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Ohio State QB Braxton Miller returning in 2014 as strong Heisman contender

Braxton Miller AP

Ohio State may be losing their defensive line coach but they will have their starting quarterback leading the offense again in 2014. Braxton Miller will return to the Buckeyes for the 2014 season, according to Columbus Dispatch Ohio State beat reporter Bill Rabinowitz (via Twitter). this is absolutely the right decision given the way the 2013 season unfolded for Miller.

Had Ohio State run the table with a Big Ten championship and a bowl victory, perhaps things would have been different for Miller. With Ohio State dropping the final two games of the season, with a Big Ten championship game loss to Michigan State and a loss to Clemson in the Orange Bowl, the odds Miller would be back for the Buckeyes increased. Despite missing two games and most of a third last season due to injury, Miller finished eighth in the Big Ten in rushing with 1,068 yards and 12 touchdowns. there is no question what Miller can do with the football when he has to run, but potential NFL teams with interest will want to see how Miller does in improving his passing game.

Last season Miller was the Big Ten’s ninth highest rated passer but he did complete 63.5 percent of his passes for 2,094 yards and 24 touchdowns to seven interceptions. Coming back for another season could help Miller’s overall draft potential rise. Had he come out this season he would have been likely to be a mid-round draft pick at best and there would have been little chance he would be one of the first quarterbacks drafted in a seaosn that sees Teddy Bridgewater and Johnny Manziel leave early and Blake Botrles seeing his stock rise.

As for the college game, if healthy, Miller should start the 2014 season as a strong Heisman candidate. Miller’s Heisman chances were sidelined with his injury problems early on, but the two-time Big Ten offensive player of the year, but returning with as much experience behind him as he has and the potential for Ohio State to make another run for a Big Ten title will keep him in the early mix.

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26 Responses to “Ohio State QB Braxton Miller returning in 2014 as strong Heisman contender”
  1. afrancis55 says: Jan 9, 2014 7:16 PM

    Didn’t the media say the exact same thing about miller about this time last year too?

  2. detectivejimmymcnulty says: Jan 9, 2014 7:20 PM

    I don’t think he has any NFL future as a QB. He doesn’t have the arm talent to make that jump.

  3. derekgorgonstar says: Jan 9, 2014 7:25 PM

    Unless he gets arrested like all those other buckeyes.

  4. elwaysmilehighdenver says: Jan 9, 2014 7:32 PM

    Name a prior Ohio QB who has amounted to more than a backup clipboard carrier in the NFL. I can’t!

  5. dkhhuey says: Jan 9, 2014 8:01 PM

    Awesome news and welcome back Braxton 3.o!!!

  6. floridascuba1 says: Jan 9, 2014 8:29 PM

    He won’t develop to a passing qb with urban as coach.

  7. spunhead73 says: Jan 9, 2014 8:37 PM

    He shouldn’t be considered a candidate because that goes to qbs who play against real teams,not cupcakes like OSU plays every year. Miller and OSU are overrated.

  8. halbert53 says: Jan 9, 2014 8:39 PM

    They don’t call it The Overrated State University for nothing.

  9. ohioteamsusuallysuck says: Jan 9, 2014 8:54 PM

    Miller for heisman and all of you haters obviously don’t watch the games. Braxton is better than Russell Wilson

  10. BrownsTown says: Jan 9, 2014 8:58 PM

    Miller’s fan club representing here tonight. Let the hate flow, ladies.

  11. blacknole08 says: Jan 9, 2014 10:20 PM

    Bwahahaha at Miller being better than Russell Wilson.

    Wilson would have been a first round pick if he was a few inches taller. Miller wont even be drafted!

  12. Slim Charles says: Jan 9, 2014 10:22 PM

    He shouldn’t be considered a candidate because that goes to qbs who play against real teams,not cupcakes like OSU plays every year. Miller and OSU are overrated.


    QBs playing in the Divisional games this weekend:

    Drew Brees – Big 10
    Russel Wilson – ACC/Big 10
    Tom Brady – Big 10
    Andrew Luck – Pac-10
    Colin Kaepernick – WAC
    Cam Newton – SEC
    Peyton Manning – SEC
    Philip Rivers – ACC

    So this weekend, we have three QBs who played cupcake teams in the big ten, and the SEC is tied with the ACC with two. Not to mention, the two QBs in the Superbowl last year played in the WAC and FCS, respectively. So, lol

  13. dryzzt23 says: Jan 9, 2014 10:30 PM

    I would’ve like to have seen Miller leave, just so we can move to a better, and more traditional style of offense. Lining up in the shotgun and handing it off to Hyde is NOT traditional Buckeye offense.
    Go back to the I-formation or Pro set and get a pocket passer in there, that’s what I want to see.
    Ohio State has never won a title with an “athletic” QB.
    Stanley Jackson was always bailed out by Joe Germaine and Troy Smith was bailed out by Justin Zwick/Dr. Craig Krenzel.
    Terrelle Pryor was an experiment gone wrong, he should’ve been a TE, OLB, or DE.

  14. canetic says: Jan 9, 2014 10:50 PM

    Braxton Miller can’t pass. That’s generally an obstacle to a qb winning the Heisman. Especially with Winston, Mariota, and Hundley all returning.

  15. jrs45 says: Jan 9, 2014 11:13 PM

    Jan 9, 2014, 7:32 PM EST
    Name a prior Ohio QB who has amounted to more than a backup clipboard carrier in the NFL. I can’t!

    Rothlisburger is an ohio QB lol!

  16. jrs45 says: Jan 9, 2014 11:22 PM

    Jan 9, 2014, 7:32 PM EST
    Name a prior Ohio QB who has amounted to more than a backup clipboard carrier in the NFL. I can’t!

    Come to think of it when was the last time FSU fla Mia lsu bama Clemson Oklahoma and ND had a decent career in the nfl besides being a backup.

    FSU I think of wrinkle ward busby McPherson.

    Fla lol tebow leak

    Miami Harris etc.

    Lsu Russell lol

    Bama? Joe Namath jk

    Clemson…..none come to mind.

    Nd had Quinn…..

    kind of weird to think about.

  17. thraiderskin says: Jan 9, 2014 11:35 PM

    There are many schools with no Pro-QBs to their name. Namath is a HoF, but does he really deserve it? Otherwise, even the great Alabama has nada. What about QBs from USC or Texas? how did that work out? I’m not a fan of Miller, but the fact OSU doesn’t have the stable of QBs in its history doesn’t matter to me, if he plays better than others at this position, under the same scrutiny, he deserves to considered a great is college ball.

  18. jrs45 says: Jan 9, 2014 11:42 PM


    I agree. I personally like Miller. Yes he has some mechanic issues but the kid is breaking QB and offensive records at a prestige school that has 7 natl championships. He’s come a long way from when he was a freshman. You never know what could happen after this yr.

  19. basebuck says: Jan 10, 2014 8:56 AM

    Very few qb’s make it in the pros, only about 20 some and half of them are just average! I’m glad he’s back, he’s a tough kid and is hard to defense. GO BUCKS!

  20. thelionsrgreat says: Jan 10, 2014 9:43 AM

    Incredibly overrated player. Never will amount to much in the NFL. Better get his education.

  21. thraiderskin says: Jan 10, 2014 9:55 AM

    Come to think of it… The powerhouse that is Purdue has the most success at the QB position, how do some of you explain that?

  22. thraiderskin says: Jan 10, 2014 11:35 AM

    Just remembered another QB powerhouse, Notre Dame.

  23. 8to80texansblog says: Jan 10, 2014 12:31 PM

    Early Heisman List

    Braxton Miller
    Melvin Gordon
    Brett Hundley
    Bryce Petty
    Marcus Mariota

    Yes, I left Winston out because I firmly believe there will not be another 2 time winner in the absence of extraordinary circumstances.

    I’m sure I also left your guy out too… and for that I apologize…

  24. dkhhuey says: Jan 10, 2014 8:32 PM

    Wow – all of the expert professional QB talent scouts that hang out on this board is impressive!

    Me – I’ll take a game breaker like Braxton back for another year anytime!!! Good kid, never gets in trouble, a great ambassador to the university, and can f@#$ing play football!

  25. dkhhuey says: Jan 10, 2014 8:34 PM

    @raider – Joe Tiller brought in a pass happy offensive style and since the rest of the team was fairly horrid – they were scored upon early and often so they were tossing the ball around A LOT! I can remember Drew Brees tossing up 75 passes against OSU… I’m shocked his arm didn’t fall off!!!

  26. midtec2005 says: Jan 15, 2014 4:24 PM

    Miller is a Heisman favorite, but his passing game needs to improve some. As far as NFL projections go… who cares, that isn’t the issue. Let’s all remember, Tim Tebow won the Heisman (and deserved it).

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