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Report: newspapers want McNair vs. NCAA case unsealed

Todd McNair AP

Two years ago, former USC assistant Todd McNair sued the NCAA for libel, slander, breach of contract and negligence in the Reggie Bush case. The suit also alleged that NCAA officials “arbitrarily and capriciously decided to ruin his career to further their own agenda.”

According to, two newspapers — the New York Times and Los Angeles Times — at least want to see if McNair was right. The two papers have reportedly filed an application to intervene with the California Court of Appeals asking that the appellate record in the McNair vs. NCAA case be unsealed.

“On June 3, 2013, the NCAA filed an extraordinarily overbroad and improper sealing motion in this Court, which asks to keep secret seven hundred pages [emphasis not added] of the appellate record, as well as to redact key portions of its opening brief to this Court,” the argument states.

Furthermore, “The NCAA’s remarkable bid for secrecy comes in a case of substantial public interest… the NCAA delayed until the last possible day to file its brief on appeal — even to the point that this Court warned that the appeal might be dismissed if the NCAA did not file an Opening Brief by June 5 — meaning that the records relied on by the trial court have been kept under seal for more than six months.” also has a link to the application.

Last November, a report from claimed an NCAA staff member and two non-voting members of the Committee on Infractions attempted to influence voting members of the COI. Emails allegedly showed “ill will or hatred” toward McNair as well. The NCAA, according to the report, desperately tried to keep the files from seeing the light of day.

McNair did not have his contract renewed with the Trojans in 2010 after the NCAA concluded he had knowledge of Bush’s dealings with two would-be agents, who the NCAA found had given the former Trojan RB upwards of $300,000 in illegal benefits. McNair was given a show-cause penalty as part of the fallout.

What would the opening of the records would do now for USC? Tough to tell at the moment, but given the severity of the sanctions handed down in the case, there’s little doubt they should be made public.

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6 Responses to “Report: newspapers want McNair vs. NCAA case unsealed”
  1. thegamecocker says: Jun 19, 2013 5:10 PM

    The real culprit here is Paul Dee, the former Ad at Miami of Florida! He did everything possible to ruin USCw but he was unsuccessful! The Trojan’s are recruiting better than ever. He was a horrible human being, jealous of USC and all their success. And Madame Shalayla is no better. I hope Todd McNair is successful in his attempt to clear his name. What a travesty. As long as the NCAA drags their heels in the Miami investigation, the tougher it is for the “U” to regain what ever acclaim they had. I hope it drags on……”FIGHT ON”!!!

  2. thegamecocker says: Jun 19, 2013 5:15 PM

    Paul Dee is the true culprit here. Dee is the former AD at U. of Miami who hated USCw because of their success. He wanted to do anything he could to bring the Trojans down. It didn’t work though b/c USC is recruiting better than ever while the “U” continues on with the NCAA albatross on its back. Dee was a hideous human being and I hope he is watching what is happening to his beloved “U”. The longer the NCAA takes to investigate all the Nevin Shapiro allegations, the longer this program suffers. Based on the thugs playing for them in the ’80’s and ’90’s, it couldn’t happen to a better bunch. And Madame Shalayla should also walk the plank for the way she is handling the situation. Her politics aren’t working here…..this isn’t the Clinton Admin…..and Paul Hargis can go to hell after reading this.

  3. 1222tmiller says: Jun 19, 2013 5:21 PM

    Sounds alot like what is/has happened to Penn State. Not saying they are “clean” in all this, but it looks more like they “stumbled” a bit and NCAA chopped off their head. More and more it looks like politician blaming a dead guy for all their screwups back in 1998. The NCAA just bought into all the bulls#!).

    Hope the records get unsealed!

  4. rponciano says: Jun 19, 2013 5:27 PM

    Join the club! Emmert is aware of past misdeeds done by a current employee and has done nothing. People on the infractions committee who were told about the misdeeds have done nothing as well. My hopes and prayers, are that a ongoing case will get infront of a judge. When that happens, it will be impossible for the NCAA to hide!

  5. raysfan1 says: Jun 19, 2013 6:04 PM

    The NCAA routinely tries to keep its proceedings secret and doesn’t seem to care that the habit is one of the primary reasons so many people do not trust them. The last time Florida State had to deal with the NCAA, the NCAA actually tried to get an exemption from Florida’s “Sunshine Law” (virtually all state government dealings are open record/public information).

  6. lbijake says: Jun 20, 2013 7:46 AM

    What is wrong with a little transparency?
    As the great man said “Set my people free !”

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