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Florida State takes over No. 2 spot in BCS rankings…for now

Big 12 Media Day AP

Florida State used its 41-14 victory over No. 7 Miami to jump over Oregon into the coveted second spot behind No.1 Alabama in the latest BCS rankings released on Sunday night.

FSU sat atop six of the seven computer polls, which helped make up for its No. 3 ranking in the human polls. The Seminoles’ total score was .9525, slightly ahead of Oregon’s .9435.  Alabama’s score was .9797.

But the Seminoles may not be in second for long.

That’s because Oregon has a chance to move back into second if it survives a road game at No. 5 Stanford on Thursday night. Indeed, if the Ducks beat the Cardinal and then win out, it’s highly likely they will finish no lower than second in the final BCS rankings that come out on Dec. 8.

Meanwhile, Ohio State sits at the No. 4 spot, well behind the others with a score of .8720. The Buckeyes will need at least two of the three teams ahead of it to lose if they are going to have a chance to earn a title game berth.

Here are the top 10 teams in the latest rankings:

1. Alabama, .9797

2. Florida State, .9525

3. Oregon, .9435

4. Ohio State, .8720

5. Stanford, .7930

6. Baylor, .7745

7. Clemson, .7277

8. Missouri, .6890

9. Auburn, .6686

10. Oklahoma, .6084

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34 Responses to “Florida State takes over No. 2 spot in BCS rankings…for now”
  1. normtide says: Nov 3, 2013 9:11 PM

    I still think a couple of teams will lose a game. I just hope it isn’t my boys, lol. I really don’t know who should be #2 at the moment. Oregon has a better system team, FSU has a big edge in talent. Oregon can have the same issue FSU has, if they beat Stanford, the cardinal becomes a two loss team. A two loss team with a bad loss, Utah. Washington and UCLA both have multiple losses and Oregon State lost to Ann FCS team. In short, I don’t see a huge edge in SOS for the ducks. What does help Oregon is the fact that they have been good for a few years, constantly. It shouldn’t matter, but it does. I guess I would go with FSU, I think Clemson and Miami are better then any two wins Oregon will have.

    OSU is just sitting back, hoping for chaos. Hell, entropy is always a betting favorite.

    Wouldn’t four undefeated teams in a playoff be awesome? You can’t tell me we couldn’t make that happen this year. But they won’t.

    Holding out on Baylor till after the next few weeks, but they look pretty good.

  2. deanthonyduck says: Nov 3, 2013 9:11 PM

    I see Oregon and FSU jumping Bama as I think Bama can’t win against LSU, Auburn, and an SEC championship

  3. Deb says: Nov 3, 2013 9:22 PM

    @normtide …

    Did you see Saban on 60 Minutes? I’d like to send that tape to the Steelers coaches 😦

    Yeah, I’m good with FSU and Oregon battling it out for #2. My concern is Bama holding onto that top spot. LSU and Auburn. Oy vey! 80

  4. gfj7000 says: Nov 3, 2013 9:52 PM

    I think you listed a few point errors for the BCS highlight #s above. Even though Florida state barely leap-frogged Oregon tonight, the small margin for Florida was LESS than .010 point – but your comps. show .090. The other comps were accurate as both Rees and Herb noted that with Oregon’s remaining schedule (if they win-out) they’ll easily jump back over Fla. State, due to their strong schedule. Florida State only has teams with a losing schedule (cupcakes). Please make the change above.

  5. jkulha86 says: Nov 3, 2013 9:55 PM

    Baylor still has Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, TCU, and Texas. If they’re fortunate enough to win out, you’d have to think they may even jump Ohio State

  6. halbert53 says: Nov 3, 2013 10:54 PM

    OSU, with cupcake schedule, may well back into the NC game. Bama faces hardest route to stay undefeated. Baylor had several tough games. Oregon pretty much needs to get by Stanford and they are set for NC game. To me at least 4 teams , even with 1 loss, would be more deserving of NC game than OSU.

  7. normtide says: Nov 3, 2013 11:00 PM

    Totally agree with your point Deb, but Pittsburgh has a talent issue. Also agree that Bama has a long row to hoe. If we get to the title game, we’ll have earned it.

  8. duckman62 says: Nov 3, 2013 11:06 PM


    Unfortunately I disagree. Oregon needs to get by all of it’s games and none are cakewalks. The thing about the Pac 12 is that any team can win when they walk on the field. Even though the Beavers are not in the race for the Conference North Title, they have always loved to play the spoiler. Same with Arizona. Oregon has to take care and live their motto “Win the Day!”. If they do that, then they will walk into the NC.

    To the FSU fans. Congrats on your win with Miami. I am sorry you play in the ACC, and that the rest of your games are against teams with losing records, and all of Oregon’s are against teams with winning records. Bask in the limelight this week. If Oregon wins against Stanford, the writing is on the wall that Oregon will leap back to #2 and stay there as long as they win out. Should Alabama lose to Auburn or LSU, then I get my wish, which is an Oregon and FSU match-up. That would turn into the most entertaining game of the season !!! (even though the line currently has Oregon by 7)

  9. Deb says: Nov 3, 2013 11:11 PM

    @normtide …

    You get what you allow. Pittsburgh has a talent issue in part because the team has over-indulged the ego of its QB, who’s never learned to read defenses. Now that he’s older and slower and can no longer juke and swerve his way around opposing defenses, that’s a problem. Many of the team’s most disciplined leaders have left the building. Hines Ward just completed the Ironman Triathalon. Not an easy task. Some of the guys we have left still have that kind of commitment to excellence. A lot don’t. If you play for Nick, you have to meet the standard … or you don’t play for Nick :)

  10. halbert53 says: Nov 3, 2013 11:34 PM

    Not saying Oregon has a cupcake schedule but that Stanford is by far their biggest hurdle. I think a 1-loss SEC champion (potentially Alabama, Auburn or Missouri), a 1-loss Oregon, a 1-loss FSU and a 1-loss Baylor would all be more deserving of a NC berth than an undefeated OSU because all of those teams face a much tougher schedule than OSU. For pure entertainment value, I would like to see Oregon play Baylor or Texas A&M. As to what are the best two teams overall , I favor an Alabama – Oregon match if both finish the season with no more than one loss.

  11. Mr. Wright 212 says: Nov 4, 2013 12:10 AM

    I’ll even take myself out of this whole thing and look at it objectively, since I watch (subjected to?) SEC football every week, as well as Pac 12.

    If Oregon gets past Stanford, which is a BIG IF, I doubt they lose a game unless it’s the conference game at the end. And that’s somewhat a long shot from the looks of it.

    What people are overlooking is how Bama is getting a free pass off past successes. They haven’t proven anything this year, except a good offense will beat them if that team has a defense that is worth a damn (yes, I am taking shots at TAMU).

    That is Auburn to me. That is LSU also. I don’t see Alabama beating BOTH OF THEM and then possibly running into South Carolina or a healthy Georgia looking for revenge from last season.

    The thing is, even if they lost one of those games, they won’t fall out of the National Championship.

    And if FSU DOES win out and that happens, THAT would be criminal.

  12. Mr. Wright 212 says: Nov 4, 2013 12:25 AM

    I agree with Norm’s points here.

  13. normtide says: Nov 4, 2013 12:30 AM

    Mr. Wright, your wrong. A one loss Bama won’t jump an undefeated AQ team. Not even OSU. I understand why so many don’t want an SEC team in the title, you might win it that way. As for Bama not belonging in the title game, good luck with that. If, and its a big if, Bama wins out, they are in. A clear majority of voters see it that way. To be the man, you got to beat the man. If you have faith in your team, you shouldn’t fear that. I thought the we want Bama chants meant you wanted to prove something.

  14. normtide says: Nov 4, 2013 12:43 AM

    Mr.Wright- My opinion won’t change things, but I think FSU would have two quality wins that rank higher then Oregon’s. Seeing that neither would have losses, you have to go with that. I tend to see Oregon as a system team. Given over a month to prepare for one game, system teams usually lose to quality teams. Not saying it would happen this year, just generally. FSU wins by being more talented. This isn’t knock on Oregon, many teams would love to have their record recently. I’m taking nothing away from them. But when things are to close to differentiate with numbers, you have to look at these things. Oregon could easily win it all, and deserve it. This issue won’t go away with the playoff.

    I thought you were wrong about a one loss Bama, not your opinion on my first post. Agreeing with me is always correct…… Lol

  15. dolbythomas says: Nov 4, 2013 1:34 AM

    I doesn’t even matter. Its Oregon’s year–period. They have been close the last ten years, they have an unstoppable offense and great d– not to mention a qb who is unreal =good, to accurate plus 100 class a running backs– done… go ducks!!!

  16. luxinterior78 says: Nov 4, 2013 3:08 AM

    Sat nite in Tallahassee, ABC had a shot with the National Championship trophy at the edge of the endzone. Pretty much saying “Heres your chance to have it in your stadium Noles players/fans. Win out and our jacked up system will find a way to screw you out of the chance to play for it. Oregon could lose Thursday, it will be like the “executive order” or whatever in Nascar to put Jeff Gordon in the chase without enough points. He would have had them, but in their eyes was robbed because of a wreck with six laps to go. They just KNEW he wouldnt have a car malfunction or get put into a wall. With a loss to Stanford, NCAA/BCS will find a way to slide Oregon on into the NC game. They will just “KNOW” Oregon was having a bad night, thats all, and get them in on past performances. Still cant believe Dabo: if we played FSU 10times, we would beat them five. Cant wait for the PLAYOFF!

  17. reallythinkhere says: Nov 4, 2013 3:38 AM

    Let’s be objective about this. Florida State has 2 “quality wins” over Clemson and Miami.

    However, when you look closer Clemson’s signature win is over a Georgia team that turned out to be considerably overrated. In hindsight the win over Georgia was not as great as we all thought at the beginning of the season.

    Similarly Miami’s signature win is over a Florida team that is currently sitting 4-4.

    No team that FSU has beaten has a win over a current top-25 team. Clemson and Miami look good in the W-L record but their victories are all over poor-middling teams. FSU has played great but even if they win out they will not have any opponents who have true quality wins.

    So far, Oregon is in the same situation. However, between now and season’s end Oregon faces much stiffer competition with Stanford and several other good but not great teams still to beat.

    If (and it is a BIG if) both teams win out it is clear that Oregon will have a much stronger resume by the end of the season. FSU deserves the #2 ranking now, but in a month Oregon will have earned it.

    Granted, all this discussion is assuming the top ranked teams hold serve. But if they do, there is no serious way to argue that Alabama and Oregon don’t have the toughest schedules to get through in reaching an undefeated regular season.

  18. luxinterior78 says: Nov 4, 2013 4:06 AM

    Nice post. I truly agree that if Oregon wins out, their SOS would merit their place if they are at #2. Miami was a pretty soft team to be in the top 10. Probably nobody expected the gators to go tits up like they have, but thats football. The country has been beging for an AL and OR NC game for 2 years, me being one of them. And I am an FSU fan. I would LOVE to see it this year, as long as Oregon wins out. But face it, its the last year before playoff system goes into effect. The human poll voters that factor into the BCS formula can do some foolish stuff to get the “popular” game if there are no repurcussions. Like the year #1FSU lost to #2 ND. They just flipped in the polls, and I think FSU could and should have fallen further. But the NC game was close on the horizon and they needed the rematch for the “popular” game. I know it was pre-BCS, but still. I was happy with the outcome, but not how it got there. Dont forget, Im an FSU fan!

  19. luxinterior78 says: Nov 4, 2013 4:31 AM

    @ normtide:
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Thank you for getting this correct! “Long ROW to hoe.” So sick of hearing “long ROAD to hoe.” I would like to see that…L Ranks up there when people say “pardon my pun” and there just wasnt one involved. Keep up the good posts man.

  20. sailbum7 says: Nov 4, 2013 5:49 AM

    If there is one thing that all of this makes clear, it is that they need to institute a playoff system for the title. When you have the very real possibility (almost every year it seems) of an undefeated team not getting a chance to play for the title, there are definitely changes needed to the system! They need to stop screwing around and set up either a four team, or possibly a six team playoff arrangement. Have something like this – 3 plays 6, 4 plays 5. Winner of 3/6 plays 2 and winner of 4/5 plays 1. Then the winner of those games meet for the title. The reason I prefer having 6 teams instead of 4 is that even with 4 you may still have an undefeated team not make it into the mix (like Baylor this year).

  21. longborer69 says: Nov 4, 2013 8:06 AM

    FSU certainly deserves to be ahead of Oregon — so far. The computers are right on that. But there’s something I just don’t get.

    Colley Matrix. Last week, they had Oregon #1, Bama #2, Ohio State #3, FSU #4. Oregon and Bama on a bye, Ohio State playing 1-7 Purdue.

    This week, FSU is #1. Ok, they beat Miami who CM had as #6. I can buy that, they jumped up 3 places. Makes sense.

    Bama & Oregon swapped places, Bama is ahead of Oregon now. I can buy that. Bama’s prior opponents probably had a better week than Oregon’s.

    But how does Ohio State jump both Bama and Oregon by beating Purdue? If anything, their SOS should be worse?

    Or A&H. Last week Bama was #1, FSU 2, Oregon 3. This week, FSU is #1 (makes sense) but goes to 2 and Bama goes to 3? Why? Because Oregon’s prior opponents did better than Bama’s? (CM doesn’t think so, apparently.) How can Oregon pass Bama in one ranking and drop behind them in another when both were on a bye week?

    But we’re supposed to trust these people that they know how to put together a ranking that is meaningful for who plays in the championship game?

  22. rmfields says: Nov 4, 2013 9:06 AM

    It may not be fair, but honestly I wouldn’t mind an Alabama/Oregon matchup an Ohio State/FSU matchup. If that’s how it plays out, those would be great games to watch.

  23. ucla1996 says: Nov 4, 2013 9:30 AM

    Inthinknfsu is a great team. They look solid and deserving of a shot at the championship game. Their only hopemisnthe human poll. In my opinion they only have one quality win and a pretty bad overall schedule. Miami has no business being a top ten or 15 school. Their schedules is ridiculously soft. Bonehead coach at unc allowed Miami to win. Ditto with wake. In the sec or PAC 12 they would finish no better than eight. I see ucla washington asu usc and probably Utah better than that Miami team. Lets not fool ourselves. I the end fsu will be where the system plays out. If this was next year they have a great shot. I do think that bama will lose and we will see fsu vs Oregon.

  24. drummerhoff says: Nov 4, 2013 9:51 AM

    Do you know what Bama, Oregon, FSU, Baylor and Ohio St all have in common?
    They are all double-digit favorites in every one of there remaining games!
    I am not saying upsets don’t happen. All I’m saying is I don’t recall a year where there was such a massive disparity between the top schools and the rest.
    Just stop to think about the marquee top match ups this weekend: Baylor -14, Oregon -10, Bama -11.

  25. louhudson23 says: Nov 4, 2013 9:55 AM

    Barring injury,the Tide ,while facing a tough row,are in great shape. The D looks good and getting better,and OL is a reasonable facsimile of last years team,with a better duo punch of RB’s(we do miss Eddie,to be sure) and a crew of real receivers who can go get the ball and hold on to it. I have never seen as good of an Alabama receiving corps as this years. Always fast and tough,but these guys are pass catchers,up,down,around and over…..

  26. Deb says: Nov 4, 2013 12:43 PM

    Mr.Wright212, I get at least 20 games each Saturday from multiple conferences. But even if you only get SEC and Pac-12 games, no one forces you to watch the SEC matches. If you don’t want to see them, change the channel.

  27. 8to80texansblog says: Nov 4, 2013 4:51 PM

    @Mr. Wright 212

    What you are speaking to in Bama getting a “Free Pass” off past successes is referred to as a legacy vote. And Oregon is benefiting from it as well. At this point, there is no real reason why human voters should be voting Oregon over FSU except for that Legacy Vote, voters know and trust Oregon, while FSU hasn’t been this good in a little bit. Honestly FSU should probably be #1.

    They have played the 16th toughest schedule so far compared to Oregon’s 105th and Bama’s 83rd. They are right there with the Ducks in scoring and total offense and right there with the Tide in total D and scoring D.

    National rankings
    Total Offense #4 (549.1)
    Scoring Offense #3 (51.1)
    Total Defense #7 (287.6)
    Scoring Defense #4 (13.1)

    They are also #3 in 3rd down conversion percentage and #1 in 4th down conversion percentage.

    FSU’s CURRENT resume is just better in my opinion than either Bama or Oregon. FSU’s 2 signature wins I think are better than yet both Bama’s best 2 and Oregon’s best 2 wins SO FAR, yet they lead the ‘Noles in the human polls.

    So the “Free Pass” is also being extended to Oregon in my opinion.

  28. reallythinkhere says: Nov 4, 2013 7:35 PM

    Agreed 8to8. FSU currently has the strongest schedule of the 3, though when you look deeper their 2 big wins really are not that impressive. Yet still definitely stronger than what Bama and Oregon have.

    However, FSU has a cake walk compared to either Bama or Oregon the rest of the season. IF they all win out I think by the time December rolls around FSU will have the least impressive resume of the 3. Though a Clemson win of USC could go a long way to helping FSU out. Just as a Stanford loss to ND could really hurt Oregon’s SoS.

  29. longtallsam says: Nov 4, 2013 7:54 PM

    reallythinkhere says: Nov 4, 2013 3:38 AM
    Let’s be objective about this. Florida State has 2 “quality wins” over Clemson and Miami.
    However, when you look closer Clemson’s signature win is over a Georgia team that turned out to be considerably overrated.

    really, you need to check your facts before calling UGA overated. After losing to Clemson, GA beat two top 10 teams, USC & LSU, before getting hammered by injuries to 6 or 7 starters. Their lineup was totally depleted in losses to Missouri & Vandy. Despite that, GA still has a chance to play in the SEC championship game, albeit a slim chance.

  30. reallythinkhere says: Nov 4, 2013 8:13 PM


    I think it is pretty clear UGA was overrated. They were #5 when Clemson beat them. They are currently unranked. I think that makes them infinitely overrated. But go ahead, check my math.

    Yes, Georgia can still play in the Championship game. But getting to the championship game does not mean you are good. For example: take the UCLA team that played in the Pac-12 championship game 2 years ago at 6-6.

    What signature win does any SEC East team have over another conference? A few wins over Toledo and Austin Peay? Right, the SEC East has ZERO non conference wins over decent teams. Ya, they have a few teams still ranked in the top 15 but what have any of them done to deserve it?

    The best non-conference win the SEC has at all is Alabama over VA Tech. And the last few weeks have showed us even that was not a very difficult team to beat.

  31. longtallsam says: Nov 5, 2013 2:10 AM

    You are still overlooking the fact that when GA lost to Vandy and Missouri, they had a bunch of starters out, including Gurley, probably the best running back in the country.
    But, they may be overrated. I think the whole SEC is probably overrated this year, including Bama. That’s why I would like nothing better than seeing FSU vs. Bama in the so-called NC game.
    The only reason Bama is ahead of FSU or Oregon now, is because they started the year ahead of them, not because they have played better this season. Not that they have played badly, just not better than the other two.

  32. mveal2006 says: Nov 5, 2013 11:48 PM

    im a gator with no dog in this fight.

    1. the SEC, including the SEC east, well, not so impressive so far.

    2. no way if bama wins out they don’t go to the championship game. legacy

    3the end of college football never works out quite right historically. this year is the norm. playoffs can have odd results too.

    4 how do you pick the best – they all win their games in a dominate fashion.

    5 you probably want the fsu kid in the championship game if you are the ncaa. the guy is the story of the year in college football. but each team has a good argument. Baylor wins out and they have a good argument.

    6 the Clemson coach saying he would beat fsu 5 out of ten – I think of herb brooks with the 1980 Olympic hockey team: “They may be able to beat us 9 times out of 10, but …not today.” Sweeney looked kinda goofy on that one.

    7 in the end the emphasis on offense in the rules and how they are called has a lot to do with this mess. with better defenses you might could see if Oregon or FSU was really that good, etc.

    8 georgias record is

  33. mveal2006 says: Nov 5, 2013 11:57 PM

    not that good. excuses like injuries would also make UF a higher rank for FSU. but lets not be fooled. Both uF and Georgia have problems or else they would have a better record. Strength of schedule comes into play only at the end when you can look at everything.

    9 even if the sec is down this year, we will know after the bowl games, its been a hell of a run. id be shocked if the eventual champion was more than 500 or 600 miles from Birmingham Alabama – the geographic center of the south more or less.

  34. 8to80texansblog says: Nov 7, 2013 12:30 PM


    I did say their CURRENT resume. You can’t rank a team off of games they haven’t played yet.

    SO FAR, the 2 signature wins that FSU has are better than any two that either Bama or Oregon have. Now after Oregon plays Stanford tonight they might have a better signature win, but they might lose.

    I think if you take out the legacy vote, RIGHT NOW FSU is #1. The computers , that can’t account for legacy votes, agree with me and have FSU #1.

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