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Northern Illinois QB Jordan Lynch putting on a show against Western Michigan

Jordan Lynch, Junior Sylvestre AP

If Northern Illinois quarterback Jordan Lynch ends up going to New York City as a Heisman finalist, it will likely be because of the kind of performance he put on in the first half against Western Michigan on Tuesday night.

The senior rushed for 229 yards and two touchdowns on just 17 carries and passed for 39 and another score as the Huskies took a 20-7 lead into the break against the Broncos.

Given the closeness of the score, Lynch’s own NCAA record of 316 yards rushing by a quarterback is definitely in danger.

Despite Lynch’s heroics, the snow-filled game has been a tough slog for NIU. The 1-10 Broncos are keeping it close and it could end up being a very interesting second half.

At stake is the Huskies’ perfect season and a potential BCS berth. Lynch should see to that.

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9 Responses to “Northern Illinois QB Jordan Lynch putting on a show against Western Michigan”
  1. jimmy53 says: Nov 26, 2013 9:35 PM


    Oh wait, who cares???

    He’s good, but please don’t try and push his stock up when he plays (as expected) against crappy competition.

    The last real competition NIU played was FSU, and Lynch was utterly shut down. The only stats he was able to put up were in garbage time.

    What a joke…

  2. jimmy53 says: Nov 26, 2013 10:15 PM

    Hey down-voters, if you don’t agree speak up.

    He’s 5-17…most teams don’t make their QB’s rush this much because they can pass against a team as bad as Western Michigan.

    What a joke…


  3. mmarra14 says: Nov 26, 2013 10:18 PM

    Do you have any idea what the weather is like?

    He now broke the rushing record for a QB again…

    Every great team plays bad teams on their schedule and they still never set a higher mark…to say that this record is irrelevant is just ignorant.

  4. irishdodger says: Nov 26, 2013 10:21 PM

    There’s plenty of BCS conference teams that would kill to have this kid as their QB. Is his supporting cast inferior? Yes. Is his team’s defense inferior? Most definitely. But the kid can play some QB on the college level.

  5. jimmy53 says: Nov 26, 2013 10:40 PM

    Thanks for the replies! I watched the same game against a 1-11 team you did.

    The problem is they don’t play ANYONE–name one competitive team on their schedule?? Just one….I’m waiting.

    – They play no ranked teams.

    – The best record of the teams they play is 7-4

    – Western Michigan is 1-11

    They are setting themselves up just like last year, when they go to a bowl game and get THRASHED. And it wasn’t just the bad team, but Lynch sucked against the first real defense he faced last year. He talked trash before the game, and said the Noles would be brought to their knees, and they killed him. Once again, the only stats he put up were in garbage time.

    What a joke…


  6. kansacity88 says: Nov 26, 2013 11:27 PM

    Don’t see why anyone NEEDS to reply to this cat. You’re in the same position as we ALL are…..watching from a couch or bar or wherever. NIU schedules games waaaay in advance. They have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how good or bad a team is going to be. So for you to use the whole “they play nobody ranked at all” argument is stupid! If schools could schedule games week to week, that’d be a different story but that ain’t happening. Secondly, obviously you are talking out of your a$$ about how NIU got “THRASHED” when you most likely didn’t even watch the game, if not the ENTIRE game! The game was close UNTIL the fourth quarter. Try actually watching a game before you get on here and trash a player or a school which you TOTALLY know nothing about! Who cares what you think about their competition? Tell that to the voters and the BcS computers. They didn’t ASK to be in the BcS, they just did what they’re supposed to do….go out and try to win every game they can. Will he win the Heisman? No! Will NIU go to the BcS game and lose? That’s very possible too! But you’re really an expert on what should and shouldn’t happen when it comes to the BcS and Heisman, eh? What a blowhard! I’m not even a fan of NIU but I hope they DO get to the BcS game. Win or lose, who cares?!?! If you don’t like it or them, don’t watch them!! Plain and simple! Just another one of these “lost” posters that think college football is completely black and white and has no gray area! But hey, no need for you blowhards to worry about that next year, right? 4-team playoff coming up, yeah? Get out on a MAC football field and talk all this crap. YOULL get busted in the mouth real fast!



  7. friarjack61 says: Nov 27, 2013 10:29 AM

    Lynch has earned a shot at a trip to NY.
    Every candidate, does not have to be from a major conference. He is a very good player, who just happens to be the QB, who lead his team to an undefeated season.
    I’m a ND fan, and I believe that he could trouble the Irish !!!

  8. kansacity88 says: Nov 27, 2013 4:09 PM

    jimmy53 lost ALL credibility with just ONE line:

    “The best record of a team they played 7-4”

    That right there showed me he had NO CLUE as to what he was talking about. Correct me if I am wrong (and I have been in the past so I ain’t claiming to be perfect) but didn’t NIU just play a game on ESPN2, not too long ago against Ball State? Look at their record and look at it BEFORE NIU PLAYED THEM. ‘Nuff said!!!

  9. Chris Anderson Photography says: Nov 29, 2013 3:04 PM

    As far as Lynch and Northern Illinois, last year they gave Florida State a fairly decent game, a game in which they were down by seven in the third quarter. Were they expected to win, no, was it a blowout, no. How about the West Virginia 70-33 beating of Clemson the year prior or the Stanford 40-12 win over Virginia Tech the year before that in Orange Bowl snoozers. Excuse me, yaaaaawn. Not exactly down to the wire thrillers. Those were teams getting served up like teams like NIU are supposed to be.

    As far as Lynch talking trash before the game, what’s he supposed to say, “We’re going to go out there and get our asses kicked and I’m going to bury my head in the turf the entire game”? As a head coach, don’t you want a warrior that wants to win? I certainly would. NIU got beat by a better team. Fine. Just don’t go ripping Lynch for telling the media he wants to win.

    As far as competition, it is a pretty much agreed upon that the MAC isn’t the strongest conference but it sits smack in the middle of the Big 10 conference which is going to get the better players. As far as NIU not having any competition, they did travel to Iowa City and beat Iowa, a team at 7-4 but also a team that has beaten Minnesota, Northwestern, Michigan and is about to dispatch Nebraska. Nebraska? They’re an 8-3 team that has beaten Illinois, Northwestern, Michigan and Penn State. NIU also traveled to Purdue and beat them pretty easily and they knocked off a pretty strong Ball State team, a team that is going to a bowl game but excuse me, it won’t be a BCS bowl game so it shouldn’t count, right?. Now the argument comes that those teams aren’t the best in the Big-10 or nationally ranked and NIU couldn’t beat the top two or three teams in the Big-10 or another top 25 team. How do you know, computer rankings or is that the consensus of you and your beer drinking buds that have nothing better to do on Saturday afternoons.
    NIU didn’t create the BCS, AP, USA Today or any other ranking system and you can argue all you want that they don’t belong where they are but I’d put a lot more credibility into the Coaches poll that puts them at 20 this week than I would in the beer-drinking wannabes that have never played Division 1 ball nor coached Division 1, Division 3, NAIA, high school or even Pop Warner ball. NIU isn’t sexy. They’re a mid-market major that’s been winning and have a quarterback that’s been putting up some pretty good numbers and would they most likely lose to the top 10 teams? Sure, probably, but that’s why those teams are ranked 1-10. They’re supposed to beat lower ranked teams.

    As far as Lynch having a bad game last Tuesday, you watched it on television with your light beer and Cheetos but you weren’t there. I’m no expert but I shoot for a national wire service and shot that game. It was in the lower teens out there, winds were kicking up to 25 to 30 miles an hour, the field was covered in ice and snow and I saw a PAT attempt go wide that was going straight down the middle before the wind caught it. I don’t know too many QBs that would have had a decent passing day and when Western Michigan knew Lynch was going to run, they still couldn’t stop him even on a bad track. Yes, it was Western Michigan but Lynch has still picked up over 2,400 yards this season and over 5,500 the last two years.

    Instead of the “oh wait, who cares?” why not embrace a team like NIU that is making a name for themselves and the mid-market majors. It makes it interesting and it makes it fun.

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