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Citing desire for national championships, South Carolina raises football ticket prices

If you’re going to raise ticket prices, you might as well spin it in some sort of positive manner. Only a handful of teams will use the tact that South Carolina utilized on Thursday though, citing a pursuit of “SEC and national championships” to justify bumping up football prices.

“We’ve come a long way in the last eight years,” athletic director Ray Tanner said in a release. “Prior to this decade, we were finding our way in the SEC. Since 2010, we have achieved broad-based success in our athletics program. We have established a solid foundation and are now ready to take it to the next level, but we need to continue to maximize our resources to help us achieve our goals.

“This additional revenue will help sustain the cost of attendance requirements for more than 500+ student-athletes, retain the tremendous coaches we have here, continue to build and maintain top-notch facilities and fund all of our athletic programs as we compete for SEC and national championships.”

The school says that season tickets for the 2018 season will increase by $50 each and is the first football price increase since 2013. The Gamecocks also note that even with the modest increase, prices will remain in the middle of the pack in the conference as they were before.

South Carolina has never won an SEC title in football but did win the East Division back in 2010. That’s about as close as the team has come to those stated goals of a conference title and national championship but Will Muschamp will have 16 starters back in 2018 from a team that went 9-4 last year and put on quite the comeback to beat Michigan in the Outback Bowl a few months ago.

The Gamecocks are far from the only SEC program to announce an increase in ticket prices despite all that TV revenue and record donations as Texas A&M also made public that ticket prices were inching upward in 2018 last week.