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Marcus Mariota extends lead in USA Today Heisman poll

Oregon v Virginia Getty Images

It doesn’t seem to matter that Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston just led his team to a convincing win over No. 7 Miami this past Saturday, Heisman voters are still leaning toward Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota according to the latest USA Today Heisman Poll.

Mariota’s vote total rose three percent over the previous week despite Oregon having the weekend off, as the 26 Heisman voters surveyed in the poll seemed somewhat unimpressed by Winston’s performance against the Hurricanes.

The sophomore collected 20 of a possible 26 first-place votes, while Winston had five and Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel had one.

Here’s a breakdown of the ballots (three points are awarded for a first-place votes, two for second and one for third):

1. QB Marcus Mariota, Oregon: 20-4-2 = 70

2. QB Jameis Winston, Florida State: 5-14-6 = 49

3. QB Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M: 1-8-9 = 28

4. QB AJ McCarron, Alabama: 0-0-6 = 6

5. QB Bryce Petty, Baylor: 0-0-3 = 3

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21 Responses to “Marcus Mariota extends lead in USA Today Heisman poll”
  1. firehouse70 says: Nov 4, 2013 6:09 PM

    Johnny Football wins out with road wins at LSU and Mizzu, and he has great games, 2nd Heisman should go his way

  2. thefiesty1 says: Nov 4, 2013 6:52 PM

    No freshmen! Not eligible.

  3. longtallsam says: Nov 4, 2013 7:10 PM

    thefiesty1 says: Nov 4, 2013 6:52 PM
    No freshmen! Not eligible

    Who appointed you king? :) Winston isn’t a freshman, anyway. He is a sophomore who redshirted last year. :)

  4. dolbythomas says: Nov 4, 2013 7:18 PM

    johnny Heisman is a tool. mariota all the way

  5. Mr. Wright 212 says: Nov 4, 2013 7:19 PM

    This is a sick joke.

  6. reallythinkhere says: Nov 4, 2013 7:30 PM

    Winston might be in the best position right now. Easiest schedule remaining out of the contenders so fewest chances to screw up his candidacy with a loss with a poor performance against a good team.

    Of course, any one of them could do poorly against a bad team also.

    Either way, Winston can win this by beating up on weaker opposition the rest of the way as long as Mariota stumbles. Things surrounding Mariota will get a lot clearer after Thursday night. A good/great game and he is close to locking it up. A bad game and he can throw it away.

    A decent but not spectacular game like against UCLA and we can keep guessing for a few more weeks…

  7. lgbarn says: Nov 4, 2013 7:42 PM

    McCarron getting those career accomplishment votes. Didn’t we learn anything from Ron Dayne and Mark Ingram.

  8. th56 says: Nov 4, 2013 7:54 PM

    Not really sold on this Winston. He’s good, but not Heisman level yet. All I saw was a QB with all the time in the world that still threw picks.

  9. oldforester says: Nov 4, 2013 8:01 PM

    Mariota went 9/9 or 10/10 in the second half of the UCLA game. He runs like Bolt. Unlike ego centric QB’s that are trying to be Joe Namath or Cam Newton wannabees, Mariota is actually humble.

    Oh, and almost forgot, he hasn’t thrown a single interception the entire year, in fact not since last year unlike Squinton Winston or Joe Willy Johnny.

  10. Mr. Wright 212 says: Nov 4, 2013 8:41 PM

    Wake me when Mariota throws a pass downfield that doesn’t come off blown coverage.

  11. reallythinkhere says: Nov 4, 2013 8:47 PM

    Mr. Wright,

    If the QB can identify blown coverage and hit it, doesn’t that make him good?

    Just sayin’….

  12. Mr. Wright 212 says: Nov 4, 2013 8:50 PM

    You Oregon fans are beyond retarded. I’m convinced you truly do not know football.

    Read option is not rocket science, you should never throw interceptions in that system.

  13. gquesen says: Nov 4, 2013 9:08 PM

    Mr. Wright, you are so off base by calling any fan base retarded. Why are duck fans retarded for standing up for their guy? You say you watch duck games, clearly you don’t pay much attention. Against UCLA, Mariota completed a pass on dime that would have been intercepted, but Mariota’s accuracy/arm strength took over. Against Washington, Mariota threw a 60 yard dart to Josh Huff. Did the same against Tennessee. At least show some respect.

  14. gquesen says: Nov 4, 2013 9:11 PM

    Those passes were well defended to get specific.

  15. goodfieldnohit says: Nov 4, 2013 11:00 PM

    Manziel is the best offensive player in college football by a mile. But he won’t win it this year because A&M couldn’t beat Auburn. Forget Alabama, it was the Auburn game that did him in.

  16. longborer69 says: Nov 5, 2013 3:38 AM

    I posted this on the “Heisman stats update” post, but I’ll add it here. Perhaps those of us who are “beyond retarded” will be able to understand the numbers, and any who haven’t yet moved beyond retarded will struggle. (Last time I called anyone “retarded” was before Jr. High, and for an old codger like me that’s a long time ago….)

    Mariota 144-225, 2281 yards, 10.14 yds/attempt, 20 TDs, 0 INT.
    Winston 149-212, 2502 yards, 11.80 yds/attempt, 24 TDs, 6 INT.
    Manziel 200-276, 2867 yards, 10.39 yds/attempt, 26 TDs, 8 INT.

    Mariota 56 carries, 511 yards, 9.1 / attempt, longest 71 yards, 9 TDs.
    Winston 50 carries, 153 yards, 3.1 / attempt, longest 20 yards, 3 TDs.
    Manziel 96 carries, 564 yards, 5.9 / attempt, longest 49 yards, 8 TDs.

    Mariota & Winston rarely play the whole game. Manziel has played into the fourth quarter more than they have, which contributes to his high volume.

    I don’t know where to find individual stats on this, so this may include backups being sacked.
    Oregon has allowed 10 sacks for 54 yards.
    FSU has allowed 16 sacks for 112 yards.
    A&M has allowed 14 sacks for 91 yards.

    Mariota & Winston are on unbeaten teams. Lowest margin of victory, for Mariota 21 points (Washington, they are 5-3, all three losses to currently ranked teams), for Winston 14 points (BC, 4-4, two of those losses to currently ranked teams). Manziel has two close losses to top ten teams (Bama by 7, Auburn by 4) and two relatively close wins (Ole Miss by 3, Arkansas by 12).

    FSU beat two teams which have only lost to FSU (Clemson, Miami). They have played no one who beat a currently ranked team. They beat Clemson who has a win against a team currently receiving votes (Georgia).

    Oregon beat two teams with 2 and 3 losses (UCLA, Washington) which have only lost to currently ranked teams. They beat Tennessee who has a win against a currently ranked team. They beat three teams with wins against teams currently receiving votes: WSU (USC), UCLA (Nebraska), Virginia (BYU).

    A&M has played unbeaten Alabama, Auburn (one loss to a currently ranked team), and Ole Miss (three losses, all against currently ranked teams). They have played one team which has a win against a currently ranked team other than themselves — Ole Miss beat LSU. Alabama also has a win against a team receiving votes (Ole Miss), as does Auburn (Ole Miss again), and Ole Miss (Texas).

    Oregon has played one game against non-AQ conference opposition, FSU has played two, A&M has played three.

    Manziel had two turnovers in each of their losses, and two turnovers in the close win at Ole Miss. One turnover against Bama was a pick six.

    Winston had 1 INT against Clemson, two against Miami.

    Mariota had no turnovers against either Washington or UCLA (one fumble against UCLA which Oregon recovered).

    MY OPINION (which others may dispute):
    Winston is probably the best pure passer of the three. All are excellent.

    Mariota is a devastating running threat, both by design and on the scramble. Manziel is very dangerous when he breaks out of the pocket, but his running threat isn’t on the level of Mariota’s. Winston is good under pressure but he isn’t a threat to take it to the house on you from anywhere on the field.

    Mariota is perhaps the best decision maker I’ve ever seen in 40 years of watching college football. He simply doesn’t make mistakes. He takes what the defense gives and punishes them for giving it.

    Winston is the best freshman I’ve ever seen (better than Manziel last year). Great at putting the ball where a receiver can catch it and defender can’t, even when the receiver is covered.

    Manziel puts up phenomenal stats, and might be the guy you’d most want in a comeback situation. But some of those stats come by forcing things that really aren’t there. Sometimes that results in a big play for his team, and sometimes in a big play for the opponent.

    If Mariota keeps winning and keeps not throwing INTs, it is hard to see how he comes behind guys whose passing stats are not that much better, whose rushing stats aren’t as good, and have 6 and 8 INTs so far.

    Later I added this:
    Mariota has 12 passes and 4 rushes in the fourth quarter this year. Winston has 18 passes and five rushes in the fourth quarter. That’s it. Manziel has 41 passes and 18 rushes in the fourth quarter. Most of his higher overall production comes from this difference.

    (Someone pointed out that, on a per play basis, it would account for about half of his higher overall production.)

    As with most of my comments, you may find this long and boring, whether or are “beyond retarded” or “still retarded.” :)

  17. longborer69 says: Nov 5, 2013 3:46 AM

    “But he won’t win it this year because A&M couldn’t beat Auburn.”

    He won’t win it this year for three reasons:
    1. A bias among some voters against repeat Heisman’s, so they would be looking for a reason to vote for someone else. Most voters aren’t this way, but some are.
    2. His off-field behavior turned off some voters, so they would be looking for a reason to vote for someone else.
    3. He makes more mistakes, and at key moments, than either of the other top two candidates, so that even unbiased voters will cast many votes for the others. His mistakes almost cost his team the Ole Miss game, too. And those who are biased have found their reason to vote for someone else.

    If Petty keeps putting up massive numbers once he starts playing real teams, Manziel may not even make it to NY. He’s given too many voters too many reasons not to vote for him, and if there is a third reasonable alternative, some voters will leave him off their ballot entirely.

  18. skwackquackwoof says: Nov 5, 2013 11:06 AM

    That was an amazingly in depth post. Very well researched.

  19. th56 says: Nov 5, 2013 12:23 PM

    Mr. Wright 212 says:
    Nov 4, 2013 8:41 PM
    “Wake me when Mariota throws a pass downfield that doesn’t come off blown coverage.”

    Evidently you haven’t actually watched an Oregon game.
    Wake me when you have a clue. Yaawwn.

  20. 8to80texansblog says: Nov 5, 2013 4:16 PM


    Last year I would have agreed with you wholeheartedly. He was far and away the best offensive player in the nation.

    This year… his numbers are actually slightly better so far but as longborer said, his offseason combined with the no two time winner bias are going to be his undoing.

    I also agree that he makes mistakes, but he also plays up to the moment. He has had his two best games against the two best teams he’s seen. Unfortunately, his defense, on the other hand, has not.

    That said… if A&M had even close to the defense they had last year, they would be #1 and Manziel would probably be leading this poll.

  21. doctorlb says: Nov 5, 2013 6:46 PM

    The key would be – how would these guys do on a mediocre team?
    Most would do poorly, but one would shine – Manziel.
    I don’t like him, but he would be the guy I would pick in a pickup game or a college draft.

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