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Third WR in a month leaving Michigan State

Kyle Kerrick

In mid-May, Michigan State “parted ways” with wide receiver signee Jay Harris after a controversial rap video surfaced on YouTube.  Less than two weeks later, it was announced that wide receiver Juwan Caesar would be transferring from the football program.

A month later, it’s lather, rinse repeat at the position.

The Spartans announced Monday that wide receiver Kyle Kerrick has asked for and been granted a release from his MSU scholarship.  No reason for the departure was given, although the fact that the redshirt freshman was buried fifth on the Spartans’ most recent depth chart likely played a significant role in the departure.

There’s no word yet on where the Coatesville, Penn., product may transfer.

Kerrick was a three-star member of MSU’s 2012 recruiting class.  A year after using a redshirt for his true freshman season, he caught two passes in the Spartans’ spring game this past April.

(Photo credit: Michigan State athletics)

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25 Responses to “Third WR in a month leaving Michigan State”
  1. garyleee says: Jun 24, 2013 11:52 PM

    Hahahaha they suck. Awesome Spartans going down. Love it

  2. irishfbfan1 says: Jun 25, 2013 2:05 AM

    I don’t wish this on

    I don’t wish this on Michigan State or any school, I am just saying that other schools other than Notre Dame are having these same issues. It is not isolated, it is a problem that a spreading for more than one reason. The athlete must be held accountable. If it were a coach then you have buyout clauses, fines, stipulations that are discussed prior that all hold grounds for producing accountability.

  3. irishfbfan1 says: Jun 25, 2013 2:09 AM

    I said the above only for all the haters who have said , ” this only happens at Notre Dame. I have a list of 12 schools with up to 3 or more transfers or decommits etc…again, I do not wish this on the Spartans nor any other school. We are all having this problem together.

  4. barnesaintnoble says: Jun 25, 2013 2:50 AM

    I don’t see how Notre Dame is at all related to this article about a player transferring from Michigan State. Notre Dame’s problem is that they are somehow consistently making news for all the wrong reasons. Did you read the part about “asked for and been granted a release from his MSU scholarship”? If they don’t want to be there, let them go, even the “five stars”…does anyone even remember seantrel henderson? I don’t.

    Also, I wouldn’t necessarily call this “Spartans going down”. This could mean other WRs are playing well, Special Teams roles and squads are already solidified or that they just have no good quarterback.

  5. irishfbfan1 says: Jun 25, 2013 4:03 AM


    It is related as far as I am concerned. I’m tired of listening to the small minority of haters thinking this problem only exists at ND. It has a hell of a lot to do with this story. I wish no bad for the Spartans, I wish no bad for any team, I only want to let it be recognized that many other teams are having the same problems as ND and vice versa, and NO we don’t want your thoughts about what ND problems are because you don’t have a clue. Right now they finished 12-1 ranked 5th, far better I’m sure them where you had them.

    Brian Kelly is the head coach there and was “coach of the year”. I will let him tell us their problems. You keep eating your wheaties so you can grow up big and strong someday and quit trying to pick an argument that you will ultimately lose

    Go Irish

    That’s that

  6. thegamecocker says: Jun 25, 2013 8:17 AM


    Here is a difference for you: Lizzie Seeberg was allegedly raped and ultimately committed suicide. Declan Sullivan went up on a tower in +60 MPH wins to photograph a practice session of ND Football.
    Two people, two deaths! Prince Shembo is walking around somewhere, lawyer-ed up by a high-profile ND grad. Who will answer for Lizzie Seeberg and Declan Sullivan. These other cases of players transferring pales in comparison to two deaths. Are you feeling me yet? Do you really get it? And yes, ND has transfers and de-committments……..and they also have TWO DEATHS to account for.

  7. dkhhuey says: Jun 25, 2013 3:13 PM

    Ah irish – you typify the classic domer fan which pretty much annoys the entire rest of the world and illustrates why that fan base is one of the most obnoxious on the face of the planet! You wander on to a story about MSU, blather out some whining note and try to make this thread about ND. Next, you then proceed to get all butt hurt and defensive when people call you out on it. Then, when all else fails, right on queue and as predictable as the sun rising, you become the true domer arrogant ass with the chest puffed out utterance of how much better you are than any other school.

    Do us a favor, either stick to the subject of the blog story line, or stay over on your own little ND site and hang out with the other domer homers.

  8. ttalarico says: Jun 25, 2013 3:51 PM

    To all the Irish haters

    Please go to a game and talk to the “true” ND fans and students. You will meet people that are kind, intelligent, and yes, very loyal to their school.

    I sent my two children to ND and to this day I enjoy being on campus whether it’s a game day or not. I have taken many people to games in South Bend the last 20 years with many being fans of other teams. Every last one of them couldn’t be more complimentary of our fans and school. (Even a friend from our hated rival, Michigan!)

    Are there idiots that are ND fans? Of course there are, just like every other team in the country. However, most of those do not have a true tie to the university. Do we have tragedies at our school? Of course, just like all other schools. When you deal with college students, that is going to happen. Does ND try to deny any responsibilities for these tragedies? If you truly look at the facts and circumstances, no they don’t. If you look at the history of ND sports problems, there are many, many less instances than most major universities. That is a fact, not my opinion.

    So let’s just try to get along and Go Irish!

    PS I’m sure this posting will bring many negative responses by the uninformed “haters” but that is the nature of this type of forum. I forgive you in advance and will not comment further.

  9. mtheparrothead says: Jun 25, 2013 7:02 PM

    Why is this thread being taken over by domers? Last I checked NBC had a whole website dedicated to nd underachievements.

  10. cfballfan1 says: Jun 25, 2013 7:16 PM

    Regarding THIS story…

    Kerrick was buried on the depth chart & is not a good KR, so rather then working his a$$ of and beating someone else out of his spot, he goes all piddly pants and transfers.

    This type of “transfer epidemic” as saw it called in a (college bball) article the other day is typical millennial – “I deserve success regardless” – entitlement attitude.

    Thank God that attitude is limited to a small # of college athletes….

  11. thegamecocker says: Jun 25, 2013 7:18 PM


    I too know many ND graduates all of whom are respectful and successful in their fields. I don’t doubt for one moment your statement about attending a ND game and having a positive experience fan wise win or lose. I think the envy is partly over the TV exposure and built-in advantage that provides. That plus the fact that ND refuses to join a conference that includes all-sports. While ND football carries much lore, so does Alabama, Southern Cal, Michigan, Ohio St., Texas, Oklahoma, etc. So when a tragedy like Declan Sullivan occurs, people start questioning why that would happen. When a young coed is allegedly raped and the suspected party, Prince Shembo a ND football player, gets lawyers-up with an expensive attorney who happened to graduate from ND (wink, wink), people wonder how much was swept under the rug. Who will speak for Lizzie Seeberg? Why haven’t we heard more about this case? Who is paying the lawyer for Prince Shembo? These are legitimate questions. Is the lawyer getting box seats at the game? Is he getting more ND football tickets to give to his pals?

  12. irishfbfan1 says: Jun 25, 2013 7:19 PM


    Well parrot head you should be right at home in that section of under achievers. Nobody taking up your Spartan thread, and if you reread my post you will notice I do not wish this on any school . We at Notre Dame have also experienced similar issues with players coming and going. They have their reasons I guess, East Lansing has always been one of my favorite on the road games with its beautiful campus and rich football tradition.

    I understand you have to hate parrot head , we embrace the hate, we strive for it, we want you to feel the hatred you have for us, and as all ND fans that have you way way outnumbered , we know exactly the reason for the hatred , and that means you are playing right into our hands! Perfect !

    Go Irish Always and Forever!

  13. thegamecocker says: Jun 25, 2013 7:28 PM


    You sound like suck a dik-head that I have to laugh at you. You would have been perfect in the role of “Pyle” played by Vincent D’Onofrio in the movie “Full Metal Jacket”.

  14. irishfbfan1 says: Jun 25, 2013 7:40 PM


    Great post buddy, well said! One of the greatest compliments to Notre Dame with the campus as well as students and the most passionate fans in the world was, and I quote a Stanford fan. “I have watched the Cardinal on the road the last 15 years and I have never felt the same constant gratitude as well as the most positive atmosphere then I have felt each time we come to Notre Dame. Yes, their fans are passionate, and it is because of this strong passion that haters become somewhat envy of. I am true to Stanford but nobody does it like Notre Dame, and they do so both on the field and in the classroom”. from a Stanford fan mind you, I will always save.

    And as the ushers always say to both the home and away fans entering the stadium, “Good afternoon, and welcome to Notre Dame” , a Utah fan a couple years ago said, and I quote, “you know you are entering some place special the way their usher welcomes you, and we are”!

  15. mtheparrothead says: Jun 25, 2013 7:52 PM

    Um actually I’m a die hard wolverine fan, but since is a, well, um, you know Spartan thread I didn’t feel the need to pontificate as such. One thing wolverines/Spartans will always have over nd; class.

  16. dkhhuey says: Jun 25, 2013 8:04 PM

    And there it is – the final call of the arrogant domer homer – the haters are just envious! Seriously – I envy nothing about the domers because they have done nothing but underachieve mightily since Lou Holtz left!!! I love it when the Buckeyes kicked their asses and I have been blessed since I’ve been to all three of the last games to witness OSU kicking the domer’s ass in the Shoe, in their own stadium, and especially sweet watching A.J. Hawk and the boys kick the shit out of Brady Quinn in the Fiesta Bowl game! Yep, sure thing irish – I’m so filled with envy at all the championships and winning seasons you’ve had over the last 25 or so years!

  17. irishfbfan1 says: Jun 25, 2013 10:59 PM


    NO, I am not following you at all. You want to talk about death’s that have happened at all schools or are you aiming at Notre Dame with what is an “alleged” rape? Sullivan’s accident is horrible but if you would read, you won’t because you are trying unsuccessfully I might add, to come up with anything you can to make ND look bad and people are not buying it unless you are a minority, hater. The head of the film crew admitted he allowed for his camera men to carry on with the film, the family did not blame Notre Dame so you my friend are irrelevant. You were not there. How many rapes are alleged on campus at all schools? How many are fact? This girl killed herself which is so tragic but this alone shows she was unstable.

    Once again the haters ASSUME, they become so delusional, and it is because of this delusion that they have now become irrelevant when talking Notre Dame Football.

    You are talking about school founded in 1842 and you come up with 2 incidents, one where a young lady is unstable and cries rape, that book has been written so many times before . Two, an accident , now if you want to talk accidents with football and schools I will be glad to but you will not like what you hear!

    Go Irish, Always and Forever!

  18. irishdodger says: Jun 25, 2013 11:22 PM

    You can tell its the offseason. Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z

  19. irishfbfan1 says: Jun 25, 2013 11:36 PM


    Lmao, typical hater. Beat you up tearing down all your assumptions and you come back with name calling lol

    Go Irish

  20. irishfbfan1 says: Jun 25, 2013 11:52 PM

    @ parrot head

    Lol, class? The difference between you and me you hate with envy. Jealousy. I think Michigan and Michigan State are outstanding schools both on the field and in the classroom. I have visited both Ann Arbor and East Lansing and Iove the atmosphere of both. If we lose to either school I still feel the same about both of these great universities.

    I’m sorry the Irish 12-1 season has preoccupied your life but there is nothing I can say but, get over it. Go listen to some Jimmy Buffett and think about the 5 turnovers the Irish forced on your heisman hopeful QB. All is not that bad, he still was able to make the cover with EA and NCAA 14, just has that asterisk that says “Irish defense”, the team that ruined my chance for a Pro career at QB, now that my friend is what I call class ! Lol

    Go Irish

  21. thegamecocker says: Jun 26, 2013 7:36 AM


    Because deaths happened at other schools, it’s ok for ND to have some too? That is your argument. The “alleged rape” initiated by Prince Shembo lead to the death of Lizzie Seeberg. You know it and the world knows it. You’re one of those guys who thinks OJ Simpson didn’t kill Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman because the jury said NOT GUILTY. You are a sheep following the herd.

  22. tdub821 says: Jun 26, 2013 8:34 AM

    Are we talking about the same Brian Kelly at ND who seems to have one foot out the door always eyeing and interviewing with the NFL?

  23. mtheparrothead says: Jun 26, 2013 9:55 AM

    Wow the delusion runs strong in this one. It’ll be interesting to see if any new sports are invented in the near future. Perhaps Michigan can teach you how to play that one as well

  24. irishfbfan1 says: Jun 26, 2013 2:13 PM

    In all seriousness this do whatever I feel like it attitude no matter if I signed a contract has to stop. Coaches too, everybody needs to be held accountable. If a Coach leaves to take another job, and usually this is discussed in a specific clause than he needs to be held accountable. I don’t think we are as strict on the athletes though, and the last 3 -5 years clearly shows that these kids come and go as they please, not right, not fair.

    Look at this situation with Michigan State. Now, if they have a legitimate reason for leaving that is different but guys are just coming and going as they please.

    This situation like the others going on across the country, is not fair to the coaching staffs who have spent hours upon hours on each kid they are interested in during the recruiting stage, and even after they commit or sign it’s still not a sure thing with these kids? That’s not fair to the coaches or the schools.

    It’s also not fair to the rest of the football team where a few guys decide they need a change or different atmosphere. Recruiting used to be something of an art wih all the coaching staffs across the country. Now, the art is gone, and now it has become a game of wait and see if he sticks it out or decides to make up some story that will allow him to play immediately somewhere else etc….somebody needs to be held accountable

  25. irishfbfan1 says: Jun 26, 2013 2:30 PM

    That is 3 WR’s for the Spartans. Don’t you think this has some kind of bearing on the rest of the football team? Not fair to your teammates is the way I look at it, and as a football coach on the high school and college level for over 20 years I can promise you it’s not fair to the whole Spartan community , kind of makes me sick to see us allow this much freedom to young men who may need a little more guidance , understand the real meaning of commitment , may need a little more understanding of contract law, and a little more understanding of two words- “Accountability” and “consequences”

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