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When it comes to Minkah Fitzpatrick’s health, Nick Saban isn’t ‘The Good Doctor’

Sometimes, when Nick Saban gets on a conversational roll in front of the media, there’s almost nothing better.

During second-ranked Alabama’s yeoman-like win over LSU this past weekend, All-American defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick suffered an injured hamstring early on and didn’t play much the rest of the way.  The injury, though, cast some semblance of doubt as to Fitzpatrick’s availability for this weekend’s game against No. 16 Mississippi State in Starkville.

After participating in practice this week, at least when the media’s been allowed to view, it’s believed that Fitzpatrick will likely be a go against the Bulldogs.  When it comes to official word from on high, however, you’re not going to get anything other than a deft reference to a new TV series from Saban.


I’m not a doctor. One of the most difficult things to do is to coach injured players because you ask me if I think he’s close to full health. Again, did you ever see that series on TV called ‘The Good Doctor’ where the guy is really smart and he figures out things that nobody else can figure out? I’m not there. I’m not there. If I was, I’d be working in that hospital probably.

“He’s done well in practice. He’s worked. He’s got his reps. So he’s going to be prepared to play in the game. We’ll make a decision based on whether he thinks he can do his job when the time comes.

One, classic, quintessential Saban.  Two, I’d highly recommend “The Good Doctor.” Damn-good show, thus far.  Three, Dr. Gregory House would totally be the Crimson Tide’s team doctor under Saban in some alternate TV universe.