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Steve Spurrier’s hilarious reaction to the Ed O’Bannon ruling

Steve Spurrier

South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier didn’t dance around questions when asked about Friday’s landmark federal cout decision, which granted NCAA athletes their likeness rights

Spurrier has long been an advocate of providing extra benefits to student-athletes, and his response to the recent groundbreaking court case was expected and completely hilarious.

(Before we go anything further, please insert tongue in cheek.)

As part of the ruling, the NCAA can’t cap an athlete’s compensation below the cost of attendance, and it cannot prevent schools from putting rules in place that provide players with extra benefits earned from their likeness rights.

Clearly, Spurrier was pleased with the outcome of the case. Maybe that’s why he was overseen dancing at practice Friday.

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14 Responses to “Steve Spurrier’s hilarious reaction to the Ed O’Bannon ruling”
  1. brownsmakemecrazy says: Aug 9, 2014 6:20 PM

    That a boy OBC. He clearly gets it. Amazing how many of you are such imbeciles that think players shouldn’t get more than tuition, room and board and books.

    Do you idiots realize how much money these universities make off of these athletes?

  2. Mr. Wright 212 says: Aug 9, 2014 6:22 PM

    brownsmakemecrazy, the same people who don’t get it are the same ones who always support the owners in the NFL and say “the players signed the contracts, they should honor them.”

  3. navigator24 says: Aug 9, 2014 8:04 PM

    So funny, I forgot to laugh

  4. cubano76 says: Aug 9, 2014 8:51 PM

    Now he can continue to pay his recruits legally. 😉. Just kidding, he’s hillarious!!!!!

  5. irishlad19 says: Aug 9, 2014 9:05 PM

    It’s a professional league masquerading as a college team game.
    Soon, the question is, “Why are they supposed to go to classes?”.

  6. brownsmakemecrazy says: Aug 9, 2014 9:10 PM


    Totally agree.

  7. vols84 says: Aug 10, 2014 4:29 PM

    This old man is in the news a lot lately. He is definitely feeling his oats or oatmeal.

  8. eyelevel74 says: Aug 10, 2014 10:10 PM

    Stop crying about these guy’s getting paid and make them get an education.So if they get locked up do they lose the money or do we feel sorry for them and pay them anyway.Let me guess next we will provide jobs for the ones who left early and are broke.

  9. musketmaniac says: Aug 11, 2014 2:47 AM

    Mr. Brown Right. Did you two ever consider the middle. College players need paid, but professional make way too much.

  10. Mr. Wright 212 says: Aug 11, 2014 12:00 PM

    That’s the problem.

    Who are you to say they make too much? It reeks of jealousy. We definitely don’t hear you saying that about the OWNERS, who take home more than the players every year from the TV deals, never mind having more money going into it. Where is the consternation with how much THEY make?

    Sounds like a bunch of guys who got passed over by better athletes in high school, who you hoped you could keep down and under your thumb while you taunting him for being relegated to flipping burgers and changing oil, and now he makes more money in three games than you’ll ever make in your life. I know it stings.

    But personally, there isn’t a jealous bone in my body, and I am happy for them. They have a one in a half a million talent.

    You have a dime a dozen talent.

    Guess whose talent is going to be more valuable on the free market?

  11. southernpatriots says: Aug 11, 2014 12:01 PM

    You’d know OBC would make a great quip about the matter! He and Les Miles and Leach should all get in a conversation and someone secretly tape it and we’d have a best selling comedy DVD.

    The NCAA will appeal, they have no choice. Meanwhile, they must make much needed and very long awaited reforms…
    1. Greatly shorten the Los Angeles phone book length book of regulations and rules.
    2. Quit enforcing the minor infractions and only deal with major ones.
    3. Encourage, and greatly persuade all schools to offer scholarships which cover the complete cost of education
    4. Offer athletes something to market their likenesses on merchandise or advertising.
    5. Make other needed and very long awaited reforms.

  12. alsaceman says: Aug 11, 2014 8:04 PM

    Southernpatriots, the NCAA should subcontract investigations. People get away with infractions because there are so many of them but the NCAA doesn’t have enough people to investigate all of them. That’s the reason it’s so easy to cheat.

  13. Dawood Khan says: Aug 12, 2014 2:37 AM

    Professional players are paid based on market value. Most of them.

    That said, some owners/managers are idiots and do overpay SOME of these guys.

    Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and guys at that level do not get overpaid. They bring in BIG dollars for the sport.

    In any professional endeavor, one is paid based on moneys brought in to the enterprise. Why would Pro Basketball be any different?

    Because they’re athletes? Because they’re Black? Because they didn’t finish college (Tim Duncan did)?

    Any person who thinks that these players are overpaid does not understand business and is looking at it from a purely personal stand point.

    It’s all business. It ain’t just a game.

  14. Dawood Khan says: Aug 12, 2014 2:41 AM

    The reason that so many schools get away with so much is that the NCAA is usually busy on witch hunts. They follow around certain programs/coaches — Tarkanian, UNLV, UK, Larry Brown, Calipari, SMU, PEarl, Sampson, etc.

    Meanwhile, Self, R. Williams, J. Wooden, UNC, UCLA and Kansas were/are getting away with murder.

    If all schools were held to the same standard, UNC and Kansas would both have forfeited Championships by now. Duke would have forfeited the Championship from the Maggette season.

    Alas, the NCAA has one standard for the “cheaters” and another for the darlings.

    Tagging Memphis with the Rose ACT scandal was tantamount to impeaching Obama for invading Iraq.

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