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Win over VaTech puts Miami in control for ACC championship game

Eddie Johnson, A.J. Highsmith, Gionni Paul, Logan Thomas AP

In our ACC projections earlier this year, I opined (once again) that if the ACC wanted to become more nationally relevant, it needed to happen through Florida State and/or Miami.

There’s a chance this year’s ACC championship game could have both.

While Florida State is up near the top of the BCS rankings with an 8-1 record, the Hurricanes are still building under second-year coach Al Golden. But UM got a necessary 30-12 win over Virginia Tech Thursday night, moving the ‘Canes one step closer to getting to their first ACC championship game and wow it feels weird just typing that.

It won’t be pretty if Miami does win the ACC Coastal Division this year since the best regular season record the Hurricanes can hope for is 8-4. As of tonight, Miami needs to win two more crucial division games against Virginia (winless in ACC play this year) and Duke, both on the road. Although North Carolina defeated Miami last month 18-14, the Tar Heels are serving a bowl ban this season thanks to the NCAA and therefore not eligible for the ACC championship game.

Virginia Tech, meanwhile, drops to 2-3 in ACC play and 4-5 on the season, easily becoming one of the most disappointing teams of 2012. The Hokies need serious help to get back to the ACC title game, but this Virginia Tech team might just be shooting for .500 and a bowl appearance at this point. The Hokies will have a chance to rebound at home next week against Florida State, however.

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29 Responses to “Win over VaTech puts Miami in control for ACC championship game”
  1. canetic says: Nov 1, 2012 11:12 PM

    I think I speak for everyone when I say Miami is BACK! And the world is a better place for it.

  2. necr0philia says: Nov 1, 2012 11:42 PM

    Sorry there buddy but the Canes are not back. I’m a huge Cane fan and I’ll be honest when I say that they are far from back. Have you watched them play at all. I mean yes there is a lot of hope and Coach Golden is the man to do it but please don’t pretend like the Canes are back. I’ll just say this if the Canes were back then we would not have lost to KSU ND and definitely not NC. Hope I didnt hurt your feelings. Gooooo Canes!!!!

  3. canetic says: Nov 1, 2012 11:55 PM

    B – A – C – K !!!!

  4. jimmy53 says: Nov 1, 2012 11:56 PM

    The best record you can hope for is 8-4, and you think the Canes are back??? What a joke.

    I hope you’re kidding.

  5. edweird0 says: Nov 1, 2012 11:58 PM

    What a great win for the program. After last years disappointing loss to VT, this is a step in the right direction for the program. Now all we have to do is beat FSU in the ACC title game and we’re GOLDEN!!! GO CANES!

  6. jgater1981 says: Nov 2, 2012 12:35 AM

    As a Notre Dame fan, I also say GO CANES! Please help our SOS.

  7. tazchiefpu says: Nov 2, 2012 12:44 AM

    Back?! Beating FSU for the ACC? why don’t u start with finding fans that will actually attend their home games and support them… face reality, the canes lost to NC this season… and have a ways to go before they are even “relevant” much less being back…

  8. canetic says: Nov 2, 2012 12:49 AM


  9. soflosportsfan says: Nov 2, 2012 1:05 AM

    Canetic is on drugs. I’m a huge canes fan, that VT team is awful and the score should’ve been a little closer. Not even a win over FSU in the ACCCG would mean we are back. We are back when we dominate inferior opponents and move the ball up and down the field with no problem

  10. norcalirish says: Nov 2, 2012 6:19 AM

    Lol @ “back”

  11. 35longmiles says: Nov 2, 2012 7:23 AM

    Quick, name the teams in the Atlantic Coast Coastal Division? Nobody can because nobody cares. The above doofus celebrating being “back” is wearing horse style blinders. You beat a sorry VT team and will get destroyed in the ACC title game. Your program is just plain sorry and nothing shouts that more loudly than a cane fool acting like this win is anything more than two middle of the road programs playing a game that nobody cares about.

    Dislike NOW

  12. crazycane says: Nov 2, 2012 7:54 AM

    You have to excuse fellow Cane fans. They don’t realize that A. They could still cough up the division & B. Being back isn’t winning a mediocre division

  13. floridacock says: Nov 2, 2012 8:15 AM

    Totally pathetic fan turn out. I will go to a high school game tonight that will have more fans. And this is a team that may play for the ACC championship? No excuses if you really are a relevant team.

  14. normtide says: Nov 2, 2012 8:15 AM

    Well we all know the Miami fans ain’t back. Have they filled a stadium once this year?

  15. UCFpirate says: Nov 2, 2012 8:18 AM

    Miami is BACK on the right path. They have a very young team. If Morris doesn’t get hurt on second to last drive against NC they would have probably won that game and almost in the ACC title game. Nice win for a young program.

    @35Miles – you are such a loser you don’t even deserve a dislike. Keeping hating clown.

  16. crazycane says: Nov 2, 2012 8:22 AM

    Miami is very slowly making it’s way when opposing fans turn to the good ol’ attendance banter.

  17. kiopta1 says: Nov 2, 2012 8:45 AM

    Go canes. Every win helps ND.

  18. drummerhoff says: Nov 2, 2012 8:48 AM

    A watched a few ACC games this season and watched last night’s game. ACC football is bad & a Miami team – that got smoked in out-of-conference play – playing in the conference championship game will hurt the conference’s image.
    Here are some more perception issues the conference needs to overcome: The stadium attendance was a joke last night and its future status as a major conference is being mocked by the talking heads on ESPN. Pitt & Syracuse is just going to make it worse. ND’s partial membership is only going to remind people of the Big East…
    Congrats Swofford, you’ve copied the formula for college football irrelevance.

  19. whoisedgy says: Nov 2, 2012 9:22 AM

    Announced attendance was 37,000.

    I’m calling BS. The ACC better hope Miami is in Orange Bowl every year. They travel poorly. No other bowl would want them.

  20. arodr101 says: Nov 2, 2012 9:29 AM

    Miami isn’t back yet but on the path to being a better team and possibly contending one day in the next few years.
    Miami has lost to a few teams ranked in the Top 10. Not an excuse but simply the truth. Maybe in two years they will be beating those teams but right now they’re not polished and make way to many mistakes.
    But at least the D is starting to look better

  21. darind61 says: Nov 2, 2012 10:26 AM

    Been a fan since Jim Kelly, Eddie Edwards etc, the Canes are a long way from being back. Being back means you show up all four quarters, being back is before the game starts the opposing team has serious doubts about even scoring. Being back is when we start to win back the 5 star H.S players that once lined up for a chance to wear the U!! Being back is not settling for an 8-4 record, that is simply being content! We are not back so please stop the madness.

  22. florida727 says: Nov 2, 2012 11:55 AM

    “canetic”, are you learning impaired? The BEST you can hope for is 8-4, and you think your team is “back”? Your expectation level might need adjusting.

  23. florida727 says: Nov 2, 2012 12:09 PM

    normtide says:
    Nov 2, 2012 8:15 AM
    Well we all know the Miami fans ain’t back. Have they filled a stadium once this year?


    Actually, “normtide”, THREE capacity crowds this year. Of course it took FIVE games to get there, but hey, don’t nit-pick :)

    39,435 v. Bethune Cookman
    38,510 v. NC State
    58,954 v. North Carolina
    73,328 v. Florida State
    37,219 v. Virginia Tech

    Total attendance: 247,446 (announced)
    Orange Bowl capacity: 80,010

  24. canetic says: Nov 2, 2012 1:59 PM

    Orange Bowl? Sadly the Orange Bowl’s capacity is zero now.

    Show me better attendance of any NCAA football team with an enrollment under 15,000 that plays its home games 20 miles away from campus.

    You people are so distraught by the U’s BACK-ness it’s hilarious!


    Get used to it!

  25. ncsportsfan says: Nov 2, 2012 5:21 PM

    Canes are back? Did you check with UNC before posting that comment? Be glad, be VERY glad the Heels aren’t eligible. Just ask DaUseless and VAT.

  26. jimmy53 says: Nov 2, 2012 6:16 PM


    Those attendance stats are bloated and full of crap. It’s well know that the Orange Bowl manipulates the numbers–it’s even been talked about on the air by the announcers. Oh, and I was at that Florida State game, you can thank the Noles for the inflated numbers–and even with them there, it wasn’t near 73,000–any moron could tell that.

    As far as being back—the Canes have a good coach, but the recruits they’re pulling are predominantly dregs–the size of the D-lineman is embarrassingly small, and the vaunted RB’s got shut down by good defenses. Not to mention that any sense of being B-A-C-K is going to disappear when the NCAA rules.

    FSU fans are praying UM is in the title game, can’t get more of a gimme game than that.

  27. WingT says: Nov 2, 2012 7:03 PM

    Congratulations to Miami for their win over VT. It looks like Miami may be starting to get it together and play to their capability. Too bad the NCAA violations is looming. That’ll probably knock the wind out of their sail :)

  28. digit960 says: Nov 2, 2012 10:44 PM

    As a Canes fan I can say that we’re slowly creeping up with a very young team. We are not back in any way, shape or form but it’s nice to see that we have a building block for the future. Being back does not constitute a potential 8-4 record but it’s an improvement

  29. jeweiseman says: Nov 2, 2012 10:59 PM

    That UM fan base sure is rabid. What were there, maybe 20,000 fans in the stadium? Shoot, East Carolina has three times that many at their games. Virginia Tech will be back next season. Hear me now, believe me later.

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