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‘Bama bigger post-spring betting favorite

Nick Saban AP

Coming off its second consecutive BCS championship and third in four years, Alabama was installed as a way-too-early favorite to add another notch to its BCS belt.

Coming out of the spring, the gambling types are as high or higher on the Crimson Tide.

In the post-spring odds released by, Alabama is a heavy 3/1 favorite to claim the 2013 (and last) BCS title.  In mid-January, the Tide was a 5/1 favorite.

Ohio State (13/2) leapfrogged Oregon (7/1) from where the two programs were two months ago, which was 17/2 and 8/1, respectively.

A pair of SEC schools, not surprisingly, took the biggest jump up in odds, while another two from the same conference dropped.  Texas A&M (12/1) jumped to 8/1, while Georgia (28/1) moved to 16/1.  LSU went from 12/1, right behind Alabama, Ohio State and Oregon, to 18/1, while Florida went from 14/1 to 20/1.

Stanford, apparently, had one helluva spring as the Cardinal moved from the middle of the pack at 30/1 all the way to 16/1.

Those that didn’t have great springs? Oklahoma (25/1 then, 50/1 now), Nebraska (28/1, 50/1) and Florida State.

Below are the latest odds for the 2013 BCS title, again courtesy of

Alabama 3/1
Ohio State 13/2
Oregon 7/1
Texas A&M 8/1
Georgia 16/1
Stanford 16/1
LSU 18/1
Florida 20/1
Louisville 22/1
Clemson 25/1
Florida State 28/1
Miami 28/1
Notre Dame 28/1
South Carolina 28/1
Michigan 33/1
Oklahoma State 33/1
Texas 33/1
Nebraska 50/1
Oklahoma 50/1
UCLA 50/1
USC 50/1
TCU 66/1
Wisconsin 66/1
Boise State 100/1
Michigan State 100/1
Oregon State 100/1
Mississippi 125/1
North Carolina 150/1
Northwestern 150/1
Virginia Tech 150/1
Washington 150/1
Auburn 200/1
BYU 200/1
California 200/1
Cincinnati 200/1
Georgia Tech 200/1
Kansas State 200/1
Mississippi State 200/1
Pittsburgh 200/1
Rutgers 200/1
Arizona 250/1
Arkansas 250/1
Iowa 250/1
Tennessee 250/1
Missouri 300/1
West Virginia 300/1
Boston College 500/1
South Florida 500/1

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14 Responses to “‘Bama bigger post-spring betting favorite”
  1. canetic says: May 8, 2013 8:20 PM

    Let’s not pretend that Alabama is some unstoppable force. 2009 team was great and Saban is a great coach. But in 2011 they lost to LSU and lucked into a championship game when they didn’t even win their conference. In 2012 they again lost late in the season and lucked into the championship game. Luck does not equal a dynasty.

  2. dcroz says: May 8, 2013 8:34 PM


    While I agree that Alabama is not an unstoppable force (and no one here, even Bovada, suggests they are) the Tide didn’t “luck” into the BCS Title Game in 2011 or 2012. The teams above Alabama both years after the Tide lost their games choked away their own chances to get to the championship. In ’11 it was Stanford getting whipped at home by Oregon, Oregon losing to USC, and the biggest of all, Oklahoma State losing on the road to an Iowa State team that finished the year 6-6. Last year it was Stanford turning the tables on the Ducks and Kansas State getting shellacked by Baylor. In each case, ‘Bama’s loss was better than those of the other one-loss teams. That’s not luck; that’s being good enough to be in position to take advantage of others’ missteps.

  3. 11thstreetmafia says: May 8, 2013 8:53 PM

    Teams don’t “luck” into BCS championship games. Every team, good or bad, has some fortunate circumstances every season. But, can teams capitalize on that? For whatever reason, nobody seams to discuss the bad luck that good teams overcome.

  4. normtide says: May 8, 2013 9:33 PM

    11thstreet nailed it. Every champion catches a break or two. Even undefeated ones. I don’t think luck played into the actual title games.

    All that said, winning three straight in this day and age seems almost impossible to me. Granted, Bama does have a shot. I wouldn’t bet the farm just yet. All you can really ask for is to be competitive.

  5. louhudson23 says: May 9, 2013 4:21 AM

    Javedeon Clowney still doesn’t see what the big deal is with Nick Saban….

  6. dkhhuey says: May 9, 2013 7:18 AM

    The amount of talent Urban is bringing into Ohio State has been fantastic and the coaching staff he put together points to some very successful seasons. I am very much looking forward to another version of Nick vs. Urban for the title – I just hope it begins this year! Ohio State should be able to plow through the first half of the season on the shoulders of the offense while the defense comes together.

  7. jimbo75025 says: May 9, 2013 8:13 AM

    dkhhuey says:May 9, 2013 7:18 AM

    Ohio State should be able to plow through the first half of the season on the shoulders of the offense while the defense comes together.
    Yes, we all know what a rough schedule it is playing the Little Sisters of the Poor a week after that stern test of Mayflower School for the Blind or whoever tOSU has scheduled this year.

  8. kdbroom says: May 9, 2013 10:40 AM

    The only championship I’d say Bama “lucked” into was the 2011 title. Still, they won the game fair and square, and they had just as good of an argument to be in the game as just about anyone else that year. I still refer to that title as their “Mulligan Title”. The games before and after were legit. They won the SECCG too each year, so nobody can snicker at those.

  9. tlmoon2112 says: May 9, 2013 12:28 PM

    roll turd

  10. 8to80texansblog says: May 9, 2013 2:19 PM

    Can’t believe the Aggies are so high.

    @dcroz…. At least admit there was a little bit of luck involved…. Bama had three teams ahead of them in the standings and needed not one but two of them to lose to have a shot at the title. They both lost within minutes of each other….

    That’s lucky…

    Whenever you don’t control your destiny and it still works out for you, there is definitely a bit of luck involved….

    Bama was obviously the best team in the nation in my opinion, but they nearly didn’t get the chance to prove it….

  11. irishdodger says: May 9, 2013 2:31 PM

    Until proven otherwise, it’s Bama and everybody else. There’s a few other worthy teams in the SEC but they all have a track record of stubbing their toe (i.e., Georgia, LSU). tOSU seems to have the easiest path but it’s never a safe bet to rate schedule toughness BEFORE the season starts. What can look weak on paper can turn into a gauntlet & what looks onerous on paper can turn into a bunch of tomato cans.

  12. dcroz says: May 9, 2013 5:38 PM


    Yes, you can say there was some luck involved, but as others have pointed out on here, even unbeaten teams have some luck. However, I tend to think of luck as something that happens on the field that tips the game in your favor, as opposed to other teams failing to live up to the moment and falling by the wayside. ‘Bama’s luck this past season was that final, game-winning drive against LSU, and especially that final play against Georgia that ended in a way that wouldn’t happen again if you ran it a hundred times. Alabama benefitted from Oregon and Kansas Stste

  13. dcroz says: May 9, 2013 5:41 PM

    (Continued from above) not being able to withstand the pressure of being in the driver’s seat, which I think of less in terms of luck and more of being in position to move up when they went down. But, toMAYto, toMAHto….

  14. rob57 says: May 9, 2013 11:40 PM

    @canetic…in case you’re questioning whether Bama’s run over the last 4 years is a dynasty, these numbers should remove all doubt: Over the last 4 years in 6 post season games, Alabama has faced opponents with a combined record of 72-2. Alabama defeated all of those opponents by an average margin of victory of 28 points. If this isn’t a dynasty, then there is no such thing.

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