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Jacob Pugh calls out Florida State teammates for ‘lack of leadership’

It’s been a season to forget and Jacob Pugh‘s had enough.

Florida State is 2-5 after seven games for the first time since Bobby Bowden‘s first season in 1976. In order to avoid going bowl-less for the first time since the 1981 season, FSU needs to win its final four games of the year — with a closing schedule that includes road trips to Clemson and in-state rival Florida as well as a home game against a much-improved Syracuse.

Tensions are understandably high in Tallahassee, as evidenced by Jimbo Fisher verbally sparring with a fan who hollered down from the stands after the Louisville loss “get new coaches,” to which the head coach responded, “walk your ass down here and say it.” Even Monday, one report had Fisher demoting defensive coordinator Charles Kelly, although that was later debunked.

That same day, Pugh doused the tumult with additional fuel when he was asked why the Seminoles’ season has gone south.

“Lack of leadership,” the senior linebacker aid by way of “Everybody is just doing their own thing, pretty much. I just feel like everybody is worried about everything else. There are probably players worried about the draft or whatever so ain’t nobody really focused. …

“It’s like a nightmare. I’ve never lost this much. It’s not something I’m used to.”

Just as damning, Pugh said “it’s too late now” to turn things around this season.

“[My teammates] should have done that at the beginning of the season,” said Pugh. “It’s too late to try to demand [it] because everybody is too set in their ways.”

Some would also state that’s an indictment of Fisher’s coaching staff, which is almost certain to undergo some sort of shakeup this offseason.  Either way, a season that began with FSU rated No. 3 in the country has gone off the rails on the field and off in more ways than one.