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Video: Saban talks to Dan Patrick about latest devil jab, Manziel

Alabama's head coach Saban instructs his players as they take on the LSU Tigers during their NCAA football game in Baton Rouge AP

Thanks in large part to it being a (very) low point in the offseason college football news cycle, another blast directed at Nick Saban has dominated the headlines over the past couple of days.

The Alabama head coach was referred to as “the devil himself” as well as accused of lacking a personality by Florida assistant Tim Davis at a booster function. ¬†What differentiates this from Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin‘s “Nicky Satan” blast earlier this year is the fact that Saban and Davis had a previous working relationship, leading the former to label the latter’s comments as “terribly disappointing” and seemingly being left hurt by the jabs.

During an appearance via the telephone on the Dan Patrick Show Friday, Saban addressed that topic as well as multiple other issues — including the acknowledgement that preparations for the rematch with Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M are already ongoing. ¬†Check out the video below.

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8 Responses to “Video: Saban talks to Dan Patrick about latest devil jab, Manziel”
  1. alligatorsnapper says: May 17, 2013 2:23 PM

    In the offseason, apparently some coaches have little to do but to denigrate former a former boss, a champion coach. No doubt it does disappoint Saban, as it should. Why couldn’t Tim Davis just pick up the phone or go see Nick in person? That is how men are supposed to handle situations like this.

    It is a shame that this story is the one that keeps on giving…

    I do not doubt that the SEC teams this season will be better prepared for Manziel, especially, MOST ESPECIALLY Coach Nick Saban and The Crimson Tide. If Manziel did not let all the attention go to his head, as some Aggie fans have thought he may have, if Johnny can focus and is able to do even better this season than last, A&M has a chance. Alabama will certainly play a better game and be much better prepared.

    If somehow we could just skip the off season and get on with college football, we could avoid all this “other stuff” (to clean it up).

  2. amosalanzostagg says: May 17, 2013 4:57 PM

    Manziel is focused. He’s out on the West Coast visiting QB guru Whitfield on fine tuning his mechanics and learning more about the QB position from being a master of his craft. He is thinking about going to the next level.

    From what I saw at Kyle Field last fall (A&M against LSU), LSU and Florida were quite fortunate to catch Manziel as early in his development in playing A&M early. You think a more confident and poised Manziel would not have won one of those two games later in the season at home?

    No excuses on A&M beating Alabama, A&M deserved to win, period

    Manzile grew in his development as a first time starter in learning to execute a brand
    new offense under a brand new coach with virtually no time to learn about his receiving corps. That development progressed as the season developed.

    Ask La. Tech. Ask Ole Miss. Ask Alabama.

    Now with a full season under his belt, and the continuing development of resources
    around Manziel, that September game is going to Keith Jackson’s words “Whoa, Nellie!”

    Playing @ A&M in September is still giving me Pepto moments.

  3. Deb says: May 17, 2013 5:23 PM

    As JT said, this is the kind of thing you have to cover when you’re running a college football site in May. At least these stories offer a little more flavor than the typical pot busts and sprained ankles. Once we pass National Signing Day, the initial frenzy of free agency, and the Draft, it’s deadly dull for football fans until preseason. If coaches like Davis didn’t make some idiotic comment, we’d have nothing to talk about.

  4. mountaineer50415 says: May 17, 2013 7:48 PM

    It is funny in a way. A lot of people do not even believe that there really is a Satan. Yet they call each other that. Some people believe he is sorta like mother nature. No such person. What a surprise some will have by and by.
    I can say for sure that if you meet Satan face to face someday, he will not be playing for the other team.

  5. dcroz says: May 18, 2013 7:47 AM

    I don’t think Saban is nearly as hurt by these comments as he is letting on; after all, he didn’t get where he is now by being thin-skinned, and he knows that this is just red meat being thrown to boosters for their entertainment and not to be taken too seriously. But he also knows that adults are no different than children in that they’re always testing limits to see what they can get away with, and if he doesn’t draw the line here then future comments could be directed towards his family or players.

    As for preparations for Johnny Manziel, I’m sure they started on the plane back from Miami this past January, along with planning for Virginia Tech on opening day. It would have been the same even if the Tide had snatched victory from the jaws of defeat against the Aggies, because that’s just how Saban is. It’s why he’s sitting at the top of the college football world right now and is being talked about in comparison to the likes of Bryant, Rockne, and Wilkinson as to where he ranks all-time.

  6. manchestermiracle says: May 18, 2013 12:01 PM

    The guy on top doesn’t need to take the bait of the wannabes. Saban would have been better served by ignoring the bait. It’s understandable he’s been hurt by these childish comments, but he’s also given them traction by responding to them.

    I disagree with the notion that anyone following college football should pay attention to this sort of attempt at media whoring. There will always be more valuable talking points in the off-season than TMZ-style trash. Putting any focus on junior-high-school “comments” just encourages the immature jerks.

  7. 35longmiles says: May 18, 2013 9:47 PM

    When you are an asshole that treats your staff like dirt, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when people that you treated like dirt call you an asshole. And even though Davis’ statement was made at a booster gathering, he probably should have never said. Personally I don’t think much of anything is out of bounds at booster meetings. It’s called smack, so what.

    When Saban exited then Dolphins there was a torrent of people in and around the franchise that came out and called him an abusive and rude tyrant. This has little to do with how successful he is and everything to do with how shitty his people skills are.

  8. bralinshan says: Jun 13, 2013 10:47 PM

    35long, Saban’s people skills are a lot better than you think. You don’t accomplish what he has without a complete knowledge of how people work and what motivates them. And he wouldn’t have a long line of players wanting to play for him.

    FYI, most of his former players have very good relationships with him. He’s got a great sense of humor and people around the program know it.

    Saban has ZERO tolerance for whining babies that bring the team down. He has NO tolerance for lame excuses. If you perform while giving everything, he’ll love you and your issues will be few. He puts in 10X the effort that he asks of his players and they respect him for it.

    People like you nibble around the fringe believing that your well informed. Pertaining to Saban, you know very little.

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