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Updated: TCU starting QB Casey Pachall suspended indefinitely

TCU v SMU Getty Images

Updated 11:19 a.m. ET: TCU coach Gary Patterson has announced that starting quarterback Casey Pachall has been suspended indefinitely.

“Casey Pachall has been suspended indefinitely from competition. My job as a head coach is to win games, educate our kids and help them with their lives,” Patterson said in a statement.


No. 15 TCU will host Iowa State this Saturday in the Horned Frogs’ second Big 12 game ever. Whether starting quarterback Casey Pachall will be taking snaps against the Cyclones remains to be seen for now.

According to NBC DFW, Pachall was arrested overnight Wednesday near TCU’s campus on a DWI charge. The report states that an officer witnessed a car, operated by Pachall, failing to stop at a stop sign and hitting a curb. After being pulled over, Pachall reportedly registered a blood alcohol concentration level greater than .15. An officer confirmed to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that Pachall was over the legal limit. Drivers can be charged with a DWI if their BAC is over .08.

Pachall was released from jail later Thursday afternoon.

“We are aware of the situation. We’re trying to gather facts and information to determine what our next steps will be,” TCU spokesperson Lisa Albert told NBC DFW.

Pachall has had substance abuse issues before. In a report from TCU360 two months ago, Pachall admitted to police that he failed a university-administered drug test because of marijuana use. He also told police he previously used cocaine. However, Pachall did not miss any games as a result.

Redshirt freshman Trevone Boykin is the team’s backup. Boykin has completed 9-of-10 passes this season for 74 yards and a touchdown. Through four games, Pachall has thrown for nearly 1,000 yards, 10 touchdowns and just one interception.

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19 Responses to “Updated: TCU starting QB Casey Pachall suspended indefinitely”
  1. tcuwhit says: Oct 4, 2012 11:09 AM

    I know this sounds terrible, but what were the TCU officers thinking? I doubt that at a school like OU or Bama, a player would get pulled over while driving near campus by a campus officer and then taken to jail.

    Patterson needs to get these officers on the payroll!

  2. js20011041 says: Oct 4, 2012 11:34 AM


    You’re right. That does sound terrible. Drunk driving is an incredibly stupid and selfish act. Go ask someone who’s lost a loved one at the hands of drunk driver if it’s a harmless crime. There is no excuse for it. I don’t care how much you’ve had to drink, if you are physically able to get to your vehicle, you are cognizant enough to know that you should not be driving. Kick him off the team.

  3. thefiesty1 says: Oct 4, 2012 11:41 AM

    How can a talented player like him do something so stupid?

  4. florida727 says: Oct 4, 2012 11:43 AM

    I’m with “js2” on this one. I’ve done it (unfortunately), NOT gotten caught doing it (luckily), and only now realize, thanks to the advantage of being older, how incredibly fortunate I was not to injure myself or someone else. Now, I don’t even drink. Period. Fortunately I came to the conclusion long ago that if I have to consume alcohol in order to have a good time, I’ve got a much deeper problem. Alcohol serves no purpose other than to distort your senses. It doesn’t make you stronger. It doesn’t make you more intelligent. It doesn’t make you better-looking. It doesn’t make you more appealing to others. What it does is make you nothing more than a follower, and not a leader. I wish Pachall luck in coming to that realization.

  5. cavalierfns says: Oct 4, 2012 11:49 AM

    tcuwhit, it’s not much different at OU

  6. axltcu says: Oct 4, 2012 12:03 PM

    We go from Andy Dalton, who was know to have lead prayer circles at TCU, to this. So mad right now.

    The most frustrating part about this to me is that in our first year in the Big 12, finally in the limelight, our team starts to act completely uncharacteristic of what we have represented in the last decade.

    Gary Patterson must be tearing out his hair over this season.

  7. mikefoxtrottango says: Oct 4, 2012 12:15 PM

    After TCU players were busted selling weed during the offseason, it became clear that this team is loaded with turds. This will be the least surprising story I read all day.

  8. panthrobro says: Oct 4, 2012 1:06 PM

    I’m not judging this kid because at his age I did the same kind of dumb shit. I’m no hypocrite. What I guess I don’t get is that he is such a high profile kid at a “Christian” University. It sounds like his prior behavior is not a secret, so why did the admins and coaches let it get to this. This kind of stuff usually has zero tolerance at religious universities.

  9. cavalierfns says: Oct 4, 2012 1:20 PM

    panthrobro, this isn’t the first time that a high profile kid at a “Christian” University has done something criminal. The coach could have done a lot worse than waiting until now to suspend him.

  10. normtide says: Oct 4, 2012 1:20 PM

    I have always stood up and said college kids drinking is not news, but driving drunk is a different story. Drinking and experimenting with refer is at every college. I stand by that, but endangering others with this behavior can not be accepted.

  11. packerbadger says: Oct 4, 2012 2:17 PM

    I guess he wasn’t a good Texas Christian eh? lol!

  12. tcuish says: Oct 4, 2012 2:27 PM

    TCU is affiliated with a denomination but is administered as a secular school.

    Let’s hope Boykin can win some games…crossing my fingers

  13. ninjasports says: Oct 4, 2012 3:44 PM

    Doesn’t surprise me. Drugs in sports ->

  14. axltcu says: Oct 4, 2012 3:54 PM

    My understanding of the TCU policy, and I must emphasize that as far as I know this is rumor and not fact, is that for a first offense the student would receive counseling and that the second offense calls for immediate suspension. So I’m lead to assume that after the drug thing they gave him a good talking to and chance to redeem himself.

    Now I’m left to wonder how much TCU did to try and help him. Was he so troubled that no one could help him? Or did TCU not do enough? Maybe a mix of both?

    What makes this so disappointing for TCU fans is the extremely high expectations we had for Pachall. Statistically he could have been a top 5 QB in college.

    I am excited for Trevone Boykin though. Coming out of high school he seemed to have tons of potential. It will be interesting to see how he reacts to being thrust into the spotlight so early in his college career.

  15. axltcu says: Oct 4, 2012 4:00 PM

    What’s also frustrating is before the drug bust, TCU had by far the cleanest record in college sports when it came to off the field issues.In my opinion the move to the Big 12 is correlation and not causation, but is still sucks hard that this happens our first year in the national spotlight.

  16. waynefontes says: Oct 4, 2012 4:26 PM

    mikefoxtrottango says:
    Oct 4, 2012 12:15 PM
    After TCU players were busted selling weed during the offseason, it became clear that this team is loaded with turds. This will be the least surprising story I read all day.


    On most days, yes.

    But Bobby Valentine being fired was the least surprising story of the day, month and perhaps year.

  17. pricecube says: Oct 4, 2012 6:07 PM

    Damn. This will certainly make the game more interesting. Good on Patterson for suspending Pachall.

  18. cyraider says: Oct 4, 2012 7:04 PM

    Knott will blow up their back up!

  19. bacevedo1 says: Oct 5, 2012 5:26 PM

    I guess that he is not smart or that TCU is not a
    difficult university. Never heard of the place.

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