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ACC will stick with eight-game conference schedules


When the ACC unveiled its new seven-member divisions with the additions of Pittsburgh and Syracuse back in February, the conference also confirmed that it would be moving to a nine-game conference schedule as well.

Yeah, scratch that.

ESPN’s Brett McMurphy reported earlier today that the ACC was going to stick with an eight-game conference schedule because of the football partnership it has with Notre Dame. The ACC issued a release a short time later confirming the report.

“With the addition of Notre Dame playing five games annually against ACC teams, the league has determined it will play an eight-game conference schedule for 2013 and beyond,” the release states. “Divisions, primary crossover partners and rotating opponents from the opposite division will remain consistent to what was previously announced.”

The ACC announced last month that Notre Dame would become a member of the conference in all sports except football and hockey. As part of the agreement, Notre Dame will play five ACC opponents in football every year.

The Big 12 and Pac-12 play nine-game league schedules while the Big Ten and SEC play eight. However, the SEC has considered a nine-game schedule and could eventually move to one. With a four-team playoff expected to select teams with an emphasis on strength of schedule, it’s interesting to see how conferences draw their respective scheduling lines.

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10 Responses to “ACC will stick with eight-game conference schedules”
  1. drummerhoff says: Oct 3, 2012 3:11 PM

    Inevitable move by Swofford. The ACC needs to improve their strength of schedule to be national relevant and can’t by playing too many games w/i this weak conference.

  2. ajarkoski says: Oct 3, 2012 3:28 PM

    The ‘A Crappy Conference’ has some weak teams and as stated, more of the same is not going to get the top teams to the playoffs. They must schedule higher caliber teams. Sad statement to make about your own league. But it might also be out of fairness since the Domers are given special privileges.

  3. southernpatriots says: Oct 3, 2012 4:26 PM

    As already difficult as the SEC conference schedule is, with Florida scheduled to play 6 top 15 teams in the next weeks and many SEC teams scheduled to play, Alabama, LSU, Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida as well as others, the SEC remains under consideration to expand the conference schedule to 9. Some coaches want changes, especially concerning cross division games. These changes remain a consideration for the Spring meetings.

    The ACC faces a difficult situation. Too many teams in the conference are weak. With the new standards soon to come upon all NCAA FBS teams which emphasize SOS (strength of schedule), the ACC teams must play stronger teams in the SEC, Big 12, PAC12, and B1G, so John Swofford in his 16th year as ACC Commissioner, it making the only decision he can to help the stronger and medium strong teams in the ACC to meet those new SOS standards. Meanwhile, he can encourage all ACC football programs to improve their programs and strengthen their teams. Best to Swofford on that.

  4. giablommi says: Oct 3, 2012 5:28 PM

    Was this another case of ESPN telling the ACC what to do? Probably, considering what hot garbage the ACC is, and less is more when considering this will be one less BC-UVA/Wake-Miami/Pitt-Duke crapfest for ESPN to bury on ESPN3.

    Either that or Notre Dame is calling or the shots. Good luck with that.

  5. giablommi says: Oct 3, 2012 5:35 PM

    BTW, did I just really see 3 undefeated Big East teams in the USA Today top 25? And only 2 ACC schools (neither of which appears to want to be in the ACC) in the top 25? Nice job with expansion, Swoffie, I’m sure Pitt and Syracuse will crack the top 25 some time in the next half-century. ESPN “Power 5” conferences my a$$.

    p.s. for the record if ESPN hadn’t tried to kill shot the BE by stealing Pitt and Cuse, WVU would still be around and that would be 4 out of 8 teams in the top 25. Have a nice day

  6. cranespy says: Oct 3, 2012 6:14 PM

    Love that post! I remember well when the CHOKIES ridiculed WV when they ran off to the ACC….Good luck in the Big Least was emblazoned on t shirts all throughout Hokie land! What a difference a few years have made….the Eers have consistently performed when they land a BCS game (just ask Clemson, Georgia and Oklahoma) VT has wilted far too many times in their BCS match ups!

    It is Karma that has come their way….having to watch the Mounties dismantle Clemson, the same Clemson that whacked the Hokies not once but twice last year! And now to lose not once but twice to Big Least teams….it couldn’t happen to a better fan base. Not to worry….there will be NO BCS game to lay an egg in this year….in fact with Fla State and a visit to Clemson still on the schedule…this could get even uglier!

    As for the decision to only play 8….. it will allow VT to continue to schedule the Sisters of the Poor… can bet they will find Central, Eastern and Western Michigan, Austin Peay and Marshall on future schedules, they won’t bother with in-state foe JMU….they tried that already! And now, they can’t depend on the Big East either….looks like Beamer Ball is in trouble.

  7. charles130 says: Oct 3, 2012 7:50 PM

    Ah the bitter WVU fans are still obsessed with VT and the ACC I see.

    Who will your coach be next year when Holgerson leaves?

    And does it bother you that he lives in a hotel and hasn’t bothered to get a WV driver’s license?

    He’ll be gone before the bowl game.

  8. Legion Of Boom says: Oct 3, 2012 9:48 PM

    ACC will have three divisions:

    Boston College
    Florida State
    North Carolina State
    Wake Forest

    Georgia Tech
    North Carolina
    Virginia Tech

    Notre Dame

  9. cranespy says: Oct 3, 2012 10:40 PM

    Someone needs to read their history…WVU saved VT not once but twice…yes we were indeed a little bitter about that screw job especially after what the Eers had done for VPI….or have you forgotten that’s what you were called back in the Metro Conference days! But alas….thats ancient history…..let’s talk about VPI and their lack of ability to show up in BCS games…..that’s not a problem here in Morgantown…when we get to them we at least win them!

    Let’s look at more recent history like last year….when the only thing sweeter than handing it to Clemson was doing so AFTER they had spanked your Hokies not once but twice.

    And then there’s this season…..kinda get choked on that Big Least thing huh….not to worry….one of those will be with you in your ACC next year.

    So bitter….yes…we were indeed for quite a while…we take a man’s word for his bond….again…check your facts on the history of conference affiliation and the role that WVU played in helping VPI.

    But as I said in my previous post…Karma can get you and right now you who reside in Hokie Nation are in for a long ugly ride….

  10. acieu says: Oct 4, 2012 3:54 AM

    Why is Notre Dame avoiding scheduling the hockey powers of the ACC?

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