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Alcohol sales at Nebraska not yet on agenda for new Huskers AD Bill Moos

Bill Moos is still getting himself settled in as the Nebraska Athletics Director after making the move to Lincoln after serving in the same role at Washington State. Faced with pressing issues like figuring out what to do with the football program’s leadership moving forward, Moos has had a busy time already. One topic that has already been tossed to the side is the idea of Nebraska providing for the sale of alcohol at sporting events. As far as Moos is concerned, the need to open the taps is not one that needs to be addressed at Nebraska at this time.

The question is relevant for a few reasons. First is the growing trend of alcohol sales in collegiate athletic venues like football stadiums, including inside the Big Ten. Second is the fact Moos previously stumped for alcohol sales while employed by Washington State. As Moos explains, the situation at Washington State is likely different enough from what he takes over at Nebraska that makes it a less pressing issue for the school.

“The fan has a lot of different options now,” Moos explained in a Q& shared by The Lincoln Journal Star. “Especially the fan that has to travel quite a ways. That was the case at Washington State, where the fan base is at least an hour and a half away and, in many cases, more. I know that’s the case in some instances here. A lot of night games because of television, so when they’re contemplating, ‘Honey, do you want to go to the game?’ ‘Nah, let’s just sit here, have dinner and a beverage or two and watch it on television.’ They have that option now. That entered into it.”

Moos will undoubtedly be evaluating the environment at Nebraska home games the rest of the season to see if there is a reason to change his outlook. But for now, he seems settled on not allowing for the sale of alcoholic beverages at Nebraska home games.

“Again, I haven’t even seen a game here,” Moos said. “It’s been sold out since 1962, so I think Husker fans are fine without it, but we’ll have to take a look.”

Some fans who have been sitting through this season may beg to differ.