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Charlie Strong wants Texas A&M, but under the wrong circumstances

Charlie Strong AP

Conference realignment has force the unfortunate end to a number of traditional college football rivalries, including Texas and Texas A&M. New head coach at Texas Charlie Strong has dropped the gauntlet the way many new coaches do today in attempting to fire up the momentum to see some of those rivalries resume. Unfortunately, Strong is somewhat misguided in how the series with Texas A&M should be brought back from the dead.

“You’d like to play it in a neutral site somewhere, where every year it’s in that spot, whether it’s Houston or Dallas,” Strong said in an interview with

A neutral site game? C’mon Coach Strong. Texas and Texas A&M deserves so much better than being played in a watered down pro football stadium, even if it were to be played in Arlington, home of one of the emerging super venues for college football.

Call me old-fashioned — I can take it — but it seems to me that if we were able to get Texas and Texas A&M back together again, then playing it in Austin or College Station should be the only way to go. Considering the tradition and passion that ignites when these two long time historic rivals get together, the sport would benefit much more from that than playing a game of this magnitude and hype in an NFL stadium. But hey, cash is king, right?

Consider it a compromise, or a last resort. The problem all schools face these days is expanded conferences are more and more looking to expand conference schedules and push conference schedules to nine games. The SEC is reviewing that possibility right now. Playing nine games makes it difficult for some teams to get in a preferred seven home games each season, which means sometimes some school is going to have to bite the bullet and budge. With the stadium sizes at Texas and Texas A&M, losing a home game any given year is noting either school would look forward to. But if a broadcast partner and the Dallas Cowboys or Houston Texans got involved with the planning and organization (and the funding), then it is a different story.

Strong knows that nothing will happen until his bosses figure something out though.

“It’s all about the two ADs getting together and getting that figured out,” Strong said. “When you look at it, it’s been such a huge rivalry game. … I think at some point it will get worked out.”

Right now the fans at Texas and Texas A&M both appear to be fine having gone their separate ways. That is a shame. Egos have gotten the best of both sides, but over time that will calm down and the Longhorns and Aggies will play again. And that will be a good thing.

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61 Responses to “Charlie Strong wants Texas A&M, but under the wrong circumstances”
  1. drummerhoff says: Mar 8, 2014 2:27 PM

    Texas already plays OU at a neutral site. Does any school schedule 2 neutral sites? I don’t think so.

    This is more bs posturing. A&M won by leaving UT and every longhorn is bitter.

  2. amosalanzostagg says: Mar 8, 2014 2:38 PM

    Texas A&M has outgrown the University of Texas.

    They don’t need the University of Texas. As more time passes, A&M won’t need Texas, period.

    Remember it was Deloss Dodd, the retired Texas AD that caused all of this. When Texas A&M and Missouri left for the SEC, Deloss told the conference that Texas would not be playing Texas A&M in any sport, despite entreaties from Texas A&M and Dodds outlined the same stipend to the rest of the conference. Kansas was forced to cancel it’s annual rivalry with Missouri.

    Texas rules the Big 12 with a velvet iron fist.

    Strong is clueless simply because Texas has fallen to the fourth best program in the Big 12 and the fourth best program in Texas behind Texas A&M, Baylor, and Tech. He needs to play A&M in order to try to build a recruiting edge in football that dissipated under Brown.

  3. goodfieldnohit says: Mar 8, 2014 2:53 PM

    Piss on Charlie. He is not the decider. Nor is anyone on thge 40 acres. They can thank DeLoss for that.

  4. chex1868 says: Mar 8, 2014 3:02 PM


  5. imaduffer says: Mar 8, 2014 3:52 PM

    Coach Strong will be looking for a new job in two years.

  6. meatcarroll says: Mar 8, 2014 4:08 PM

    That booster was right, this guy is fit to be a positional coach at best.

  7. rabbi187 says: Mar 8, 2014 4:55 PM

    As always, aggy fans are delusional. You’d think they’d have won a BCS title the past 2 years, but in reality, they were probably the most disappointing team in the country last season, and have just been a run of the mill team in the most over hyped conference. At least y’all get to chant “SEC” why the Florida’s and Bama’s fight to keep you relevant.

  8. rolltide510 says: Mar 8, 2014 6:14 PM

    ^ Butthurt longhorn who knows A&M would have hung 50 on them the past two seasons.

  9. rabbi187 says: Mar 8, 2014 6:22 PM

    ^ Tool that still says butt hurt

  10. thefiesty1 says: Mar 8, 2014 7:35 PM

    Strong hasn’t been here long enough to know the lay of the land. DeLoss is still lurking in the shadows and he’ll not stand for it.

  11. saints97 says: Mar 8, 2014 7:38 PM

    ^ Tool that still says aggy.

  12. goodfieldnohit says: Mar 8, 2014 8:05 PM

    You have to excuse rabbi187. His mom doesn’t now he’s on her computer.

  13. goodfieldnohit says: Mar 8, 2014 8:06 PM


  14. suprmous says: Mar 8, 2014 8:22 PM

    Give the guy some time will ya. Damn, he’s just a rookie at A&M. Everybody’s gonna make mistakes their Freshman year. C’mon guys.

  15. amosalanzostagg says: Mar 8, 2014 10:40 PM


    Alabama grad and supporter here.

    A&M and Missouri are GREAT additions to the SEC. Thank you for sending them to our conference and opening the State of Texas for recruiting.

    Your envy reminds me of Auburn, difference being
    Texas is paranoid and Auburn just plain hates anything to do with Bama.

    Man up, grow a set and deal with the Big 12, because you have no one to blame for Texas’s situation but Texas itself. Texas greed and massive ego drove Colorado, Nebraska, Missouri and Texas A&M to greener pastures. Now you and Oklahoma own a revised Big Eight and have allowed the ACC to pass the Big 12 as a premier conference.

    Just how relevant as Texas been in the last four years?


  16. amosalanzostagg says: Mar 8, 2014 10:59 PM


    Strong has no where to go but up. The Big 12 is designed for TEXAS to dominate in EVERY sport. The Big 12 is a REGIONAL conference at best, designed by Deloss to be exactly like the old SWC (Texas and Arkansas) and the Big Eight (Nebraska and Oklahoma) with Texas in the dominant role.

    If Strong doesn’t win the Big 12,he will be gone. Texas demands a NATIONAL stage in order to feed Texas Inc.. It doesn’t and will never have it with a Texas centric market.
    Madison Avenue loves Texas, the State, A&M ‘s move to the SEC paid for itself in A&M’s
    FIRST year as a member and Manziel had little to do with it. A&M’s entry alone increased the number of TV market share for the SEC Network to the tune of millions of dollars for EACH conference member.

    Couple LSU and A&M playing on Thanksgiving night and you can see why Texas is envious of A&M. A&M is in a premier conference and on a national stage.

    Envy of A&M drives Texas.

    Little Brother grew up and punched Big Brother hard enough to floor him and Texas didn’t like it. Little Brother realized he DOESN”T need Big Brother and Big Brother doesn’t like it.

    Now Big Brother wants Little Brother to come back on Big Brother’s terms. Little Brother ain’t coming back.

    Karma returns for Texas.


  17. goodfieldnohit says: Mar 9, 2014 12:00 AM

    I am 57 years old, an 18 year season ticket holder at Texas A&M, and I was recently sent a survey by the 12th Man Foundation inquiring as to my feelings about playing Texas anytime soon in football.

    I think the last time I looked at the results, they were something in the 93-7% against playing Texas in the next 10 years.

    Chew on that, Austin boys.

  18. marlin9012 says: Mar 9, 2014 1:58 AM

    I have missed seeing Texas beat a&m. 76-37 Texas doesnt need to play a&m. But it was a great rivalry. I think we all remember that last second field goal that beat a&m and debt them off to the sec.

  19. chill98 says: Mar 9, 2014 10:11 AM

    I wanted that game back, until I read articles about the history of the series. Texas has cancelled the series before, when they started getting beat by A&M. Texas has forced A&M to fire coaches to get access into new conferences. It doesn’t seen like a great partnership. A&M has a good thing with the SEC, why worry about the Shorthorns.

    Maybe A&M should consider rotating 1 Big 12 opponent on opening day at home to showcase the new stadium in a similar manner that Texas rotates Big 12 Texas teams on Thanksgiving?

  20. amosalanzostagg says: Mar 9, 2014 11:25 AM


    All in the past. But leave it to Texas and it’s supporters to thump their collective chests.
    Texas is paranoid,period. For your education, read a brutal assessment of the University of Texas by their own leadership.

    Texas caused it’s own problems and cannot deal with the fallout.

    More proof? The delusions of grandeur of last fall when Texas (and again their supporters) has the Saban’s in Austin buying a home, the Saban 2014 shirts at Texas football games, the talk of a $100 million contract, all being generated as “fact”. Texas supporters had Saban being flown in after Mack’s announcement for his “announcement” as the new Texas coach for the fall football banquet.

    What happened?…All hat and no Cattle

    The same thing has happened again and again. The ill fated search for the AD position when Jurich (Louisville) and Swarbrick (Notre Dame) had to respond to the press and say “No, we’re not
    going to be the next AD @ Texas.” after Texas supporters had them both replacing Dodds.

    The incessant ongoing search for a new conference, the B1g 1o, the PAC 12, the ACC reinforces the
    REALITY that Texas will never be satisfied and always has to be shouting “Here I am! Look at me!”

    The cold hard fact is that when Texas does return to the national stage, Texas and their supporters
    will again be thumping their chests saying ‘We’re Texas!” and “We’re back!” when the rest of the country is snickering and laughing at the Norma Desmond of College athletics.

    You may have money, you’ll never have class.


  21. surfingexec2001 says: Mar 9, 2014 11:29 AM

    Aggy needs to win something. Anything of national relevance. Make a BCS bowl. Win one. Play for a conference championship. Win something. When your greatest victory in the history of the program was a surprising UPSET of a team that still went on to win the natty, your program just hasn’t made it to the big leagues. Winning vicariously through the success of a couple Alabama trade schools isn’t exactly the sort of thing that makes for a grand legacy. Aggy just needs to win something. Maybe this game might be interesting in a few years. For now, I like our schedule as it is without lil bro.

  22. amosalanzostagg says: Mar 9, 2014 12:00 PM


    A&M envy at it’s finest. Enjoy being the fifth best
    conference, even the ACC has passed you.

    Texas doing less with more since 1883


  23. surfingexec2001 says: Mar 9, 2014 12:59 PM


    Hey genius. You’re making one of my points. You focus on conference association appropriating the success of others where ATM has failed.

    The article and the discussion is Texas v farmhands. How is the ACC relevant?

    Again. Win something. Anything. Of national consequence. Factor into the national football results in a way that actually determines an outcome that matters.

    In our lifetime.

  24. amosalanzostagg says: Mar 9, 2014 2:00 PM


    Thank you for recognizing genius. So sorry if actually having a keen intellect is not one of your strong suits.

    Texas ALWAYS does what is in it’s best interests, ALWAYS.

    The ego thinking that they are above the rest of the conference and the national conferences is classic paranoia.

    The incessant conference shopping, the belief that mere the mention of Texas would have coaches and AD’s swooning and fighting to become associated with Texas is not healthy.

    Conferences, University Presidents and Chancellors, and AD’s nationally know the good and bad of the University of Texas, and in many meetings with them have them shaking their heads in disgust. The University of Texas is not viewed as important as Texas grads and supporters perceive themselves as being.

    By the way, RTR stands for “Roll TIDE Roll” since I’m a proud Alabama grad. Yes, we have been winning on a national stage. (Remember the national Championship football game where we WHIPPED your asses?, the one in which you still HAVEN”T recovered?) Yes, we lost to Oklahoma in our bowl game. Yet, we embrace our conference members with a sense of pride, even Auburn. What Texas embraces is the street walker mentality of always looking for better “arrangement” and screw the conference members. The B1G knows that, The PAC12 knows that, The SEC knows that and the ACC knows that.

    The ACC is relevant since they have now passed the Big 12 as a premier power conference. They have Notre Dame as a conference member. They have 15 member
    institutions. Guess what? WHEN they add that 16th member for a super conference, the dominoes start falling again and the conference with 10 members is on life
    support. Why? because Texas will ALWAYS do what is in their best interest, ALWAYS. Texas will be searching for a home and screw the Big 12 just like they did
    to Colorado,Nebraska, Missouri and Texas A&M.

    Texas hates the fact that Texas A&M looked out for it’s own interests and is now in a secure premier conference, something Texas wishes it had.

    I guess you still haven’t gotten over the fact that A&M is not coming back and that
    I welcome the additions of Missouri and Texas A&M as SEC members. A&M more than paid for itself by aligning with the SEC.

    Face it, Texas WISHES it was Texas in the SEC rather than Texas A&M, but like the
    AD’s in conference ALL agree, we have the right Texas school (without all the drama).

    Thank you again for GIVING us Texas A&M. Thank you for giving us all of the Texas
    TV market. Thank you for opening up Texas for recruiting in ALL of Texas High
    Schools. Most of all, Thank you for being the University of Texas and continuing to show the world just how shallow and vapid the University of Texas IS.

    Roll Tide Roll

  25. tgaustin says: Mar 9, 2014 2:41 PM


    Go water your Astro Turf you tool. My GOD, you have the biggest HARD ON EVER for the Longhorns.

    You tell MARLIN that it’s “all in the past”…yet, all you ever do is give us a report card on the history of Gump football. You are the epitome of what’s wrong with college football fan. “Texas hates the fact that Aggie was looking out for it’s best interest”…then you say “Texas only does what’s in its best interest, ALWAYS”!

    Give it up my man/woman…focus on YOUR school…you preach, and preach, and preach to us all about how glorious you are and GUMP university is…dude, go rub one out(if you still can) to your poster of Joe Namath in his fur coat(I WANNA KISS YOU). You make me sick to my stomach.

  26. surfingexec2001 says: Mar 9, 2014 3:27 PM


    We were happy to pass Aggy to you. You guys make excellent bedfellows. They are a good fit for the SEC. It has worked out well for ATM and the rest of the SEC.

    But you still lost focus as tgaustin so clearly points out. Rubbing one out? Not sure that will relieve your dementia.

    I was at the 2010 game in Pasadena. It was a tough loss. I remember texas with the ball in the last 3 1/2 min with a score to win. It did not happen but you can watch your rare VHS copy of that game in your mom’s basement.

    If you were at the game you will remember texas had 70-80% of the stadium in burnt orange. You will remember outside the stadium on the streets of Pasadena Texas fan base out numbered Bama/sec brotherhood 5-to-1. Power of dollar and a good football team is a pretty solid combination.

    You are right, Texas is arrogant. We are not worried about how your chancellors, presidents and AD’s are ringing their fists over our strength. They all wish they were at more reputable academic institutions anyhow, but for Vandy.

    There has never been a serious consideration by anyone at Texas to move to SEC. Even the most neutral journalist would point out the poor fit academically–and I know this must be harsh to read in every article related to this topic. Regarding the ACC, PAC, B1G..perhaps Texas has burnt a few bridges as you kind of sort of pointed out.

    Aggy still needs to win something in our lifetime. They may actually be the largest southern football program who has done less with more in the history of modern college football. We enjoyed their recent resurgence with their phenomenal Heisman winner and back-to-back two loss and four loss, non BCS bowl win seasons. Maybe they will win the SEC this year?

  27. amosalanzostagg says: Mar 9, 2014 3:32 PM


    Good to see you! You know you’re welcome to come and stay the weekend when the house in the Woodland is finished later this month. Let me know when you would like to come down.

    Now, the actual facts ARE that Texas ALWAYS does what is in their best interests, ALWAYS.

    When Texas A&M (or Nebraska, or Colorado or Missouri) does what is in their best interests, Wittle Texas gets upset and threatens the “remaining” Big 12 members. (Remember Dodds DEMANDING assigning of GOR to the conference after A&M left). Very insecure by Texas.

    I can’t help you with your inferiority complex nor your paranoia. That is your personal hell, seek the best mental help you can. The sad fact is that you want what the “glorious” Alabama has, national championships in football and Nick Saban. How did you handle your man crush on Saban
    when Saban said he was staying in Tuscaloosa after you opined that “Bet on it, Saban is coming to Austin.”? Bet it crushed you.

    Sorry you can’t have either, effectively shown when Alabama destroyed Texas in the National Championship game, and further evidenced that Texas STILL hasn’t recovered.

    On a personal note,it looks like a hot, extremely dry summer in Central Texas is going to hurt development of a cogent water policy. Maybe take a look at zoisia or go native in order to save water in drought conditions.

    Namath was good, Stabler was better, Starr is a god and I tend more to defense like Derrick Thomas.

    As to you being sick to your stomach, see your Doctor for your mental afflictions, don’t self medicate, and I’m sure he’ll prescribe something to deal your personal shortcomings. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


  28. amosalanzostagg says: Mar 9, 2014 4:18 PM

    surfing exec,

    Concise response.

    Yes, Texas sought admission to the SEC in 1986 when Deloss came courting. Texas had no chance then as LSU, Bama Florida, Georgia, both Mississippi schools and Kentucky nixed the thought of Texas as a member. The SEC listened to Bear what he thought of Texas a decade before. As a result,two things happened.

    (1.) The Texas legislature got wind and inhibited Texas from moving,

    (2.) The Oklahoma legislature bound both Oklahoma schools to be in the same conference.

    DVD is much better than VHS, Bluray is even better. I’m sure you can find newer technology than
    the Beta you are watching.

    Texas academics are superb. The math interns I have working this summer are from the University of Texas and although raw, show some promise. The ones from U of H are off the charts scary smart.

    As to the National Championship football game, the crowd was 40% Bama and 60% Texas, about right,based on Alumni. What surprised me was the
    number of Texas supporters leaving the game early
    when the game was still in doubt. When McCoy went down with his injury, Texas supporters in two rows in front of us, eight of them, got up enmasse and left. The game was still young and they left. One of my clients said “Typical Texas
    fans. Love you when you are winning, face any type of adversity, and they’ll turn on you.” That is a REALITY that Texas presents NATIONALLY repeatedly. Texas cannot be trusted.

    As to AAU members, Big 12 has 3, the SEC has four, with two schools pending admission, Tennessee and Georgia.

    Do the math.

    Academics kill the Big 12. The PAC12 said they would take Texas, but OU, OSU and Tech killed any chances of Texas being even considered for admission. The LHN and 9 out of 12 schools saying they did not want Texas anywhere near the conference was moot at that point.

    The President of FSU was threatened with his job by the staff, administration and the deans if FSU pursued admission to the Big 12. The deans and the professors stated that the Big 12 was deficient
    in academics.

    The ACC and BIG said “Thanks, but no thanks to Deloss”.

    Point is your unhealthy obsession with Texas A&M.
    They are not coming back. Your mentality borders on an abusive ex-spouse, the spouse left and there is nothing you can do. Grow up, grow a set and move on.


  29. surfingexec2001 says: Mar 9, 2014 4:40 PM

    Stay focused big shooter. It’s what’s required at the next level.

    The point of the article and my post was Texas v. Farmhands.

    Nice positioning of anecdotal evidence in place of facts. “…they got up and left…my clients said…” We’re you and your clients watching the game on big screen between lap dances?

    It’s clear you have inside track on the totality of negotiations related to conference restructuring.

    Bama has a great football legacy but an average academic reputation. Aggy was a nice boost for the SEC academically but has never ever done anything of consequence on the field. Channel their academics as hard as they appropriate your on-the-field success and yours and their reciprocal mental masterbation on these two points will give you a vision of what it’s like to be like Texas.

    That’s all big shooter. Glad you have an army of college grads working for you. You must be a real gem of a leader judging from your posts.

  30. amosalanzostagg says: Mar 9, 2014 5:18 PM

    surfing exec,

    Very focused, your point is immaterial. 45 years of work with University officials and their respective
    conferences allow you insight and thoughts of where schools and conferences are heading.

    I attended that National Championship game as a proud Alabama grad and had officials from a large
    B1G school go as my guests with my late wife and myself. We have worked together and known each other for over 30 years. To besmirch my late wife and her memory with the thought of a “lap dance” is repugnant. She had more of a zeal for life, even in he dying days than you could ever fathom. It was the last great time we had together.

    Degrees are degrees. it is what you do with the degrees AFTER graduation that matters.

    Texas will ALWAYS be Texas. Won’t deny that.
    Point is, the rest of the nation KNOWS what Texas
    is, and it isn’t pretty.

    As to the “interns”, they’ll be great. The letter of
    recommendations to their future employers usually
    assures them a great job, and even more important a great career. The business associations and life long relationships I’ve developed are priceless.


  31. coolhorn46 says: Mar 9, 2014 5:48 PM

    Judging from the responses to this thread, one thing aggy fan has NOT outgrown is his ego.

    The powers that be at the agricultural college claimed that the move to the SEC was a 100 year decision, and as far as this Longhorn fan is concerned, it ought to be at least that long before the two schools play each other again, unless it’s in a bowl game.

    UT’s AD at the time, DeLoss Dodds, agreed with what TAMU had to gain by moving over to the confederacy, and was on record that they should do what was/is right for them. He did make it clear that if TAMU left the Big XII, the games with UT would be over, so TAMU’s administrators knew before the move that there would be no more turkey day games. The decision to end the series was made in collie station, NOT Austin.

    The idea of not playing agricultural has nothing to do with ego, and everything to do with backing up one’s word, as well as scheduling going forward. UT has its’ agendas, TAMU has theirs’ and at the highest level, I don’t think either school particularly cares to resurrect the series. There may be individual fans of both schools that would like to see them play, but the majority of UT’s fans, and I think TAMU’s as well, are fine with leaving things the way they are. UT’s athletic director, Steve Patterson, isn’t even luke warm about putting eaTme back on the schedule, and I, for one, agree with him completely.

  32. amosalanzostagg says: Mar 9, 2014 6:10 PM



    That was before Texas A&M “exploded” upon the SEC scene and replaced Texas (along with Baylor and Tech) as a perennial power in the State of Texas. Couple that with the $700 million plus that alumni raised for Texas A&M and you see why Texas is nervous.

    Texas will try to play Texas A&M again, but they will try to do so on THEIR terms. I don’t see Texas
    A&M playing Texas again unless it is in the post season of a sport. Then the blood feud will start all over again.

    But explain why Deloss forced Kansas toquit their rivalry game with Missouri when both schools wanted it to continue?

    If Texas doesn’t want to play Texas A&M, explain why Strong wants to play Texas A&M again?


  33. surfingexec2001 says: Mar 9, 2014 6:58 PM

    Big Shooter,

    You have taken this way off point. I am not impressed with your ability to focus.

    First off, this is sports posting board. It’s on that thing called the ‘internet’. To spin my snarky reply that you were entertaining clients at a strip joint while watching the Rose Bowl (rather than actually being there–get it?) as some sort of dig to your beloved wife….well that is just the dumbest thing ever. You are displaying logic which is marginal at best.

    Second, big shooter, you have no idea who is on the other end of your exchange. The last thing I’d do on this forum is roll (tide) out my resume so as to trump yours. Let’s just say you do not have the advantage of perspective mate.

    Third, anyone who would suggest their recommendation letter (or other some such referrals) are ‘priceless’ is displaying an ego larger than the delusional view you have of the downfall of Texas.

    The one thing I have always taken away from my associations with Alabama fans was how as a collective, they were about the nicest and most polite ‘winners’ or ‘losers’ I have come across. Your woefully outnumbered fanbase at the Rose Bowl in 2010 (60/40 would be an estimate enhanced by ‘rose’ colored lens…that is for sure), was classy, generous and fine representatives of your institution. But you are pained by Texas upper-handedness and desire to own their own destiny.

    For goodness sakes, I started this post with a simple plea for Aggy to win something. Anything. In my and your lifetime. Of consequence to the national championship theater. Despite Texas’ recent struggles, we have done this plenty times in my lifetime–too many to count on my fingers and toes. Hell Alabama (God Damn!) has done it even more often. Aggy? Got nothing. Nuh uh.

    So please big shooter and all the fricking farmhands who are upvoting your posts: get a grip. Drop some ego. Stay classy.

  34. dhardy8207 says: Mar 9, 2014 6:58 PM

    Dammit I’m going to make all of you stand in the corner!… Chill out and let the teams play. This has gotten to sound like a kindergarden playground spat on here instead of debates among grown adults.

    Every fan base is biased, it is the nature of the beast and I’m as guilty of that as the rest of you, but damn have some class and stop the titt for tatt insults….

  35. amosalanzostagg says: Mar 9, 2014 7:14 PM


    Well said,

  36. amosalanzostagg says: Mar 9, 2014 7:25 PM

    surfing exec,

    Apologies to offending you.

    No excuse.

    I am from a different generation. My late wife, my family,and my work is my monument. College Athletics has changed tremendously since 1968 when I first started working with Universities and their Administrations.

    My grandson had to tell me what a “lap dance” was.

    That being said, Texas started the latest version of ”
    The Money Game” and University athletics has never been the same. Disney is just as much to blame, and college sports is poorer for it.

    Money will kill college sports.


  37. surfingexec2001 says: Mar 9, 2014 9:04 PM

    Good points big shooter. On those issues we agree. I remember being presented with the opportunity to consider voting on whether or not Texas would ‘sell’ Seat Licenses–the option to buy season tickets only after making an upfront payment of a few thousand dollars for the option. It seemed like taking money illegally from our alumnae. A young DeLoss Dodds had to explain the concept in slow and painstaking terms to a round table of influential alumnae and tenured faculty representatives. None of us had heard of it before. We were first to do it, now everyone else has followed. Same with the TV network: so divisive and destructive but how could Texas turn away $300m and watch it go to the Catholics in south bend. Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t. I just wouldn’t be so hard on us. It is hard being the front runner on the money side. My guess is some of us longhorns might have played things differently knowing what we know now.

    Nebraska–they just got their ass kicked in the old Big12. Colorado: non factor on any level. Missouri hard loss. Aggy: they still gotta win something at some point to secure their newfound power.

    Apologies to you from me.

    Roll tide roll

  38. normtide says: Mar 9, 2014 10:26 PM

    Texas can’t control A&M anymore, so now they fear them. I don’t see how you can explain it any other way.

  39. suprmous says: Mar 9, 2014 11:14 PM

    amosalanzostagg, sorry I hit a nerve with you and the others that voted me down but everybody in their Freshman year makes mistakes. And it does take em time to adjust. Hell even the great ones had problems adjustin. So why jump on me for somethin that’s a given? Until you had your first child didn’t you fear fatherhood? But then when you got used to him/her weren’t you ready for another? Same thing, just different seranio; but maybe not the wisest choice. Again I’m sorry I hit that nerve with you and the others.

  40. tgaustin says: Mar 10, 2014 9:41 AM

    “Aggie exploded onto the scene in the SEC”….let’s see:

    First year in – 5th in conference
    Second year in – 7th in conference

    TNT I tell ya, TNT!

  41. seniorguy says: Mar 10, 2014 11:54 AM

    First of all, I agree with the article, the ‘neutral site’ idea is wrong. I believe all games should be played on campus, and that includes the Arkansas game. As someone here said, “money is going to ruin college football”.

    As for renewing the series with Texas, I not only hope it ‘never’ happens, I pray so.

    Texas is on a decline due to their own decision making so let them reap what they’ve sown. They seem to be falling asleep on TT, Baylor, and TCU, which if left unchecked will have them wondering “what happened”, and that would be fun to see.

    A&M has moved on and that should be the aim of our direction with no looking back. We’re beating them in recruiting, and even stealing their recruits, and I see no benefit in playing Texas. Even beating them on the field repeatedly wouldn’t seem worth it, but then I’m not in Texas, I’m in Indiana. As for me, we have a conference recognized as the best in the land to worry about.

    What’s the song say, “Goodbye to Texas U-n-v-e-r-s-i-t-y”? . . . Goodbye.

  42. 8to80texansblog says: Mar 10, 2014 4:39 PM

    The very best part about this is that Bama fans are defending A&M….

    Tsips are over here telling us how big our ego is yet it’s not even Aggies that are crowing… And how rich is it that a Texas fan is talking to ANYONE about the size of their ego??

    And Texas fans should be worrying about what’s going on in Waco right now instead of College Station….

    It was a huge mistake to not steal Briles from a conference foe… Look at what he does with 2*s and 3*s…. Imagine what he could do with 4*s and 5*s…. I still can’t believe you guys let Baylor win a conference title…. wtf…

  43. 8to80texansblog says: Mar 10, 2014 4:47 PM

    And by the way, I agree with Kevin on this. IF this does happen, it has to be on a home and home basis. F the neural site BS. Home and Home…

    And yes Texas has historically dominated the series but in my lifetime, A&M is up by 1…

  44. amosalanzostagg says: Mar 10, 2014 11:32 PM



    The drought in Central Texas has affected your thought process, more importantly, the apparent
    lack of THINKING. I attribute that to your various maladies that you need to address.

    Simple questions for you,

    What was Texas A&M’s FINAL ranking in football for 2012? Hint, 3rd NATIONALLY. Second to Alabama in conference. (USA Today)

    What was Texas A&M’s FINAL ranking in football for 2013? Hint, 22nd NATIONALLY. Fifth in the conference.(USA Today)

    Texas was 16th in 2012 and 33rd in 2013.(USA Today)

    I know you want to try to tweak people, but son,
    come with game. Keep trying though! Get the help you need and I’ll continue to pray for you.


  45. amosalanzostagg says: Mar 10, 2014 11:33 PM

    Surfing exec,

    No apologies necessary. You’re a good man.


  46. amosalanzostagg says: Mar 10, 2014 11:41 PM


    Au Contraire!

    I agree with you. Point is that the LSU and Texas A&M AD’s made a great contribution to Rivalry
    Weekend and to the SEC by having Texas A&M/LSU football on Thanksgiving night. So much, the NFL is asking for an afternoon game rather than a Thursday night game. Think about that. The NFL Network will probably move the Dallas game to night time in order to accommodate the LSU/Texas A&M game. Three NFL games. 2 college games. The reason for Turkey Day. Food, Family and Football.

    LSU is going to be loaded (football wise, not alcohol) next year.


  47. 8to80texansblog says: Mar 11, 2014 10:19 AM

    amosalanzostagg says:
    Mar 10, 2014 11:41 PM

    LSU is going to be loaded (football wise, not alcohol) next year.

    I disagree….

    They are going to be loaded both ways….

  48. 8to80texansblog says: Mar 11, 2014 10:44 AM

    surfingexec2001 says:
    Mar 9, 2014 6:58 PM

    So please big shooter and all the fricking farmhands who are upvoting your posts: get a grip. Drop some ego. Stay classy.

    You sir… are the embodiment of the longhorn fan stereotype.

    You are condescending and resorting to name calling and then in the same breath telling us to “Stay Classy”

    “Observe which side resorts to the most vociferous name-calling and you are likely to have identified the side with the weaker argument and they know it.”

  49. iwishwvuwouldbeatbama says: Mar 11, 2014 12:30 PM

    Nothing like taking the College out of College football! Cant say much though, my team is located in one of the poorest state’s in the US, yet it is in the top ten in college football for most expensive tickets. I remember when football was all about the home game. Now a lot of people I know cant afford to take their kids to one. Its a shame that the only people who have the power to regulate these things, the fans stay quite while college football decision makers do whatever they please! i know it was off topic but wanted to say it anyway.

  50. surfingexec2001 says: Mar 11, 2014 9:45 PM

    Oh jeez 8to80texansblog. Tips, sips, tu….Aggy, farmhands…these are endearing references and they occur on both sides.

    My point throughout is a fact. Aggy needs to win something. That still hasn’t happened. So the game has never been as important to the tsips as it was to Aggy. Oklahoma has always been our big game and it has mattered plenty on the national scene unlike our series with Aggy.

  51. normtide says: Mar 12, 2014 12:29 AM

    You make a decent point. But, it’s a rivalry, so it doesn’t really apply. You want to win it. Every year.

    Tell the truth, if Alabama refused to play Auburn you would crush Bama for that. And rightfully so. As a fan I couldn’t accept that. You shouldn’t accept not playing A&M.

    Regardless of how UT wants to spin it, the rest of the nation sees it as a move based on fear. Not really of the aggies, but that if they prove themselves better than UT, the move to the SEC is justified. UT fears the narrative it would set. It would also show other members of the big 12 that you can resist UT and be successful. That’s what they are really avoiding.

  52. graygrantham1 says: Mar 12, 2014 1:31 AM

    Considering it would be the only game to occur every year between an SEC school and a Big 12 School, I think for those of us who are football fans in general and not afflicted with bias or prejudice associated with being a fan in particular of UT or A&M, this would no doubt be the highest rated game, each year, for the week it is played.

    I couldn’t care less who wins ore loses, I just wan to see it.

    I think the CFP Selection Committee would like to see it as well.

    Where it should be played? On campus of course. If you move this game to a neutral site, (Dallas, Houston, San Antonio), you’re talking about putting 100,000 people on the Texas Highways on game day. THATS NUTS, leave it on Campus.

  53. 8to80texansblog says: Mar 12, 2014 10:33 AM


    Well we did just win a Heisman a year ago…. guess that counts for “something”

    And I do agree that A&M has underperformed relative to its resources, especially post Slocum.

    But A&M is dominating the state of Texas right now in recruiting, and as those kids start to hit the field, the Aggies will keep getting better.

    So close off your endzone and tout that you have the biggest stadium, but until kids would rather play in the Big 12 than the SEC, the needles are going to continue to move in opposite directions.

  54. seniorguy says: Mar 12, 2014 4:41 PM

    I said in another post above:
    “Texas is on a decline due to their own decision making so let them reap what they’ve sown. They seem to be falling asleep on TT, Baylor, and TCU, which if left unchecked will have them wondering “what happened”, and that would be fun to see.”

    Well it’s happening already.


  55. 8to80texansblog says: Mar 12, 2014 5:08 PM

    @seniorguy The meat of that article you mentioned is covered in another post on CFT.

    But again it can’t be denied that A&M has assumed the Alpha spot in Texas and UT had better start worrying about Baylor too…

  56. 8to80texansblog says: Mar 13, 2014 1:16 PM

    A&M seems to be moving on…

    They just signed a home and home with UCLA (2016-2017), they already have one with Oregon on the schedule (2018-2019), and a neutral site game with ASU in 2015…

  57. mcmccii says: Mar 14, 2014 9:08 AM

    A&M had to deal with UT but now they have to deal with Alabama and their crooked schedule making. Alabama consistently plays patty cake schedules compared to the rest of the SEC, and it’s a crock. TAMU isn’t any good anyway.

  58. mcmccii says: Mar 14, 2014 9:39 AM

    Plus they can’t even get past LSU.

  59. normtide says: Mar 14, 2014 5:35 PM

    1- Alabama’s SOS will stack up against anyone’s.

    2- who else Bama plays has nothing to do with a game between A&M and Bama.

    3- A&M has beaten Bama.

    Do some research, otherwise you sound like an idiot. Then again, you probably would anyway.

  60. mcmccii says: Mar 24, 2014 10:34 AM

    1. No, Alabama’s SOS doesn’t stack up against other teams in the SEC West.
    2. Yes, it does when the race in the SEC is so tight every year.
    3. They have beaten Bama, but won’t do this consistently. Johnny Magic is gone. They didn’t even beat LSU while he was there.
    Go fuck yourself with your “research”, because it’s you who doesn’t know what you’re talking about. For those in the back of the class, schedule makers for the SEC make an easier schedule for Bama every year, that has been known for a long time now.

  61. normtide says: Mar 24, 2014 12:25 PM

    Alabama is the only SEC team that has played a league schedule where 7 of 8 opponents had a bye week prior to the Bama game. It’s happened twice to Alabama in the first decade of this century. Those are facts, look them up. The SEC is ruled equally by each program. Only two of the fourteen teams want to change the current format. So you’re saying that eleven SEC teams, including Auburn, Tennessee, and Florida, actually are trying to help Alabama succeed. If you are, please find a cave to live in.

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