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Report: video shows Jeremy Hill punching victim, celebrating

LSU Hill Arrested Football AP

Jeremy Hill has been suspended indefinitely by LSU coach Les Miles for Hill’s alleged involvement in a bar fight over the weekend. The Tigers’ leading rusher from a year ago was arrested on simple battery, though he has not been formally charged yet.

That could change thanks to a cell phone video that reportedly recorded the incident. According to the New Orleans Times-Picayune, and citing a Baton Rouge Police report, Hill and a second unidentified assailant can (allegedly) be seen punching the victim, Connor Baldridge, from behind and then celebrating with high fives.

From the story:

… In the report, [police officer Clifford] Crouch says the video clearly shows Baldridge get up off the ground and walk away from the two suspects. Hill then punched Baldridge behind the left ear and Baldridge was then punched again by the second suspect, Crouch said in the report.

Hill and the second man can be seen in the video giving each other high fives and flaunting in front of Baldridge, the report says. The video operator can be heard saying “Jeremy Hill punching people.”

Hill has denied any involvement in the incident. In an email to The Advocate, Hill’s attorney stated “Obviously, Jeremy was there as the video indicates. However, there is most likely more to the story than what is contained in a 30-second video.”

Hill posted a $500 bond and was released from jail on Saturday. The running back was previously arrested in 2011 on charges of oral sexual battery and later pleaded guilty to carnal knowledge of a juvenile, a misdemeanor. Depending on the outcome of this case, it could violate his current probation from that charge.

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38 Responses to “Report: video shows Jeremy Hill punching victim, celebrating”
  1. ndrocks2 says: Apr 30, 2013 6:18 PM

    2011 charges when he and a buddy were 19 yrs. old forcing a 14 yr. old girl for sex? How did he ever get into school instead of prison in the first place? My guess is it isn’t his outstanding high school transcripts…

  2. lbijake says: Apr 30, 2013 6:29 PM

    How do you get probation for raping a minor? Or is that called a family reunion in La?

  3. helladonks says: Apr 30, 2013 6:36 PM

    Okay as a SEC fan, if this is all true (which there’s no reason to really doubt it is) ill be the first to demand that Les Miles dismiss this kid.

  4. cometkazie says: Apr 30, 2013 6:43 PM

    In view of the problems he had at Redemptorist, I can’t see him being given a third chance.

  5. rabbi187 says: Apr 30, 2013 7:04 PM

    Like it or not, this is the norm at LSU and amongst other SEC schools…

  6. dutchman1350 says: Apr 30, 2013 7:11 PM


  7. BrownsTown says: Apr 30, 2013 7:36 PM

    Yeah, yeah, yeah….but how did he do in the spring game?

  8. melkipershero says: Apr 30, 2013 7:54 PM

    How does someone who forces a 14 year old to have sex get into LSU. Damn ill take up for the SEC when in doubt, but there is nothing to say but..what the hell? Wish i was a talented athlete. Instead i worked my ass off in school to be accepted into LSU (where I chose not go). I have a feeling I wouldnt be welcomed with open arms.

  9. watermelon1 says: Apr 30, 2013 7:58 PM

    Carnal knowledge? What is this… TOP GUN?

  10. melkipershero says: Apr 30, 2013 7:59 PM

    Not to mention I find it hilarious (in a non-funny way) that these football players have to jump average joes or hit them from behind. Nothing like character.

  11. tmacelroy says: Apr 30, 2013 8:04 PM


    That is not at all what happened. He was 18 at the time and didn’t force anything. Charges were later brought by her dad, but they were dropped to a misdemeanor because the “victim” changed her story . They were both in HS.

    For the situation outside the bar, the “victim” called Jeremy a n**** repeatedly and bowed up to Jeremy. I’m good friends with a guy that knows the victim. He’s notorious for getting drunk and wanting to fight anyone that looks at him funny.

    Should he have walked away? Yes. But I’m not black nor have I ever been called a n**** so I can’t say what I would do in that situation.

    So don’t start accusing people until you know the whole story, makes you sound bad.

  12. barkleyblows says: Apr 30, 2013 8:39 PM

    Typical SEC player.

  13. ndrocks2 says: Apr 30, 2013 8:40 PM


    The girls was 14, he was an adult, he forced her for sex I assume you haven’t considered he and his buddy forced her to reconsider?

    Living through thugs like this is your choice but the only thing that makes me look bad is taking the time to leave a response to your idiotic post.

  14. mrlaloosh says: Apr 30, 2013 8:57 PM

    Cecil Collins anyone? 20 year old FRESHMAN! Standards are out the window. Bleaux Tigers.

  15. tmacelroy says: Apr 30, 2013 9:04 PM


    Yeah, I realize the age difference. Did you know any freshman girls in HS that dated seniors? I certainly did when I was in HS, and it wasn’t really that big of a deal. We weren’t in the locker room, so we don’t know what happened.

    I’m not living through thugs like you said. I just want people to see there is more to this situation than the video. It only shows us the middle of the fight. Who started it? Did the victim provoke Jeremy? We don’t know, so there really isn’t a need to jump to conclusions. There hasn’t even been formal charges brought to Jeremy.

  16. pricecube says: Apr 30, 2013 9:54 PM


    1) No one I knew in HS thought it was okay to have sex with a 14 yr old when they were 18… no one. That is statutory rape in most places.

    2) Your story about the fight doesn’t make any sense. In the real world average white guys do not go up to black college football players and call them the “n” word. Even if you had a death wish there are much less painful ways to commit suicide.

  17. billybobyall says: Apr 30, 2013 10:01 PM

    Suspended indefinitely….. until the next big game!

  18. tmacelroy says: Apr 30, 2013 10:34 PM


    Have you ever lived in the south? People are still racist down here.

  19. vincentbojackson says: Apr 30, 2013 10:58 PM

    Yeah, but if you play the video backwards the victim actually attacks Hill’s fist with the back of his head.

    Case closed.

  20. melkipershero says: Apr 30, 2013 11:36 PM

    Hey ND, you shouldnt throw stones living in a glass house. ND covering up rapes goes back a ways. Anywho, Hill should be gone. Plain and simple.

    And Barkelyblows, not sure who your team is, but guaranteed there are more than a few rotton apples. Its becoming a big problem in sports in general and especially college. These kids grow up not having to work for crap because of their skills on the field. Its terrible for pur society. Listen to a lot of NFL players try to string together a sentence that makes any sense. They dont know grammar, but somehow have college degrees from some top flight schools. Its not a SEC problem. Its a society problem.

  21. melkipershero says: Apr 30, 2013 11:40 PM

    I live in the south and if you havent lived here you wouldnt understand. White kids go to private schools and black kids go to public schools. I am white and know more than a few kids who drop N bombs like its nothing. Never been my style. I dont care white or black so long as youre a cool person who respects me, and ill return the favor. Race should not matter, but it does to some.

  22. milehigh53 says: May 1, 2013 12:03 AM

    Lol!! These comments are funny. I’m not taking up for Hill in any way, shape, or form, but you guys have the wrong story. He wasn’t 19, I believe he was 17 and had gotten oral sex from a 14 year old. I believe it was consensual and after the parents found out, they made the daughter call rape. Just my opinion. I’ve heard all the stories and this is just my opinion.

    He should be kicked off the team though. He’s on probation from that previous arrest, but from the Honey Badger incident, we have all learned that Les has no control. It took 10+ failed drug test for him to step up in the Mathieu case. It’s a shame.

  23. atxcane says: May 1, 2013 12:13 AM

    Wow. Assaulting someone from behind is a really bitch move. It’s one thing to get into a fight, but to hit someone from behind? What a coward.

  24. milehigh53 says: May 1, 2013 12:17 AM

    Pricecube, it’s obvious you haven’t been out in a while. People don’t care if you’re a football player, they will still attack you. As a matter of fact, high profile football players are always made targets. People attempt to push their buttons because they are jealous and some people even do it for lawsuits. You know how America is today. Down here, white people still call black people n***ers. Every bar you go to, there are those big juiced up white boys that watch Jersey Shore way too much and they always pick on people. Once again, I’m not defending Hill because he should have just walked away knowing his history. Get out more often, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  25. tmacelroy says: May 1, 2013 12:18 AM


    I like all what you said, besides the fact that Miles has no control. These are college kids, Miles isn’t going to baby them through their life. He is a players coach, and the players respect the hell out of him. Tyrann was a troubled kid in college, but Les still loves him. If you don’t believe me, listen to this:

  26. milehigh53 says: May 1, 2013 12:28 AM

    Tmac, Mathieu should have been kicked off the team after his 3rd failed drug test. Point. Blank. Period. Instead, he let him continue his drug abuse all the way to the National Championship and even past it. That’s what I mean about the no control part. People aren’t afraid of what will happen because they feel the consequences aren’t going to hurt them. If Hill isn’t kicked off the team, then Miles should be kicked off the team.

  27. tmacelroy says: May 1, 2013 12:54 AM


    You don’t know how many drug tests he failed in the 2011 campaign, do you? LSU never released that information. You do realize that he was suspended for violating team drug policies during the 2011 season? He admitted that he fell into a deep depression after the Nat’l Championship game. How do you know that he failed the majority of the tests that summer resulting in Miles having to kick him off? You don’t. Miles runs a tight ship, and he had to kick off RP, had to kick of Mathieu, suspended JJ, and might have to kick of Hill. He lets the players know what he expects out of them, and doesn’t give ground.

  28. jonanthans says: May 1, 2013 1:54 AM

    Connor, who was drunk as hell on top of being a total doucebag, got exactly what he deserved. Constantly yell racial slurs at someone and eventually youre gonna get yo a$$ kicked. Not making excuses for Hill for his previous transgressions that got him on probation in the forst place, but had the video shown the first 10 minutes of this altercation then you would likely view this in a much different light..

  29. 11thstreetmafia says: May 1, 2013 3:53 AM

    SEC! SEC! SEC!

  30. biggame28 says: May 1, 2013 4:18 AM

    lol this doesnt only happen in the SEC.

  31. mz1394 says: May 1, 2013 10:29 AM

    You have to love going to the I’m good friends with someone who knows the victim card. Stop picking your nose and move out of your mom’s basement loser no one believes your bs

  32. mz1394 says: May 1, 2013 10:49 AM

    I think milehigh53 knows how many drug tests mathieu failed heard he’s good friends with someone who knows the person who was in charge of receiving the failed drug tests results

  33. milehigh53 says: May 1, 2013 11:44 AM

    Mz, Mathieu himself is on record saying he failed 10 or more drug test. I don’t know about you, but after 3, I think he should have gotten the boot. At the time, Mathieu did not care and put himself before the team.

  34. bigdinla says: May 1, 2013 11:44 AM

    Mathieu himself said he failed over 10 drug tests! Good lord don’t you people read!

  35. milehigh53 says: May 1, 2013 11:48 AM

    I think what LSU did with Mathieu is worst than what Auburn did with their drug testing for synthetic marijuana. LSU had the appropriate drug testing which Mathieu failed 10 or more times. Auburn waited to get the appropriate drug testing until after their NC. Why did they release Mathieu after 10? Why not 11 or 12? Should have been 3 as I stated before. I believe in second chances, but 10? No way. Miles is in it for himself just like Chizik was.

  36. tmacelroy says: May 1, 2013 6:04 PM


    No one knows how many and when Tyrann failed the drug tests. He was suspended for failing his second drug test in 2011, how do you know that LSU administered 8 more drug tests to him that season? You really think that’s the case?

    I don’t even believe they administered more than 10 drug tests to him, that’s absurd. And do you even think that LSU is facing this problem alone? I know for a fact that other college football program, their athletes smoke on the reg. Do they get regularly drug tested and kicked off? No, you never hear of it.

  37. Deb says: May 3, 2013 8:47 PM

    Sigh … same old, same old. An individual allegedly commits a crime, but for commenters who can’t handle the SEC’s winning streak of BCS titles, the conference and region must be to blame. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

    As a white Southerner, it has been entertaining to learn from melkipershero that all white Southern kids go to private school while the black kids go to public school. Uh … no, dear. Not quite. And it was hilarious to read from milehigh53 that juiced-up white Southern boys learned the n-word from Jersey Shore. No, but thanks for acknowledging that word is–and always has been–used above the Mason Dixon. It’s not unique to Southern dialect.

  38. cometkazie says: May 3, 2013 9:08 PM

    You nailed it, Deb.

    As usual.

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