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Heisman stats update

Jameis Winston AP

Here’s a look at what some of the leading contenders for the Heisman did over the weekend:

Jameis Winston, Florida State — 21 of 29 for 325 yards, 1 TD, 2 interceptions, 27 rush yards, in a 41-14 victory over No. 7 Miami.

Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M — 16 of 24 for 273 yards, 4 TDs, 0 interceptions, 67 rush yards, 2 TDs, in a 57-7 win over UTEP.

Tajh Boyd, Clemson — 24 of 29 for 377 yards, 3 TDs, 1 interception, 1 rush TD in a 59-10 win over Virginia.

Jordan Lynch, Northern Illinois — 10 of 13 for 160 yards, 1 TD, 0 interceptions, 119 rush yards, 4 TDs, in a 63-10 win over UMass.

Sean Mannion, Oregon State — 26 of 45 for 277 yards, 1 TD, 3 interceptions, in a 31-14 loss to USC.

Brett Hundley, UCLA — 19 of 24 for 273 yards, 2 TDs, 0 interceptions, 72 rush yards, 2 TDs in a 45-23 win over Colorado.

Derek Carr, Fresno State — 39 of 55 for 487 yards, 3 TDs, 0 interceptions in a 41-23 win over Nevada.

Marcus Mariota, A.J. McCarron, Bryce Petty and Teddy Bridgewater were all off this past weekend. If the vote for the Heisman was held today, it would probably end up like this:

1. Mariota

2. Winston

3. Manziel

4. McCarron

5. Petty

6. Lynch

7. Bridgewater

8. Boyd

9. Carr

10. Hundley

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8 Responses to “Heisman stats update”
  1. duklover says: Nov 3, 2013 10:24 PM

    Relax all you SEC lovers. Marcus has little chance. Terry Baker 1962. last player from NW to win trophy.

  2. halbert53 says: Nov 3, 2013 11:02 PM

    Would like to see season stats on all top contenders .

  3. longborer69 says: Nov 4, 2013 7:43 AM


    Mariota 144-225, 2281 yards, 10.14 yds/attempt, 20 TDs, 0 INT.
    Winston 149-212, 2502 yards, 11.80 yds/attempt, 24 TDs, 6 INT.
    Manziel 200-276, 2867 yards, 10.39 yds/attempt, 26 TDs, 8 INT.

    Mariota 56 carries, 511 yards, 9.1 / attempt, longest 71 yards, 9 TDs.
    Winston 50 carries, 153 yards, 3.1 / attempt, longest 20 yards, 3 TDs.
    Manziel 96 carries, 564 yards, 5.9 / attempt, longest 49 yards, 8 TDs.

    Mariota & Winston rarely play the whole game. Manziel has played into the fourth quarter more than they have, which contributes to his high volume.

    I don’t know where to find individual stats on this, so this may include backups being sacked.
    Oregon has allowed 10 sacks for 54 yards.
    FSU has allowed 16 sacks for 112 yards.
    A&M has allowed 14 sacks for 91 yards.

    Mariota & Winston are on unbeaten teams. Lowest margin of victory, for Mariota 21 points (Washington, they are 5-3, all three losses to currently ranked teams), for Winston 14 points (BC, 4-4, two of those losses to currently ranked teams). Manziel has two close losses to top ten teams (Bama by 7, Auburn by 4) and two relatively close wins (Ole Miss by 3, Arkansas by 12).

    FSU beat two teams which have only lost to FSU (Clemson, Miami). They have played no one who beat a currently ranked team. They beat Clemson who has a win against a team currently receiving votes (Georgia).

    Oregon beat two teams with 2 and 3 losses (UCLA, Washington) which have only lost to currently ranked teams. They beat Tennessee who has a win against a currently ranked team. They beat three teams with wins against teams currently receiving votes: WSU (USC), UCLA (Nebraska), Virginia (BYU).

    A&M has played unbeaten Alabama, Auburn (one loss to a currently ranked team), and Ole Miss (three losses, all against currently ranked teams). They have played one team which has a win against a currently ranked team other than themselves — Ole Miss beat LSU. Alabama also has a win against a team receiving votes (Ole Miss), as does Auburn (Ole Miss again), and Ole Miss (Texas).

    Oregon has played one game against non-AQ conference opposition, FSU has played two, A&M has played three.

    Manziel had two turnovers in each of their losses, and two turnovers in the close win at Ole Miss. One turnover against Bama was a pick six.

    Winston had 1 INT against Clemson, two against Miami.

    Mariota had no turnovers against either Washington or UCLA (one fumble against UCLA which Oregon recovered).

    MY OPINION (which others may dispute):
    Winston is probably the best pure passer of the three. All are excellent.

    Mariota is a devastating running threat, both by design and on the scramble. Manziel is very dangerous when he breaks out of the pocket, but his running threat isn’t on the level of Mariota’s. Winston is good under pressure but he isn’t a threat to take it to the house on you from anywhere on the field.

    Mariota is perhaps the best decision maker I’ve ever seen in 40 years of watching college football. He simply doesn’t make mistakes. He takes what the defense gives and punishes them for giving it.

    Winston is the best freshman I’ve ever seen (better than Manziel last year). Great at putting the ball where a receiver can catch it and defender can’t, even when the receiver is covered.

    Manziel puts up phenomenal stats, and might be the guy you’d most want in a comeback situation. But some of those stats come by forcing things that really aren’t there. Sometimes that results in a big play for his team, and sometimes in a big play for the opponent.

    If Mariota keeps winning and keeps not throwing INTs, it is hard to see how he comes behind guys whose passing stats are not that much better, whose rushing stats aren’t as good, and have 6 and 8 INTs so far.

  4. 8to80texansblog says: Nov 4, 2013 10:12 AM

    Mariota or Winston will win. I said Mariota from the beginning but Winston is sure making a case.

    I thought your assessment of teams and players was excellent. I do though want to interject a few things. Mariota is a running threat because Oregon runs a lot of read option and he is by definition a run threat. A&M does run some designed QB runs but much of Manziel’s run production comes from broken plays or collapsed pockets. I feel that Manziel is more elusive than Mariota.

    Plus, in over half of A&M’s games, Manziel has played less than 3 quarters. Maybe Mariota and Winston have come out early in more, but Manziel is by no means playing full games week in and week out.

    I agree with Heisman Pundit’s ranking right now though.


    If Baylor beats OU on Thursday and UT later this year, Petty will definitely have to be in the conversation though.

  5. longborer69 says: Nov 4, 2013 11:46 AM


    Agree on Petty. Even if they lose a game, if he keeps putting up massive numbers, you’ve got to give him a look.

    Not sure whether Manziel is more elusive or just looks like it because his yards come on broken plays out of the pocket. But he does look it, doesn’t he? I think Mariota is faster, though. Dude can absolutely fly. You don’t think he’s going to get to the edge, and then he does, and then….

    Mariota has 12 passes and 4 rushes in the fourth quarter this year. Winston has 18 passes and five rushes in the fourth quarter. That’s it. Manziel has 41 passes and 18 rushes in the fourth quarter. Most of his higher overall production comes from this difference.

  6. slowdave says: Nov 4, 2013 3:22 PM

    That’s a little misleading longborer69. If we subtract off Manziel’s “extra” rush and pass attempts at his current per attempt avg, he still comes out ahead by 100 yds over Winston in passing and goes from +53 to -24 rushing yds against Mariota (in other words, even). But neither of them are close to matching his total. Mariota can run with him and Winston can nearly pass with him, but the combination is lethal. Manziel’s weakness is, as you stated, the INTs and I agree: it’s by trying to do too much… the same thing that provides his “magical” plays.

  7. longborer69 says: Nov 5, 2013 3:27 AM

    Hi, slowdave. I said “most” of his higher overall production comes from this difference. If you prefer “A little over half” instead of “most,” I’m fine with that.

    His yards per play aren’t quite as good as Mariota’s, but full credit to him for keeping YPP very high with a higher number of plays. Increasing volume often hurts efficiency, but he’s kept efficiency high.

  8. 8to80texansblog says: Nov 5, 2013 5:16 PM

    Manziel’s production is being benefited by his terrible defense which is keeping games close. But he’s also had to play better teams than I think Mariota has seen. No way Mariota comes out in the 3rd vs Bama. Maybe they blow out Auburn but I doubt it. They would not let Ole Miss hang around like the Aggies did though.

    I agree that Mariota probably has more straight line speed than Manziel, but Manziel is just so shifty and elusive.

    Plus that terrible D is putting more pressure on Manziel this year to do more. I think he feels he needs to score every possession in order to win.

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