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Videos: recapping ‘Costas Tonight’


As we noted yesterday, “Costas Tonight” aired on NBCSN and examined the Freeh Report and the Paterno family’s lawsuit against the NCAA.

We promised we’d have video, and video we indeed have (thanks to the fine folks at NBC). Below are replays of the six segments from last night’s program.

What are your thoughts after watching last night’s episode?

Costas on the Sandusky scandal:
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On the role Joe Paterno played in the Sandusky scandal:
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What role did Mike McQueary play?
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What the newest lawsuit hopes to gain:
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Can Paterno’s legacy be rehabilitated?
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33 Responses to “Videos: recapping ‘Costas Tonight’”
  1. tominma says: May 30, 2013 9:28 AM

    From the very beginning, I thought that PSU screwed Paterno. When he found out about it, he notified his superiors as he should have done. Since one of those superiors was also overseeing the campus police, it is THEY who should have taken action and did not!

    Ive seen or heard NO EVIDENCE that Joe Paterno was involved in any cover up and members of the media who implied or insinuated that should be ashamed of themselves!! It’s yet another example of how low the US media has degenerated!

  2. earz4lsu says: May 30, 2013 10:19 AM

    Joe pa was responsible as was mcquery as was any and all people on that campus who heard about the rumors of what was going on.

    Sorry PSU fans your golden boy does not get a free pass simply by being able to say “well I told my boss”. This guy was suppose to be your friend and you don’t go and demand that an investigation to clear his name?

    McQuery is to me the second worse person in this who role. Any man who actually is a man will not walk past a shower see a child being molested and then simply go tell someone. A real man will beat the crap out of the offender and THEN drag the bloodied body to the police.

    PSU football team did not get enough of a penalty in my mind simply because Joe Pa has always been able to go into the houses of the recruits and tout this bull crap holier than now good guy bull. As a result players were going there after swallowing that line of crap.

    You PSU fanboys try and tell me they wouldn’t have received a down play in HS talent if they had actually done a real investigation instead of sweeping it under the rug.

    The problem with sweeping crap under the rug is eventually it gets so deep you trip over it.

  3. mz1394 says: May 30, 2013 10:29 AM

    Joe pa = scum of the earth piece of shyt pedo protector

  4. blastfurnaceknows says: May 30, 2013 10:47 AM

    I have commented on this scandal & Paterno’s involvement in it previously, but wanted to add here I was stunned by Costas’ work here. This was essentially an hour of allowing one side (and a weak and minority one) on a position without any real challenge. Really poor journalism by a generally really good journalist.

  5. mingusal says: May 30, 2013 11:16 AM

    What a ridiculous and hideous whitewash of the facts that show was last night. Bob Costas and his producers should be ashamed for putting on 3 people representing one side of this controversy, and then allowing them to speak practically unchallenged for nearly an hour.

    Even if Costas for some reason sides with the Paterno family and their paid representatives, this was just plain horrible journalism. Costas’s own questions were almost all facilitating softballs.

    Anyone unfamiliar with the issues who just watched this show would come away with the impression that the Freeh Report was part of some sort of evil conspiracy to “get” Joe Paterno and the Penn State football program. They would not be informed that the report was commissioned by the university itself which accepted its findings without challenge, and would think that poor coach Paterno – who knew he had child abuser near him and did almost nothing for years – was some sort of martyr and one of the victims here.

    Shame on Bob Costas, his staff, and NBC.

  6. phillyphan215 says: May 30, 2013 12:17 PM

    I find the comments from blastfurnaceknows and mingusal. They’re angry because the segment didn’t present the counterargument. Even though every other piece bashing Paterno, PSU, and everything associated with it never presented a counterargument. Also, if they had actually WATCHED the Costas segment, they would have heard Costas mention that he invited Freeh and Emmert to the discussion, but as usual those two cowards refused to join. This is typical of them, as they don’t like being challenged or even being asked follow-up questions. But yeah, complain away about it being one-sided when the other side refused to be on the show. Yeah, that makes sense.

  7. eloso1 says: May 30, 2013 1:06 PM

    I commented on the other story posted on this site before this with more thoughts if anyone cares to read and while I’m not a penn stater I find myself often maligned because I’ve changed my opinion and no longer find Joe Paterno this evil man like Sandusky that everyone makes him out to be. I have a couple of questions for those that think Joe Paterno is scum and equally as guilty—- 1) why is joe paterno held at a different level of blame then the police who had a sting operation in 1998 and had him on the phone admitting guilt and hiding in a closet when he was confronted by a victim, the DA who had the information, child and youth services who were told even though it has been established that he had zero knowledge of this event? 2) through the evidence that we have to date, how can anyone with a brain conclude that he both reported the incident to his superiors and then somehow engineered a coverup to keep it quiet? Doesn’t a coverup imply actively concealing the truth by paying someone off and erasing any trace of something happen that happened. 3) victim #2 has stated that nothing did happen. if nothing happened what did they coverup? 4) if you have been accused of something you believe you were 100% not guilty of wouldn’t you stop at nothing to clear your name?
    Why does this apply to everything else in life but not get the same benefit of the doubt here for the Paterno’s?

    I don’t even understand why the board of directors felt the need to commission a report without the legal process playing out unless that had an outcome and person they they wanted to blame from the start. I’ll be the first to admit I thought Paterno should rot in hell but when you actually read through all of these reports and documents(which 99% of journalists and commenters have not because their opinions were formulated for good less then 60 seconds after the Freeh Report came out) — its really not that hard to conclude if you keep an open mind that something does not smell right at all here.

  8. enpstine2013 says: May 30, 2013 1:48 PM

    Finally the “Truth” is and will be coming out. A well done segment from Bob Costas and his staff/crew.

    Well Done !

  9. berkland4 says: May 30, 2013 2:10 PM

    1) Many thanks to Bob Costas for doing this show. For those who are complaining that the show was one sided, the “other side” declined to appear (that should tell you a LOT) and, in case you haven’t noticed, there has only ever been one side of the case heard. Costas did a great job of remaining neutral.
    2) I’m continually perplexed at how angry people become when faced with the truth. Why is the truth something to be threatened by?
    3) Why is it necessary for nearly every media outlet to use the picture (the one used above) of Sandusky and Paterno that makes them look like best buddies? It is well known that they weren’t friends and in fact, didn’t like each other at all. No need to answer that question as it’s quite obvious why the picture is continually used.
    4) Kudos to the PSU board members, faculty, lettermen and the Paterno family for standing up to this bully, the NCAA. This has NEVER been about football, coaching legacies or a screwed up university culture. There are lessons to be learned about how pedophiles operate, how they groom entire communities and how they go undetected….sometimes forever. Until everyone is willing to grasp onto the truth of this story, those lessons will never be learned and children will remain in harms way.

  10. tspeck63 says: May 30, 2013 2:33 PM

    “mingusal” You are a perfect example of what the problem is regarding this whole mess. People who thing they know all the fact regarding this matter, have made their mind up and then come on to pages like this to spew their hatred. Did you watch the program? If so how can you make your statement about Costas being one-sided? Right at the end of the program Costas stated that Freeh and Emmert were invited to be guest on the show, they both declined. He said had they came on the show, he (Costas) would had been more point/counter point, however they declined and therefore there was no counterpoint argument. Also are you aware the University and the Board of Trustees NEVER accepted the Freeh Report and have stated many times they are only interested in the part of it that makes recommendations to stop something like this from ever happening again. You also state “Paterno family and their paid representatives”, do you think the Freeh did his report for free???? The BoT paid him close to $9,000,000 to find all that the PSU administrators did wrong….. it’s right in his contract. They basically paid Freeh that huge sum of money to find items to justify their actions. when the evidence didn’t justify their actions, Freeh had to really leap way out there to try to tie it all together. Google the contract and read it yourself.

    “earz4lsu” The same goes for you. I am not going to try to change your mind, I assume it is already made up and no amount of facts are going to change your hatred. However if you are going to come on here spewing your hatred atleast get your facts you are citing correct. (1) Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky were not buddy, they never socialized together outside football. This is well documented. (2) Mike McQueary has testified in court that he never saw anyone getting molested and stated that even though the State’s presentment read that way, he never said that. (3) What evidence do you have that tells the public that Sandusky’s actions were covered up to “Protect the football team”? Even Freeh himself interviewed 430 people and reviewed 3.5 million documents and was unable to fine one piece of evidence the cover-up he alleges had anything to do with the football team. But somehow you have evidence to the contrary?

    I would be willing to bet neither of you has ever read the entire Freeh Report and have only ever read the summary. Reading isn’t difficult you should try it sometime.

  11. justthefactssir says: May 30, 2013 2:38 PM

    Anyone that has actually read the Freeh report knows that it reaches conclusions without any support for them. Freeh represents that he interviewed 430 witnesses and reviewed 3,500,000 pages of documents. Yet, he does not quote a single individual in his report. He doesn’t identify a single individual that states anyone believed Paterno was covering up anything.

    There’s been wild speculation about whether Paterno was aware of the 1998 incident. Yet, most people do not realize that child abuse allegations are confidential under Pennsylvania law. Unless Paterno was interviewed or required to provide information relating to the 1998 incident, he would not have been notified about it. Even assuming he was aware, what did anyone know? A parent filed a complaint with the local police that her son showered with Sandusky and she was concerned it was child abuse. The local police, district attorney, Penn State, child youth services, department of public welfare, a counselor and a child psychologist were involved in the investigation and concluded that no child abuse occurred. Do you think Paterno should have said, you know what, everyone of those agencies and individuals got it wrong? He’s a football coach, not a detective.

    For the 2001 incident, look at the facts. All Paterno knew was that a grad assistant came to him and said she saw Sandusky in the shower with a kid and characterized it as horseplay. Paterno then tells his direct supervisor, Curley who was the athletic director. Paterno then tells Shultz who was the equivalent of the chief of police for Penn State’s police department (Penn State has its own commissioned police department). He tells both of them that this grad student was upset because he saw Sandusky in the shower and told them to investigate it. What do you expect him to do? Do you expect him to do his own investigation? Could he have reported it to other police departments? Sure, but that doesn’t mean he was engaged in any kind of cover up or that he didn’t do what any normal person would have done under these circumstances.

    Remember, McQueary didn’t claim to see child abuse. If he had, his father along with Dr. Dranov (the family friend who was at the McQueary home the night Mike told his dad) would have told McQueary to report what he saw to the police. Since McQueary stated he did not see child abuse but that he still found it very upsetting, they told him that he should report it to Paterno the next day! There was no urgency at the time, there was no belief that child abuse had occurred. Only that Sandusky’s behavior was unsettling and no one found it acceptable. These are just a few of the facts in this case. When anyone reviews this story in its entirety, you leave it with the overwhelming realiziation that the media rushed to judgment, Freeh reached conclusions that had no basis and the NCAA bought it hook, line and sinker, just like so many in this country.

    This lawsuit is going to force the NCAA to actually look at the facts. Once it is forced to do so, it will be unable to sustain the sanctions. It will be the lifting of the sanctions that will attract sufficient media attention to help educate the rest of society as to what actually happened here.

  12. talktozig says: May 30, 2013 3:28 PM

    The show was fantastic, especially in comparison to the rest of the horrendous media coverage of this story.

    Those who laughably claim that the program was somehow one sided, please complain to the cowards Louis Freeh and Mark Emmert who would not even show up to participate in this important conversation. The fact that they were afraid of Bob Costas says everything about their lack of credibility here. As Costas himself implied, with all of the outrageously one sided media coverage of this story, giving one hour to the other side a year later on a cable channel is hardly inappropriate.

    Hopefully this program will just be the start and not the end of the real truth being known to the public here.

    Please visit for more information about the grave injustice which has been done in this case.

  13. notfornot says: May 30, 2013 3:56 PM

    Why would Freeh or Emmert not sit down for an interview? That is inexcusable considering that it’s Bob Costas. I’ve always had my suspicions about what happened to Paterno and PSU.

    You would think that a man like Paterno, who led as close to a morally perfect celebrity life, would be given some gratitude as opposed to getting pitchforked all the way to the grave. Especially on mere conjecture.

    Hopefully NBC and others (perhaps Frontline or 60 Minutes) will continue to investigate. There’s a lot of questions unanswered for Mr. Freeh, the NCAA, and the three PSU admins who were charged.

  14. lkreu says: May 30, 2013 4:08 PM

    mz1394 – Did you happen to listen to Sue Paterno on Katie Couric – she said that A. they did not socialize with the Sandusky’s B. If they thought for one minute that he was a pedophile would they of let THEIR children swim with him and C. he was an foster and adoptive parent – how come the professionals did not know that he was a pedophile they vetted him several times, yet the Paternos were supposed to know, how?

  15. 1222tmiller says: May 30, 2013 5:38 PM


    Have you read any of the “real” research out there? How many Freeh reports have been discredited to date? 3.

    You want a report slanted to your needs, get the Freeh group to do it for you.

    Please note that Freeh did 400 + interviews. He did not interview 400 + people. The interviewed many people multiple times hoping to get them to change their story.

    I can also tell you right now, 3.5 million documents weren’t analyzed by people. A computer program did that.

    I have seen an article that some of the documents are now missing (ones not referenced by the report). Wouldn’t surprise me if some did support the theory and were left out. Now that people want to review all the evidence themselves, it has conveniently disappeared.

  16. sclane5133 says: May 30, 2013 7:36 PM

    Thank you to Bob Costas for doing this interview. I have the utmost respect for Mr. Costas and after taking this on I respect him even more.

    For those of you who said he did a one-sided interview, of course he did, Freeh and Emmert did not accept his invitation to attend. What else was he going to do?? He even said as much in the beginning of the interview. Doesn’t it make anyone think WHY Freeh and Emmert didn’t accept to be on the show?

    This false “story” regarding Joe Paterno covering this issue up is absurd and needs to be investigated to right the wrong that has been done to Joe Paterno and Penn State by Freeh’s idiocy and Emmert’s tag-along antics.

    I am very interested in the “communications” between Freeh and Emmert during Freeh’s so-called investigation. What Freeh and Emmert (as well as the media) did to Joe Paterno and Penn State is downright frightening because it could happen to anyone with the way the media is today. NO ONE even read Freeh’s nonsense before it was all over the airwaves. It is and was a rush to judgment and for that Freeh, Emmert and the media should be totally ashamed.

    This issue NEEDS to be REALLY investigated and the TRUTH will come out. Hopefully with Bob Costas’ show it will be a start.

    Thank you, Bob Costas!

  17. jacklodi says: May 30, 2013 8:01 PM

    People. Especially Sports Fans. Want a happy ending. The Sandusky story was simply a bad ending. A retired coach, cleared by several law enforcement agencies, without any victims was getting away with evil.

    So Americans want SOMEONE to pay for this. They got their happy ending by taking down a very good story. The story of the life of Joe Paterno. Now that sense of Justice could be paid.

    People don’t want to see the truth about Paterno’s innocence because then they have the big gaping injustice to have to live with. Some guy got away with evil for a very long time.

    As for those who are too lazy to look at the evidence (journalists and the idle sports fan) perhaps the heart of injustice THERE lies. It is certainly not with Paterno with the current evidence.

  18. agc99 says: May 30, 2013 8:15 PM

    I watched Costas last night and wanted to throw up. It was a Paterno infomercial. They must have paid a pretty penny to get that one sided interview. All they care about are the wins and getting JoPa back to number one on the list. He had a moral obligation to report Sandusky and not to sweep it under the rug. When are these people going to get it? The victims should be suing JoPa’s estate for everything it has.

  19. manhattan007 says: May 30, 2013 9:04 PM

    Finally a discussion about the facts. Paterno didn’t cover it up. He reported the 2001 incident of the then retired Sandusky to his superior, the Athletic Director. The description of that incident to Paterno by the coach who was in the locker room was vague enough that the jury found insufficient evidence to convicted Sandusky on anything but a minor charge. The Athletic Director didn’t cover it up. He reported it to his superior, the university President, AND to Sandusky’s employer, The Second Mile. This is a cover up?

    I look forward to this getting to court where people have to testify under oath. The Freeh report had no legal powers of subpoena, injunction, etc. and those interviewed were not under oath. It was the equivalent of an editorial.

  20. psusilvia says: May 30, 2013 9:19 PM

    Thank you Bob Costas!!! a great job. Thanks for helping get the truth out! Finally someone in the “news” who actually read the Freeh report!

  21. rocketmanblastoff says: May 30, 2013 10:40 PM

    As Costas mentions and what people must understand, this entire episode is simply a summary and there is far more complexity to this issue. There are facts that support what these men are saying here.

    Read the Freeh Report. Study it. Reading the summary does not count. There are many highly credible people that have documented, in detail, the many flaws within this report.

    At the very least:
    Read the Clemente report. Watch his interviews.

    There are many others. Facts are surfacing…. and they’re inconsistent with the Narrative many of you have accepted as undeniable truth.

    It’s everyone’s duty in our society to hold a proper regard for evidence. Further, it is our duty as a community to learn from this tragedy by educating ourselves about child predators.

  22. mathwife says: May 30, 2013 10:52 PM

    @agc99: I’m confused by your assertions. You refer to the show as a “one-sided interview.” Maybe you didn’t hear Mr. Costas explain that Freeh and Emmert (the other side, so to speak) had refused to come on the show?

    As for your understandable concern that people not “sweep it [the truth] under the rug,” do you not think that bringing the truth to light is worth “paying a pretty penny” for? Wouldn’t you do the same if you believed the actual cover-up was far, far worse than the one which has, to date, made big bucks for many media outlets?

    I am especially befuddled by your comment about Joe Paterno’s “moral obligation to report Sandusky and not to sweep it under the rug.” Why do *you* think he reported it (instead of sweeping it under the rug)?

    Lastly, I applaud your concern for the victims. Like many others who’ve been affected by this story, I share your concern. I am *still* concerned about children in Pennsylvania whom I believe are at risk; and I think that until people like yourself are willing to look at the fact that Child Youth Services and the PA Department of Public Welfare (forgetting about the the local police, the District Attorney, Penn State University, a counselor and a child psychologist) ALL signed off on Jerry Sandusky, Pennsylvania’s at-risk children CONTINUE to be in grave danger.

    I watched Bob Costas’ show for the first time last night. Thank you, Mr. Costas, for helping to shine a light on this case. I have high hopes that this new lawsuit will reveal a much bigger cover-up and do a lot of good for the children of Pennsylvania.

  23. cl18295 says: May 30, 2013 11:53 PM

    This is the quintessential text book case of the media setting the agenda. We live in a world of fools and ignoramuses who take everything at face value without delving deeper into the facts.
    So sad that a man’s life work can be thrown out, trashed and shit all over in an instant. There is a special place in hell for these media whores who call themselves journalists.
    Do you really think Joe Paterno would be so arrogant, stupid and foolish to cover something of this magnitude up? Do you think he would risk his legacy for such a low life Sandusky? Fools,..ALL OF YOU!!!

  24. kfp10596 says: May 31, 2013 12:53 AM

    Thank you so much for doing this show. The other side refused to come on the show. I think that is a telling fact.

  25. dougy1970 says: May 31, 2013 2:27 AM

    Sandusky used Paterno’s football machine to lure boys.

    When Paterno found out about this, he pulled a Sgt Schultz in order to protect the football machine (himself included).

    I don’t think that being Sgt Schultz constitutes a legal definition of a cover-up. It just makes you Sgt Schultz.

  26. cahardbarger49 says: May 31, 2013 8:41 AM

    As a former victim of child sexual abuse – the perp was a much loved minister – I can tell you that it is very possible for the acts to go on for years with multiple victims, all of them under the eyes of a watchful community and family members. Jerry Sandusky and my abuser were clever, evil, and able to use the good will and faith in mankind of others to continue their abuse. People, just pray for the truth. Isn’t that what matters, anyway?

  27. lkreu says: May 31, 2013 8:54 AM

    Thank you for re-instating what the professionals have said all along.

    Thank you for speaking up its a brave thing to do.

  28. 8to80texansblog says: May 31, 2013 12:39 PM

    There is WAY too much text on this comment section….

    To the people writing novels… this is not the right forum for that.

    Anyone who knew about it should have not stopped until this guy was behind bars. That includes McQueary and Paterno. Telling someone isn’t enough.

  29. mathwife says: May 31, 2013 11:12 PM

    @ 8to80texansblog – I might be wrong, but I’m going to bet that everyone “writing novels” in this thread agrees that “anyone who knew about it should not have stopped.”

    Consider this: When numerous complaints go to the top – in this case, the Pennsylvania DPW – and the top keeps signing off on the person who’s being complained about, what’s going on? And what are people who hear second-hand stories supposed to do or think? How do you follow up without compromising an investigation when you follow PA’s reporting laws?

    For a tiny bit of context, Google “Ray Blehar.” He is an independent investigator who’s been looking into the case for a while now. At first he was investigating because he was surprised by PSU’s reaction to the NCAA sanctions. Now he says the sanctions are no longer his concern because the amount of corruption he has uncovered has so worried him about the at-risk youth population in PA. Follow the money.

  30. randomcommenter says: Jun 1, 2013 2:25 AM

    It appears the final video of the show is missing. Here it is. Certainly worth watching.

    Costas explains that he basically allowed them to talk mostly unchallenged simply because this information has not been put out hardly at all by the media.

    If this information had already been reported by the media, things may be much different.

  31. rwarner3200333 says: Jun 1, 2013 10:02 PM

    I have a new respect for Bob Costas. When the story first broke, he spoke about how Penn State should shut down and that it looked very bad for Coach Paterno. I commend him for actually reading the FreehFromFacts Report and looking at it objectively. It’s very noble and brave for a person to be able to admit that they were wrong, especially on a topic of this magnitude. Even though he did not come right out and admit it, his comment that he made about the cover up theory “not making much sense” pretty much proves that his thinking has changed. I really hope Mr. Costas decides to stick with this story and help the truth come out. The victims deserve to know the truth and kudos to Bob Costas for trying to expose it.

  32. pawalker13 says: Jun 3, 2013 12:17 PM

    Bravo to NBC and BOB Costas! We may be seeing the beginning of justice for Paterno and PSU. For those who say it was one sided Costas did say at the beginning that both Emmert and Freeh were invited but declined to participate. I believe anyone who watched this must stop and think about all that was said, sadly there was not time to delve deep into the subject there are still many points to ponder. Please take the time to read both reports and make up your own mind before commenting. We Are!…..

  33. desia104 says: Jun 3, 2013 10:01 PM

    Mr. Costas conducted the interviews with precision. Information and perspective was given. Kudos!

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