Brady Hoke

Brady Hoke cancels senior retreat in team-building effort


Michigan head coach Brady Hoke is doing away with making seniors feel special in the football program. For now, at least.

After two years of taking seniors for the upcoming fall away on a retreat, Hoke instead will look to find ways to bring a sense of equality to the Wolverines this season. The senior retreat will not take place this summer, a decision that was difficult for Hoke to make but one he feels confident will serve his 2014 Wolverines well.

“To me, it was just something (that) had run its course a little bit, and maybe (created) some entitlement (for the older players),” Hoke said last week, according to “I think guys just thought that was part of being a senior. They’ve got to earn it.”

This is a fantastic idea, but time will tell if it has any impact on the Michigan team later this fall. Michigan has taken some steps back each year since Hoke took over as head coach, so the pressure to turn things back in the other direction in the Big Ten is on for Hoke. This change in summer philosophy by Hoke should send a message to not only the seniors but the entire team in summer workouts.

True, there is a benefit to having seniors and upperclassmen feel a sense of leadership on a team, but a retreat specifically designed for them is not the only way for those student-athletes to come to that realization.

Diagnosed with bovine leukemia, Bevo XIV retires immediately

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Turns out Steve Spurrier isn’t the only iconic college football figure to retire this week.

Texas announced Tuesday evening Bevo XIV has been diagnosed with bovine leukemia and has been retired to his pasture, effective immediately.

Bevo XIV missed Saturday’s stunning upset of then-No. 10 Oklahoma with what the school called a “life threatening” illness, and rumors circulated around the internet this week he had passed away.

Bevo XIV officially hangs up his horns with a 106-41 record with two national championship appearances.

There is no word at press time on a possible debut of Bevo XV.

Dabo Swinney won’t stop talking about “Clemsoning”

Dabo Swinney
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Urban Dictionary defines “Clemsoning” as “the act of an inexplicably disappointing performance, usually within the context of a college football season.”

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney was asked about the phenomenon following the Tigers’ destruction of Georgia Tech Saturday and promptly went off. The question, asked by ESPN’s David Hale, was in reference to Swinney’s program shaking the label – Saturday marked Clemson’s 34th straight win over an unranked opponent – but Swinney didn’t see it that way.

Armed with some new facts (Clemson SID Tim Bourret noted 50 teams have fallen as ranked opponents to unranked foes since the Tigers last did so on Nov. 19, 2011), Swinney again targeted the “Clemsoning” label.

“I think it’s an agenda. It’s just bias,” Swinney told the Charleston (S.C.) Post & Courier Tuesday. “People are uneducated. They’re just ignorant and lazy because they’re not looking at the facts. If they did, they’d be focused on other schools and not Clemson. They’d be dialed in on what Clemson has done. There aren’t three other schools in the country as consistent as Clemson, in all aspects.”

I hate to break it to you, Dabo: you are absolutely correct, but the term, as they say, has been coined.

Just go beat Florida State, beat South Carolina, win the ACC and win a national title and maybe Urban Dictionary will delete that pesky page out of a sign of respect.

Also, No. 5 Clemson hosts unranked Boston College on Saturday. This would be a very, very unfortunate time for the Tigers to suffer an upset.