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Art Briles ‘cannot’ envision listening to overtures

Art Briles AP

Even armed with a hefty new contract extension, Art Briles‘ name has long been connected to “bigger” openings and will likely continue to do the same — especially if a certain job in Austin opens up at some point in the near future.

There’s not much coaches in general and Briles specifically can do about the speculation, thanks in large part to the say-one-thing-then-do-another mentality of some members of the fraternity.

In an interview with David Ubben of FOXSports Southwest, the Baylor head coach said “no, I cannot” when asked if he could envision a scenario in which he listens to offers from other football programs.  BU is set to open a shiny new football palace next season, and Briles has every intention of being there to help christen it.

“I would certainly hope so.,” Briles said of helping to open the new stadium. “Yeah. That’s been a goal of ours for the last couple years. Our hat’s off to the alumni that made that happen, because it’s going to be one of the premiere stadiums in the United States of America.”

The bad news for Bears fans is that the chatter involving their head coach will likely not abate at any point in the near future.  The good news is that Briles’ success in building what by all appearances seems to be a sustainable, for-the-long-haul program is the overriding factor behind the chatter.

You have to take the good along with the bad, BU fans.  Such is life at this level of college football.

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8 Responses to “Art Briles ‘cannot’ envision listening to overtures”
  1. kdbroom says: Nov 23, 2013 11:04 AM

    He’s a Texas guy, born and raised. In my opinion, the only threats to Baylor are the University of Texas, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Houston Texans. I’d worry more about the NFL teams than the Longhorns. Texas could certainly open the vault, but I don’t see Art Briles as being so financially motivated that he’d move to a conference rival, simply for more money. I could see him stepping up to the big time though, simply for the challenge.

  2. urfinished says: Nov 23, 2013 11:36 AM

    He’ll hit NFL eventually…but I hope he stays in college for a while. It’s too darn entertaining. And I went to an ACC school.

  3. halbert53 says: Nov 23, 2013 11:41 AM

    Few head coaches, especially having built up a program, are going to jump to a rival conference school. Briles is well-qualified for the UT job when it comes open but would be surprised if he went there. Briles + better facility + fertile recruiting ground = sustainable Top 20.

  4. bender4700 says: Nov 23, 2013 11:59 AM

    He’ll leave when a major top program calls.

    Texas will get a top coach and the Baylor run will slow. Oklahoma isn’t going to be “down” for long, and A&M is hurting his chances at recruits too.

    What coach doesn’t say what he’s saying? What’s he going to say? “Yea, as soon as a bigger school calls, I’m out”.

    These stories do nothing. Because they mean nothing.

    If he’s serious about that statement, work a contract with an extremely severe buyout for both sides. Otherwise, just stop pretending we don’t all know what happens if a bigger school calls.

    With that said, Nebraska. Plllllease listen when they call!!

  5. bender4700 says: Nov 23, 2013 12:12 PM

    Briles is well-qualified for the UT job when it comes open but would be surprised if he went there. Briles + better facility + fertile recruiting ground = sustainable Top 20.


    Texas will get a good coach, rise back up, and his recruiting will suffer. Tech is on the rise, TCU takes recruits, and A&M is strengthening their hold.

    There isn’t enough to go around. Baylor has taken full advantage of Texas slipping into mediocrity. Briles has done a great job. But the truth is he hasn’t proven he can do this with Texas at full strength. Okie State is hurting the outlook with Boone’s money. Briles would be smart to take a job elsewhere, his Texas ties will go far, and he can take a program to the top. Just not a program with 2 major programs, and several other taking Texas recruits.

  6. jdillydawg says: Nov 23, 2013 2:16 PM

    “If he’s serious about that statement, work a contract with an extremely severe buyout for both sides.”

    I believe that contract was signed a week or two ago. The buyout is “severe,” from all reports.

    That said, this is a guy who lost both his parents tragically. A guy who coached 21 years at the high school level before getting his college break. A guy who knows what patience is and a guy who knows how to truly appreciates what he has, no matter how big or how small.

    I don’t know what his intentions are or what his goals are, but I can tell you this, he sure looks like he’s having the time of his life right now. And why would he want to put a quick end to that by taking another job? The American way has become bigger, better, faster all the time and we rarely stop to appreciate what we really have.

    Just my humble opinion here, but taking Baylor from the depths of futility as he has done was a far bigger challenge than taking a mediocre/ decent Texas team back to the top would be.

  7. jdillydawg says: Nov 23, 2013 2:20 PM

    The only “overture” I think that would be truly meaningful to Briles is the Baylor band playing the William Tell Overture as Baylor takes the field in a National Championship game. Seriously, how sweet would that be?!

  8. ancientcougar says: Nov 24, 2013 10:53 AM

    He’d better get some defense….Opponents Offenses are (have) catching up.

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