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AP poll mirrors USA Today poll for top four teams

Alabama's head coach Saban instructs his players as they take on the LSU Tigers during their NCAA football game in Baton Rouge AP

Just a short while ago, the USA Today coaches’ poll was released, reflecting absolutely no change among the top four teams since Alabama, Oregon, Kansas State and Notre Dame all won on Saturday — though the degree of tension attached to the aforementioned wins varied greatly among the group.

This week’s Associated Press poll perfectly mirrors the coaches’ poll when talking about the nation’s top four teams, with No. 1 Alabama once again getting all 60 first-place votes following the Tide’s dramatic win over LSU last night. Oregon, K-State and Notre Dame take spots two through four. Tied at No. 5 are Georgia and Ohio State — the latter is the fifth undefeated team remaining, but ineligible for postseason play because of (John’s words) “arrogance” by the school’s administration in dealing with potential NCAA sanctions.

Florida and Florida State come in at spots seven and eight, and LSU drops to No. 9 following its loss to the Tide. Clemson rounds on the AP top 10. The sixth and final unbeaten team remaining, Louisville, comes in at No. 11, and South Carolina, Oregon State, Oklahoma and Texas A&M round out the top 15.

(Interesting note about the Aggies, courtesy of Brett McMurphy from Of the new SEC and Big 12 teams — meaning Texas A&M, Missouri, TCU and West Virginia — only the Aggies have a winning record in conference play. Who saw that coming?)

A pair of Pac-12 schools, Stanford and UCLA, come in at No. 16 and No. 17. Nebraska, the highest ranked Big Ten team eligible for postseason play, comes at No. 18. As we wrote early this morning, the Huskers likely control the fate of a non-automatic qualifier team getting into a BCS bowl. Louisiana Tech, the non-AQ program with the most realistic chance of making a BCS bowl, is currently tied with Texas at No. 19. If both Nebraska and LaTech win out, it would be near impossible for the Bulldogs to leapfrog the Huskers.

USC comes in at No. 21 after its loss to Oregon. Mississippi State,Toledo (MACtion!), Rutgers and Texas Tech round out the top 25.

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14 Responses to “AP poll mirrors USA Today poll for top four teams”
  1. kiopta1 says: Nov 4, 2012 2:26 PM

    Seems ok and happy to see Toledo get in.

  2. Deb says: Nov 4, 2012 2:51 PM

    Agree with the decision to place LSU ahead of Clemson, rather than behind as on the coaches poll. Not a knock on Dabo’s team–just respect for LSU’s performance last night. The Tigers lost several defensive starters to the NFL, as well as last year’s Heisman hopeful Mathieu. But their defense played some killer ball against the Crimson Tide. Can’t really argue with the rest of the top eight, but LSU shouldn’t drop too far after a performance like that, even though they didn’t pull out the win.

  3. ninjapleazee says: Nov 4, 2012 4:20 PM

    USC still ranked? Talk about hype

  4. sssjim7 says: Nov 4, 2012 4:36 PM

    I have watched Texas A&M quite a bit this year, and I really believe they are much better than their record indicates. I believe they are better than both of the teams they lost to… but lost them both because of coaching mistakes. They outplayed their opponents in the first half, but were beaten down by fatigue in the second half.

    I would have thought that they would have corrected this after the first loss to Florida, but sadly they did not. They outplayed LSU in the first half, too… but again, while LSU smartly substituted freely in the first half, A&M left their starters in and got worn down as the game went on.

    But, better late than never, when I watched them play Mississippi State I noticed that they had finally learned. They were substituting freely in the first half and did not slow down at the end.

    I have a good feeling that Texas A&M will beat Alabama this weekend. Call it a hunch, but based on who both teams have played so far and the style of play, I believe A&M will jump out to a good half-time lead and finally not be wore down in the second half.

    Anyway, this is my opinion on the matter… and my opinion is only important in my house:)

    Should be a great game at any rate…


  5. Deb says: Nov 4, 2012 4:38 PM

    @Jim …

    Yeah, as a Bama fan, the Aggies worry me, too.

  6. thecrazyasianinseccountry says: Nov 4, 2012 5:03 PM

    I think Bama is over the hump!
    The Aggies are definitely good, but unfortunately they are a one man show. Shut the one man down, like what LSU did, and there was no one else to step up.
    And knowing Saban, he is not going to underestimate TXAM..
    Hate to admit it, but Bama had lots of discipline players on that team, and that Freshman RB you have there, Hell-don, he is a beast!! He gave LSU hell!!
    Your Senior “Mr. 4.0 GPA” is a freak also, and I’m sure him and the other OLMs are pissed that they gave up a sack last!! So I don’t see the Aggies upsetting Bama next week. But I do hope for a good game.

  7. joeychargers says: Nov 4, 2012 5:08 PM

    And the BCS National Championship will (should) be……

    Alabama vs. Oregon

  8. tpa43 says: Nov 4, 2012 7:29 PM

    Surprised Notre Dame still at 4 after almost loosing to a Big East team. (only won because of a missed field goal in 3rd overtime)

  9. houndofthebaskervols says: Nov 4, 2012 9:06 PM

    Hey crazyasian, shaddup. LOL

  10. Deb says: Nov 4, 2012 9:23 PM

    @thecrazyasian …

    Hope you’re right 😉

  11. crossetheboss says: Nov 4, 2012 10:54 PM

    Holly crap that was an amazing game the bet I’ve ever seen that last Alabama play wow

  12. sssjim7 says: Nov 10, 2012 4:37 PM

    Wow… Texas A&M 20-0 over Alabama in the first quarter… who would have guessed?

    Oh wait… I did.. lol… I figured they would jump out to a nice half-time lead… my only question was whether or not they learned to substitute enough to not fade in the second half…

    It appears they are freely substituting… and Alabama is the one getting wore down… but there are still 3 quarters to go…

    We will see… good game so far:)


  13. sssjim7 says: Nov 10, 2012 6:03 PM

    Hrm… same old A&M… Alabama is running all over them now… just a matter of time… A&M needs to change their game plan now… lets see if they can adjust…

    Half-time adjustments are crucial in the SEC… A&M will learn… or else…


  14. sssjim7 says: Nov 10, 2012 7:33 PM

    Oh wow… what a finish…:)
    A&M hangs on to win…

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