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Manziel autograph story takes a new turn, focuses on friend

Texas A&M v Alabama Getty Images

True or not, “Outside the Lines'” story last night alleging Texas A&M quarterback and reigning Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel signed memorabilia in exchange for a five-figure payment this past January is apparently just the beginning.

Following up on that report, ESPN’s Joe Schad added today that another autograph broker says Manziel’s friend and personal assistant (who we can only hope carries the title of “Assistant to the Heisman winner“) said Manziel would “no longer be signing autographs for him without compensation*.”

 (*Schrute bucks) 

More from Schad’s report:

The broker, who spoke to Schad under the condition of anonymity, said that Manziel signed about 50 items for him at the Texas A&M team hotel the night before the Nov. 10 Texas A&M at Alabama game. The person said that Manziel then signed about 200 more items a few days later, with the broker saying he did not compensate Manziel for either of those sessions.

Besides saying that Manziel would no longer sign autographs for free, Fitch, according to the broker, also said he could provide other current standout college football players for autograph sessions in which the players would need to be paid.

For what it’s worth, here’s the picture the broker says he took of Manziel signing memorabilia. It should be noted again that, according to the broker, Manziel was not compensated for the autographs he signed.

OTL’s report claims Manziel may have taken money in exchange for his signature. That would rest the responsibility solely on Manziel’s shoulders, if true. Schad’s report, however, creates a possibly different angle involving Manziel’s assistant. As was noted yesterday, the Cam Newton rule could possibly extend the definition of an agent acting on Manziel’s behalf to, say, his family or friends. That would in all likelihood include Manziel’s friend/assistant.

(It also probably means, no matter the outcome, Manziel ditches his friend/assistant as soon as possible.) 

But Manziel’s friend doesn’t have to cooperate with the NCAA like Manziel does. Neither does the broker, who Schad reports has not returned numerous calls from the NCAA. In fact, no one other than Manziel has to open their records for the NCAA, which could make the Association’s job far more difficult if it wants to pin down some hard evidence that isn’t directly in Manziel’s bank statements.

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35 Responses to “Manziel autograph story takes a new turn, focuses on friend”
  1. YouMadCauseImStylingOnYou says: Aug 5, 2013 12:10 PM

    So Manziel’s buddy is going to take the fall for him, like Cam’s dad did and he’s going to play oblivious.

    So it goes in the $EC.

  2. spudvol says: Aug 5, 2013 12:16 PM

    Maybe Cecil Newton is Manziel’s assistant?

  3. ancientcougar says: Aug 5, 2013 12:18 PM

    You know,

    If Olympic(amateur) swimmers can make millions from endorsements, as well as track stars, why not football players. After all they are only 1 broken leg from never playing again.

  4. pryor4heisman says: Aug 5, 2013 12:19 PM

    This scumbag makes Terrelle Pryor look like Tim Tebow…

  5. jtinnon2009 says: Aug 5, 2013 12:25 PM

    Gosh, you can see it coming. Johnny Smooth Talking Football will skate and buddy will get all the blame. Somewhere down the line, in a hotel room in some distant city, they will split the “prize” and laugh at A&M, the SEC and the NCAA. Meanwhile, the pro-Johnny analysts will keep insisting that Johnny is a kid, only 20 years old and that’s what kids do OR the NCAA is at fault because they don’t pay athletes.. Even filthy rich athletes who drive $50,000 Mercedes like Johnny. Yep, that’s why Johnny did it because the NCAA doesn’t pay it’s athletes… It’s all insane.

  6. dcroz says: Aug 5, 2013 12:27 PM

    This is sounding more and more like a Greek tragedy, with the hero overcoming great adversity to succeed ultimately only to be undone by his own hubris. Where is Sophocles to write the (screen)play when you really need him?

  7. jimbo75025 says: Aug 5, 2013 12:27 PM

    pryor4heisman says:Aug 5, 2013 12:19 PM

    This scumbag makes Terrelle Pryor look like Tim Tebow…
    Now now now, I wouldn’t go that far. BTW, perhaps it’s time to update your s/n?

  8. westof1club says: Aug 5, 2013 12:29 PM

    Daddy’s oil money should quiet any potential whistleblowers.

  9. beavertonsteve says: Aug 5, 2013 12:33 PM

    Here are two things I currently believe-

    #1) Johnny Football got paid to sign autographs.

    #2) Even if the NCAA can prove it he will already be long gone from A & M.

  10. 8to80texansblog says: Aug 5, 2013 12:37 PM

    dcroz says:
    Aug 5, 2013 12:27 PM
    This is sounding more and more like a Greek tragedy, with the hero overcoming great adversity to succeed ultimately only to be undone by his own hubris. Where is Sophocles to write the (screen)play when you really need him?


    Good analogy…

  11. benvincible says: Aug 5, 2013 12:46 PM


    I totally agree with you sir…

    Johnny “Walker” Football will play the ENTIRE 2013 college football schedule, because the NCCA is always quick to act against cash cows like Manziel.


    “Here are two things I currently believe-”

    #1)Johnny Pigskin will get drafted by the Raiders

    #2) “Man-ziel-for living” will be the best 30 for 30 ever made.

  12. sportsdrenched says: Aug 5, 2013 1:04 PM

    Surely a family that has “oil money” can get young Johnny a better advisor/personal assistant than his HS drop freind “Uncle Nate”.

  13. taintedlombardis says: Aug 5, 2013 1:20 PM

    He’ll play. The NCAA is all about the money. It’s why they allow the SEC to get away with all kinds of violations. Those gumps in the south have little to live for except their precious college football.

  14. ndnut says: Aug 5, 2013 1:25 PM


    Olympic swimmer Missy Franklin couldn’t take endorsements because she wanted to keep high school (and possibly college) eligibility. You are wrong, my friend. You must not have endorsements to be considered amateur and play in HS or college.

  15. friarjack61 says: Aug 5, 2013 1:30 PM

    Olympic(amateur) swimmers may make lot of big bucks, but they do not compete in College. Once money is changes hands they are no longer amateurs, and cannot compete in college in that sport or sports, that involved monies.

    If Manzeil accepted any monies, he should be barred from college football.

  16. 8to80texansblog says: Aug 5, 2013 1:35 PM


    He won’t be barred from college football. There is already a precedent set for this with the Ohio St. players selling memorabilia. They got 5 game suspensions and that’s about what I would expect Manziel to get.

  17. florida727 says: Aug 5, 2013 1:37 PM

    The level of hatred toward the SEC and its connection to this scenario is laughable. If Texas A&M were still in the Big 12, would that have made this story a non-story? How pathetic your life must be to come onto a college football blog and b*tch about a conference just because the one your team plays in can’t win a national championship (at least for the past SEVEN YEARS it can’t). Get a freaking life. Go ahead with the thumbs-downs. They mean so much to me, I’m sure it’ll just ruin my day.

    For those of you that want an intelligent discussion about this situation, my only input is that it bothers me that, a) it’s so easy to hide money nowadays that the NCAA will never be able to trace any intake of cash by Manziel actually back to him short of video evidence, and b) why is it our society loves to create iconic people, then systematically try to tear them down? How sick does one have to be to help try to elevate someone to the highest level of his sport, then follow his every move off the field, just praying you’ll find a way to drag him through the mud? What a demented society we live in. Why not just appreciate this kid for what he’s able to do athletically, even when it’s against your favorite team?

  18. bralinshan says: Aug 5, 2013 2:00 PM

    This SEC hate is all about jealousy. This is all about “we can’t possibly beat them in a big game” so let’s crap on their ethics. Whatever makes you feel better.

    As for Manziel, he’s got a huge problem now. Texas A&M cannot possibly let him play until a thorough investigation has taken place. Because now that this issue is out in the open, if he plays and its found that he’s been taking cash, the Aggies will forfeit the games that he plays. It’s that simple.

    So, there’s a 50-50 chance that the big Alabama game in Sept. will be with another QB.

    This kid has gone from being young and stupid…to toxic.

  19. friarjack61 says: Aug 5, 2013 2:23 PM

    Too bad. Ethics is not a word understood by neither the schools, nor the NCAA…….only, revenue !!

  20. Deb says: Aug 5, 2013 3:07 PM

    I love how the behavior of a single screwed-up individual is somehow indicative of the entire SEC. By that logic, I guess the Big 10 is defined by Jerry Sandusky. Thanks … I’ll take Manziel.

  21. bo1210 says: Aug 5, 2013 3:08 PM

    “Those gumps in the south have little to live for except their precious college football.”

    Wow. Angry much?

  22. floridacock says: Aug 5, 2013 3:09 PM

    It’s simple. His buddy is laundering the money for him. Or he is getting paid on a delayed basis. He is not so stupid as to sign that much for free for someone whom is making big bucks off them.

  23. barbeaux says: Aug 5, 2013 3:13 PM

    @deb, that was quite the zinger! Kudos.

  24. ttalarico says: Aug 5, 2013 4:13 PM


    What if Manziel played for ND? Do you think the hate would be worse or less. I think worse.

    ND had a QB that took his team to the NC game cheat on a test (or that’s the rumor) and he was kicked out of school!!

    Do you think any SEC school would have done that?

    Don’t think so.

    Now go ahead and tell me how ND didn’t act on the rape and accident on campus now. I’m sure you know all the facts there too.

    Nothing should happen to Manziel until the allegations are proven. He’s definitely stupid but maybe not guilty.

  25. Deb says: Aug 5, 2013 5:04 PM

    @ttalarico …

    While I agree with your closing sentence, the rest of your post is confusing. Contrary to the SEC stereotype, A&M (like some other SEC schools) has an excellent academic reputation. So, yes, if Manziel were caught cheating, I’m sure there would be consequences as there were for Cam Newton at Florida. But if you’re asking me to respect Notre Dame because the Irish take cheating more seriously than assault … sorry, no.

    As for what SEC fans tolerate, you have no idea. My brother’s firm has defended Bama players caught up in scandals, and fans don’t tolerate any black marks on the team. Death threats–which are often the least of it–aren’t fun. Don’t know if Manziel is getting a taste of that from the A&M crowd, but he will if he’s benched.

  26. outlawjerseywhales says: Aug 5, 2013 5:13 PM

    dcroz says:
    “…Where is Sophocles to write the (screen)play when you really need him?”
    Well, you can check around Athens… but I’m pretty sure he’s dead!

  27. mogogo1 says: Aug 5, 2013 5:21 PM

    I was anticipating the deflection of blame. Good luck on selling this one, Johnny Football.

    Johnny signs 250 items over two sittings for absolutely nothing? Why? He thought the broker needed a break so he was donating his signatures to the guy? It makes absolutely no sense.

    And, as an aside, a freshman in college who’d already had scrapes with getting into trouble is allowed to have a buddy as a personal assistant? Nobody saw any red flags there? I often wonder how some of these rich people ever got rich in the first place with as dumb as they are.

  28. dumbpollack says: Aug 5, 2013 7:40 PM

    As a Buckeye I’m waiting for the team to go on probation and for Johnny to get run off the team.

  29. doggeatdogg says: Aug 5, 2013 7:57 PM

    @jtinnon2009, well said. He has become Johnny Teflon. The sad thing is that this happened a few months back and since then, his questionable behavior has only escalated into the world of Scrutiny. He has the ability to avoid the attention seeking behavior but he seeks it and his enablers in media and sports rubber stamp with the ‘he is only a college kid doing what college kids do’ motto.

    I have the feeling that more negative events about this kid will steadily occur and will build up into his ultimate demise as a football player. It’s like watching a train wreck and then lamenting there is nothing you could have done. The reality is that there are people in his social circle who are capable of doing something to avert the collision. If TAM knew about this latest ordeal back then, what did they advise him keeping his nose clean???

    Today all over sports radio I heard about the evil NCAA and players not being able to profit from using their name. Forget he violated current rules, it’s all the NCAA’s fault. Mr. Teflon will likely escape sanctions but will forever have ‘the autograph fallguy’ in his life like a cancer.

  30. sillec28 says: Aug 5, 2013 9:24 PM

    That Johnny Football sure is a nice guy. Imagine signing his name 250 times for an autograph broker, not for money but just out of the goodness of his heart. That was a very generous thing for him to do. I wonder if he’d do that for me? Think I’ll call him and ask.

  31. barbeaux says: Aug 5, 2013 11:23 PM

    I’m an LSU fan, but I’d pick Manziel over jeremy hill any day. I’m a bit disgusted with LSU….hill, the guy that was on probation for carnal knowledge of a 14 year old, sucker punched a guy….and is back as the starting RB. “It’ll be punished internally” they say…which I guess is not starting against whichever is the weakest team on the schedule.

  32. sabatimus says: Aug 6, 2013 1:21 AM

    …focuses on Arod’s cousin….

  33. dannygjay says: Aug 6, 2013 3:36 AM

    @dumb. if coach sumlin knows this to be true, lies to the NCAA and sends e mail out to cover up his lies and then the university execs lie. yes, they will be on probation

  34. dumbpollack says: Aug 6, 2013 6:39 AM

    Danny, I said nothing about coaches. You must be an Aggie and see this assclown through maroon and white glasses.

  35. dannygjay says: Aug 6, 2013 2:47 PM

    @dumb I was making a point that OSU wasn’t on probation for the players actions. it was tbe fact that once the coach found out, he let play without notifying tbe NCAA and then lied about it. JM has played several games since the Alabama game last year, so it is possible that Sumlin knew. Roll Tide

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