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Reports: LSU baseball player may rejoin Tigers as a QB

Jared Foster

It looks as if LSU may look down an unusual avenue for some much-needed depth at the quarterback position.

On the heels of a report that quarterback-turned-wide receiver Rob Bolden was leaving the Tigers for (probably) the MAC, we were reminded that the Tigers have just two scholarship players at the position on their roster.  A very familiar face, though, may be on his way to “save” the personnel day.

Baton Rouge radio personality Matt Moscona and Ross Dellenger of the Baton Rouge Advocate both tweeted earlier today that Jared Foster is contemplating a return to the Tigers football team, with the latter writing that the player is “strongly considering” a return.  Foster was a walk-on quarterback at LSU in 2011 but was buried on the depth chart and switched to baseball full-time shortly thereafter.

This article HERE, from February of this year, indicated that Foster had no interest in coming back to football; situations, especially on the LSU football side, has apparently caused a change of heart.

In one of his tweets, Dellenger writes that “LSU [baseball] coach Paul Mainieri has discussed with Jared Foster the possibility of the outfielder rejoining football team.” A final decision hasn’t been made, but probably will be made at some point before the start of summer camp early next month.

Should Foster decide to join the football team, he would strictly be a No. 3, emergency-type quarterback behind sophomore Anthony Jennings and freshman Brandon Harris, the former being the (slight) favorite to win the starting job. That, though, could change at any point during summer camp as Harris, an early enrollee, had an outstanding spring practice.

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3 Responses to “Reports: LSU baseball player may rejoin Tigers as a QB”
  1. wolfman55h says: Jul 15, 2014 12:16 AM

    Inexcusable a program at this level can’t maintain quality depth at quarterback.

  2. Straight Cash Homie says: Jul 15, 2014 9:10 AM

    Well at least we aren’t going out and getting Harvards 3rd string QB again and expecting him to start.

    I still don’t get Miles and his mobile QB love affair. Looking back at his career at LSU he should realize he had his best success with pocket QB’S. Flynn, Mauck, Mett, even Russell was a pocket QB. Perrilloux, JJ, and even Jennings (besides one drive against Arkansas) don’t look any good unless they are running the ball. Hopefully Harris will be the one to change that trend but history is not on his side.

  3. creeldawgster says: Jul 15, 2014 4:23 PM

    #StraightCashHomie, i agree! Idk what Miles is doing at qb. Rivers bro is a top 10 qb in the nfl and i know that doesnt mean he’d be as good as his bro but c’mon man, he wasnt good enough to even see the field at lsu? Then when he transfers to Vandy he’s good enough to possibly be their starter? Rettig, who had mobility, transfers to Rutgers and may be their starter but wasnt good enough to even see the field at lsu? I think Miles is projecting the image of successful mobile qbs onto the qbs he has and cant see they aren’t that good and aren’t right for their offense. Case in point, RP, JJ, and Jennings so far.
    They just got the #1 wr recruit but if wr’s see that lsu doesn’t have a qb to throw em the ball, that means no more top wr recruits and the ones lsu has will transfer to a team that has a qb that can throw it to em!
    Another thing i’ve noticed is, and i dont mean to sound racist cause im not, but Miles likes a black qb. Besides Flynn and Mett, Lee was the only other white qb he has played. And in Lees case he was undefeated and playing well until the bama gm when Miles started to play JJ, even tho JJ had legal issues and was suspended hf the season. I think Miles just crushed Lees confidence when he put JJ in by basically saying he didnt have confidence in him and he never played the same again. When JJ was stinking it up in the nat champ gm, he didnt even give Lee 1 series to see if he could do anything. Flynn was the last qb to lead em to a nat title and if lsu would’ve had a better def last yr, Mett would’ve probably lead em to another. One thing Russell, RP, and JJ had in common was, they had the athletic ability but not the brains to play qb. Just look where they are now and look where Flynn and Mett are. A smarter, less athletic qb is better than an athletic, less smart qb because it comes down to execution and making the right decisions under pressure!
    I have never been a big fan of Miles and his decision making! It has cost lsu way too many times! I would like to see Cameron as the head coach for lsu! But as long as lsu has the talent to keep putting up 10 win seasons, I dont see em getting rid of Miles. No matter how many games his decisions cost the Tigers, whether by who he starts at qb, his poor clock mangement, or his play calling. Its all about money and politics! And Miles is a master of politics and saying the right things!

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