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Johnny Football’s Longhorn ‘tribute’ creates web frenzy

Johnny Manziel

OK, the coverage of Johnny Manziel has officially become the web equivalent of a water-skiing deceased equine soaring over Jaws.

For those who are unaware, a photo of the shirtless Texas A&M quarterback posing with friends/acquaintances/fans while on spring break in Cabo was plastered on and exploded across the vast expanses of the Internet.  The fact that Manziel was sans shirt didn’t cause the uproar; the fact that Manziel was sporting a Texas Longhorn tattoo on his person did.

Yes, there on the Heisman winner’s left ribcage was the (gasp!) Longhorns logo:

Johnny Tattoo

Such an homage to the flagship institution of Manziel’s home state of Texas would make sense on several levels, not the least of which is the quarterback has very openly admitted that he was a huge ‘Horns fan growing up., the website that first published the photo in question, used that as the basis for deciding “we’re not being trolled here.”

Thing is, they may actually have been by the very subject of the photograph.

While the website was being lambasted for posting what many claimed to be a picture that was photoshopped, Manziel himself responded via Twitter by claiming that the tattoo was fake — i.e. a temporary or “henna” tattoo.  Yes, it appears Manziel — right or wrong — is trolling the very people peering through the microscope under which he’s been living for the past few months — and they’re not very happy about it.

Certainly Manziel could’ve handled the aftermath of TempTat-gate a bit better on Twitter — was “tell your mom I said wassup” really necessary, Johnny Football? — kudos to the player for continuing to tweak the stalkerazzi and having some harmless fun with his ever-growing fame.

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27 Responses to “Johnny Football’s Longhorn ‘tribute’ creates web frenzy”
  1. mtmk0586 says: Mar 13, 2013 1:20 PM

    That guy is just plain butt ugly!!!

  2. mydixienormus says: Mar 13, 2013 1:25 PM

    The guy on his right looks like a read D-Bag! Nice glasses…

  3. mitchdickson says: Mar 13, 2013 1:30 PM

    Dear mydixienormus,

    That’s the left.

  4. mydixienormus says: Mar 13, 2013 1:30 PM

    I can’t see the guy on his left. Are his eyes open? He is definetly not smiling…

  5. be4bama says: Mar 13, 2013 1:40 PM

    Well I think he’s a cutie!!’ ROLL JOHNNY ROLL

  6. burntorangehorn says: Mar 13, 2013 1:42 PM

    He apparently threw the horns up at a concert in Austin the other day, which was also caught in photos. Still, it’s not a big deal either way. The kid grew up a Texas fan. Texas didn’t offer him, and like some other Texas non-offers, he took a scholarship elsewhere and became a star. Like the Longhorns and Sooners, Buckeyes and Wolverines, Tigers and Tide, Gators and Noles, etc., guys are sometimes going to grow up liking one but play for the other. They’re not Hutus and Tutsis. They’re not Greeks and Turks. They’re not even freaking cops and robbers. Sports allegiances can be strong, but some kids will go for the scholarship offer, better playing time possibilities, etc. Yes, I wish UT had offered Manziel, and that he’d turned out to be the same level of performer there as he’s been as an aggie, but his choice to go to aggie was a sign of adult decision-making. Good for him.

    BTW, the tweet responses were a little less adult, but, well, it’s twitter.

  7. manchestermiracle says: Mar 13, 2013 1:44 PM

    Anybody who tweaks the nosy, “no life except scrutinizing others’ lives” interweb trolls is okay by me. This fella gets it, is having the time of his life, and obviously has a sense of humor. Good on ya, Johnny Football…

  8. Deb says: Mar 13, 2013 1:45 PM

    Yikes! Not what I expected to see when clicking on this headline. To each her own, but the adolescent look (especially with the peek-a-boo undies) doesn’t do it for me.

  9. raiderufan says: Mar 13, 2013 1:50 PM

    I’m so happy that the only thing my mind can think regarding this is “I don’t have time to give a damn what Johnny Maziel has for tattoos”.

    Come on people! Nothing about this is relevant, important, a story….you name it. An uproar? geez…..

  10. idolized1 says: Mar 13, 2013 2:02 PM

    He may be ugly, and he may be a douchebag, but man can he play ball…

  11. mydixienormus says: Mar 13, 2013 2:30 PM


    I said “his right” as in his right hand. Get it? Think about it for a while and you might…

    If you need futher help, that is the hand the doesn’t make an L when you hold your pointy finger up and thumb out.

  12. florida727 says: Mar 13, 2013 2:57 PM

    Best laugh of the day. Johnny clearly is having the time of his life. Good for him. He’s earned it by all the things he has to do that we don’t see to play the kind of game he plays. Every school has regrets for not offering scholarships to certain players they could easily have gotten. It’s just a part of college sports.

    FYI #mtmko, they don’t give out Heismans to Playboy centerfolds. Nobody scored a touchdown because they were pretty. Get the idea? The man can ball, and that’s all that matters.

  13. mhalt99 says: Mar 13, 2013 3:03 PM

    just a not to the “looks trolls”….you do realize that everything Musburger said about AJ McCarron applies to football johnny and pals right????

  14. effjohntaylornorelation says: Mar 13, 2013 3:26 PM

    He better be careful or Longhorn great Vince Young may ask him out.

  15. Deb says: Mar 13, 2013 3:58 PM

    @mhalt99 …

    Yeah, sorry for the superficial comment. Clicking over and finding a big photo of skinny bare-chested boys caught me by surprise. Felt like I’d stumbled into a junior-high locker room. 😳 But as others have said, Manziel can sure play ball and he has a great sense of humor. Hats off to him!

  16. stevegilbert11 says: Mar 13, 2013 5:24 PM

    Lol…..This is Awesome… where is that Aggie yesterday from the Caleb Jones thread at….rofl!!!!

  17. thefiesty1 says: Mar 13, 2013 8:25 PM

    If he’d flashed the tat during his recruiting visit he may have won another Heisman for the Longhorns last year instead of those want-a-bes down the road. Coach February blew it….again.

  18. be4bama says: Mar 13, 2013 8:48 PM

    Thefiesty1, you must have Aggie Envy.

  19. manchestermiracle says: Mar 14, 2013 12:34 AM

    mydixie: Actually the right hand is the one you use to insult someone with the “loser” sign. If you use the left hand you’re doing it to yourself.

  20. gamustangdude says: Mar 14, 2013 10:26 AM

    mydixienormus says:Mar 13, 2013 1:30 PM

    I can’t see the guy on his left. Are his eyes open? He is definetly not smiling…

    It doesn’t matter what your intention were, your comment is very offensive to me. Trying to be funny insinuating that because he’s black you can’t see him because he’s not smiling or “doesn’t have his eyes open”? What kind of immature punk are you? Not funny, new low for you. What’s really sad you’re getting 17 thumbs up so far and only a few thumbs down for such a racist ass comment.

  21. scoops1 says: Mar 14, 2013 4:30 PM

    Between Gronkowski and Johnny Football, i dunno who likes to party harder

  22. packerbadger says: Mar 15, 2013 8:21 AM

    White trash is as white trash does. Nice tats .*rolls eyes*

    Mustangdude…..lighten up Francis.

  23. gamustangdude says: Mar 15, 2013 9:35 AM


    Lighten up Francis? really?

    until you spend a day in my shoes, you have no right to tell me to lighten up. Looks like you support racist ass comments as well. Good to see commenters true colors are starting to come out on this blog.

    Instead of telling me to lighten up commenting against racist comments, maybe you should take it more seriously….Francis

  24. packerbadger says: Mar 15, 2013 10:51 AM

    Shut up and quit being a forever victim. Yeah, really. Pick your battles. NOBODY attacked YOU specifically or directly. Sounds more like phoney outrage to me. Get over yourself. You know how many times people have said stuff to me that I could cry about? $50 says that any/all of your problems are somebody elses fault. Have a good wknd.

  25. gamustangdude says: Mar 15, 2013 11:16 AM

    First of all I have no problems, my life is great.

    Second: I never claimed to be the victim here nor implied it.

    Third: this isn’t that same thing as being called a “douche-bag” or “idiot” or any other type of personal attack. This guy decided to make a racist comment (in my fing opinion) just to get a few laughs over the internet.

    Last, his comments may not offend you, that’s perfectly fine, but they offended me. Whether you agree or disagree I could care less, I’m entitled to my own opinions just like you are yours. In my opinion this guy made a racists comment, and in my opinion you’re no different for coming at me for calling this guy out on it.

    You got the issues guy, not me and I hope your weekend sucks punk

  26. be4bama says: Mar 15, 2013 11:27 AM

    To have a great life with no problems you sure sound angry about something, gamustangdude. And don’t try to throw the race card at me either. My family is racially mixed.

  27. gamustangdude says: Mar 15, 2013 11:36 AM


    to each it’s own, my anger is directed at 1 comment that this guy made. Nothing more nothing less

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