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NCAA issue costs Tulsa a long-time starter for at least opener

Tulsa v Arkansas Getty Images

A player with one of the longest consecutive games started streaks at the FBS level will see that run end thanks to a ruling by the NCAA.

Tulsa’s Demarco Nelson, the school said Tuesday, will sit out the season opener against Bowling Green.  The only reason given was that the safety is “ineligible to compete per the NCAA’s Progress Towards Degree Requirement.”

What specifically that entailed was not divulged by Tulsa.

Tulsa World wrote that “[t]he status of Nelson’s eligibility for Tulsa’s Sept. 7 home opener against Colorado State – and for the rest of the season – has not been determined by the NCAA. ”  Tulsa has appealed to the NCAA for Nelson’s reinstatement.

If Nelson were to be suspended for the entire 2013 season, he would still have one season of eligibility remaining.

Nelson has started the past 39 games for the Golden Hurricane.  That streak, the paper notes, is tied for second  nationally and behind only Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray (41).

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4 Responses to “NCAA issue costs Tulsa a long-time starter for at least opener”
  1. tobeexact says: Aug 28, 2013 11:22 AM

    I know this is not a huge story like the johhny football one or psu,but its getting ridiculous with the amount of players being suspended and or kicked off of teams.
    There is only one reason for this and that is the dictator known as ncaa president mark emmeret.
    Most of what ive seen are criminal charges being used as the reason for schools dismissing players and not ncaa violations . In the past the school would reprimand the player within house penalties such as benching him for a few games or not letting him be the starter.
    Thats why ive been pushing for the ncaa and mr emmeret to get put in his place and sued for every dime he has.
    And one law suit every school should be behind is the paterno family and others lawsuit which would force the ncaa and emmeret to fork over all there paperwork that they dont want anyone seeing , all there inner workings.
    And especially schools like ohio st ,miami and the trojans,after the joke of what they call penalties against oregon were released, while the pet peeve sec teams who have committed major ncaa violations worse then usc or ohio st and basically got off with slap on the wrist ,south carolina and miss st come to mind right off the bat and then comes oregon with a major recruiting violation and they get nothing ,but thats not even the funny part ,people are blogging that the right person got punished,chip kelly and that the school and players shouldnt be punished for what he did. Are you kidding me ,but they had no problem with the ridiculous penalties put on the psu program for something they had nothing to do with , and lets compare similar incidents and penalties,ohio st got a scholorship reduction a bowl ban and coach tressel got a five year band from coaching in college,oregon gets a warning and chip kelly a one year band from.coaching,i guess it pays to have mr nike on ur side and show off his new gear every game .
    Usc gets slapped with 3 year bowl ban ,scholarship reductions and carrol numerous years from coaching in college. Steve spurrier gets nothing the school gets a slap on the wrist for violations that made usc look silly and were close to the level of money and gifts giving out by miami booster, penn state commits no ncaa violations which emmeret himself has admitted to , never gets a hearing or a chance to present what they found and the steps to correct it,no ncaa investigation that lasts two to there years before making a decision and In record setting time gets slapped with unheard of penalties in a criminal matter not ncaa cauldrons . If not for public opinion bashing emmeret for what would have been the lowest he could have gotten when he wasn’t going to let the marine veteran play because he played intramural football in the desert.
    This kid is no different ,your gona tell me over something that easily could be corrected or might just be a clarical error he is gona take away what possible could be an ncaa recited for the most consecutive games played ,im sure if he played foran sec team it wouldnt even have been mentioned.
    When are people going to stick together and demand that this dictator of an ncaa president be terminated,he hasnt even come close to following his own guide lines and the pigments dished out are not even close to being on an even playing field . Its like oh well your gona get smashed and oh well i got some last night so your not getting punished ,or he flips a coin.

  2. thefiesty1 says: Aug 28, 2013 1:20 PM

    Matriculation. That’s why he’s in school. NOT!

  3. barkleyblows says: Aug 28, 2013 4:06 PM

    He wouldn’t miss any time if he was in the SECheat.

  4. mrtreyseven says: Aug 28, 2013 4:39 PM

    what is your beef with the SEC @Barkleyblows do you have proof thAt they are cheating were you there with Manziel, and Newton I’m assuming you mean them, no you weren’t I bet you are going by what the media reports and no matter how much they say you have formed your verdict…..Smh can money by a person talent, ability, and everything that goes into an athlete. no you are born with them so for you to say the athlete or school is a cheat what does that have to do with what they did on the field it’s not like it’s PEDs he took money for something that shouldn’t be illegal I understand he broke a rule and I agree he should be punished because many others had there college dreams ruined by the NCAA but to call the whole SEC cheats because your athletes from your favorite conference are not adequate enough to compete on the same playing field as they. Unless he did PEDs or they have concrete evidence how can you call them a cheat. you can test a player for PEDs but what way can you prove he took money

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