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Update: GPD clarifies incident involving UF’s Andre DeBose

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Earlier this month, Andre DeBose was granted a sixth season of eligibility.  Exactly two weeks later, the Florida wide receiver celebrated the extra year by doing what any normal person would: throwing a human being through a window.  Allegedly.

The Gainesville Television Network is reporting that DeBose was involved in some type of altercation Saturday night.  While the details are few and far between, the television station reported that DeBose tossed an individual through a window during the course of the altercation.

The Gainesville Police Department confirmed to GTN that there was an incident, but did note that DeBose was not arrested.  It’s unclear if DeBose or anyone else allegedly involved could face charges down the road.

UF has not commented publicly on the situation.

During summer camp last August, Debose tore an ACL and did not see the field in 2013.  Additionally, Debose missed his entire true freshman season in 2009 due to an injury he suffered running high school track.  The two missed seasons led to the NCAA approving a sixth season for the player.

A five-star member of UF’s 2009 recruiting class, Debose was rated as the No. 2 receiver in the country by and the No. 21 player at any position.  Debose appeared in 31 games and made eight starts from 2010-12.  He has 29 career catches for 543 yards and four touchdowns.  His most productive season as a receiver came in 2011 (16-432-4).

Debose has done the majority of his damage on special teams as his four career kickoff returns for touchdowns are a school record and tied for the most in SEC history.

(Tip O the Cap: Orlando Sentinel)

UPDATED 2:22 p.m. ET: And this is precisely why we use — or overuse in some cases — the words “allegedly” and “reportedly.”

Shortly after we posted the original story above, the Gainesville Police Department released a statement addressing the situation involving DeBose.  The key portion of the release appeared at the very bottom.

Note: Information originally released in a Sunday Morning “GPD Media Weekend Snapshot” email sent to local media reported that Debose was an aggressor, but this information was incorrect.

The GPD also detailed in the release the events that led up to officers being called to a local residence.  Suffice to say, all parties involved are very lucky that there were no injuries… or deaths.

Below is the GPD’s statement, in its entirety.

Gainesville, FLA – At 6:30pm Saturday, officers responded to an armed confrontation involving at least 2 subjects in the front yard of the house that were reportedly armed with a handgun and a rifle.  

When officers arrived, they found an SUV parked in front of the house with numerous bullet holes and shell casings in the road.  One subject retreated into the house but came out and was secured within moments.  Investigation determined that John Mark Honeycutt W/M 7/1/90, Andre Debose B/M 9/12/90, Victor Watkins II B/M 12/20/89 and Kristan Lipham W/F were eating together in the house.  

Debose and Watkins got into an argument resulting in Watson pushing Debose into a window.   The glass broke, but Debose was not injured.  This angered Honeycutt who retrieved a handgun and threatened Watkins with it.  However, Watkins immediately took the handgun from Honeycutt and then discharged several rounds into the ground outside the house.  

Honeycutt now retrieved the rifle and fired several rounds into Watkins’s SUV and into the ground in front of the house.  All parties were transported to CID where GPD detectives conducted interviews.  After an extensive investigation, detectives arrested Honeycutt for Aggravated Assault.  All other parties were released.

UPDATED 2:59 p.m. ET: The Gainesville Police Department has taken a somewhat unprecedented step by issuing yet another statement addressing the initial discrepancy involving DeBose while also directing an apology to the player for the initial, incorrect information.

Again, the complete statement from the GPD appears below.

Social media is both a blessing and a curse.  On one hand, important information can be relayed to millions of people in a fraction of a second.

On the other hand, incorrect information can spread like wildfire.

This morning, as I read our end-of-shift reports, I copied and pasted the incident summary that included information about Florida Gators WR Andre Debose and sent it to my local media contacts as I do each and every day.  Unfortunately, the initial information released was incorrect.

The initial summary read that Mr. Debose, during an argument, threw another person into a window.  In fact, the names in the summary were transposed, and I did not catch the error before sending it to my local media contacts.  I did not catch the error until the wildfire had started, and now I am trying to help put that wildfire out.

Mr. Debose was actually the one pushed into the glass, and in fact tried to break this altercation up multiple times during the incident.  

To Mr. Debose: I apologize that my error put your name and reputation in jeopardy, no matter how briefly.  I take full responsibility for this error, and hope that the stories printed and published will correct your name and reputation.  Furthermore, I am extremely proud that you intervened in this incident and likely prevented anyone from being injured or killed.

-Officer Ben Tobias, PIO
Gainesville Police Spokesperson

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16 Responses to “Update: GPD clarifies incident involving UF’s Andre DeBose”
  1. birdcen says: Mar 16, 2014 1:58 PM

    Classic Florida. Muschamp is a tool and should be gone. Nice temper.

  2. chompchomp11 says: Mar 16, 2014 2:25 PM

    Pretty irresponsible journalism here.. It’s now being reported that Andre was the victim not the perpetrator.

  3. John Taylor says: Mar 16, 2014 2:26 PM

    Nice try. Refresh the post and see how irresponsible we are.

  4. noaxetogrind says: Mar 16, 2014 3:01 PM

    Nice reading comprehension birdcen.

  5. chompchomp11 says: Mar 16, 2014 3:11 PM

    Not sure how professional getting sarcastic with your readers is but hey to each his own I guess

  6. fatcamper says: Mar 16, 2014 5:11 PM

    This Watkins character really seems to hate the ground for some reason.

  7. stoicpaisano says: Mar 16, 2014 5:13 PM

    This angered Honeycutt who retrieved a handgun and threatened Watkins with it. However, Watkins immediately took the handgun from Honeycutt then discharged several rounds into the ground outside the house.

    Glad this poof Honeycutt was the one who got arrested. Watkins could’ve stuck it up his ass and pulled the f’n trigger til it went *click*.

  8. iwishwvuwouldbeatbama says: Mar 16, 2014 5:43 PM

    Wow looks like a Florida Gator got arrested then things got smoothed over for him. Just like when that FSU guy assaulted that girl. Gainesville must be a football town too! Florida is all class!

  9. swampcannons says: Mar 16, 2014 5:56 PM


    In regards to where I grew up in comparison to yours it must suck to be you. Hating is admitting failure.

  10. iwishwvuwouldbeatbama says: Mar 16, 2014 6:06 PM


    Where you grew up, abusing women is acceptable if your a talented football player, And your team is chocked full of talented players(scumbags). Just like when Urban was there only your an average team of troublemakers now as apposed to a great team of future convicts ie Mr Aaron Hernandez.

  11. swampcannons says: Mar 16, 2014 6:30 PM


    We don’t burn couches here. We also practice the King’s English. Best of luck to you sir.

  12. iwishwvuwouldbeatbama says: Mar 16, 2014 6:34 PM

    Good one Chief! Wait a minute that’s not exactly PC is it? Well when has that ever mattered in Florida? Practicing the King’s English, guess that means you had nothing on the topic of the criminal gator squad of the past or present, well played sir!

  13. fatcamper says: Mar 16, 2014 7:47 PM

    Log Out iwishwvuwouldbeatbama you’re drunk.

  14. gatorprof says: Mar 16, 2014 7:54 PM

    That is a very bad whiff by GPD that could result in a defamation lawsuit. Once the incorrect allegation is out the damage is done as people just run with it. The press releases bad information all of the time, but the police should get it correct!

  15. ningenito78 says: Mar 16, 2014 8:42 PM

    I throw my wife through a window for every birthday. Don’t judge.

  16. ningenito78 says: Mar 16, 2014 8:43 PM

    And in all seriousness, class act by the cop putting out that statement.

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