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USC and UCLA among many awaiting Northwestern union vote results

UCLA v USC Getty Images

Just like everybody else following collegiate athletics, football players and administrators at USC and UCLA will wait patiently for the results of the Northwestern players union vote. If an appeal by Northwestern University is rejected by the National Labor Relations Board and the Wildcat players vote in favor of a union, the movement could hit the west coast in a matter of time.

Players at USC have stated their interest in a potential union, according to the Los Angeles Times, and Trojans Athletics Director Pat Haden has already met with the team to attempt to answer any questions they may have.

“These are all bright kids,” Haden said. “We’re an academic institution. This is supposed to be a time for intellectual growth and we welcome it.”

If Northwestern players open the doors to a formal union, private institutions around the country could see similar union talks develop among players. USC is a private institution, which would qualify under the precedent set by a regional office ruling by the NLRB as Northwestern players made their case.

UCLA should be keeping close tabs on the discussions as well as any public institution. If USC were to form a union down the line under the guidelines put in motion by Northwestern’s movement, it could become a┬ábrand new sticking point in recruiting battles between the two LA-based universities. The leadership at UCLA is also coming off in favor of the idea.

“College students need and want money for what we do,” said UCLA receiver Devin Lucien. “I support what they are doing. I think it needs to happen.”

The results of the Northwestern vote will not be shared until after an appeal by the university is ruled on by the NLRB. The NLRB agreed to hear an appeal from the university, which will freeze the union movement following the formal voting process.

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10 Responses to “USC and UCLA among many awaiting Northwestern union vote results”
  1. addict2sport says: Apr 25, 2014 11:50 AM

    When did a free education become so undervalued? I understand players being upset with institutions making money off their likeness in video games or jersey sales but the “need” to be paid for what they do is disturbing to me.

  2. pawloosa says: Apr 25, 2014 12:08 PM

    Illinois & California??!! Really?? What a joke!!
    These states have NO CLUE how to be financially responsible and cave to any random whim that could cause social discomfort.. These schools (or any school) going union is a horrid idea and will only lead to endless legal battles and athletic budgets unable to pay their financial obligations in the effort to “keep up with the Jones”

  3. irlfannphx says: Apr 25, 2014 12:56 PM

    These Athletes should get a stipend on TOP of their education. These Athletes aren’t like any other student. They’re NOT allowed to get a part time job to help with their expenses. The “student meal plans” that they’re awarded, base their proportions upon a Student eating approximately 2500 calories a DAY. That’s also based upon the “Normal Average Size” for a typical College Student.
    5′ 8″ 165 lbs. These Athletes MOST times require up to 3 times that many calories a day, just to keep up with what they’ll burn in a day. These 6’8″ 300 Offensive Tackles are awarded the SAME plan that the little guy gets. They DON’T get extras just because they’re Athletes. These Athletes aren’t afforded the same rights as other students who either have a part time job or parents who give their child a “stipend” to be able to go have a pizza with their friends after studying. Many times these Athletes come from “Inner cities” where their parents barely made enough to FEED everyone. Yet you want them to now cough up money they don’t HAVE, to give to their child. Who WITHOUT a full-ride scholarship would NEVER have been able to attend college in the first place. These Athletes are required to keep their grades up as well as put in enough hours to ensure that their Team’s one of THE BEST in the Nation. Oh, btw… you’ve got to do that while being HUNGRY as hell because your meal plan doesn’t cover enough calories for you to even LEARN. It’s common knowledge that people don’t learn as well when they’re hungry.

    I’m not saying these guys need Hundreds of Thousands of dollars. Not saying they even need $25K. But I am saying that they need ENOUGH to allow them to eat WHENEVER they’re hungry. They need a Stipend to allow then to have the SAME College experience as someone whose getting a stipend from their parents OR a Part time job. Let these kids be able to go out and have a pizza and beer (if they’re 21) and have some fun with their friends!

    If the NCAA would’ve done that earlier, we might NOT even be dealing with this subject. But Miles Brand held tough on giving Athletes anything. I never understood how a guy who DECIMATED one of the country’s best Athletic programs top to bottom was then offered the Head of the NCAA job? Indiana was so glad to get rid of that dumbass!

  4. Professor Fate says: Apr 25, 2014 1:13 PM

    Just to correct some misinformation under which you are laboring: California incurred a huge deficit while Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger was governor. Under recycled Democrat Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown the state now has a $4.5 billion surplus.

    California sports the world’s 5th or 6th largest economy and pays about $1.25 to the federal government for every dollar received. I know nothing of Illinois’ financial situation, but the lovingly-held belief that “communist” California is somehow a broken and irresponsible financial disaster is utter bullshit.

  5. thekatman says: Apr 25, 2014 3:56 PM

    The union issue is for private schools only. If public schools decide to unionize that had better be up to a state vote of the population, not the state school channels office.

    Unionization of college student athletes will decimate sports at the college level, count on it.

    and once in, union leadership won’t let go… ever.

  6. pawloosa says: Apr 25, 2014 5:51 PM


    Sorry bubba…. We can agree to disagree on the politics ….

  7. irishdodger says: Apr 25, 2014 8:16 PM

    Since a four year degree is obviously not worth much, I fully expect tuition at ALL state supported universities to drastically reduce tuition. It’s way past time that these free-loaders that run universities be held accountable. Zero excuse for state tuition being increased every year regardless of the state of the economy. Another example of how broken our govt has become as this is all a racket to get kids in deeper debt to the govt thru federal loans. The more tuition goes up, the more indebt students become. It’s a wonder students major in careers that don’t offer salaries that can begin to pay these loans back.

  8. Professor Fate says: Apr 25, 2014 8:24 PM

    Actually the political identities were included to illustrate that not all Republicans are financially responsible and not all Democrats are financially irresponsible. I happen to be financially conservative (especially when it comes to politicians spending other peoples’ money) and socially liberal. Normally that would define me as a Libertarian, but I don’t like where they’ve gone lately either.

    What I was addressing was a factual error. You are entitled to your own opinion, you are not entitled to your own facts.

  9. Professor Fate says: Apr 25, 2014 8:25 PM

    Good synopsis of the whole student-debt fiasco, especially considering that the feds decided that that debt could not be discharged in a bankruptcy.

  10. dmvtransplant says: Apr 25, 2014 9:35 PM

    @ Professor Fate

    If Cali is doing so good why did the Lt. Governor fly to Texas and ask business leaders why their leaving California? And on the same topic why are production companies leaving California for other states? The movie Battle: Los Angeles wasn’t even filmed in California, LSU fans thank you for the money to the local economy.

    Nothing in my above statement was a lie or made up they are all facts you can check openly.

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