College coaching carousel has stopped for now, but NFL just getting started


With Michigan hiring Jim Harbaugh to be the next head coach of the Wolverines, the college football coaching carousel, as far as head coaches are concerned, seems to have come to a stop for the 2014-2015 cycle. Unless any head coaches are going to take on a lesser role at another program (unlikely, but not unprecedented), we should be set for coaching changes this year unless the NFL has something to say about it.

The coaching carousel is just getting started up in the NFL, with a total of six head coaching vacancies to fill between the Atlanta Falcons, Buffalo Bills, Chicago Bears, New York Jets, Oakland Raiders, and the Harbaugh-less San Francisco 49ers. Will any of these six NFL franchises find their next head coach from a college program? This is by no means unprecedented.

Last January saw Bill O’Brien leave Penn State for the Houston Texans. The previous January (2012) saw Chip Kelly leave Oregon for the Philadelphia Eagles and Syracuse lose Doug Marrone to the Buffalo Bills (Marrone just opted out of his contract with the Bills after two seasons, while Kelly has been given a nice boost in job status). Each of those hires happened after it looked as though the dust had settled on the coaching carousel for those respective seasons. So the question looms; will any current college football coaches pack up and leave the college ranks for a shot at NFL glory, in hopes of being the next Pete Carroll?

With the NFL coaching searches and interviews starting to heat up along with the constant coaching rumor mill that powers the carousel, there have been few discussions about college coaches being considered for NFL head coaching jobs outside of hypothetical conversations about potential options (Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly, Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn). One coach that has been connected to a possible opening is UCLA head coach Jim Mora.

The New York Jets reportedly reached out to Mora about a possible buyout terms with his contract at UCLA. The San Francisco vacancy would seem to make sense as well, if the 49ers had any interest. Mora seemed to burn out in the NFL with his stints with the Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks, but UCLA reignited a spark under Mora’s leadership. With UCLA’s resurgence in the past few seasons, Mora’s stock as a head coach has gone up, even with some questionable acts along the way.

With Mora being the only college name attached to any of the coaching vacancy rumors at this point might suggest the dust will be able to settle on this year’s college coaching carousel, but until the final spot is filled in the NFL there will be no guarantees. The process of hiring a new coach in the NFL can take some time due to rules like the Rooney Rule being put in place and teams needing to ask for permission from franchisees with coaches currently in the playoffs, but the lack of search firms being hired can make the process more streamlined in the NFL.

Alabama: Tua Tagovailoa to undergo hip surgery Monday in Houston


There’s some additional clarity to what was the biggest college football storyline in Week 12 — or the entire 2019 season, for that matter.

After hours and hours worth of ofttimes ominous speculation, Alabama announced Saturday night that Tua Tagovailoa had been diagnosed with a dislocated right hip, an injury suffered in the first half of its rout of Mississippi State, and would miss the remainder of the 2019 season. At the time, the school stated that Tagovailoa “is undergoing further testing to determine the best course of treatment.”

Sunday night, the football program confirmed in a statement attributed to Dr. Lyle Cain, the team’s orthopedic surgeon, that the junior quarterback will undergo surgery on his injured hip in Houston Monday.

For the past 24 hours our medical team has consulted with multiple orthopedic experts across the country, who specialize in hip injuries and surgeries. Based on that research, Tua is being flown to Houston tonight to be evaluated and is scheduled to have hip surgery Monday. As previously stated, we anticipate a full recovery. The main focus has been, and will remain, on Tua, his family, and making sure we are providing them the best medical care possible.

It’s long been expected that Tagovailoa would forego his remaining year of collegiate eligibility and make himself available for the 2020 NFL Draft. At this point, it’s unclear how the injury will impact Tagovailoa’s decision.

Ed Orgeron did not stick to sports in Louisiana governor race

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There were two major events on Saturday in the state of Louisiana: LSU’s closer than expected win at Ole Miss and the hotly contested gubernatorial race that saw incumbent Gov. John Bel Edwards win reelection.

And yes, those events are in order of importance to most.

It seems there’s quite the sports angle to the latter too and it not surprisingly involves the former. You can start on Wednesday where Edwards, calling himself ‘John B.’ from Amite, called into Tigers head coach Ed Orgeron’s weekly radio show ahead of the polls opening over the weekend.

“It is an easier state to govern when the Saints and LSU are winning,” Edwards also told the New York Times. “People are just in a better mood.”

While we will leave the political analysis of Edwards’ victory to others, it’s worth noting that the result was also a personal win for Orgeron, who endorsed the Democrat back in the spring and has enjoyed a good relationship with those in and around the statehouse ever since taking over the program as head coach.  It is pretty rare for a head coach to ever wander into political waters nowadays (especially in a non-presidential election cycle) it seems that’s not the case for the Louisiana-loving Cajun in charge of No. 1 LSU.

Also a quick kudos to the governor himself, who said earlier in the week on Orgeron’s radio show that the Tigers shouldn’t overlook the Rebels in Oxford. Given the fight that Matt Luke’s team put up, that was certainly spot on in big sandwich game after beating Alabama and taking on Texas A&M.

45,161 fans see Ithaca beat SUNY Cortland to set D3 attendance record at MetLife Stadium

Keenan Slusher

MetLife Stadium has been home to some awful NFL football this season but this past Saturday fans in the Tri-State region were at least treated to a far more interesting product on the field..

As we noted back in early October, this year’s Battle for the Cortaga Jug was going to be extra special because it was going to take place in the Meadowlands as Ithaca College and SUNY Cortland attempted to set a new Division III record for attendance. According to the Ithaca Journal, the pair did just that with 45,161 fans showed up to the game as the Bombers (that’s Ithaca) won their third straight Jug, 32-20.

“The electricity was unreal,” Cortland senior running back Zach Tripodi told the paper, “… When I scored, I don’t think I’ve ever felt something like that. You really felt the crowd.”

The final tally broke the previous D3 mark of 37,355 (from a 2017 matchup between St. Thomas and St. John’s at Minneapolis’ Target Field) by a considerable margin.

For what it’s worth, the D3 game at MetLife also had a bigger crowd than the ones that watched some of the FBS programs in New York, including the 16,286 down in Durham, N.C. that saw Syracuse thump Duke, the 8,450 that saw Buffalo lose at Kent State or the 25,747 in West Point that saw Army beat Virginia Military Institute.

Good football, it seems, is hard to come by in the Empire State but fans will come out for quality play no matter what level.

Louisville AD dons a bird mask, breaks out Pappy van Winkle to celebrate bowl berth

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For some teams, reaching a bowl game — even those obscure dot com-sponsored ones — is quite meaningful. Such is the case at Louisville as they have embarked on one of the better turnarounds in the country this season under new head coach Scott Satterfield. 

Following up a 2-10 disaster at the hands of Bobby Petrino last year, the new staff has revitalized the program and secured bowl eligibility on Saturday by beating N.C. State 34-20. That’s a cause worth celebrating around the city and Cardinals AD Vince Tyra certainly did not short himself on that front after the sixth victory of 2019 by donning a rather comical mask in the locker room and breaking out some very expensive whiskey to share with the head coach.

Tyra and Satterfield may indeed be the only ones to drink Pappy out of a Gatorade cup but it probably tasted even sweeter than it normally does given the accomplishment it’s celebrating. While some fans may scoff at reaching six wins in a season, the jubilation in Louisville is a good reminder that benchmarks like that have plenty of meaning for programs who sat at home in disarray last year.