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Doom for Sooners? Texas thriving on third downs, leads 23-10

The Texas Longhorns entered today’s edition of the Red River Rivalry ranked 69th in the country in third down conversion success. You would not know that by watching the Longhorns today. You also may not realize Oklahoma’s defense is ranked 11th in the nation in third down defense.

Texas is leading Oklahoma at halftime, 23-10, and has the success on third down to thank for it. The Longhorns converted nine out of 12 third down attempts, a 75 percent success rate. The Longhorns had entered today converting on just 40.26 percent of their third down attempts, so clearly Bob Stoops and his defense have something to review at the half. If Texas continues to extend drives with that kind of success, Texas could very well wear down Oklahoma on their way to their first win in the Red River Rivalry since 2009.

The Texas game plan has been incredibly solid and focusing on the running game. Johnathan Gray leads all players with 82 yards and Case McCoy has been dependable with 125 passing yards and a touchdown, a 59 yard strike down the right sideline to Marcus Johnson on a wild third down conversion. The offense has been efficient, but the defense has done their part as well. Defensive linemanĀ Chris Whaley intercepted a pass from Oklahoma quarterback Blake Bell and returned it for a touchdown in the first quarter to give Texas a 10-3 lead. Oklahoma’s only touchdown of the half was set up by a long kickoff return by Roy Finch. Damien Williams rushed in for a short touchdown run to get the Sooners on the board and cut the Texas lead to 20-10. Had the score stayed that way who knows if Oklahoma could have built off of that momentum at the break. Instead, Texas made the most of their short time until halftime and tacked on three more points with a 43-yard field goal from Anthony Fera. Before Oklahoma had that long kickoff return, Fera had kicked a 50-yard field goal.

Can Texas keep it going in the second half, or will Oklahoma battle back?

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16 Responses to “Doom for Sooners? Texas thriving on third downs, leads 23-10”
  1. dhardy8207 says: Oct 12, 2013 1:59 PM

    Two quarters left to play and a score of 23-10 is not running away with the game. This will be a fight to the end because Stoops doesn’t want to come away with an “L” especially since he’s had all sorts of complimentary things to say about the SEC.

    Be kind of embarrasing if he lost to their rilvary down the road….

  2. amosalanzostagg says: Oct 12, 2013 2:11 PM

    Shows how far the Big 12 has fallen.

  3. jimbo75025 says: Oct 12, 2013 3:04 PM

    36-13 in the 4th. All but over.

    The question is, for Texas fans is the real nightmare Mack and the boys winning this and 5-6 more games in a row? A strong rest of the year and they will have to keep him unless he “retires”

  4. lsuzilla says: Oct 12, 2013 3:14 PM

    Someone tell Boob Stoops that before he starts talking trash about the SEC, to beat a horrible Texas team first. BWAHAHAHA!!

  5. kinggator says: Oct 12, 2013 3:15 PM


  6. auburntigers34 says: Oct 12, 2013 3:28 PM

    Oklahoma looks terrible. can’t imagine what they’d do to an SEC team.

  7. tgaustin says: Oct 12, 2013 3:35 PM

    Amos, go blow yourself! You look like an idiot!

  8. v2the4 says: Oct 12, 2013 3:45 PM

    play nice tgAustin….we dont want to “Stoop” down to the level of our neighbors north of the red river or those kissing cousins east of the sabine…

    but, for all the guys who said OU was going to put the final nail in Mac Browns coffin..


  9. amosalanzostagg says: Oct 12, 2013 3:53 PM


    (Tg Austin mode on)

    Go blow yourself, everyone knows Texas sucks!

    (TG Austin mode off)

    Okay, TG, name one Big 12 team in the top 10?


    Funny thing, the last two departures from your “sucking” conference are ranked higher than you bellwhether Texas program. The Big 12 is by design for Texas to dominate. It is a glorified Big Eight, two dominate schools, and the rest along for the ride.

    Enjoy your “regional” conference with no conference championship game.

    Where did the mighty Big 12 end up in the 2013 football recruiting race?

    Last, dead last against the SEC, B1G, PAC-12, and even the ACC, beat, the mighty Big 12.


  10. amosalanzostagg says: Oct 12, 2013 4:13 PM


    What would a Florida defense do against Texas? LSU? Bama?, a healthy Georgia?

    Texas is good for it’s conference. You saw what happened when they stepped out of conference against BYU and a middle of the pack SEC team in Ole Miss.

    The move to the SEC by Texas A&M has hurt the Big 12, big time. Arkansas and LSU have stepped up recruiting big time in east Texas. Bielema has already stated he’s going to make sure he gets his share of Texas recruits from the Metroplex and East Texas. Same with Les Miles. You think both schools play at Jerry World JUST for the paycheck?

    Alabama, Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Vanderbilt are recruiting HOUSTON and the Metroplex, which was unheard of two years ago. WhY? Texas and the Big 12 opened the door big time.

    The 4 and 3 star recruits that used to look at Iowa State, Kansas, Baylor, TCU, Tech, OU and OSU are now being recruited hard by SEC schools. Kids want to play meaningful games in a great conference in large stadiums on Saturday afternoons on national television.


  11. auburntigers34 says: Oct 12, 2013 4:17 PM

    the “can’t imagine what they’d do to an SEC team” was sarcasm.

    i don’t remember anyone calling the Sooners “Choklahoma” before Stoops took the job. it seems like he’s good for 1 or 2 of these losses every year. but at least playing in a weak conference pretty much guarantees him 8-9 wins a year.

  12. tgaustin says: Oct 12, 2013 4:20 PM

    V2…you’re right. I just like to remind Amos when he looks idiotic after all his moronic posts. I think he forgets that it was only a few years ago (2006) Mike Shula was his coach.

    Mack is gone either way after this year, aand Texas will go through a series of difficult changes…but all the hate hard ons that people have is funny.

  13. v2the4 says: Oct 12, 2013 4:40 PM

    I dont think Mack is gone after this year…I think it will be a two or three year cycle….the new AD will have to be hired first…that is more important right now because he/she will have to replace possibly three coaches(Brown, Barnes, Guarrido).

    I think UT will bring a coach in waiting, like Florida State did with Jimbo Fisher and he will have a two or three year waiting period before he takes over in 2016 or 2017..thats only right…I think Mac will be given the opportunity to break Daryl Royal’s all time win mark and he should get it next year…he needs 13 more wins to do so…..after that, unless he wins a NC, he is probably out.

    as for the assumption that SEC is going to start getting all of their recruits from Texas, that is just not correct….the sec has always made inroads to Texas….Tennessee used to live here when Fulmer was the coach, so did Arkansas under Houston Nutt, but they cover their home bases first by getting all o the home grown talent unless its a cant miss prospect, like Alabama came and got Ashawn Robinson(decomit from UT) and Maurice Smith(decomit from A&M) last year.

    Arkansas, Missouri, and LSU have always recruited here and each have a ton of Texans on their roster (35 for Mizzou) due to being closer to Texas than South Carolina and Florida…the old ball coach isnt coming to Houston or Dallas, when he can get anyone in state and then go to Atlanta, Charlotte, or Florida for someone.

  14. amosalanzostagg says: Oct 12, 2013 4:56 PM


    Na, Can never forget Mike Shula, or Dennis Franchione, Mike Dubose. Just like Texas can’t forget John Mackovic, David McWilliams, or Fred Akers.

    Point is, every program has it’s ups and it’s down and Texas looks like it is going to dominate it’s boutique conference since they beat their only rival and the rest of the league doesn’t have at chance in Austin or with the officials.

    Enjoy your paranoia and your boutique conference. Just remember you’ll be sitting at home watching on TV when all the big boys are having their conference championship games in early December.


    Look into water futures as an investment, since Central Texas is in a drought not seen since the mid 60’s.


  15. amosalanzostagg says: Oct 12, 2013 7:05 PM


    Notice I said recruiting, not signing. You’re being myopic looking at football only. Texas and the Big 12 allowed the SEC to develop deep roots in Texas HS coaches in ALL men’s and women’s sports.

    Broyles recruited Texas quite effective as did Holtz. When you allow mid tier SEC schools in to recruit as effectively as the B1G and the PAC-12 has, your own recruiting base deteriorates, you become another school’s backyard.

    Alabama and the SEC obtains it’s quality from their base, coming to Texas is adding icing to the cake and we thank you again, for sending us Texas A&M, your TV markets, and your recruits.


  16. greggatx says: Oct 12, 2013 10:32 PM

    After johnny foosball leaves the aggies will return to their former non glory. As far as the aggies, we really DON’T miss them, though it was fun the beat up on them all the time. Even that gets old. It’s funny how sec fans think they are so much better than the University of Texas! History shows just the opposite.

    Texas vs SEC all-time 34-16-2 (67.3%)

    Texas vs SEC in bowls 11-7-1 (60.5%)

    add aggy & misery…

    127-59-7 (67.6%) all-time

    12-7-1 (62.5%) in bowls

    Texas vs SEC (team-by-team)

    7-1-1 (83.3%) v Alabama
    56-21 (72.7%) v Arkansas
    5-3 (62.5%) v Auburn
    2-0-1 (83.3%) v Florida
    3-1 (75%) v Georgia
    1-0 (100%) v Kentucky
    9-7-1 (55.8%) v LSU
    5-1 (83.3) v Mississippi
    2-2 (50%) v Mississippi State
    17-6 (73.9%) v Missouri
    0-1 (0%) v South Carolina
    2-1 (66.6%) v Tennessee
    76-37-5 (66.5%) v Texas A&M
    3-8-1 (29.1%) v Vanderbilt (all games predate the SEC)

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