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Charlie Strong wants big guys to beat up little guys at Texas

Charlie Strong AP

Texas needs a guy like Charlie Strong to get the program back to basics. Strong also is pretty blunt with the type of players he is looking for to beef up the Longhorns.

“I’m big into linemen,” Strong said in Sunday’s Austin American-Statesman. “I tell these guys all the time, ‘I’ll find a little guy.’ I want big guys. Big guys are hard to find. And big guys beat up little guys.”

Strong’s approach to restoring pride in the Texas football program starts in the trenches. Strong admitted to having no problem loading up with offensive and defensive linemen if it means he can begin to see domination on the line. That is always a good starting point for any program looking to get to the top. Just look at how Alabama has built a powerhouse under Nick Saban, a coach believed to be at the top of the texas wish list to replace Mack Brown. Saban rebuilt Alabama in to a dominant program by stacking the odds in his favor on the line of scrimmage. Alabama’s offensive line became a wall, and his defensive line became a wrecking ball few teams could slow down. It is a simple philosophy and Texas should have the resources and potential to follow that blueprint under Strong.

Once Strong can get his lines looking the way he would like, he can then focus more on the skill-position players that will make plays on both sides of the football.

“This is what we’re striving for, but we’re never going to turn down a good player,” Strong said. “If there’s an outstanding player there at wide receiver, yes, I’m going to take him.”

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13 Responses to “Charlie Strong wants big guys to beat up little guys at Texas”
  1. ancientcougar says: Feb 24, 2014 10:40 AM

    Like I said, Strong is going to get those little Debutants asses into gear in Austin. They won’t know what hit them.

  2. noaxetogrind says: Feb 24, 2014 11:01 AM

    Wow, this is a unique appoach. Go get big OL and DL who can play. Now I see why Texas went and got this guy. How many other coaches ever thought of that? Slow news day in college football.

  3. 8to80texansblog says: Feb 24, 2014 11:39 AM

    It’s the same approach though that has Bama struggling against quick uptempo teams like A&M and Auburn.

    And to be honest, the Big 12 is loaded with those uptempo teams….

  4. gorilladunk says: Feb 24, 2014 11:56 AM

    Charlie needs to remember that he has moved to the Big 12. Those big, fat guys will work well against Kansas and Iowa St., but they’ll be sucking wind against the up tempo teams (of which there are many). He can call his buddy at Alabama if he doesn’t believe it.

  5. kcrobert10 says: Feb 24, 2014 12:14 PM

    I think u guys are off thinking that it doesn’t work for bama. How many national titles do they have in the last 5 yrs. Lets remember they were the best team until they ran into the magic that auburn had this yr and an Oklahoma team that who knows if they even wanted to play. So I guess my point is lets see if it works maybe the high tempo teams in the big 12 will have to adjust to Texas after Texas physically takes them to the wood shed.

  6. amarredondo7 says: Feb 24, 2014 1:03 PM

    I have complete faith in Charlie Strong’s ability to gauge what is lacking at Texas. His plan sounds a lot better than Mack Brown’s “we’re going to have fun” plan. Of course, through winning, the fun will be had by all. Charlie Strong understands this.

  7. blkwlfmoon25 says: Feb 24, 2014 2:45 PM

    Listen, there is always an upside and downside to be strong offensive and defensive linemen. On the defensive side of the ball, there is this thing called “conditioning.” Fast tempo offenses work because they “wear” down the big guys, but more so, disallow defenses to set up in their schemes and match-ups. Strong is absolutely “spot on” folks. He has one of the best Strength and Conditioning coaches in the nation. The days of the “panty-waist-in-the-trenches” Longhorns is over. Those big strong linemen will care less about fast paced. They’ll bull their way through, protect their “gap” assignments, and generally wear down that offensive line, not to mention do some serious damage to quarterbacks who dilly dally in that pocket too long. I’m a former Texas HS football player and a football coach. Bring on the Big 12 up tempo. Chargin’ Charlie is going to take the “debutante’s” to school again. Oklahoma did well against Bama, and that up tempo offense they used was brilliant by Bob Stoops…but Bama was “flat.” Their mentality was not in the place it should have been, and Nick Saban attributes that “condition” more to the loss than Stoops up tempo schemes. Charlie Strong did not come out and say it…but those Texas players were petted and sat upon pedestals by Grandpa Mack Brown. I love Mack…but their attitudes were not conducive to beating those teams coached by “meat eaters” like Art Briles and Mike Gundy. I guarantee you fellers right now…Oklahoma will NEVER again come back into the Cotton Bowl and do to a Charlie Strong coached team what they did to Mack Brown’s not one, but two years in a row. We were humiliated at the hands of OU…HUMILIATED. Be of good cheer boys…happy days are here again!!!

  8. sallust99 says: Feb 24, 2014 6:11 PM

    texas is #legendsintheirownminds

    by 2017 – horns will have run this guy out of town

  9. normtide says: Feb 24, 2014 7:48 PM

    Are people really saying that Alabama is struggling? How many titles have they won? Three. Texas A&M have won some big games, but zero national or league titles. The up tempo style has won one title, and that against another up tempo team. With Newton at QB. You can’t blame their defense either, because the HUNH hinders your defense. You have to accept that when you run that style. People were having the same assumptions about the run and shut, air raid, and fun and fun offenses. Don’t think that the HUNH will forever change football. The best bet is to have dominant lines, like it always has. Up tempo is great when you have lesser talent, but look at the dominant programs. There is a reason why Oregon has zero titles. Nor does Johnny Football.

  10. amosalanzostagg says: Feb 24, 2014 11:38 PM


    With all due respect, Texas doesn’t recruit. Texas selects. Texas’s demise is that they have allowed the
    B1G, the SEC, and the PAC 12 come in and develop
    strong recruiting relationships with Texas HS coaches in all sports.

    Case in point, Andrew Luck being signed and sealed by Harbaugh when the Texas OC wanted to change Luck’s mechanics in talks between Oliver and Andrew.

    The Harrison twins from Ft Bend Travis laughed at Barnes when he pitched Texas. They chose Kentucky in basketball.

    The last three Heisman winners Robert Griffin III, Johnny Manziel and Jamies Winston all wanted to play Quarterback at Texas, yet Texas said they did not meet their rubic for the position. They have Ash and a myriad of QB transfers to show for their recruiting accumen. Texas signs one of them as QB and perhaps Brown still has his job.

    Strong is more likely to be a Mackovic or a McWilliams rather than a Brown. Why? The Big 12
    isn’t perceived as a NATIONAL conference any more. Reality shows the Big 12 with 2 dominant programs and 8 others along for the ride, one more school than the old SWC. The ACC has passed the Big 12 simply because they now have Notre Dame as a member. The recently concluded national signing day for football had the Big 12 with 5 5 star players TOTAL.

    Texas has done less with more than any school


  11. chinahand11 says: Feb 24, 2014 11:40 PM

    There should be a lot of fat kids in Texas that Charlie can recruit. But as I said before, the prima donnas will be flying out of summer camp. He will get the kids he wants and coach them up. Man, these play-offs are going to be fun!

  12. tuckfexas says: Feb 24, 2014 11:52 PM

    ….and water is wet

    That was a waste of keystrokes Captain Obvious

  13. williered says: Feb 25, 2014 10:12 AM

    Charlie Strong’s approach is a welcome change from the soft, melba toast teams of Mack Brown. While Brown earned his legacy of doing less with more, one of the primary reasons was Texas’ players were considered to be weak mentally and physically. There was an overall absence of motivation and development of their skills.

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