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Les Miles confident that DT mentioned in SI feature did nothing wrong

Jeff Driskel, Anthony Johnson AP

Yesterday, Sports Illustrated released a feature on former LSU cornerback Tyrann Mathieu. The cover story caused an uproar for making accusations that Mathieu “allowed his image to be used on a flyer promoting an event at a local night club” last March while he was still a member of the football team, which would be a violation of NCAA rule The cover story also alleges Mathieu received benefits at the club that could affect his eligibility.

And therein lies the angle, which was explained by John Infante of the Bylaw Blog. If Mathieu is working toward rejoining the team — if LSU even considers taking him back — the reinstatement process could be a lengthy one with no guarantee that the Honey Badger would be cleared to suit up for the Tigers in 2013.

But I digress, because that’s dealing in something that hasn’t happened yet.

However, the SI feature also points out that current LSU defensive tackle Anthony Johnson was included on one flyer for a club party. That, obviously, could carry more immediate ramifications. Below is the paragraph mentioning Johnson:

Several of the Era Nation videos promote events at a Baton Rouge club called The Palace. One in particular encourages viewers to attend an Era Nation party at the club on March 10, 2012. Mathieu appears in the video, and an event promoter says “the whole LSU football team” will be there. A flyer for the party has two photographs of Mathieu in his LSU jersey and describes the event as an “Era Nation Album Release Party For Tyrann Mathieu.” It also features photographs of former LSU standout Mo Claiborne and current LSU sophomore defensive tackle Anthony Johnson, who are listed as the party’s hosts. Johnson denied any involvement; Clairborne says he was aware of the party but did not attend.

Going back to the bylaw mentioned above, any player who “accepts any remuneration or permits the use of his or her name or picture to advertise, recommend or promote directly the sale or use of a commercial product or service of any kind” is ineligible. In this case, Johnson would’ve had to allow his image to be used on the flyer for promotional purposes for his eligibility to be in question. As mentioned in the cover story, he’s already denied that.

LSU coach Les Miles also asserted confidence in his weekly SEC coaches’ teleconference that Johnson did not violate any bylaws.

“The only thing I can tell you is we’ve discussed this with Anthony, and Anthony said he participated as everyone else would participate, the cover to go in,” Miles said. “If they used his likeness they were  not given his permission and he asked to be taken off.

“I’m trying to remember this thing in March. I don’t even know that I was up to speed on it for a March event. I am told that our guys did the right things and did not participate in the planning stage or a promotional piece.”

Additionally, LSU associate athletic director Herb Vincent told the New Orleans Times-Picayune that Johnson informed school officials that he 1) had no knowledge of his photo being used on the flyer and 2) did not receive any extra benefits.

Call the rule silly and/or pointless, but it’s a rule nonetheless, and it can complicate things even if it’s difficult to trace back to the athlete in question.

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10 Responses to “Les Miles confident that DT mentioned in SI feature did nothing wrong”
  1. normtide says: Oct 17, 2012 2:27 PM

    The NCAA/Gestapo says you can only them money.

  2. ldfontenot says: Oct 17, 2012 2:35 PM

    Sorry Sports Illustrated, this is a non-story. LSU is no choir boy, but the media in Louisiana unlike the media in some other SEC states (and we all know who i’m talking about) not only won’t cover up shenanigans, but will do their very best to expose it/them. THey don’t worship at the alter of LSU and certainly not of Les Miles. If there was a real story, everyone in La. would know about it because no one, and i mean no one, in Louisiana can keep the lid on anything secretive.

  3. Deb says: Oct 17, 2012 2:49 PM

    @Idfontenot …

    Which SEC state has compliant media? Just curious because I’m an Alabama fan and the editor of the Birminghan News–the largest newspaper in the state–is an Auburn grad. So that newspaper doesn’t exactly worship at the altar of Alabama and is constantly trying to get or invent the scoop on some Bama wrongdoing. With so many SEC schools residing in states where they have prominent competition from other state schools, I can’t help wondering which you think is getting such an easy ride … assuming you know what you’re talking about. Perhaps Kentucky or Arkansas?

  4. blitz4848 says: Oct 17, 2012 2:52 PM

    NCAA has already chartered a plane to fly in their top investigative team to conduct a thorough investigation.

    Reason being for their eagerness is they have to find ways to spend all the $$$ they take in since they can’t pay themselves more than 6 figure salaries earned on the backs of these same players………..

  5. teamobijuan says: Oct 17, 2012 2:58 PM

    violation of NCAA rule

    This organization is like a caricature of a caricature.

  6. myopinionisrighterthanyours says: Oct 17, 2012 4:07 PM

    teamobijuan says:
    Oct 17, 2012 2:58 PM
    violation of NCAA rule


    It’s worse than you realize. Ben forgot Paragraph 8, SubParagraph 17, Section D

  7. texasbornlsufan says: Oct 18, 2012 10:38 AM

    Today’s media culture is a joke!!!!!! Everyone out trying to make a name for themselves no matter who or what it effects. A crying ass shame our USA MEDIA has come to this.

  8. Deb says: Oct 18, 2012 3:15 PM

    @texasbornlsufan …

    The media is giving people what they want. Although I’m an Alabama fan, I’ve been defending LSU, Les Miles, and Tyrann Mathieu on every post. But here you have Idfontenot, someone I’ve found to be typical of the fans on CFT. Rather than simply defending his own team, he has to knock another SEC team–my guess would be Alabama. He does it without one shred of truth to what he’s saying. And all the other little anonymous jackasses rush to give him a thumbs up. People who behave like that get what they deserve.

  9. Deb says: Oct 18, 2012 3:16 PM

    @texasbornlsufan …

    And my guess would be Alabama because Alabama is ALWAYS the SEC school they whine that everyone worships because they’re not man enough to own their losses.

  10. Fredster says: Oct 19, 2012 2:42 AM

    @deb: Oh I think we all know you from Bleacher Report.

    editor of the Birminghan News

    has been moved around just like the one from the Mobile Press-Register who got moved over to New Orleans to take over what’s left of the Times-Picayune and, which is just like

    that newspaper doesn’t exactly worship at the altar of Alabama and is constantly trying to get or invent the scoop on some Bama wrongdoing.

    No they’re not. That’s just that T-town paranoia acting up again. But God knows sportscaster on the teevee in B’ham sucks up to Bama big time.

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