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No appeal of sanctions, Miami confirms

Donna Shalala AP

Back in February, and in the midst of a historically epic botched investigation, Miami president Donna Shalala blasted the NCAA and its ineptness, calling for “a swift resolution, which includes no additional punitive measures beyond those already self-imposed.”  A few days later, a trustee on UM’s board echoed Shalala’s sentiments, asking that “no further sanctions be imposed” on the football program.

Upon review, though, it’s all good for The U.

While the Committee on Infractions decided against continuing the self-imposed bowl ban, the football program will be stripped of nine scholarships over a period of three years.  Despite the additional sanctions, the university confirmed in a press release that it has accepted the reports findings — up to and including the additional penalties — and will not file an appeal.

As the COI’s chair noted during his teleconference earlier today, Miami “cooperated fully with investigators and took responsibility for its actions by proactively self-imposing severe penalties,” the school stated in its release.  The university added that, as “a proud member of the NCAA,” they “are grateful to the Committee for a fair and thorough hearing.”

Statements were also issued by three high-ranking university officials.  Here they are, in their entirety:

University of Miami Board of Trustees Chair Leonard Abess
“The University of Miami moves forward today stronger and rededicated to the high ideals that have always sustained it. I am proud of our leadership and staff, who conducted themselves throughout this process with integrity, forthrightness, and in the spirit of full cooperation.”

President Donna E. Shalala
“The Committee on Infractions report closes a challenging chapter in the history of the University of Miami.

“I am grateful to our coaches, staff and student-athletes for their dedication to the University and to intercollegiate athletics. I also want to thank Atlantic Coast Conference Commissioner John Swofford for his steadfast support.
“Finally, I want to apologize to the Hurricane family, as we have asked for your patience, faith and support during a difficult time. Thank you for standing with us.”

Director of Athletics Blake James
“Our honest and committed efforts to address these allegations have made us stronger. We have already taken many proactive steps to ameliorate any concerns, and we will continue to improve in all areas. Now it is time we look ahead and work diligently to support our student-athletes.”

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7 Responses to “No appeal of sanctions, Miami confirms”
  1. bringingthepain says: Oct 22, 2013 1:05 PM

    Why would they? Got off pretty much free and clear. Great handling of investigation NCAA. Losers.

  2. gret9 says: Oct 22, 2013 2:34 PM

    Agree with the poster above. There has never been a more documented case of lack of institutional control than this one and they barely get a tap on the wrist. The NCAA has clearly lost the ability to police the sport. Based on this case and the recent domination of the $EC, I think we can officially change the old saying from ‘Cheaters never win’ to ‘Only cheaters win.’

  3. miamatt says: Oct 22, 2013 4:44 PM

    For the @bringingthepain and @gret9:

    Did you pay any attention to what happened after that Yahoo report came out, or are you just blind anti-canesfolk???

    All the evidence was the word of a man in prison for 930 million dollar ponzi scheme. In other words, a professional LIAR of the highest order. Did you know that the NCAA counted anything Shapiro mentioned “more than once” as “corroborated”? So the liar confirms his own story… makes a lot of sense.

    And the notion that the U got off “free and clear” is as laughable as it is ignorant. This case has dragged on for three years. Three years of recruiting being hurt by the NCAA cloud, three years of the University of Miami name being dragged through the mud. Two years of self-imposed bowl bans (three games total, counting last year’s ACC title game), and the loss of revenue that comes with it.

    The reason this is a day of joy for Miami fans is that the worst part is over, and the interminable wait for a ruling is over. Bowl bans are major punishment. Time served is major punishment. If anything, the NCAA owes UM reparations, but this is ruling is clearly a compromise so both parties can save face.

    If you want to say that there was a scumbag booster at UM, you are right, and they have paid a severe price. But the outrageous, headline-grabbing claims- prostitution, abortions, etc.- were all lies. Don’t forget that Shaprio is on the hook for almost a billion dollars. Don’t forget that his stated goal from the very beginning was to write a “tell-all book” to raise revenue to pay back his debt from the ponzi scheme. But hey, if you think his word alone is enough to crush a school for, then there is clearly no reasoning with you.

    Notice I didn’t even have to bring up the illegal tactics that cost multiple NCAA staffers their respective jobs to make my case. That’s just gravy at this point.

  4. scbaby2013 says: Oct 22, 2013 6:57 PM

    So lets get this straight. Miami has more than one player take benefits from Shapiro and gets only 9 scholarships taken away and USC only one player take benefits from an agent and gets 30 scholarships take away. Wow the math makes no sense and neither does the decision. Glad Paul dee, former AD of Miami and the guy who handed usc their sanctions, is dead and is taking the death penalty for Miami since NCAA doesn’t have the guts to do it

  5. chachooga says: Oct 22, 2013 9:11 PM

    @scbaby2013 Bush’s family was given a half million dollar house to live in. Carroll boogied when he got wind of it. Agents on the sidelines. Sorry dude. different story.

    Pat Forde is a doof.

    Irresponsible journalism from his cohorts led to this mess. When a felon in prison is the only source on 95% of a story (all the flashy stuff), it is irresponsible to run the story. I mean the guy was in jail for scamming smart people out of $900 million by lying to them. But Yahoo saw fit to publish it all.

    What a joke. The comparisons to USC, OSU, UNC, whoever else haven’t been elaborated on because it is easier to say “UM got off free” instead of looking at actually FACTUAL findings.

    Yahoo and doofs like Forde are to blame for this mess. The NCAA went unethical to coerce testimony because of all the pressure from shoddy journalists.

    Go Canes!

  6. Anoesis says: Oct 22, 2013 11:20 PM

    What is Shapiro’s motivation for making anything up? He got a 20-year sentence in federal prison for a ponzi scheme. Nobody was going to prosecute him for providing illegal benefits to Miami football players.

    Miami has a long history of violations and general thuggish behavior. There’s good reason lots of people call it Thug U. At this point I’d believe a convicted felon before I’d believe anything that came out of the mouths of Shalala or Dee.

    From the Catholics vs. Convicts game to the present, Miami has a troubled past.

    During the Jimmy Johnson and Dennis Erickson eras the team was known for guns, drugs, and other violations. The players were criminals off the field.

    AD Paul Dee allegedly hid drug testing results from Erickson so players could avoid suspension.

    The university was convicted of Pell Grant fraud which provided money to players and their families, as well as cash kickbacks to university employees. The feds (not the NCAA) said it was the worst case of institutionalized fraud in the Pell Grant program they had ever seen.

    Butch Davis was able to keep the program alive despite its disarray. It’s questionable whether Davis was cheating though, after his recent ouster at North Carolina for extensive violations between players and agents.

    Numerous players were named in this recent scandal, which dates back to 2002, which involved paying over a million dollars to football players, including $50,000 to NFL athlete Vince Wilfork.

    That’s a short synopsis, but with that kind of history I seriously doubt that this recent revelation is nothing but made-up bullshit.

    Lots of programs have had their issues, and certainly USC is no choir boy in the world of rules violations, but to claim that Miami has somehow been railroaded by fabricated allegations is utter horseshit. If that were true, then why did they self-penalize?

    The bottom line is that there was a grotesque conflict of interest in allowing Paul Dee to mete out punishment to USC for violations that pale in comparison to what was going on at Miami during Dee’s tenure there as AD.

    Miami violated the rules. How much they violated the rules isn’t the problem here. The problem is that USC violated the rules, too, but Miami got a slap on the wrist and USC got its hand cut off.

  7. scbaby2013 says: Oct 23, 2013 5:35 PM

    @ chachooga agents on side line? Where did u get that from. Please give us your source on that. There were a LOT of facts proven that Shapiro gave canes parties hookers etc. u must have usc confused with Miami because Shapiro was seen with a U jersey on cheering hurricane players out onto the field. How’s usc supposed to know that bush’s parent lived all the way in San Diego in a big expensive house. That’s a couple hundred miles away from campus. Quit believing Paul dee’s coulda woulda BS. fight on Trojans!!!

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