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Mark Richt frustrated over ‘too many guys having to be babysat’

Mark Richt AP

Earlier this week, Dabo Swinney lit into his Clemson football team following what he considered to be a very poor performance in the scrimmage.  While not nearly to the same decibel level, the head coach of the Tigers’ season-opening opponent went through some similar angst over his squad recently.

During Georgia’s second scrimmage of summer campFriday, Mark Richt watched as his offense tossed a pair of picks as well as lost two fumbles.  Various penalties on that side of the ball as well as players not lining up correctly added to the frustration, which Richt wasn’t shy in hiding in the post-scrimmage meeting with the media.

“It was just frustrating, and I told them, too,” the coach said. “[T]he execution kind of deteriorated (after the first drive of the scrimmage). That’s not to say there weren’t good plays offensively, but we had way too many fumbled snaps or poor shotgun snaps. Too many guys were jumping offsides.

“There were just too many guys having to be babysat out there as far as getting lined up right.”

Hutson Mason, who is taking over for four-year starter Aaron Murray, tossed one of the interceptions that had Richt frustrated. The first-year starter did, though, bounce back from that hiccup to throw for 204 yards and a pair of touchdowns. He also completed nearly 71 percent of his passes.

Two weeks from today, Clemson will travel to Athens to take on Georgia in the season opener for both teams.

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12 Responses to “Mark Richt frustrated over ‘too many guys having to be babysat’”
  1. woebegong says: Aug 16, 2014 12:59 PM

    I think Coach richt knows that the offense has got to be the mainstay of the team, until the new coach and defense are on the same page, which I would figure would be about the 5th game. The offense with the exception of a few line positions is very experienced and can not afford to make any dumb mistakes. Almost everybody who will be starting there has some playing experience, so he is not going to make any excuses for dumb errors and lack of concentration.

  2. microbrewuga says: Aug 16, 2014 1:15 PM

    I find it funny that the teams featured in two, “coach frustration” stories this week, face each other in their opener. Anyone care to take a guess on the total # of “false start” penalties in the UGA-Clemson game? I’m guessing 8.

  3. woebegong says: Aug 16, 2014 1:21 PM

    I am thinking you might be close. First games are always high in them to start with, usually in the first half, but I would hope that they would not be too happy to come to the sidelines if they commit one. I have a funny feeling CMR might just let them know a thing or two about it.

  4. cometkazie says: Aug 16, 2014 1:41 PM

    Maybe he should recruit better players?

  5. irishdodger says: Aug 16, 2014 1:58 PM

    he does…but they get arrested. I feel for the guy. He tries to put together a championship team that does things the right way but he can’t babysit them 24/7.

  6. marooncat79 says: Aug 16, 2014 1:58 PM

    Earth to Richt!! You are the one recruiting them!! Accept that reaponsibility

  7. trdiii says: Aug 16, 2014 2:48 PM

    Maybe the police can help babysit them on the field. They’re already babysitting a number of players of it.
    Richt sounds more frustrated that they don’t know the plays then they can’t stay out of jail.
    Welcome to big-time college sports!

  8. cowbulls says: Aug 16, 2014 3:57 PM

    The problem is the playing field isn’t level. UGA and other schools suspend or kick plays off the team for bad behavior. Other teams like Auburn take those criminals and win the SEC with them. Other schools like Alabama don’t suspend players for even one game that have multiple violations like drunk driving and violations of curfew.

  9. dhardy8207 says: Aug 16, 2014 4:24 PM

    cowbulls says;

    “Other schools like Alabama don’t suspend players for even one game that have multiple violations like drunk driving and violations of curfew.”


    Please do tell the players for Alabama that have “multiple violations” that are still members of the team.

    DJ Petway? was a bystander and didnt intervene when 3 of his teammates robbed a former student. The other three were kicked off the team and expelled from the university as DJ was. He served his civil sentence and went to a JUCCO for a year. He excelled and was allowed a second opportunity. The one and only time he has been arrested or had an infraction with the law…

    Jaran Reed? Only one offense which was a recent DUI. Still hasn’t been given a green light to play..

    Kenyan Drake?… Was suspended for part of the Auburn game last season and all of the Sugar Bowl for violating team rules, not breaking any civic laws. He got arrested for crossing a crime scene tape after ordered not to. First Offense and still not been given a green light as to when he’ll play..

    Tenpenny: One offense, got arrested while on spring break for possession of weed less than .08..

    Trying to throw dirt at another team that has been successful makes you look desperate to prove a point that doesn’t exist…

  10. cowbulls says: Aug 16, 2014 4:27 PM

    Starting LB Dillon Lee.

  11. dhardy8207 says: Aug 16, 2014 4:47 PM

    @ cowbulls;

    Your first comment says and I quote:

    ““Other schools like Alabama don’t suspend players for even one game that have multiple violations like drunk driving and violations of curfew.”

    NEWSFLASH: Dillon Lee was suspended and sent home, SUSPENDED missing possibly the biggest game he’s had the opportunity to play in to this date which was the BCS National Championship game for violating the team curfew. That was Saban’s rule not breaking a civic law.

    Secondly, the DUI he got back in April, AGAIN his first offense. Saban, just like with Reed, Tenpenny and Drake has yet to say what the length of their suspension will be…

  12. tg1896 says: Aug 17, 2014 8:51 AM

    Dhardy – methinks the Crimson Tide doth protest too much.

    Sorry – I know I shouldn’t quote Shakespeare to a Bama fan.

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