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Report: Bobby Petrino one of three finalists for Louisville job after interview

Bobby Petrino AP

Bobby Petrino might soon be coming full circle.

The former Louisville and current Western Kentucky head coach interviewed with Cardinals athletic director Tom Jurich on Tuesday and is one of three finalists to replace Charlie Strong, ESPN reported.

Petrino was the head coach at Louisville from 2003-2006. He did a remarkable job turning the program around, going 41-9, with a school-record 12-1 mark and No. 5 ranking in the AP Poll in his final season. He then left to become head coach of the Atlanta Falcons for one season before returning to coach Arkansas in 2008. By his fourth season in Fayetteville, the Razorbacks were 11-2 and ranked fifth in the nation.

A scandal over an extramarital relationship he had with an Arkansas football staffer resulted in his firing during the summer of 2012 and, after a year off, he ended up taking over at WKU, where he went 8-4 this past fall.

Now, it appears Louisville might once again be willing to take a chance on Petrino. He has the endorsement of former Cardinal players and Petrino’s son said his father would take the job if offered. All Jurich has to do is pull the trigger.

There’s no doubt Petrino is a very talented coach and one of the brightest offensive minds in the game. Despite his past reputation, it’s likely he’s learned his lesson and will be a bit more careful this time around. But sometimes second marriages don’t work out.

If he indeed becomes the next Louisville head coach, it will be up to Petrino to prove everyone wrong

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37 Responses to “Report: Bobby Petrino one of three finalists for Louisville job after interview”
  1. tigersfandan says: Jan 7, 2014 8:50 PM

    Why would they do that?

  2. tigers182 says: Jan 7, 2014 8:51 PM

    Who are the other two?

  3. dietrich43 says: Jan 7, 2014 8:58 PM

    Let him live!

  4. birdcen says: Jan 7, 2014 8:59 PM

    Would be the worst hire since Dan Hawkins @ Colorado. Guy is a low life and cares nothing about anyone but himself. Remember the note he left in the Falcon player’s locker when he quit? Couldn’t even face them like a man….poor choice UL. Go with someone who cares!

  5. birdcen says: Jan 7, 2014 9:00 PM

    I guess the picture says 1,000 words UL!

  6. vols84 says: Jan 7, 2014 9:01 PM

    Would be a bold move that says we will go into the ACC and we are going to win.

  7. thefiesty1 says: Jan 7, 2014 9:03 PM

    Just don’t let him on a motorcycle.

  8. Gordon says: Jan 7, 2014 9:05 PM

    They would be admitting they have absolutely no moral standards. Of course, this is college athletics, so they already have no moral standards. I guess they can proceed.

  9. wmatthew760 says: Jan 7, 2014 9:07 PM

    Good luck recruiting with that guy, he’s a pathological liar, and world class scum bag.

  10. detectivejimmymcnulty says: Jan 7, 2014 9:18 PM

    It’s a business people, and Petrino can coach (in college). He’d be a good hire. Highly doubt he’s the only coach who has had or is having an affair.

    “What’s wrong with scoring in the offseason?”
    – still the best sign I’ve ever seen

  11. musketmaniac says: Jan 7, 2014 9:19 PM

    wasn’t paterno once the morality spokesman of coaches. lol I love it when good Christians forget about that charity aspect.

  12. kinggator says: Jan 7, 2014 9:21 PM

    Nobody puts Bobby in a corner!

  13. longtallsam says: Jan 7, 2014 9:21 PM

    Dang, Chris, that was mean, selecting that picture to use with the article. :)

  14. drs76109 says: Jan 7, 2014 9:30 PM

    Hey, forgiveness is a beautiful thing. There’s hope for other dirt bag coaches if this comes to fruition.

  15. lbijake says: Jan 7, 2014 9:41 PM

    @Tigers182, Asking who the other two are would ask the site to do actual reporting. This is just a cut and paste operation, at best.

  16. ozarkannie74 says: Jan 7, 2014 9:41 PM

    Razorback fan here, please take him – then a year from now when you get him back in the circuit you’ll find a sticky note in his office saying “I’ve moved on to a higher paying job” or worse. What he did to Arkansas and a great group of boys with high hopes was unforgivable – he put the Razorback Nation back so far it will take us 10 years to be able to recruit again. It takes far more than creating a winning team to be a “good coach”!!

    Find someone that will be a mentor to your team, someone they can respect – surely there are some others out there?

  17. babyfarkmcgeezax says: Jan 7, 2014 10:16 PM

    Sandusky’s still available.


  18. tigersfandan says: Jan 7, 2014 10:19 PM

    Sandusky jokes aren’t funny.

  19. cheapglazers says: Jan 7, 2014 10:20 PM

    Correction “part of one season with the Falcons, before he quit, returned to NCAA and ha the scandal.”

  20. Deb says: Jan 7, 2014 10:26 PM

    No matter how immoral or distasteful, what a man does on his own time is his own business. But this guy was paying his extracurricular activity out of the company till. That’s a special kind of stupid. Caveat emptor.

  21. coolhorn46 says: Jan 7, 2014 10:37 PM

    The Harley dealership in Louisville needs the business???

  22. coolhorn46 says: Jan 7, 2014 10:42 PM

    Seriously, college football is big business, and Petrino wins and makes money for athletic departments. He wins, and those that hire him aren’t THAT concerned about the baggage Petrino brings with him. No reason to believe Petrino has any less taste for motorcycles and blondes, but I do figure he’ll be a little more discreet this time. After all, there are just so many schools out there that would be willing to forgive him his “peccadilloes”.

  23. pdcooper08 says: Jan 7, 2014 11:24 PM

    For the record, it was not the motorcycle that got Bobby. That was all made up with his cop buddy. The real story is, his GF’s finance caught the both of them slipping in the hotel room, and he put a pounding on him.

    As for Bobby, he is not capable of telling the truth on anything. He is all about Bobby. Great coach in the classroom and field, but a douche of a man.

    Just last week a close friend of mines kid is being recruited by W. Kentucky. He shoots me a picture of his boy next to Bobby in there living room. I tell him, he’ll be gone in a week to Louisville. He tells me no, Bobby told us he is very happy and this will be his last job, he promises he is going nowhere. I told him don’t believe a thing he says. He is 50 years old, he’s got about 5 or 6 jobs left in him.

  24. musketmaniac says: Jan 7, 2014 11:51 PM

    couple seasons out of the game, successful stint at a lower level. it might not be a absolution. but it was time served.

  25. jhorton83 says: Jan 8, 2014 2:00 AM

    Why did Western Kentucky hire this snake in the first place? Didn’t they know he’d be gone in a year or two at most when some other program came calling? Did they completely ignore his history? Hiring someone who just views you as a temporary stop to something better is no way to build a program.

  26. onbucky96 says: Jan 8, 2014 5:20 AM

    Hmm, which co-ed hottie will he hire for an ” administrative” posistion. Class A dirt bag. Homewrecker. Quitter. That could be your football coach L’ville, good luck.

  27. raiderredleg says: Jan 8, 2014 6:57 AM

    Who says you can “Never go home again”?

    As long as he foregoes using public funds to hire his girlfriend and comes back into the “ville” with her on the back of a motorcycle I say GO FOR IT!

  28. speweey says: Jan 8, 2014 8:51 AM

    Rick Pitino.

    Cheated on his wife with his equipment manager’s wife.

    Paid for her abortion.

    National Champions.

  29. realfootballfan says: Jan 8, 2014 9:40 AM

    The people laughing at the guy who suggested this right after Strong got hired by Texas need to apologize.

  30. realfootballfan says: Jan 8, 2014 9:45 AM

    I know one of them is Rich Rodriguez.

  31. sportsguy3434 says: Jan 8, 2014 10:07 AM

    Pdcooper, um no the motorcycle incident wasn’t made up. Other people saw the wreck and he wouldn’t let them call it in. If it was made up it NEVER would have had her name in it. Otherwise he never would have told Long she was involved.

    Louisville, buyer beware.

  32. dhardy8207 says: Jan 8, 2014 10:12 AM


    I’m with you on the photo…lol

  33. jwilliamsspf says: Jan 8, 2014 11:14 AM

    Parents…if you send your child to be mentored by this garbage, then congratulations on being in the running for worst parenting job of the year.

  34. ruggyup says: Jan 8, 2014 1:45 PM

    Chris Huston says it’s likely Petrino has learned his lesson. NOT! About as likely as Rob Ryan getting a haircut and a new wardrobe from Brooks Brothers. What is likely is L’ville orders coming down from on high to win at all costs.

  35. ancientcougar says: Jan 8, 2014 2:23 PM

    O’Leary @ UCF lied about his credentials, didn’t take away from his coaching abilities. He’s a better man today; gotsalot of humility from the experience.

  36. musketmaniac says: Jan 8, 2014 3:46 PM

    rich rod knocked up wvu cheerleading captain. cute kid

  37. pdcooper08 says: Jan 8, 2014 5:35 PM

    Sportsguy3434: Did you ever wonder why the girlfriend was not injuries in the crash and only Bobby? There’s more to this story then has been reported. Sleazy anyway you look at it.

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