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Report: three ex-Miami coaches also filed motions to dismiss cases

Stephen Morris AP

Earlier today, Miami reportedly filed a motion to dismiss the NCAA’s case against the program. Per the AP, three former Hurricanes coaches have done the same.

Friday was the deadline established by the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions to file any motions related to procedural errors. The NCAA has admitted to numerous missteps in its investigation of the UM program and there have been multiple reports of more unethical conduct.

The AP specifically mentioned former UM football assistant Aubrey Hill, along with basketball assistants Jorge Fernandez and Jake Morton.

 Not mentioned was former UM assistant Clint Hurtt, who also received Notice of Allegations from the NCAA. Hill has already reportedly asked the COI to toss his case. Hurtt, now at Louisville, has been placed on administrative leave to prepare his response to his NOA.
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8 Responses to “Report: three ex-Miami coaches also filed motions to dismiss cases”
  1. mauldawg says: Mar 29, 2013 10:57 PM

    Thug U now wants to hide the truth by hiding behind the law. If they did things the way they were suppose to be done non of this would be coming back to bite them. Miami U has for many many years been a dirty school. Worse than most.I wonder how many football players really have a degree that they earned,not one the was given to them for just being football players. If you have nothing to hid why ask for this mess to be tossed out. Where there is smoke there is fire. Thug U needs to be shut down. They have always been a dirty school.I hope the NCAA does not back down. Now is the time to hold Thug U to the fire.

  2. guinness078 says: Mar 29, 2013 11:50 PM


    For someone who rips University of Miami (Not Miami U, that is in Ohio) student athletes of not earning a degree, you sure have a lot of incomplete sentences, poor spelling, and grammatical errors.
    Your obvious hatred for the U, inhibits you from a rational view of the facts. I have no doubt that the student athletes did some if not a lot of the things that were proven. The issue here is that the NCAA has gone beyond their own ethical standards in order to gain any information against The University of Miami. They deserve punishment and have already served 3 post season football game bans plus recruiting restrictions and scholarship reductions. What Miami wants is no further sanctions against them.
    I sure hope that whomever you root for is never put in the crosshairs of the NCAA and if they are in the future you might be thanking the University of Miami for going after the NCAA and making them change their crooked ways.
    Before you post something out there on the world wide web, proofread and fact check.

  3. bigdinla says: Mar 30, 2013 3:52 AM

    Really, attack the grammar of the guy? Everyone knows Miami is guilty. It is all about bs procedure If they get away with cheating.

  4. seanb20124 says: Mar 30, 2013 7:29 AM

    Miami is irrelevant in its own conference.

  5. bonerchamp says: Mar 30, 2013 7:34 AM

    How does someone get away with stealing 1 billion dollars from a lot of smart people? He lies.

    The pitchfork carrying anti-U crowd are as gullible as Shapiro’s Ponzi victims.

  6. mik303 says: Mar 30, 2013 10:49 AM

    In the United States of America, our citizens and institutions have a right to “due process.” Have you ever heard the terms “innocent until proven guilty” or “rights of the accused?” Just keep in mind that a tainted investigation is not a legitimate investigation. For those people posting vague accusations about Miami being “guilty” when you aren’t aware of the specific response to every charge are way off base. Emotions against the “U” are causing you to just skip all of the “procedures” and just banish the program to hell. Stop and think for a moment, that if the NCAA continues to be a renegade organization, one day these unethical investigation tactics might used on your school. So Maul Dog, Gamecocker, big dinla and others, it’s OK to hate Miami. It’s great to cheer against Miami and have pride in your own school. That’s what is great about College Sports, but all of you … if you stop and think about it for a second … you do not want “crazy accusations” instantly becoming “all guilty judgements” by the corrupt NCAA. FACT. The NCAA put money on Nevin Shapiro’s jail commissary account. FACT. The NCAA petitioned the courts to have Nevin Shapiro’s federal sentence reduced. FACT. The NCAA had Nevin Shapiro’s attorney on the payroll and had this lady subpoena people at an unrelated bankruptcy hearing, and depose them about possible NCAA infractions. None of this seems wrong to you? None of this sounds like a witch hunt? Just pray that you don’t have to deal with a renegade booster looking to destroy your program. At the end of the day, we want a fair, impartial and ethical system governing our colleges.

    I expect nothing but caveman responses from the haters, repeating everything that you said before I posted this. “Thug U” “Death Penalty” “You got nuttin’ to Hide” “Ban the U” and all of the other stupid responses. But hopefully at least one person out there understands that a renegade NCAA is bad for all colleges.

  7. bigdinla says: Mar 30, 2013 12:00 PM

    See that is your problem mik, you think people disagree with you because they hate Miami. I don’t hate them, or any team for that matter, but I am sick and tired of watching this country run in the ground by lawyers. Also all of that great rhetoric about due process only applies to criminal law. You know Miami allowed boosters to act inappropriately. Now it is a matter of deciding what the proper punishment should be for them. I am not and never will be a proponent of the Death Penalty in college sports. Personally I think bowl bans and fines for the school is the proper way to punish the offenders. Still the amount of evidence, no matter how it was obtained, proves Miami is guilty.

  8. bonerchamp says: Mar 30, 2013 3:54 PM

    @bigdinla (i hate using “@” btw)

    Do you realize that the big accusations in this case were ONLY corroborated by Shapiro himself? The NCAA’s guidelines for the truth was if Shapiro said something in two different interviews, it was taken as fact. How is that fair or legal?

    Obviously Miami is guilty of something. They suspended over 10 players and self imposed 2 bowl bans which included a trip to the ACCCG as well as schollies and visits this past year.

    These suspensions and penalties were based off of multiple sourced facts, not just one guy who is a convicted liar and who has said he wants to take Miami down “to Chinatown” (what does that mean anyway?)

    I agree that lawyers are useless until you need one but is it fair to have your program dragged through the mud repeatedly over the past 3 years based on the words of Shaprio? This guy has literally made a living out of lying. His family did the same. So would you not fight? I think you would.

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