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UCF continues to diminish, demean UConn’s ‘Civil ConFliCT Trophy’

This continues to be one of the best under-the-radar storylines in all of college football.

In June of 2015, to the surprise — and chagrin — of UCF, UConn abruptly revealed on Twitter that there were “just 130 days until the next Civil Conflict with @UCF_Football!”  The university even had a trophy created for the “rivalry.”  All of that was news to the Knights as they stated at the time that they “have no involvement with the trophy or creating a rivalry game with UConn.”

After beating the Huskies last season, the Knights walked off the field and left the trophy. ” “UConn staffer just picked up the trophy, looked around for advice on what to do with it, and placed in on the UConn bench,” beat writer Neill Ostrout wrote on Twitter at the time.

This coming weekend, the “rivalry” will be renewed.  And, as has been the case since its creation, UCF continues to diminish, demean and downplay the “trophy game,” this time in its game notes package.

Well-played, Knights.  Well-played.