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Johnny Manziel no longer tweeting at Texas A&M recruits after likely getting a call from compliance

The Johnny Manziel the world knew from his days at Texas A&M was not exactly known as somebody who followed every rule in the book. That was, however, the old Johnny Football.

The new version, it seems, is adding NCAA rules compliance to his list of attributes as part of his on and off the field comeback. While Manziel’s Twitter account was somewhat active in sending some messages to occasional Aggies recruiting targets, it seems that somebody in the A&M compliance office reminded him that the school can get in some minor trouble for just that and now he will no longer be tweeting at recruits as a result.

NCAA bylaws limit former (and even current) players from most contact with prospective recruits. Obviously the Heisman Trophy winner telling players to head to College Station is a bit of a no-no and somebody at the school likely reached out before signing day on Wednesday to remind Manziel about the issue.

This, in turn, is also a good reminder to never tweet (or Snap/DM/call/text/etc.) recruits and leave the recruiting up to the coaching staff. New A&M coach Jimbo Fisher probably appreciates the sentiment the former Aggies QB had for his alma mater, but would probably rather avoid getting dragged in front of the NCAA to answer questions about all this in the future.