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Report: 10-second rule proposal tabled for later time

Nick Saban AP

Thursday was supposed to be the day the 10-second substitution rule proposal was to be put to rest. Now it appears the inevitable will be delayed.

Brett McMurphy of reports (via Twitter) the NCAA’s Football Rules Oversight committee will table the vote on the controversial 10-second defensive substitution┬árule for a later time. That time has yet to be determined or reported.

Because the vote is being tabled for a later time, there will be no way to implement the rule for the 2014 season even if it did have enough votes to pass. Most seem to believe the votes will not be there anyway, but now that the proposal is being tabled there may be additional time to properly and fully investigate both sides of the proposal. Alabama head coach Nick Saban recently said there needs to be more information obtained related to the impact on player safety with the spread of up-tempo offenses in college football. The lack of data to support the rule change has been one of the popular rallying cries for coaches and administrators (and fans and media) opposing the rule proposal as well.

The Football Rules Oversight committee will move forward with the other proposal on the agenda. It is expected a proposal to revise the targeting rules will be approved. The proposal on the table would wipe off a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct if a video review determines a player penalized and ejected for targeting should not have been called. As it stands now, even if a player is ruled eligible to return to the game, the 15-yard penalty is not taken off the field.

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10 Responses to “Report: 10-second rule proposal tabled for later time”
  1. mikefoxtrottango says: Mar 5, 2014 3:24 PM


  2. bigdinla says: Mar 5, 2014 3:57 PM

    Hope this does cause people to start monitoring the results.

  3. 8to80texansblog says: Mar 5, 2014 4:46 PM

    Saban beat by the HUNHs again….

  4. goodfieldnohit says: Mar 5, 2014 5:04 PM

    @stringsays: nick and bert believe that minute rice leads to more stove related burns #SLOWANDSAFE

  5. wareagle1961 says: Mar 5, 2014 6:14 PM

    The number of injuries related to the pace of play is certainly interesting. The more interesting study IMO is why UA has given out more medical hardships (errr roster cuts) over the past 10 years than the other 11 SEC schools combined.

  6. tmdill18 says: Mar 5, 2014 6:23 PM

    Yeah, Nick. There are also more injuries due to the increased size and strength of the players. So let’s establish a weight limit by position. Since Alabama is typically bigger at each position, I guess you would not be in favor of that one. But come on – it’s all about player safety!!

  7. goodfieldnohit says: Mar 5, 2014 7:46 PM

    @wareagle1961 –

    Here in Texas we call those medical hardships, “trap doors”. Mack Brown was the master of that for a long time.

  8. auburntigers34 says: Mar 5, 2014 8:29 PM

    “Alabama head coach Nick Saban recently said there needs to be more information obtained related to the impact on player safety with the spread of up-tempo offenses in college football.”

    Makes you wonder why he tried to sneak it through the backdoor as a safety issue…..since even he admits that the data isn’t there to support his claims.

    With all of his medical redshirts, maybe they need to look into the safety of his practice methods while they’re at it.

  9. suprmous says: Mar 5, 2014 11:01 PM

    AhhhhhhhhhHaaaaaaaaa, we get to sit and wait to wait and give our comments once again. Damn, haven’t they ever heard, “you might as deal with it now because the pain won’t be as bad later”. Guess Saban never looks to the future at times, ya think?

  10. Professor Fate says: Mar 5, 2014 11:34 PM

    Just kicking the can down the road instead of dealing with the issue now. And this “issue” should have been thrown out until a scientific study shows otherwise. The NCAA resembles Congress more every day.

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