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Gators ‘receptive’ to renewing ‘Canes series… at neutral sites only

Florida v Miami

The good news? It appears a classic in-state rivalry will continue in some form or fashion into the future.  The bad?  You’ll likely have to go off-campus to see it.

Miami athletic director Blake James confirmed to the Miami Herald that his counterpart at Florida, Jeremy Foley, “was receptive when James asked him recently about renewing the… series” between the two football programs.  This news comes eight months after it was reported that a Florida source stated “[u]nless Miami joins the SEC, I don’t see us ever playing them again during the regular season. It’s just not worth it.”

The only stipulation in continuing the series would be, as Foley stated back in November and head coach Will Muschamp reiterated earlier this offseason, is that the games be played at neutral site locations.  For James, one location makes sense for both schools.

“I would have to think about Orlando,” James said. “That’s not real neutral but it’s an easy distance to our campus.”

Orlando is roughly 115 miles from Gainesville and 230 from Miami. Tampa (130 from Gainesville, 250 from Miami) might be another possibility.

The Gators and Hurricanes have met 55 times since the first game in 1938, with the latter holding a 29-26 edge in the sporadic (of late) series. The ‘Canes, in fact, have won seven of the last eight, with the Gators’ last win prior to their 26-3 triumph in 2008 way back in 1985.

Both of the teams maintain annual rivalry games with Florida State, with UF announcing earlier this year that it had extended its home-and-home series with FSU through the 2018 season.

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44 Responses to “Gators ‘receptive’ to renewing ‘Canes series… at neutral sites only”
  1. 8to80texansblog says: May 19, 2014 12:40 PM

    I am so sick of AD’s deciding whether or not rivalry games are “worth it” or not. Damn the financial value of the game or whether or not it’s an easy OOC game. It’s about more than just money and wins. I know from an AD’s perspective maybe it’s not, but from an alumni, student, and fan perspective its about tradition, rivalry, and bragging rights. The rivalry existed LONG before they got there and SHOULD exist long after they leave.

    To see games like the Border War and Lonestar Shootout go by the wayside is just sad. Would hate to see this game go the way of the Dodo too.

  2. jimmy53 says: May 19, 2014 2:03 PM

    The Gator AD just wants to make sure that someone shows up to the games, and knows how pathetic the Miami attendance rates are.

  3. kosarkid says: May 19, 2014 2:20 PM

    This is a growing problem with college football. They’re too worried about scheduling nonconference cupcake games than restoring a rivalry. Seems like teams are only going to play tough teams if they have to becuase of their conference.

  4. rolltide510 says: May 19, 2014 3:06 PM

    There’s a lot more that goes into things like this then strength of schedule (as evidenced by the fact that most years the Gators would be delighted to have a non-conference cupcake like Miami to push around). Jimmy53 is probably more right then wrong to be honest.

  5. davefromwork says: May 19, 2014 3:16 PM

    I would love to see it, as a Miami fan, and just as a fan of college football. Increased competition and fewer of the lopsided FCS v FBS games is good for college football. I’m happy to hear Foley is receptive to the idea, at least moreso than he sounded like he was a year ago.

    The new playoff should encourage teams to schedule tougher opponents and improve the overall landscape of top level (SEC, BiG10, ACC, Pac12, Big 12) college football.

  6. irishdodger says: May 19, 2014 3:38 PM

    I still remember watching the ESPN 30 for 30 on “The U”. Those ex-players hated FSU & UF but they at least respected FSU b/c they would play the U. Florida? Not so much.

  7. miamimike1 says: May 19, 2014 4:30 PM

    I love when that one person uses the attendance for Miami games as a knock. Miami has about 18,000 students with no stadium. The fact they are such a small school with no on campus stadium actually makes it more impressive. How many students at Florida or FSU? Maybe 2.5 times the amount. That helps fill a stadium. The Canes also have to pull against south beach. Getting people to leave south beach to go to a off campus facility is a factor. Bottom line is Miami has had great teams despite these drawbacks. So let’s move on with a new knock.

  8. burm61 says: May 19, 2014 4:54 PM

    Put it at Daytona after they renovate the track!

  9. phinfanatic84 says: May 19, 2014 5:06 PM

    Why won’t Florida just agree to a home and home series? Play at the Swamp one year and then in Miami the next year? Keep rotating the games like that. No.. they would rather ensure that they have the most students/fans at every contest in not so neutral sites like Orlando and Tampa. You want a real NEUTRAL site? Have Miami and Florida play at Yankee Stadium on a Thursday night or a Saturday night!

    At least Florida has backed off of not playing Miami at all. Everybody knows that Florida would rather play teams like Georgia Southern and Alabama State in Gainesville for their Out Of Conference game. The whole reason why Florida didn’t renew the Miami series was that it wasn’t worth playing an OOC game that could get knocked down in the polls and cost you a more lucrative Bowl game.

  10. thekingdave says: May 19, 2014 5:55 PM

    I don’t believe this to be true. If it is, it’s solely motivated by revenue/attendance and has nothing to do with competitive advantage via homefield. As you know the SEC is the world’s greatest sports conglomeration and operates on a much higher level. An SEC team always romps, regardless or location or circumstance. This is what I’ve been told.

  11. canetic says: May 19, 2014 6:15 PM

    A renewal of this series might be devastating to my mixed (Cane/Gator) marriage. OK let’s do it.

  12. noaxetogrind says: May 19, 2014 6:31 PM

    If Florida does this, say what you want, the fact of the matter is that it is pretty gutsy on their part. Let’s all be adults on here and grant that the SEC schedule is what it is, brutal. Throw in the fact that Florida plays FSU every year and UF agreeing to adding Miami when they certainly have no need to either from a revenue aspect or a strength of schedule standpoint, and I would stand and applaud Florida as a college football fan.

  13. wushah says: May 19, 2014 7:20 PM

    It’s always comical to hear Gator fans, the least successful of the Big 3 in the state of Florida, talk about this rivalry. The Gator fans love talking about attendance as some sort of amazing stat that makes them feel better about their otherwise inferior program and school. Miami is a real city and not just some piss stop on I-75. It has real sports teams, real nightlife, real day life, and people really have to determine how they want to spend their discretionary income unlike G-Ville where there is only 1 thing to do. This doesn’t even take into account the fact that it’s a state school with nearly 4-5x the undergrad population year over year. It’s pretty obvious why one school would have an attendance advantage. Yet despite that , Miami leads the series, has more national titles, and is a better school academically, all in the background of being in a world class city. It’s well known that UF has ducked this series for years. This is no different. Miami will always take this game. Anytime, anywhere, any place. Don’t be scared UF.

  14. miamidisciple says: May 19, 2014 7:40 PM

    Listen, I no longer understand why we need/want to play UF. Weve son 5 of the last 6 vs UF since 2000. We won the last one (a game in which UF never led), we lead the H2H and can make the playoff without them. I say forget UF, lets focus on a building a program to win the ACC every year. A strong Free Seafood U, strong Clemson, VT, Louisville and Georgia Tech are all we need. If Foley doesnt want a h/h then forget him. We have bragging rights as everyone knows its Florida who ran.

  15. fredo305 says: May 19, 2014 8:08 PM

    Florida always have excuses. Probably why they play Georgia at a neutral site. Yeah right to the biggest cocktail

  16. miamidisciple says: May 19, 2014 8:24 PM

    A “nuetral site” that not only just so happens to be in Florida, but in the biggest Gator Fan city in the State. Biggest Croctail party is more like it. James should ignore this and let the “rivalry” die. We laughed last and the hardest. Let UF get chewed apart in the SEC, I have a feeling theyre only getting worse.

  17. patbocam says: May 19, 2014 8:26 PM

    As long as the canes play in the cesspool they call home, then I don’t blame the gators.

  18. rawgator06 says: May 19, 2014 8:36 PM

    I went to Florida undergrad and Miami graduate….that stadium is going to be 90% Gators. Miami fans can’t even get Sunlife to 30% capacity, there is no way they are driving to Orlando

  19. z28tranz says: May 19, 2014 9:33 PM

    /\ Actually Miami fans travel very well so if the game was neutral then they would have a good presence granted UF’s would be geeater considering their school size. That point aside UF has been dodging this series with Miami since the mid 80’s.

  20. tomtravis76 says: May 19, 2014 9:35 PM

    Miami needs to fine tooth the lease with sunlife now that Marlins park is hosting football. At least playing on the site of the OB is better than Miami gardens.

    If the gators don’t want it, so be it, play ucf and south Florida.

  21. gatorprof says: May 19, 2014 9:49 PM


    Agreed…worry about your own program. You guys have sucked for pretty much a decade.

    First of all, clean it up and stay away from NCAA sanctions so that you can remain bowl eligible.

    Second, try to be competitive. Time flies! Your last bowl victory was almost 8 years ago and your last BCS appearance was a decade ago.

    It is pretty pathetic that since moving to the ACC a decade ago, you haven’t won a single conference title. Think about all of the teams that have won the ACC…FSU, Vatech, Gatech, Clemson, and Wake Forest, but NO U!

  22. phinsfan7a says: May 19, 2014 9:53 PM

    Miami had under 16,ooo Students last year. UF had almost 50,000. This fact, is why a nuetral site is totally in UF’s favor. If I were The Cane’s AD, I’d tell The gaturds to shove it, or play us H&H.

  23. phinsfan7a says: May 19, 2014 9:53 PM

    Typo on neutral, oops.

  24. phinfanatic84 says: May 19, 2014 10:04 PM

    Miami, Florida State, and Florida should play each other every year. PERIOD. Florida fans get defensive about why they didn’t renew the series with Miami. Attendance excuse is a joke… SunLife is an NFL stadium and that Florida/Miami game had a lot of people in those seats. A home and home series would sell out both stadiums so nobody is buying that attendance croc (no pun intended).

    UF just doesn’t want to risk getting beat in Miami in front of some of the very best high school recruits in the country. If they don’t play them then they can always fall back on the “we play in the SEC and Coach No D is Miami’s defensive coordinator” recruiting pitch.

  25. phinfanatic84 says: May 19, 2014 10:10 PM

    Has anybody seen the police blotter the past 12 months? A Gators fan telling a Canes fan to clean it up and stay away from NCAA sanctions is like a man living in a glass house throwing stones. Seriously… get off of your high horse.. smh

  26. z28tranz says: May 19, 2014 10:58 PM

    Gatorprof you are correct Miami hasn’t won the ACC since they joined, but we also haven’t loss to a team of Georgia Southerns caliber. Miami has had some bad years of lately but there is no doubt the U will not go away. UF knows that and doesn’t want to chance 2 losses in the ACC to fsu and Miami!

  27. uftridelt05 says: May 20, 2014 1:41 AM

    The UM administration really screwed this up the when the teams played last season. The “it’s just not worth it” is the attitude of most UF fans after last season’s game. And it’s not because the Gators lost. It’s because of how the UM Athletic Office screwed over every Gator fan that tried to actually buy a ticket. I live in South Florida and was really excited about going to the game. I haven’t been to Gainesville in 5 years. Guess what?!? ZERO single game tickets were sold to the public. I called the UM ticket office. My choices were (1) buy a whole Miami season ticket from the UM ticket office – yes seats were available for season ticket buyers or (2) pay way above face value for one of the 32,000 tickets on Stub Hub. What? How can this be? How can 32,000 tickets be on Stub Hub and no tickets were ever sold to the public by the UM ticket office. Well – the UM ticket office sold the entire allotment of single game tickets to UM boosters – who put them on Stub Hub. CLASSY move UM. This Gator fan is 100% in the “it’s just not worth it” camp. I support playing on a neutral site where the ticket purchasing policy will be fair to all fans.

  28. miamidisciple says: May 20, 2014 4:07 AM

    Unless its a home/home, let it die. Miami doesnt “need” Florida. Chapter closed. Im happy with the result, arent you? Maybe well see you in a bowl someday? Until then, we need this team to routinely win the ACC. OOC games are pretty much sured up through 2017 with ND & NU.

  29. miamidisciple says: May 20, 2014 4:14 AM

    @Uftride. I did hear about that. UF had an allotment, sounds like you decided to buy late when only multigame passes were left. You do know they scheduled this game in 2005, right? Plan ahead, or pay more than you want to. But I agree that Its just not worth it. Miami doesn’t need Florida just as Florida doesnt need Miami. Done.

  30. miamidisciple says: May 20, 2014 4:33 AM

    @Gatorprof. Miami also hasn’t gone 4-8, lost at home to an FCS school or blocked our own lineman in the past 10 yrs. Why are you running your mouth when your school has achieved the worst season of any of the Big 3 since ’79 (You almost broke your own record)? 2008 is over half a decade ago. Tebow is gone. A fond memory now, just like 2001. Time flies, now you’re the joke of the state.

    Btw, I do remember UF being known as UFelons during the Meyer era. Great job keeping it “clean.”

  31. 35longmiles says: May 20, 2014 6:26 AM

    “Miami has had some bad years of lately but there is no doubt the U will not go away.”

    HUH? Will not go away? Hey dumbass, you left long ago and haven’t shown any signs of returning. It all happened when a mule in a wig took over as your president and literally gutted your football program. Will not go away? She put your sorry ass on a train to Siberia, one way. The number of humiliating losses in the last decade has been shocking but wildly entertaining. What exactly has UM won in the last decade? Anything?…Bueller?….Bueller? You’ve basically been a punching bag for the VT’s and the UVA’s of the powerhouse ACC. Bless your heart, []_[] keep believing now fella.

  32. kaspauf says: May 20, 2014 8:45 AM

    The reason UF wants a neutral site is because they don’t want to lose a potential home game in conference play which is a very valid point that has not been addressed yet. I do feel the Big 3 in FL should play each year, keep FSU as it is and UM as a neutral site game. Also, to the guy who said Jacksonville is all UF haha every year we go the locals are more UGA fans and that number keeps growing.Finally, this rivalry can go onto the hardwood as well, I want to see UM play UF each year in basketball as well, make a rivalry across all sports (some already are but these 3 should play in all sports).

  33. gatorprof says: May 20, 2014 8:58 AM

    No excuses for last season, but it was ONE season in the past 10.

    Let me repeat for those Canes fans who have some issues with recent history (last 10 years).

    1) No NCAA violations for the Gators….not so for Canes.

    2) No BCS bowl games for the Canes…2 National Titles for the Gators.

    Yup, the Gators had an awful season last year. It was an embarrassment. As you point that out, please reflect on the quality of your “wins” last year. You will note that you have not beaten a top 20 ranked opponent since 2009, if you leave out the awful 2013 Gators.

    The Gators have NOT had a lost decade of football with zero hope on the horizon. The Gators will be just fine, doubt that is the case for the Canes. Time will tell.

  34. miamidisciple says: May 20, 2014 9:24 AM

    lol. This guy (Gatorprof) is a piece of work.

    1. I like how you cherrypick 10 years. Why not 5? 15? 20? 30? All of a sudden, “recent history” means 10 years. Not 2, not 3, not 5. But 10 years (Just enough time to include 67% of UFs title years). What a joke. I remember UF fans telling UM fans not to live in the past. Now that same past is all UF fans talk about.

    Btw, Ill take boat and girls over Aaron Hernandez, POUNCEY bros, 32 Arrests in 5 years and Tim Tebow being our best QB.

    UFrauds day is done. Enjoy being the new Tennessee.

  35. gatorprof says: May 20, 2014 9:43 AM


    O.K., forget all comparisons and just look at the current state of your team. Happy? Didn’t think so.

    It isn’t a good sign when you have to go back 23 years to relive glory days. It isn’t a good sign when you have ALWAYS been considered an also ran in your own conference. As for the comparison with UT, at least Tennessee won a SEC title…we are still waiting for the U’s first ACC title.

    In terms of recent history, I see that you have a cut off for the U in terms of problems. Certainly not proud of Hernandez, Pounceys, et al., but you have Glenn Sharpe, Blades, Lewis, so I think that you are still leading in terms of murderers.

    As for your comment about Tebow, you are really displaying your stupidity here. As far as a college QB, he is one of the greatest of all time. Two national titles and the HT…that is a pretty good record as a college QB.

    If you want to talk about college QBs who have been busts in the NFL, the U has had its share as well.

    Keep talking because really that is all that you can do at the U. There is no future for your program.

  36. miamidisciple says: May 20, 2014 11:45 AM

    1. 23 Years? 2014-2001 = ? I guess arithmetic isnt UFs strong suit.

    2. Recent state of our program? We just went 9-4. UF just went 4-8. Whos “current state” is better again?

    3. UFs glory years (All 5 of them ’95, ’96 ’06, ’08’ ’09) are in your rearview. Even in Muschamps best season you all didnt win a bowl, didnt win your conference and didnt win your Division. The next year you didnt even make a bowl. Every year UF achieves less than the last. But you somehow think theyre getting better?

    4. UT has been in the SEC for 75 years, Miami has been in the ACC for 9. But nice try.

    5. Uf has also been in the SEC for 75+ years (8 CCs) Miami was independent until 1991 and has more CCS than Florida. So what are you talking about?

    Please Stop posting. You have no argument.

  37. mogogo1 says: May 20, 2014 11:58 AM

    Sad days for college football when classic rivalries are seen as “not being worth it” by athletic directors.

  38. gatorgreat1 says: May 20, 2014 1:48 PM

    Bottom line is, the game is a lot more lucrative for Miami. Jeremy foley wants to give his fans 7 home games. With the Georgia game neutral every year, playing a home and home with miami just doesn’t make sense. With Fsu, Georgia, Lsu, Tennessee, we are not hurting at all for rivalry games. Fact is besides fsu l, does Miami even have another rival. No reason to make our fans travel to Miami and let their enjoy the monetary benefits. We all know the game last year was the largest crowd Miami has seen since moving to the stadium and florida just happened to be the opponent. Fact is we have no problem playing Miami, but it has to make sense for us.

  39. canes408 says: May 20, 2014 2:49 PM

    @rolltide510.. Cupcake? The same cupcake you haven’t beaten in how many years?

  40. noles44 says: May 20, 2014 5:57 PM

    Kinda neutral in this conversation, but I believe the 3 should play each other alternating home and away. Not for money , but state bragging rights. I can see Floridas point of view because they do play a tough SEC schedule. LSU, Bama, Georgia, etc.

  41. v2the4 says: May 21, 2014 9:42 AM

    you can imagine the Gators want to play at neutral sites, being that the only non conference road games they play are in Tallahassee. They havent played an out of state non conference game since 1991, a 38-21 beatdown from Syracuse.

    The Gators wont even play home and home games with USF, UCF, FIU or FAU, but then again, Alabama or Auburn wont play UAB or LSU wont play any of their in state schools away from home either

  42. seminolez says: May 21, 2014 10:30 AM

    a da U every game is off campus

  43. seminolez says: May 21, 2014 10:38 AM

    let these beta males in the state of florida fight it out for second best

  44. miamidisciple says: May 21, 2014 1:00 PM

    @Seminolez Shouldnt you be somewhere stealing from Publix, Dillards or Foot locker? What will you all do when Jameis Tebow leaves next year? Itll be back to where youve been since Weinke left… sucking. Enjoy your 15 mins, itll be over before you know it.

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