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AP: Big 12, Pac-12 team could face ‘best of the rest’ in major bowl

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Last week, BCS executive director Bill Hancock confirmed that a seventh major bowl game could be added to the rotating sites for the semifinal round of a college football playoff. Not but one day later, longtime sports writer Mark Blaudschun reported that a possible seventh game would include the highest-ranked team from the remaining five conferences not currently tied in to a major bowl game (the Big East, Conference USA, MAC, MWC, Sun Belt).

Assuming that all those details come to fruition as reported — that’s still a long way off — the next question would become a matter of who the other opponent would be.

According to the Associated PressRalph Russo, it would be a representative from either the Big 12 or the Pac-12.

The Pac-12 is locked into the Rose Bowl with the Big Ten through 2026. Likewise, the Big 12 is locked in with the SEC for the Champions Bowl during that same span. What neither of those conferences have, however, is an additional tie-in to another major bowl. A recent report from ESPN says that the Orange Bowl is nearing an agreement that would match the ACC champion against either Notre Dame, a Big Ten or SEC team. That would give the Big Ten and SEC two tie-ins to bowls projected to be major components of a playoff.

For the Big 12 or Pac-12 to want an additional tie-in even if it is against a “best of the rest” opponent is certainly understandable.

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9 Responses to “AP: Big 12, Pac-12 team could face ‘best of the rest’ in major bowl”
  1. drummerhoff says: Sep 26, 2012 8:13 PM

    So when the bowl games between ‘best of the rest’ v. the Big12/Pac12 and the Orange’s ACC champ v. Big10/SEC earn the same amount of money, the ACC will look more and more like a member of the Group of Five. Wow, everyone of Swofford’s moves have been countered. Sooner or later, Slive/Bowlsby/Delany will be saying ‘checkmate’.

  2. frug says: Sep 26, 2012 8:44 PM


    The Orange and Best of the Rest Bowl are not going to have the same payout. The total payout for the Orange Bowl is looking like something between $30 million and $60 million, the BotR Bowl is going to be worth $20 million max.

    ACC is going to get less from its top tie in than the SEC, PAC, B1G and XII do, but it will likely be at least double what the BotR participants will get (and will unquestionably be at least a few million more).

  3. drummerhoff says: Sep 26, 2012 8:56 PM


    maybe, but its odd that the Orange has not announced its pay-out which lead to speculation that its not on par with the Big4 and we do know the OB game will be played during the cheapest & least desirable TV time-slot on Jan 1. (1 pm).

    also, if the OB is in fact “a few million more” than the BotR game, the pie is being divided by 14-15 ACC schools or about $2mil* per school on the high-end. That’s pathetic.

    *High-end for OB is $60mil. ACC gets half divided by 14-15 schools.

  4. frug says: Sep 26, 2012 9:10 PM


    There’s no question the ACC is going to receive less from their Orange Bowl tie in than the Big 4 will receive from their Rose Bowl and Champions Bowl tie ins, but the OB payout will still be substantially higher than the BotR Bowl and that was my point.

  5. coolhorn46 says: Sep 26, 2012 9:20 PM

    No matter how many rabbits Swofford tries to pull out of his hat, it’s obvious that there’s no fooling at least a couple of the ACC teams into believing that there’s true parity between the ACC and the big four conferences, including in bowl affiliations.

    Swofford’s played his ace up the sleeve, giving Notre Dame everything but the kitchen sink to affiliate with his conference. It shouldn’t be surprising that the domers’ preferential treatment doesn’t sit well with some of the ACC’s football-first schools. If anything, it drives a bigger wedge between the conference and one or two of the important football schools.

    Reference that fifty million dollar exit fee Swofford slipped through in the Notre Dame announcement…good luck at making that stick in court. Lawyers like to say anything is negotiable…and that certainly applies to the unreasonable fee Swofford’s trying to impose on any team that wants to better itself through realignment.

  6. floridacock says: Sep 26, 2012 10:07 PM

    Whatever happened to the SEC and the Sugar Bowl?

  7. whoisedgy says: Sep 27, 2012 8:36 AM

    Let me get this straight…

    In a typical year:

    Big 12, Big 10, Pac 12, and SEC will place

    1st place teams in semis.
    2nd place teams in Rose and Champions Bowls
    3rd place team (SEC/Big 10) in Orange vs. ACC 1st
    3rd place team (Big 12/Pac 12) vs. Best of Rest

    So ACC is at the big boy table? Yeah right.

    The Orange and Best of Rest Bowls NEED a team from the Big 4 conferences to sell seats.

  8. bearflagfan says: Sep 27, 2012 12:40 PM

    The BCS needs to get that together to keep the alliance intact. The Pac-12 is already grumbling that the SEC can get 3-4 BCS spots (and resulting money) while the Pac-12 is only assured one. This would assure that even in down years the Pac-12 would get 2 BCS slots.

    Understand the Pac-12 is fully convinced the reason its schools are now behind the SEC is because of money – the SEC has about a 5-year head start from its big-money contract and early BCS dominance (remember it was the SEC who started the ‘bowl alliance’ which became the BCS after the Pac-12 and Big 10 joined). The result is the SEC now has amazing facilities and support staff that the Pac-12 is just now starting to put in place.

    Now that it has a conference TV income on par with the SEC, the Pac-12 wants to be sure it doesn’t lose out on the big-money bowl revenue – which is evenly shared throughout the Pac-12, btw. So even if Oregon State or Washington State aren’t going to a BCS any time soon, they will still benefit from the teams that go.

  9. coolhorn46 says: Sep 27, 2012 4:27 PM

    Hmmm…the PAC is starting to sound more like a social-political experiment every day. I’ve heard of socialized medicine, but socialized football???

    If the PAC wants a bigger slice of the BCS pie, they’ll need to play their way into it. I can pretty much guarantee that if that conference has two one loss teams, the one that doesn’t go to the championship game or the Rose Bowl will get serious run to be an at-large invitee to a big boy bowl.

    If I didn’t know better, I might believe the UC Berkley is pulling the strings in the PAC. I think it was a rather famous pro coach in California that said it best…”Just win, Baby!”

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