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Health issue will force playoff committee member Steve Wieberg to miss first 2017 vote

The first set of 2017 College Football Playoff rankings will be released later on today, and the committee that does the ranking will be down a man in the debate that leads up to it.

According to, Steve Wieberg will miss the first selection meeting of the year because of an unspecified health issue. The former USA Today college football writer’s doctor would not permit him to travel to Texas for the meeting, nor will he remotely participate in the proceedings.

Whatever the issue is has been deemed as non-serious, implying that he will be back with the group moving forward.

“The committee was set up with sufficient numbers in case there are any absences,” CFP executive director Bill Hancock said. “We anticipated there could be people who miss meetings, either because of weather delays or for other reasons, such as a health issue. We’ll see how Steve feels next week, and how his doctor feels about him traveling.

“We always miss anyone who is not here and hope they get well soon.”

Wieberg’s absence continues an unwanted annual tradition of health-related setbacks for committee members.

In October of 2014, Archie Manning was forced to take a leave of absence because he needed additional surgery and wanted to concentrate on his health. One year later, and based in part on doctor’s advice, Pat Haden stepped down from his post on the committee. In August of last year, Lloyd Carr left the committee before he had a chance to participate because of unspecified health issues.

What’s expected to be a temporary absence for Wieberg leaves the committee with an even dozen members who will be selecting the order of the initial Top 25.