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No double jeopardy for Jameis Winston following crab-gate

Jimbo Fisher,. Jameis Winston

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston served a brief suspension from the baseball team following his crab leg incident. At the time Florida State’s football head coach, Jimbo Fisher, seemed to approve of the action being taken regarding the two-sport athlete and gave it his full endorsement. On Monday Fisher confirmed the suspension from the baseball team will suffice and no additional action is necessary by the football program.

“If he would have been in football only, he would have been suspended from football activities only until we took care of all those things,” Fisher said to “To him that’s just as devastating (missing three baseball games). To me too. I like baseball.”

Winston was ordered to fulfill 20 hours of community service before being reinstated by the baseball team at Florida State. Not forcing Winston to miss any football time seems fair as well, because holding him out from any football activity would seem to be double jeopardy.

In the meantime, Winston’s father claims Florida State is supposed to be monitoring his son with 24/7 security.

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21 Responses to “No double jeopardy for Jameis Winston following crab-gate”
  1. mauldawg says: May 12, 2014 6:13 PM

    JF a clone of UM. Winning comes first the hell with everything else. From here on out anything JW does will be sweep under the rug,

  2. spviii says: May 12, 2014 6:19 PM


  3. classyjacklambert says: May 12, 2014 6:22 PM

    No one thought he’d get punished for football in this case. If anything this was the best thing that could have happened to Jimbo Fisher. It is a warning call to Winston without Fisher having to even skip a beat. It made Winston spend less time with baseball, where he risks injury. Hell, it might even cause Winston to consider another year of college to improve his image for a better draft grade… although that’s a stretch.

  4. jimmy53 says: May 12, 2014 6:34 PM

    There was more made about this than HaHa Clinton Dix stealing $500 from his own Asst coach, Mettenberger pleading guilty to two misdemeanor sexual assaults, and Cam stealing a laptop combined.

    #effed-up priorities

    HE RECEIVED A CITATION! FSU was not required to suspend him at all–and they did anyway. Some of you morons still harping on $32 worth of crab seemed to have more to say about this than the Rutgers QB getting arrested for assault.

  5. slartibartfast4242 says: May 12, 2014 7:28 PM

    Persecution complex is strong with Jimmy!

  6. floridacock says: May 12, 2014 7:53 PM

    Actually on a blog about Winston we do have more to say about him than the Rutgers QB

  7. footballnut85 says: May 12, 2014 7:54 PM

    The Heisman Foundation has to be thrilled with these last two clowns! What an embarrassment to this award!

  8. Deb says: May 12, 2014 7:58 PM

    Under NCAA rules, FSU is under no obligation to discipline Winston at all. Nevertheless, the school suspended him from the baseball team, which was appropriate considering that it’s baseball season. But if Jimbo had answered the question by saying Winston could face additional punishment if he doesn’t behave going forward (which is also true), the headlines would have screamed “JIMBO THREATENS FURTHER SUSPENSIONS.”

    When the media presses him on this stuff, he’s really in a no-win situation no matter what he says.

  9. noaxetogrind says: May 12, 2014 8:56 PM

    For all those folks out there who keep giving us a primer on the “legalities” of the case by letting us know it is a misdemeanor and for those who keep telling us FSU was under no obligation to do anything from an NCAA standpoint….do you really think the rest of us don’t know that? Those that feel that perhaps Mr. Winston is a bit of a run away train just primarily are concerned with the cumulative effect of this youngs start to his colleg career. No most college students are not implicated in a B-B Gun case that requires police involvement, at the very least involved in a group sex event of very questionable character, and then brazenly shop lifts something. You are entitled to your opinion and yes it is a citation, but to many of us a shop lifting citation is different than a speeding citation. For those who said the coaches didn’t need to do more since it was a citation. Hope you are aware that coaches all over the country suspend kids from games every day for things that are neither illegal nor NCAA violations. So if you think Jameis has paid enough of a price, great. However quit with the remedial arguments against those of a differing opinion.

  10. sportsguy3434 says: May 12, 2014 9:41 PM

    Ummmm some people have short memories. He WAS at the center of a sex crimes case that was dropped. Now he intentionally steals from a store he frequents. A string of bad choices.

    Also Cam stole and was kicked off the team by Meyer…who many people on this site don’t like. Metenburger was kicked off the team he dreamed about playing for and his mom worked for and still does. JW just gets heismans and rings and publicity. ..currently the wrong kind.

  11. Deb says: May 12, 2014 10:04 PM

    @noaxetogrind …

    I don’t care what you know or don’t know. This is a public forum that solicits comments, and I’m going to make whatever comment I damn well please unless Kevin, JT, or NBC decide otherwise. I was commenting on the fact that Jimbo Fisher can’t win no matter what he says because remedial people like yourself can’t seem to get it through your thick heads that this was an adult misdemeanor citation, which doesn’t require ANY response under NCAA rules.

    If you’re tired of me posting that, skip my posts or give them a thumbs down. As I said, I don’t care. But you will not tell me what to post or what not to post simply because I have an opinion that differs from yours. It’s the majority that has been aggressively harassing me for my minority opinion. I’m simply stating what I think, as is my right.

  12. Deb says: May 12, 2014 10:11 PM

    sportsguy3434 …

    Thanks for the laugh of the day. I don’t know why Urban dumped Cam Newton, but if he’d realized what he had in him, you can bet the farm he wouldn’t have. Urban certainly kept many, many players who did much more than steal a laptop. And losing his spot at Florida didn’t exactly leave Cam bereft in the football world. Although he had provable NCAA violations, he still walked away with a Heisman and a title.

    Again, whether or not you like it, Winston has never been charged with sexual assault nor is there any credible evidence that he committed a sexual assault. Whatever you may think of him or the investigation, you cannot take legal action against individuals without due process. Now I realize that despite your post to the contrary, you know this because noaxetogrind–a person whose name suggests complete objectivity–says you already know it. But since you–like everyone else–are posting as though you don’t know that, I’m just sayin’ …

  13. momus47 says: May 12, 2014 10:37 PM

    So what? He gets away with everything.

  14. longborer69 says: May 13, 2014 6:53 AM

    You know what, Deb? I almost always enjoy your posts, even if I don’t agree with them, but I don’t get what you are on about here.

    Sportsguy didn’t say Winston was charged with sexual assault, he said that he was at the center of a sex crimes case that was dropped (obviously true) and he’s made a string of bad choices (also obviously true, unless you think having sex with that girl was a good choice, stealing from a store was a good choice, the BB incident was a good choice, etc).

    And he didn’t say anyone should take “legal action” against Winston. This thread isn’t about legal action at all. So actually, your second paragraph in response to Sportguy is actually one of the dumber things I’ve ever seen you write.

    You are right on one thing, though. NCAA rules do NOT require FSU to take any action against Jameis for this string of decisions. The law does not require any action against him beyond what has already happened (given what we know of these incidents, anyway).

    But FSU is supposed to be helping to educate this kid. And that usually means a higher standard than “what is required.” And somebody better get hold of him quick and say, “Young man, start to be a MAN instead of a little boy, or you are going to make a mess of things.” And if they backed it up with something substantive enough to get his attention, they would probably be doing him a favor.

    My school just jettisoned three basketball players. I’m glad. You can’t prove they broke the law, but behavior was atrocious. Those guys were good and going to be important parts of a very, very good team next year. Probably two starters and the first guy off the bench. But you need to send the message to them and hundreds of other student athletes that some things aren’t acceptable.

    My school also suspended Kiko Alonso (you may have heard of him) for an entire season for a DUI, then again the first game (which mattered, against LSU) the following season. Message received, he seems to be back on course, doesn’t he?

    I’m not sure FSU has sent that message the way Oregon has. And it is entirely legitimate, if you think schools should be sending such a message, to criticize FSU for it. Has nothing to do with what the law should or shouldn’t do, or what the NCAA requires.

    (I’m NOT saying Winston should have been suspended for a year or anything. But someone needs to get his attention. It would be such a shame if someone with his talent is wasted because no one cares enough to rein him in until he learns to rein himself in.)

  15. ncaa2014playoff says: May 13, 2014 12:00 PM

    How bout football, did Jeffcoat not get drafted so Texas’ leading record of consecutive NFL drafts would end?

  16. noaxetogrind says: May 13, 2014 12:09 PM

    longborer69 said it all. I apologize Deb if you took anything I said personally but I stick to what I said. Fundamentally it comes down to the fact that some of us think Winston has demonstrated on multiple occasions poor choices. When it becomes a pattern as it has become, it appears to be a character issue that neither the school nor the young man has taken to heart. Most of us would have been scared straight after one run in with the law. I was a major college football player and I know I would have been scared to death that I would lose my scholarship if I was involved in a 2nd occurence. Granted, I was no where near the caliber of player Winston is but that is not the point is it. A 3 game baseball suspension for a closer on a baseball team that had a weekend series against a very inferior team does not seem to indicate that FSU thinks there is much of a problem. That is their right but that also is where in lies the rub with many of us. The majority of folks on here think that multiple acts of selfishness and irresponsibility demand a greater response from the people charged with his total well being not just his football well being. By the way Deb, since you are such a big Bama supporter I suggest your read Bear Bryants biography if you have not done so already. As a young coach I read it and I will never forget what he said. He said the toughest thing he ever did in his whole career was suspend Joe Namath from the Orange Bowl game against Texas for simply violating curfew. It resulted in Bama’s loss in the game but he also says it resulted in his opinion in Bama winning the NC the following year because it changed Joe Namath and sent a message to his team. Perhaps Jimbo Fisher could use some of the same wisdom.

  17. jimmy53 says: May 13, 2014 1:04 PM

    HE DID GET SUSPENDED FOR STEALING. I’m sorry for overusing the caps lock, but you all act as if being suspended from the baseball team doesn’t count. He’s a pitcher in the regular rotation for a nationally ranked baseball team who is fighting for a national seed. FSU needs him out there.

    As far as the rape case—if you read the SA’s report then you know that he has already paid plenty for what amounts to little more than a poor choice in sexual partners–he’s paid more than anyone ever should for that.

  18. Deb says: May 13, 2014 1:17 PM

    @longborer69 and noaxetogrind …

    I agree with what you’re saying (in your last comment, noaxe). Have read many books on Bear’s handling of players and readily concede that if Winston played for Bama, I’d be livid and demanding Nick rein him for the good of the team.

    My only purpose in commenting on this post was to say that Fisher can’t win when dealing with the media on this issue. They’re just trying to keep the story going. So I was suprised at what seemed to be an attack by noaxetogrind, and my follow-up comments reflected that. My comment to sportsguy was less about what he said than about making the point that, even though noaxetogrind says everyone “knows” you can’t penalize Winston for an assault complaint that wasn’t pursued, everyone is still taking that into account.

    My assumption is that Winston was been read the riot act following the Publix incident and we should all wait to see how he behaves going forward rather than keep pounding on what’s happened to this point. The BB gun thing involved the whole team, not just Winston. The Coke thing is silly. As for the girl … her statement to the police about her behavior is damning. No one involved that night made mature choices. But did anyone make choices that warrant a 30-year prison sentence? That’s what bothers me.

    So we’re left with the shoplifting–something I don’t excuse at all. Whether it was Winston or some anonymous person, I believe the legal punishment was appropriate. As far as FSU’s handling of it … since I’m not a baseball fan, I don’t really understand Winston’s role on the baseball team. Perhaps that was just a token gesture compared with a football suspension. To me, it seemed appropriate because it’s baseball season. Should he do something else, however, I would expect FSU would have a more severe reaction. At this point, however, everyone should just wait and see whether they have gotten his attention.

  19. normtide says: May 13, 2014 1:43 PM

    I fully agree and understand Jimbo’s position on the matter. But please, the whole ” I like baseball too” bit. That’s a little much.

  20. noaxetogrind says: May 13, 2014 2:43 PM

    Appreciate everybody’s effort at civility in these last few posts. Deb, fair enough, I think we both understand where the other is coming from. For what it is worth, if Winston was playing for the Bear in my humble opinion, after the first incident there would have been hell to pay and there would not have been any other incidents but we will never know. @ jimmy53, I do understand college baseball as do many others on here and a weekend series suspension for a closer who may not even play in any of the three games anyway is not much of a punishment. For the record Minnesota is a 26-20 baseball team, and FSU of course swept the series. Wonder if he would have received the same suspension had they been playing Florida? In addition, that was Mike Martin’s punishment. Winston is on a full football scholarship and his ultimate authority figure is Fisher. In my opinon Jimbo should have levied some punishment as well, even if it was only 6am stadium steps for 2 weeks. (we know he didn’t do that because he is on record saying he felt he had been punished enough) A one game football suspension for an obvious theft is not an overly oppresive punishment in my opinon. As mentioned earlier, guys get suspended for a lot less. I respect that you disagree but I hope we can agree that the baseball suspension was a very minor slap on the wrist. I believe a Saban or a Muschamp or or Al Goldne would have suspended him for one game. My apologies, I am done., we have beaten this horse to death.

  21. dhardy8207 says: May 15, 2014 8:44 AM

    jimmy53 says;

    “There was more made about this than HaHa Clinton Dix stealing $500 from his own Asst coach,”


    Ha Ha didn’t “steal” from an assistant coach, he ” borrowed” the money from the assistant coach and repaid the loan, hence why the assistant coach was fired and Ha Ha was suspended for 2 games in the midst of the season… Please get your facts straight before trying to discredit another player trying to save face for your own!

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