving rivalry alive as a nonconference game, the Longhorns have shown no interest in scheduling a future match with the Aggies.

Apparently there’s no interest in watching them either.

Instead, the Longhorns will play TCU this Thanksgiving.

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31 Responses to “DeLoss Dodds on A&M SEC opener: ‘I didn’t see it… haven’t read about it’”
  1. barbeaux says: Sep 11, 2012 1:35 AM

    Oh. Good to know. I can now sleep tonight.

  2. demit22 says: Sep 11, 2012 3:52 AM

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  3. stropcity says: Sep 11, 2012 4:27 AM

    He’s lying and everybody knows it.

  4. rsmeans says: Sep 11, 2012 4:33 AM

    Well Dodds, Brown and the entire Texas administration has been the main reason for the demise of Texas and the Big 12. A@M will out recruit them and beat any team in the big 12 on a consistent basis in 5 years. The recruiting base for Texas and Oklahoma is decreasing slowly but surely while TAM is rising slowly but certainly. Hook em Horns while you secretly weep.

  5. dylude says: Sep 11, 2012 8:27 AM

    LMAO @ rsmeans.

    Are you that blind? No one picks A&M as a first choice. Look at the tradition, facilities, and national exposure of being a big fish in the pond.

    Thinking aTm will out recruit Texas is nothing but wishful thinking. Thanks for the laugh though.

  6. coolhorn46 says: Sep 11, 2012 9:47 AM

    agricultural and mechanical:

    new conference? check
    new head coach? check
    new quarterback? check
    new season? check
    snatching defeat from the jaws of victory? check

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. As for the demise of UT and the Big 12, to quote Mark Twain, “The reports of my death have been greatly exagerated.” I seriously doubt the SEC! SEC! SEC! would do a deal with a dead conference for the Champions Bowl. As for the agricultural fanbase:

    most delusional fans anywhere? check

    Oh, and UT administration and fans really are indifferent to the agricultural college, excepting the amusement value they hold for us.

  7. dylude says: Sep 11, 2012 10:43 AM

    The Big 12 has the most top 15 teams of any conference right now.

    But let’s not kid ourselves, it’s not noble to be a punching bag of the best conference. You don’t get an “SEC” diploma and you don’t put up championship banners when a team from your conference wins, aTm still has to do something they’ve never done…. Win big games in my lifetime. Never seen it before, so why care that their conference is better. Only a loser school takes pride in that.

  8. apmn says: Sep 11, 2012 11:09 AM

    DeLoss Dodds is the big turd in a small toilet bowl.

  9. pushingiron says: Sep 11, 2012 11:11 AM

    You do realize A&M is outrecruiting Texas right now don’t you? Have you checked the recruiting web sites? According to Scout A&M is ranked 3rd, Texas 10th. Along with the jump to the SEC, A&M has just built facilities ranked higher than Texas’, is out recruiting them, has just hired a new coaching staff with a lot of past success, from all reports is about to enlarge Kyle Field to hold another 10-15K seats, and appears to finally be making the commitment to make a championship team. This is a school with a large alumni base, and a student body just as large as Texas is. I wouldn’t let your bias get in the way of your objectivity, the future is bright in College Station. Meanwhile, my Liberty Flames will be lucky to play on ESPNU, but I am sure you are enjoying your Longhorn network, oh wait……

  10. coolhorn46 says: Sep 11, 2012 11:23 AM

    Sumlin would trade this year’s recruiting class, and probably next year’s too, to have the quality of players committed that UT does. Quantity doesn’t mean quality, although I’ll concede that quality-wise, Sumlin and staff are doing a little better job than his predecessor, the Shermanator. That being said, if agricultural doesn’t learn how to play better in the second half of games, recruiting there’s gonna be no big deal, no matter what conference aggy is in. By the way, @dylude, you might want to check somewhere other than Scout for real recruiting information.

    Expanding the football stadium? That means there’ll be a few thousand more fans leaving the big tackle box quietly after that team blows another second half lead. Like I said earlier…the more things change, the more they stay the same.

  11. foreverlsu says: Sep 11, 2012 12:20 PM

    Hey coolhorn, if you’re scared just say so. Why all of the attention to A&M? You’re a UT guy, right? You’ve moved on to bigger and better things, right? Either play A&M or quit talking about them.

    A&M will be consistently better than UT within three years. Maybe you can get Muschamp back when that ole fart retires.

  12. pushingiron says: Sep 11, 2012 1:04 PM

    I might want to check somewhere other than scout? Ok how about Rivals, they have A&M rated higher as well. In college football things are always cyclical, do you not remember recent history of A&M beating Texas 10 out of 11 years? Do you not know that since the early 70’s when scholarships were reduced to make a level playing field for all schools that the series is basically .500? I am not sure why so many fans of Texas refer to Aggies as “aggy”. Do we really need to act like 3rd graders? You are correct in that it is up to the staff and players to finish games, but one game in does not tell a story. After all A&M didn’t play Rice or New Mexico, they played Florida a program that has won two of the last six MNCs. While you do not want to admit it, the SEC move was brilliant. It has already had a positive effect on recruiting and the upcoming TV deal is huge money, all positives for A&M. The thing that irritates me the most is that so many fans of the longhorns have the “De Loss Dodds Superiority Complex.” They really believe they are better than anyone else.

  13. v2the4 says: Sep 11, 2012 1:51 PM

    gotta wonder why aggie put up those false national title and conference title claims on their building? you actually have to earn titles to claim them. has aggy put up an auburn 2010 champs or lsu 2011 sec title banner anywhere on campus yet?

    I love how aggy fans like to talk about how they beat UT 10 out of 11 years during the late 80’s and early 90’s….thats awesome..beat since that time period, UT’s national exposure has exploded thousand fold, while the school in college station has seen their profile get smaller and smaller, thus their move to the southeast, so aggy breathe can smell like bama, tiger, tiger, gator, bulldog razorback and volunteer toilet waste, among others..

    in closing, UT is heading to Oxford to stomp the mess out of a big bad asz southeast school this saturday night, Ole miss, on espn…you southest people say “its only Ole Miss, a weak sister”, who plays bama, lsu and auburn every year, giving those teams an automatic win…aggie plays same school on October 6 in oxford as well…..cant wait to compare and contrast the results…..

    until then, HOOK EM snitches!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. pushingiron says: Sep 11, 2012 2:06 PM

    False national and conference championships? Those were earned unlike your degree.
    Snitches? Is anyone here exposing another to the police? Go back to wherever it is that you came from. The lack of a basic understanding of the English language that you exhibit bores me and makes everyone dumber for reading it.

  15. tgaustin says: Sep 11, 2012 2:43 PM

    “Pushingiron”???? Let me guess, you’re one of those DB’s on Facebook who takes a picture of yourself, in the mirror, without wearing a shirt, flexing so hard all the veins are poping out of your maroon face!!?? Snitches get stitches…it’s a quote you moron! If Aggie worried more about winning games and less about what Longhorn Nation is doing, you wouldn’t have to worry about who has a bigger jumbotron, who has the bigger stadium, making stupid ass t-shirts claiming SEC country, you all might win more games!!!! Texas in 2-0 in 2012. Aggie is 0-1. I know, I know, win or lose, you are finally in the SEC. For a Institution that is so highly regarded for a great education(which I totally agree with BTW), it’s all for not as soon as you turn into “aggy” and bitch and complain about everything that happens in Austin, Tx…which I will put even money on it that you probably live here. Good luck improving to .500 football with your next game:)

  16. dylude says: Sep 11, 2012 2:54 PM

    Texas A&M will continue to get quantity because players know they have a better chance seeing the field as an Aggie vs a Longhorn. Texas is battling a long reputation of over recruiting. Sad but true. Harsh reality of recruiting.

    3 year guarantee?! I’m laughing at you…. Only a loser university makes future guarantees that far in advance.

    Here let me try….

    Tupac will return in 3 years.
    I’ll be a billionaire in three years.
    Texas will have the best QB in NCAA history in three years.
    Man will be on Mars in three years.
    Texas A&M will not exist in three years.

    These are all pointless assertions because neither you nor I could actually prove or disprove the future. So your comments are blatantly worthless.

    Lemme say my final comment on Texas vs aTm…. “SCOREBOARD. Nothing else matters. No need to keep playing y’all because the last game when the Aggies had the higher rated team, Texas still came out on top. Texas A&M has always choked in my lifetime, and will continue to choke even with a #1 recruiting class. Call me when y’all actually play a meaningful game and win. Even Texas Tech has had more success in this century than aTm…. SCOREBOARD.”

  17. pushingiron says: Sep 11, 2012 3:34 PM

    Snitches, WTF does that have to do with the topic of conversation? Seriously, who even talks like that? Are you one of those “whiggers” trying your best to be black? I do not know anybody with a decent education that would talk like that.
    No, not a DB, a former LB, and I keep my shirt on I have nothing to prove.
    No, I do not live in Austin, Although i did once for a couple of months. Great place to visit, as long as you can ignore the traffic and politics. My brother, sister, and brother-in-law went to Texas, it’s funny how all the trash doesn’t usually come from people that actually went to Texas.

  18. sportsdrenched says: Sep 11, 2012 5:15 PM

    I’m always a big fan of the “You don’t exist” treatment is this type of situation. Nice job Deloss.

    Oh, and UT administration and fans really are indifferent to the agricultural college, excepting the amusement value they hold for us.

    Except when you play KSU…right?

  19. coolhorn46 says: Sep 11, 2012 6:43 PM

    Is the Dark Lord of the plains EVER gonna retire for good??? K-State is UT’s Kryptonite, and I find absolutely NOTHING amusing about that!

  20. gopokes0714 says: Sep 11, 2012 8:27 PM

    All I know is Texas A&M is shockingly pathetic and insecure to make claim National Titles and Conference Championships that they clearly did not win, years after the fact.

    It is their desperation for credit and respect that’s turning them into a joke.

    Texas isn’t going to acknowledge them because they don’t need to. Nothing about Texas A&M commands attention. The SEC logo doesn’t get you respect, ask Vanderbilt, you still have to EARN it. The SEC logo doesn’t make you a top tier team either, just ask Kentucky.

  21. v2the4 says: Sep 11, 2012 10:01 PM

    hey pushiniron,

    dude, ..not wanting to curse in here, I said Hook em snitches(RHYMES WITH BITCHES)….I guess I should have just used the word bitches out right, because it seems you were very confused and spent a good portion of the afternoon trying to figure out what I was saying.

    I’ll go back to the issue at hand….I personally feel Dodds knew what aTm was doing, as the Florida/aTm score had a prominent place on the Longhorn scoreboard during their game vs New Mexico saturday night and aggie jokes were a plenty..

    I saw you mentioned that aggie didnt play rice or new mexico, they played a florida team that won two of the last six NC’s….that same florida team was 7-6 last year under Muschamp, the former defensive coordinator at UT.

    in 2008, the UT athletic dept told the aTm athletic dept about the plans in place for the longhorn network, and asked aggie if they would like to join in on a 50/50 venture….Aggie, who had to borrow $16M from their own university fund to support athletics, turned the Horns down thinking it would not make money…the Horns make plenty of money…#1 in athletic revenue. #1 in appearal sales..they were doing aggie a “state” favor…

    as soon as the 20 yr 300M dollar deal with ESPN for the longhorn network was made public, aggie lost his load, thinking how could this happen, and how UT was going to “destroy” the big 12 with their plans…… kind of reminds me of a guy named Ronald Wayne, a gentlemen who once owned 10% of apple, but sold his stake for a total of $2300.

    that same 10% would be worth $58 Billion today

  22. Legion Of Boom says: Sep 11, 2012 10:11 PM

    Yay! More Texan retard talk!

  23. dylude says: Sep 11, 2012 11:18 PM

    As for the comment about ppl who defend UT not going to UT, that may be true for others but not for me at all.

    I passed on a full ride to aTm and took a partial to Texas. While at aTm I was wined and dined and stayed at the beautiful Callaway House (UT is finally building one next year) and it was lovely, until I walked across the grass and some schmuck in a military uniform had the audacity to berate me even though I was twice his size.

    aTm hiring Sumlin was a great move because as an African American I didn’t feel comfortable at all during recruiting in College Station and don’t see how my peers who chose aTm would either… Hell they threw eggs at President Obama’s picture after he was elected.

    That would NEVER happen in Austin nowadays.

  24. greggatx says: Sep 12, 2012 1:09 AM

    Even with all their supposedly “top prospects” and “out recuiting of UT” they are still aggies and they always choke. They are still in the shadows of Texas .
    dylude says:
    “3 year guarantee?! I’m laughing at you…. Only a loser university makes future guarantees that far in advance.”
    That’s how competitive it is at UT. We know the aggies don’t have that problem. Not much competition there. Player generally don’t like losing. Funny how you say the second winningest team in college football is a loser university. The aggies are so jealous of UT they had to leave the state to try to fit in. But as we saw last Sat. they will continue in their losing ways. Players get more playing time there because they have a hard time getting players to go there much less stay there.

  25. greggatx says: Sep 12, 2012 1:21 AM

    “rsmeans says:Sep 11, 2012 4:33 AM

    Well Dodds, Brown and the entire Texas administration has been the main reason for the demise of Texas and the Big 12. A@M will out recruit them and beat any team in the big 12 on a consistent basis in 5 years. The recruiting base for Texas and Oklahoma is decreasing slowly but surely while TAM is rising slowly but certainly. Hook em Horns while you secretly weep.”

    What’s in your water?

  26. apmn says: Sep 12, 2012 10:07 AM

    dylude says:Sep 11, 2012 11:18 PM

    “I walked across the grass and some schmuck in a military uniform had the audacity to berate me even though I was twice his size. ”

    This statement summarizes a typical Longhorn attitude. Why should the fact that you were twice his size be a pass?

  27. foreverlsu says: Sep 12, 2012 12:00 PM

    The arrogance of UT fans continues to amaze me. With all of the resources at his disposal at the great UT, Mr. February has exactly one national title and continues to get beat by “Big Game Bob.” Sure, they’ve done better than aTm recently but UT is constantly overrated year and a consistent disappointment. They resemble Notre Dame more than they would like on the field.

    Seems to me like UT fans are playing the role of a jilted lover. Leave the aggies alone if you truly think you’re better than them …or just agree to play them every year and let the scoreboard do your talking.

  28. amosalanzostagg says: Sep 14, 2012 4:22 PM

    Hate or Love Texas, Deloss has created an insatiable monster known has Texas Inc. It is it’s own entity unto itself and is the envy of every major athletic program.

    What University would not want the revenue streams that Texas generates for it’s school on a year end year out basis?

    That being said, Texas does what is in it’s best interest, period. You think that Texas would not jump to a bigger conference for greater money and power if it had the opportunity. Ask members of the old Southwest Conference. Ask Nebraska,Colorado,
    Missouri, and Texas A&M what Texas does.

    Since the National Championship game against Alabama, Texas has sought admission into the B1G and the PAC 12. Each conference rightly turned Deloss down.


    Because Texas is a parasite looking for a host. Texas has to have total control of a conference politically and economically. It comes from the Frank Irwin days in the 1960’s when Irwin ruled UT with an iron fist. When it comes to dealing with Texas, you will lose if you have them at the table. They will dictate and the will demand, after
    all “We’re Texas!”

    Football wise, Mack is quietly building a very good football team. He is using the SEC
    formula of a very nasty, very athletic, very physical defense and on offense building a
    strong running game around a QB who will manage a game rather than have a superior QB (Young and McCoy) that he would have to live and die with.

    Should Texas beats OU this year in the Red River Shootout and Texas is back in the mix of being in the National Championship talk.

  29. greggatx says: Sep 15, 2012 12:25 PM

    foreverlsu says:
    “Either play A&M or quit talking about them.”

    We have played atm many times. Our record against y’all is 76-37-5, 24-22-2 at kyle park. What is your point? Are y’all not tired of us beating you? Y’all will never be better that the University of Texas. Fact of life.

  30. v2the4 says: Sep 16, 2012 5:38 AM

    66 points…676 total yards….a 35 point win on the road at Oxford in sec country, not to mention the largest non conference crowd in stadium history…UT hands ole miss their worst non conference loss at home since 1979, when they lost at home to souhern miss 38-7

    lets see what aggy does on oct 6….

  31. pushingiron says: Sep 16, 2012 2:02 PM

    Congrats they beat the second worst team in the SEC. Your obsession with everything Aggie is pathetic. In addition, if you had attended an institution of higher learning you would know how to properly spell “Aggie”. Beat a good team then talk some smack. You don’t hear anyone crowing about A&M beating SMU by 45 with a freshman QB. I also wouldn’t be talking $hit about “scoreboard” when your AD and the school you support doesn’t have the balls to schedule a game against A&M when just about everyone else in the country wants to see the Lone Star Showdown continue.

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