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Report: UT regent reached out to Saban’s agent in January

Nick Saban AP

All things considered, this will not end well.  On any level.

Over the past several years, even prior to Texas’ middling on-field play the past three seasons, the speculation has gone that, once Mack Brown retires or is forcibly shown the door, UT officials will make an all-out effort to hire Nick Saban as its next head football coach.  Never mind that it’s a laughable proposition to even think Saban would consider leaving the best job at the FBS level for the cash-rich Longhorns; that’s been the rumor buzzing across many a message board and even amongst some in the media.

Thursday, however, brought a new development to what’s previously been nothing more than nameless, faceless Internet rumormongering.

Speaking on the record to the Associated Press (for some reason), current UT regent Wallace Hall confirmed that he had spoken to Saban’s agent in the days after the Tide’s most recent BCS title this past January about Saban replacing Brown.  A former regent, Tom Hicks, was also on the call.  Hicks is the brother of current regent Steve Hicks, and Tom Hicks played a pivotal role in hiring his good friend Brown away from North Carolina in 1997.

What’s unclear is whether UT initiated the contact or if it was Saban’s agent, Jimmy Sexton.

What is clear, at least in Hall’s eyes, is that he was contacted by an unidentified person about meeting Sexton, with that information passed on to UT officials.

“I notified then-chairman Gene Powell, who then informed vice chairman and athletic liaison Steve Hicks, which resulted in a conference call with Mr. Sexton,” Hall wrote to the AP in a statement. “Introductions were made and then I withdrew from the process.”

Tom Hicks reportedly met with Brown and asked the coach about the possibility of retiring.  The AP writes that Brown “said he wanted to keep coaching and the matter was dropped.”

Steve Hicks confirmed to the AP that, before the matter was dropped, the conversations revealed by Hall all indeed took place.

“Wallace Hall brought this to the chairman and myself. Nothing was authorized by the board and the chairman and myself thought the board should not be involved,” Steve Hicks said. “Tom and Mack are friends and talk often. They simply visited and just talked the idea through. It was dropped and nothing happened … It was a short conversation.”

After that January conversation, Hall said, he had no further contact with Sexton.  The regent added, though, he does not know if others affiliated with UT have or haven’t been in contact with the agent.

Again, there should be little or no worry on the part of either the university or Tide Nation that the 61-year-old Saban would leave Tuscaloosa for Austin.  What this does ensure, however, is that if/when Brown is canned and thanks to this report, rumormongers will have concrete, on-the-record proof of UT’s interest in the man who’s building the preeminent football program at the FBS level.

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59 Responses to “Report: UT regent reached out to Saban’s agent in January”
  1. senorpapino says: Sep 19, 2013 4:52 PM

    If Texas offers 10 million a year, I’m sure he would listen.

  2. be4bama says: Sep 19, 2013 4:54 PM

    So did a dozen other other NCAA and NFL teams. SABAN isn’t going anywhere. ROLL TIDE

  3. barnesaintnoble says: Sep 19, 2013 4:55 PM

    “Don’t Mess with Texas”…because they are just fine messing themselves up on their own.

    There will be a lot of drama in Austin over the next year. Think “Dallas” crossed with “Friday Night Lights”. Of course the drama will be big, because, “Everything is Bigger in Texas”.

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist!

  4. timh1955 says: Sep 19, 2013 4:55 PM

    Saban isn’t going to go from the best football program in the country to the third or fourth best in the state of Texas. As far as money goes, as soon as UT offers $10 million it would take Bama 30 secs to offer $15 million. He also isn’t going to leave the best football conference to go to a very unstable conference like the BIG12.

  5. hoopsvader says: Sep 19, 2013 4:56 PM

    He has his best recruiting class right now, loaded with 5 stars galore. No way he leaves with this class coming in.

  6. barnesaintnoble says: Sep 19, 2013 4:59 PM

    The kind of guy Nick Saban is, he won’t leave for another college job, but he will sniff around for a good situation in the NFL. He seems like a guy who does not like having that trainwreck in Miami on his resume with no redemption.

  7. cometkazie says: Sep 19, 2013 5:00 PM

    What’s the buy-out provision at Bama?

  8. southernpatriots says: Sep 19, 2013 5:00 PM

    Just as we knew, now confirmed. In order to get Saban to Alabama, the then Tide AD, Mal Moore, wooed and convinced Mrs. Saban and the rest is history. UT must do it this way, or irrelevant of the money Nick is staying put. Mrs. Saban may be an even harder sell than Nick.

    I could see Nick Saban returning for the right job, the right circumstances in the NFL, but likely not another college coaching job of any kind other than what he has now.

  9. thefiesty1 says: Sep 19, 2013 5:11 PM

    Arrogant UT regents, AD, President think they can buy anything they want. In their dreams, it AIN’T going to happen. They need a lot more than $$$$ to get someone of Saban’s quality.

  10. Deb says: Sep 19, 2013 5:34 PM

    We’ve always known Nick Saban’s wife, Terry, played a major role in his decision to leave the NFL for Alabama. As has been discussed often on CFT over the years, Wayne Huizenga, then owner of the Dolphins, made that very clear when Saban left Miami. Terry loves the college football culture and she loves Tuscaloosa–though I imagine she would have a similar positive experience at UT.

    Since, as others have noted, Nick’s had so many great recruiting classes at Bama, it’s hard to imagine he’d want to start rebuilding another program at 61–assuming Texas could push out Mack Brown as FSU did Bobby Bowden. But if he did decide to exit Bama for another coaching job, I’d wish him well. He’d leave us at least three championships and many valuable young recruits richer than we were. You can’t ask for more than that. Thanks, Nick!

  11. rabbi187 says: Sep 19, 2013 6:18 PM

    I’m a Texas fan and have never liked Saban, but respect him as a coach. Like it or not, Texas is the best job in college football. The Horns recruit the best athletes from the best high school football teams in the country (yes I know Texas has under achieved for the past 5 years). They can also give a blank check to Saban which few schools can do. Saban is a drifter, and Bama fans would be fools to think that him going to Texas could never happen.

  12. lottsmissingfinger says: Sep 19, 2013 6:35 PM

    If Texas does change coaches, I’d prefer they go with someone younger. Saban is just 1 year younger than Brown. My dream candidate would be David Shaw though I think it would be tough to pry him away from his alma mater, Stanford.

  13. guinsrule says: Sep 19, 2013 7:04 PM

    Saban could easily reproduce Bama at Texas. The recruits want to play for him not Bama.

  14. chc4 says: Sep 19, 2013 7:10 PM

    Texas will go hard after Mark Richt… wait and see. Doubt he leaves UGA though.

  15. deucez2 says: Sep 19, 2013 7:28 PM

    southernpatriots says:
    Sep 19, 2013 5:00 PM
    Just as we knew, now confirmed. In order to get Saban to Alabama, the then Tide AD, Mal Moore, wooed and convinced Mrs. Saban and the rest is history. UT must do it this way, or irrelevant of the money Nick is staying put. Mrs. Saban may be an even harder sell than Nick.

    I could see Nick Saban returning for the right job, the right circumstances in the NFL, but likely not another college coaching job of any kind other than what he has now.

    You sir, could not be more wrong. Terry Saban isn’t very enamored with Tuscaloosa. She is a bit of a socialite. In Austin she has a chance to rub elbows with Texas elitists (oil money, tech money, politicians, etc). Saban will listen to Texas simply because Austin enjoys a higher quality of life, all the recruiting base he needs without fighting other SEC schools, and a less rabid fan base. He would have less pressure to win in Texas than he currently has now at Bama. I don’t see a scenario in which he doesn’t think twice about leaving.

  16. mrsmell says: Sep 19, 2013 7:42 PM

    Charlie Strong can coach to play D. Just saying.

  17. sportsguy3434 says: Sep 19, 2013 7:44 PM

    There is no way Saban leaves a program he built for Texas for money. Alabama has as much tradition as Texas and is a much better job than Texas now and has higher draft picks.

  18. amosalanzostagg says: Sep 19, 2013 7:47 PM

    It doesn’t surprise me one bit. If you are a big time AD, of a high profile program like Texas, YOU”D better have a short list of highly competent, high profile coaches at the ready. Deloss is not stupid, he and the University of Texas will jettison Mack Brown in order to build the brand. The Texas program demands it. Too many alums feel that the program is in the doldrums directly because of Brown. It’s always next year.

    After the National Championship loss to Alabama, Brown saw what Saban did with a massive offensive line, a strong running game, and an above average defense. Mack thought that he could transition AWAY from the spread option, build a running game with existing backs and offensive linemen, and build an above average defense. Enter Manny Diaz. It didn’t matter that Diaz was a pathetic fit, he was an SEC defensive coordinator.

    Griffin was already at Baylor, Manziel was coming on the radar, and Mack thought he could build a program by chasing players off and recruiting to his new found vision.
    Trouble was, he kept misfiring on selections. The talent is above average, but Texas doesn’t have an identity. What are you actually going to have as an offense?
    Power I?, Spread option? Pro set? Pistol? Players need consistency and time for chemistry? Mack always as new players coming in. Raw and inexperienced.
    19 starters this year? Texas should be sweeping the floor with that base right now.

    Saban would be a great coach regardless of where he coaches in college. The question is, what would be the hook for Saban, Building Texas into the dominant power it wants to be? No, Saban needs a foil. The Big 12 simply doesn’t have the material.
    Snyder? Too old. Klingsbury? Too young. Stoops? Big game Bob hasn’t been to big game recently. Gundy? Think Chizik at Auburn.

    Personally, David Shaw would be the best fit for Texas.


  19. normtide says: Sep 19, 2013 7:56 PM

    If Texas got the indication that Saban would maybe leave Bama for the longhorns, Mack would have been canned. Its an agents job to pursue any avenue, when money is involved. I have to think Texas didn’t get any positive signs from the Saban camp.

    Now, I’m not saying he won’t leave, for Texas or anywhere else. If he does, I won’t have any hard feelings. He has more then earned his keep at Bama.

    Texas has plenty of money, but Bama ain’t broke either. The donors would easily help match a $10 million offer. I hate to tell Texas, but they are not the Jones’s anymore, not even in their own state.

  20. florida727 says: Sep 19, 2013 7:57 PM

    I have nothing but the utmost respect for Saban. He wins, and he seemingly wins the right way… certainly as much as any other successful program does anyway. His players would run through brick walls for the guy, and that tells you all you need to know about him.

    I can’t see him leaving when you combine his age, what he’s build in Tuscaloosa, and how revered he is there. But in the world of high-profile collegiate athletics, if there’s one thing we’ve all learned, it’s that you can never say never.

    Does make you wonder what would be the deciding factor if he ever did decide to go to Austin.

    I’m thinking Charlie Strong’s name will eventually pop up when the conversations get serious in Austin.

  21. bralinshan says: Sep 19, 2013 7:59 PM

    Duece, you’ve got a lot of nerve making up the crap about Terry Saban. For the record, Tuscaloosa is her home and she LOVES it. Nick has said on several occasions that even if he did want to leave Bama, his wife would be a tough sell.

    That socialite crap was pulled from your butt. You know less than nothing about Nick or Terry Saban.

    And further, Bama has a passion for football that actually manifests itself inside the stadium with passionate fans. Texas is the quietest big stadium I’ve been inside. People sit there like bumps on a log. It’s like a Tea party with all of except it’s quieter.

    Face it, the SEC is where big time players and coaches like to go…because it MATTERS more.

  22. Deb says: Sep 19, 2013 8:32 PM

    @deucez2 …

    Know Terry Saban well, do you? She’s involved with local charities, schools, etc. And according to the people who work with her regularly in these endeavors, she gives every indication she’s extremely happy with her activities and the community.

    And if you think Saban would be happier working in a community that puts a lower value on winning and excellence … you don’t know much about what drives him, either.

    He could decide to leave Alabama tomorrow for whatever reason–that’s his business. But you don’t know diddley about these folks.

  23. normtide says: Sep 19, 2013 8:33 PM

    I agree, I have no idea where you get the ” Mrs. Saban is a socialite” idea from. From all accounts she is a very down to earth woman.

    Saban just stated, concerning the Texas job, “I just too damn old to start over”. You can bring up the Miami fiasco, but he has stated he made a mistake and learned from it.

    I see Texas going after Peterson from Boise. I think that program has peaked, and he knows it. I don’t see Shaw leaving Stanford. He embodies what Stanford is. Strong would be my choice.

  24. lottsmissingfinger says: Sep 19, 2013 8:41 PM


    I like Charlie Strong as well but he is isn’t quite as young as I’d like (53) and I’m not so sure he’d embrace all the extra media obligations (LHN).

  25. southernpatriots says: Sep 19, 2013 8:47 PM


    You sure made this “old man” laugh. (If Nick can call himself old at 61, then I am old+). People that have no idea of who people are or what may motivate them come on here anonymously and promote themselves too often as knowing things they don’t.

    …returning to my rocking chair now…no joke!

  26. normtide says: Sep 19, 2013 8:48 PM

    Lottsmissingfinger- I didn’t really factor in the media obligations. A smart coach could use the LHN as a huge advantage. Brown treats it like a yoke around his neck. Maybe your right, you might do better with a younger coach, willing to think outside the box. Use Texas’ unique advantages. Its been proven that having loads of money doesn’t automatically equal winning. Texas is an example of that. Look at the B1G. Its the richest league, per reports, but most of it’s programs still lag behind poorer programs.

  27. dcroz says: Sep 19, 2013 9:26 PM

    You’ve got to love the arrogance of Texas fans, especially considering the state of their program right now. It’s like the only reason TAMU is eating their lunch right now is because Mack Brown is still the head coach in Austin, not because the Aggies have become a hot program as a result of having an outstanding young coach, the nation’s most dynamic player, and joining the nation’s top conference. And they also think that having all that oil money means they can buy whatever they want, which begs the question: If that’s the case, then why don’t they have it already? And as far as recruiting goes, Saban is already getting the top talent in the country to come to Tuscaloosa, including guys from Texas, so how would moving to Austin improve things?

    In any case, Texas fans think they can just buy Nick Saban because there’s no way he’d turn down their money? This misses the point completely; the touchstone for Saban isn’t money (he took a $1 million a year cut to leave the Dolphins for Alabama) but total control over his program. This is something that Texas will never match Alabama on; all those big-money and big-ego boosters will expect–and even demand–a say in how things are run if they are going to pony up the money to buy Saban’s services. Saban wouldn’t sit for that one second.

    The Texas job is very attractive, and the ‘Horns can go out and get a hot coach. Chris Petersen, Gary Patterson, Will Muschamp, Charlie Strong, David Shaw, James Franklin, and perhaps even Kevin Sumlin (depending on how much pride Texas is willing to swallow) will be at the top of their wish list. But I don’t see a 61-year-old Nick Saban walking away from having everything he’s ever wanted in a football program on the off chance he can merely match what he’s achieved in Tuscaloosa in the waning years of his career.

  28. cometkazie says: Sep 19, 2013 9:51 PM

    The insinuation here is Saban is the only person that can build a program like Bama has now.

    How wrong is that?

    BTW, aTm and UT don’t have a monopoly on Texas recruits. LSU historically has done well there, particularly in East Texas.

  29. bralinshan says: Sep 19, 2013 9:53 PM

    Saban will stay at Bama and can win another 3 national titles with the coming playoff.

    Alabama will likely be in that 4-team mix more often than not and he could win a few more.

    If that happens and he gets 6 or 7 NC’s he’s the best ever. And that includes Bear Bryant. He knows that he’s at a place where he can truly lock down a legacy for the ages.

    He doesn’t go anywhere until he retires and that won’t happen until he’s near 70. What would a guy consumed with his profession do…with nothing to do? Go crazy, and he and his wife know it.

  30. lottsmissingfinger says: Sep 19, 2013 10:14 PM

    I’m a UT alum and I don’t think Texas could get Saban. I think this ‘communication’ between Saban’s agent and a UT regent is an agent trying to get leverage and add a couple of million to his client’s salary.

    Why would Saban leave Bama? They’ll bankrupt the school to keep him and they put up a statue of the man after his second-third freaking season.

  31. be4bama says: Sep 19, 2013 10:17 PM

    Deuce your comment is hilarious. I can’t imagine SABAN and Ms Terry getting all dress up (tux and evening gown) and head out to The Austin Symphony Orchestra.
    BTW This phony scandal lasted less than an hour. There’s an idea…SABAN FOR PRESIDENT

  32. pgilbert2013 says: Sep 19, 2013 11:19 PM

    Len Kiffen should be free to take on the position 😮

  33. Deb says: Sep 19, 2013 11:19 PM

    @southernpatriots …

    You tickled me with your comments about M.I.A. on the pro side. I like current music, watched that game, and watched the halftime show. But I can’t remember ever hearing of her or anything about her performance that night! Obviously she didn’t make much of an impression on me! LOL This will be one of the rare times I’m on Goodell’s side :)

  34. Deb says: Sep 19, 2013 11:21 PM

    @lottsmissingfinger …

    Bama has statues of all its championship-winning coaches. They put up his statue after he won his first championship lol

  35. southernpatriots says: Sep 19, 2013 11:54 PM


    Not only do I agree with GODell on this one, but I don’t want to agree with GODell on anything. He acts so often like he is God, as in the New Orleans Saints player suspensions without evidence, that he is done for me. But on this one, it is a contract. Don’t perform and violate the contract. If you do, be prepared to pay the stipulated penalty.

    From what I have heard of current music, I just don’t have time for any of it. I usually hear it from obnoxious youth who carry around boom boxes and blare it out at about 100 decibels, or similar youth with wheels and powerful speakers rocking their car and those nearby. I asked our sheriff (last time I hosted him to a feast) about our noise ordinance but I was informed that was from 10 pm to 10 am, so when I leave my sanctuary next to the swamp and bayou and go out into public, I’ve learned to put disposable ear plugs in my drawer with my keys.

    Have a great night out there!

  36. Deb says: Sep 20, 2013 12:44 AM

    @southernpats …

    I like a little of almost every kind of music–but only when I choose to hear it. Don’t appreciate having my windows rattled by passersby. Took a sign language class a while back and was told the numbers of deaf and hearing-impaired are skyrocketing because of this craziness. I carry ear plugs to the movie theater because they crank the sound up so loud to accommodate all the people who’ve lost their hearing due to abusing their stereo systems. Seems nuts to play your music so loud you destroy your own hearing. But … most people seem kinda nutty to me :)

  37. cometkazie says: Sep 20, 2013 7:58 AM

    We took baseline audiograms for new employees and saw hearing loss in teens going back to the late ’70s. It’s not anything new.

    I have substantial loss in my left ear and attribute it to driving around 40-50y with the window down. My right ear is almost perfect even at 73yo.

  38. southernpatriots says: Sep 20, 2013 8:45 AM

    Deb and cometkazie:

    After suffering some hearing loss as a young child due to an infection ostensibly caused by my father doing exactly what cometkazie did–driving with the windows down–and then seeing patients for the past 30 years, younger and younger, come in with hearing loss, I have spoken in numerous schools about preventing hearing loss.

    In the early 80s during the hair glam rock group days, I escorted some teens to a rock concert. We had seats about row 10 center. I brought very dark sun glasses with me and ear plugs. Before it all began, I put on my glasses and ear plugs and enjoyed the concert.

    At the intermission, a father seated behind me with his children asked to purchase my sunglasses and ear plugs and offered me $200. I was tempted but I declined his offer. I was sure glad I had the sunglasses and ear plugs during the light extravaganza and ear shattering amplification the end of the concert!

    One child we brought back from Appalachia has been confirmed to have cystic fibrosis. She will be transferred from the Children’s Hospital (New Orleans) to receive specialized care in St. Louis, so a family member or I will accompany her.

  39. Deb says: Sep 20, 2013 3:50 PM

    Omigoodness! Never would have thought riding with the windows down could cause that kind of damage! We didn’t do much of that because we were always running the AC. But have watched my mom struggle for years with tinnitus and Meniere’s, so I’m sensitive to people with hearing issues.

    Was rarely close enough at rock concerts to have an issue, but have always instinctively stuffed tissue in my ears when things were too loud. Even the roar of the crowd at a football game can be a little much sometimes.

    So sorry to hear about your patient. That is such a terrible disease.

  40. cometkazie says: Sep 20, 2013 3:59 PM

    I didn’t have a car with a/c until about 1980, Deb.

    In South Louisiana, no less.

  41. normtide says: Sep 20, 2013 4:10 PM

    I’ve spent the better part of my life in the emergency vehicle industry. I can tell you, sirens have gotten substantially louder over the years. Inside enclosed buildings, no less. I’ve done my best to protect my ears, and eyes from intense flashing lights. Surprisingly, my senses are still very sound.

  42. Deb says: Sep 20, 2013 6:54 PM

    cometkazie, the only time I remember being without AC was visiting my grandparents in Alabama when I was a tiny tot. By the time I was 10, even they had gotten a window unit–though my grandmother hated turning it on. Those summer visits were rough. My mom and I share a belief that AC rivals food and water on the necessity list 😀 My brother had tickets to the Bama/Gator game in Gainesville a couple of years ago and I asked why he didn’t get a ticket for me. He said because I’d never sit out there in that heat. He was right lol

  43. southernpatriots says: Sep 20, 2013 10:01 PM

    I think as I have aged, I have become softer or more addicted to A/C. I sort of wilted in the 120+ F heat in the tailgating area of Jerry’s World for the TCU game. If it had not been for great TCU fans, I think all the LSU entourage from Louisiana would have been in dire straits. They lent us water cooled A/Cs and fans and we gave them “the best food they ever ate” (they said that).

    My father was a builder. A builder of churches, neighborhoods, thousands of homes, etc. In our home he put a “swamp cooler” many decades before A/C, so we did not get A/C until late, nor was A/C in any of the cars we had until later on, not quite as late as cometkazie, but it was the mid-70s.

    I find myself running at least one of the A/C units earlier and keep it on later in the year now. I know that from the power bills…ha.

  44. waynefontes says: Sep 24, 2013 10:57 AM

    Mr. Southernpatriots, once again I sit at the learning tree.

    From living in the Southeast for almost all of my life and now living in Seoul, South Korea for many years – I crank up the A/C all summer – Koreans don’t sweat like us waeguks (foreigners) – fortunately, the bills in Korea are much more reasonable!

    I always enjoy seeing your posts, I wish the best for you and yours.

    I don’t see Saban or Richt going to Austin.

    Muschamp or Charlie Strong.. that’s another story.

  45. normtide says: Sep 24, 2013 11:24 AM

    When I was a kid, the children went outside when the A/C was turned on. The feeling then was kids don’t need air conditioning. My lord, how things have changed.

    I also remember my grandmother telling my female cousins ” southern women don’t sweat, they glow”.

  46. southernpatriots says: Sep 24, 2013 12:32 PM

    waynefontes: It is always a joy to hear from you. I did not know you were in Korea. My late (and great!) father fought in the Korean “Conflict” and said on several occasions that he thought he and his men were going to freeze to death. I think God used Korea to help temper him even more than WWII did.

    UT can throw a lot of money around, maybe 10 to 12 million and for Saban, maybe even more. Saban has made it clear he won’t be going anywhere, but his wife Terry is the key there, even as much or more than he is. Richt loves north Georgia and the people. He is a really good man and would thrive just about anywhere.

    Muschamp and Strong are good candidates. I would think Texas sees the domination of the SEC and would like a coach from the SEC. If there is a coach available, they can certainly afford one.

    For me, some further rest is probably all I need. It appears that I will need to make a trip to Cleveland Clinic and possibly Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles. Several young children who are patients have cystic fibrosis. If those great research hospitals obtain matching lungs, I and several staff will go with the children. We are in a waiting pattern, hoping and praying that donor lungs become available soon, very soon.

    Summers in Gulf Coast Louisiana, between the swamp and the bayou can become daunting. The winters are quite fun. We hold great feasts in and around the holidays. This year I am hoping to plant new satsumas, oranges, grapefruit, peaches, plums, and other trees to replace ones lost in the recent hurricanes. My young bride (married more than a half century..ha.) wants some purple and gold daylilies. Those aren’t common, but a hybridizer is working with us. Our county (I call him our “parish”) agent is coming to one of our cookouts and I am going to put him to work, helping us to know what to do.

    Take care of yourself! Keep in touch.

  47. cometkazie says: Sep 24, 2013 1:20 PM

    Mules sweat, men perspire, ladies glisten!

  48. southernpatriots says: Sep 24, 2013 2:17 PM

    Moments ago, we received a telephone call that a long-time friend and legendary LSU coach and AD, Paul Dietzel died at the age of 89 after a short illness. He passed a short time ago, so arrangements have not yet been made. We are in communication with his family and wanted to make this news available to all LSU Tiger fans.

    Paul Dietzel coached Billy Cannon and his teammates to a national championship and then returned some years later to be the AD at LSU.

    Thank you.

  49. cometkazie says: Sep 24, 2013 2:33 PM

    The Advocate has a blurb on it.

  50. dhardy8207 says: Sep 24, 2013 2:52 PM

    cometkazie says:
    Sep 24, 2013 1:20 PM

    Mules sweat, men perspire, ladies glisten!


    That is priceless!

  51. normtide says: Sep 24, 2013 2:57 PM

    My condolences to the LSU family

  52. be4bama says: Sep 24, 2013 3:07 PM

    Guys let me assure you that this southern girl sweats, especially in the hay fields.

    Southernpatriots and the entire LSU family my deepest condolences on the loss of such a fine man.

  53. tigersgeaux says: Sep 24, 2013 7:04 PM

    I join my sister be4bama in saying, I sweat. This gal sweats almost all the time here in south Louisiana where it is in the 90s today with about 90 percent humidity. I sweat cleaning my home, washing my car, I sweat walking around the block…

    Icometkazie–I guess I am a mule. My favorite time of the year in Gulf Coast south Louisiana is late fall and early spring and most of the winter. At that time I don’t sweat quite as much.

  54. tigersgeaux says: Sep 24, 2013 7:06 PM


    Give my condolences to Anne Dietzel and the family. Sorry to hear this.

  55. cometkazie says: Sep 24, 2013 7:11 PM

    The quote came from a late dear friend’s grandmother, who lived her life in Montreal.

    I can hear her saying it.

  56. tigersgeaux says: Sep 24, 2013 7:18 PM

    Well, that explains the quote. The dear grandmother did not live in the South much less south Louisiana! It is cool in Montreal even in the summer! I went to a French language retreat there as a teenager and needed a sweater in the summer time.

  57. dhardy8207 says: Sep 25, 2013 12:52 PM

    tigersgeaux says:

    “I join my sister be4bama in saying, I sweat. This gal sweats almost all the time here in south Louisiana where it is in the 90s today with about 90 percent humidity”


    LOL… You are so right… the south gets not only incredibly hot, the humidity alone can be killer on summer days.

    At the age of 47, between Mother nature sending me hot flashes and the Alabama heat being hot as 3 hells I got no choice but to bust a sweat every now and then…

  58. jboosta says: Oct 7, 2013 3:20 PM

    People are short-sighted when they say things to the effect of “Many other schools could offer $10MM”.

    You’re right. They could. But for 5-10 years, every year? That’s a different story. That’s a much bigger commitment than many realize.

    One thing they cannot do is build lakes and hills and the music and entire scene of the great city of Austin. Money + Austin + UT is something no coach with a brain would scoff at.

  59. be4bama says: Oct 7, 2013 3:30 PM

    I though you all knew SABAN would be coaching at both USC and Texas next year. LoL

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